Go! Seventeen's Breathtaking Choreo & Dance Positions (Home;Run, 24H, Fallin' Flower) |

Seventeen's Breathtaking Choreo & Dance Positions (Home;Run, 24H, Fallin' Flower)

2021.01.17 22:06 CasualFan9222 Seventeen's Breathtaking Choreo & Dance Positions (Home;Run, 24H, Fallin' Flower)

I'm neither a dancer nor typically watch videos for their dances but seventeen's choreo is truly amazing and artistic. I personally don't like to focus on them being "kings of synchronization", even robots can be in synch, but what seventeen does is show versatility and balance in their performances. Hats off to Hoshi and the choreography team that come up with such amazing pieces that showcase their teamwork. I think it will look ridiculous if we have videos of individual members doing his routine in isolation. But put them together, everything/everyone fits in to a bigger breathtaking picture. Rarely see individual fancams where you don't see them interacting with each other or being part of a bigger formation.
Found people making videos showing their dance positions and formations from an "aerial view" which are truly mind-blowing.
Home;Run - the title track that got me into seventeen. Still amazed how they swap positions to showcase specific members. Visually exciting to see them alternate between what seems to be disordechaos into straight lines, double Vs and perfect formations.
24H - this is one where the big picture choreo is amazing and specifically tied to the song. Wonder if going counter-clockwise too has some lyrical meaning - 24h together but it's still not enough, if only we can turn the clock backwards.
Fallin' Flower - last one where I really loved how synchronization is not at the forefront and it just show cases a very artistic contemporary dance with imagery of the flower. Apart from the intricate hand movements, I think their positioning also beautifully captures a flower blooming and withering, almost a heart-beat like nature to it.
Honestly, any group can get perfect synchronization with practice, but to be able to pull of such amazing choreography that's both in sync with such intricate formations and interactions is something I haven't seen that often. Still blows my mind how they can remember all the blocking given that it's not intuitive either (i.e. each member is always in a different position, different grouping, paired up with different people, individually moving all over the place but somehow making sense as a group).
From disorder to order, only achievable by a group that trusts each other and embodies the concept of teamwork.
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2021.01.17 22:06 GordonGekko01 Assalam Alaykum. New sub reddit r/TraditionalMuslims is launched. Please join and show support InshAllah.

Assalam Alaykum. New sub reddit is launched.
Please show support inshAllah, as we are still small. As we all know, alot of reddit Muslim subs are filled with liberal, and progressive users who modify the religion to further their liberal views, while banning and shunning other conservative views. This sub voices all the conservative, and the traditional minded Muslims who have managed to keep some of the traditional values. Allhamdulillah. Also we have a No Ban policy, which will further help promote #freespeech on the Muslims sub, without fear of you getting banned and welcome ALL users and discussions. All voices are needed to be heard in order to come on the right proper Islamic conclusions.
These are some previews of our content/posts.
This is just the beginning. The golden content is yet to come. InshAllah. Remember to join and show support. May Allah bless and guide us All. Ameen.
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2021.01.17 22:06 Cha113ng3r Looks like a pretty short book.

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2021.01.17 22:06 Groundbreaking-Rip62 Submechanophobia images with Minecraft cave sounds

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2021.01.17 22:06 ALittleBirdNamedEnza Come escape the cold and enjoy a warm cup of tea at my English Rose Tearoom 💐

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2021.01.17 22:06 iXMiku_SunflowerXi u/XcringeXmushroomX is trusted! I went first.

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2021.01.17 22:06 Snoo60809 Help!

Making Friends
Hello guys! I’m a little bit worried bc I’m a junior in college and I still haven’t found a close knit of friends to hang out with. Even reaching out to people has become hard bc now everyone that I knew freshman year has found their own group and people can be kinda mean in bringing in new people into their friend group once they’ve already formed it. The winter and summer breaks are miserable bc I can’t do any fun stuff with people bc I don’t know anyone. I can’t even reach out to my high school peers bc I was a new student during my high school years and the same situation happened to me. I even tried joining a sorority but my school only has six and I got dropped from everyone but one that I didn’t want to join bc of their bad reputation. Now I’m 20 yrs old and I’m feeling like I am missing out on my young years bc I don’t have anyone to hang with. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to can meet new people at my age?
(I know that a lot of people are going to say join clubs but I’ve honestly tried that and it is still kinda hard to make friendships with random people at school clubs.)
Anything help thanks!
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2021.01.17 22:06 J0K3R_12QQ Simple Material & Simulation Exercise [More Info in Comments]

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2021.01.17 22:06 BulletCola Some Lore bits I want to add in the World of BNA, what do you think/Rate?

Once he did however, instead of thinking of how useless it is, he felt….. Like it was important, the man himself did not know why, but a part of him was telling him to keep it at all costs.
Honestly from what I’ve heard, he was mediocre at it, as he relied on having the cub do it by himself since he lacked the knowledge on how the usual wolf lives, but for some reason it somehow survived…..
As the cub grew and learned to live, the Man understand it… as a being…. As life.
It was a tedious process, the man looked at it, the cub did it’s own thing, they learned from each other through trial and error. In a way, that is all we know from there…. Which was really weird since they somehow survived it but ehh.....
Except for one thing.
During their final time with each other, the Middle Man and his Wolf, now grown with care for some unknown reason, found themselves in a situation that included a mountain and some wood. It was said that the Wolf sacrificed itself by suffering a rockfall in order to give the man time to avoid it, all because it too felt empathy from being the only family the Wolf knows of…..
Then…. The unthinkable happened.
The Man, distraught by this tragedy, used one of the rain drops to spread his face around as a sign of letting go…..
And then…...
He gave it life.
The Wolf began to levitate up to the sky, forming into a more humanoid shape, while retaining it’s own traits that the Man had never seen, turning into dust and rain for the world to be covered in as the wind howled, the Man never saw the Wolf again.
Accoring to some, they theorized that this is what partically created the Beastmen.
Which is ironic, for how much some of the Beastmen in the present as well as the ancients think Humans as fully inferior in every way, they are technically a man-made creation.
Anyway, the wind was the main reason for the separation, as the generations that came after it never thought of them as real and more of a legend, they use that legend to create more legends & religions of Ancient gods, figures and idols as a way of a blessing to the Beastmens existence as a race.
Then, after more centuries or more pass by, the Beastmen came into Human civilization.
To the Humans, it was weird and unusual but because of how much they treasured them it was an fine process.
IN the older centuries, people knew of the story, to the point where for every generation that has an iconic duo of a human and a beastmen, they decided to create a legend off of it, known as the “Symbi”. People started believing that they were inseparable because they are reincarnations of the ones that started it all. They treated them like royalty, like figures of an elusive age where existence was something to behold for the general species. One of them, being part of the Sylvastian family, I’ll get to that in a fair bit….
However, the celebrations quickly died out within a few centuries… As they begin focusing on development to the point where they just…. Forgot about it.
Simple, yet sad.
However, the Legend, or at least the trend itself, did not die out, for every society that lived between two races, there was a specific duo of that accord that are recognizable to the world, one way or another….
Until ten centuries ago.
During the High Middle ages in Europe, that generation of the duo were known as Tythic and Gamel, both were simply around their 10’s. Imagine them like any other friendly duo, they were small adventurers, walking around with inconsistent fashion, bumbling around their taste with the weirdest stuff you would know, the town they lived in saw them as “Those two guys”, the Village Idiot duo….
They didn’t care, after all, Gamel wasn’t planned to be a soldier of any sort, much to the surprise of people who expected it. Yet the town was also casual to the point where they didn’t expect much such as that in general.
One day, there was another day, another adventure. A tense situation happened in which the Human was accidently killed when a bully of theirs, who was a beastmen, confronted the duo around the river….
Even though it was a tragic event and nothing more, it was known in history as the event that started a trend of sad events that led into the Syndrome incident, to finally where the Silver Wolf was born.
Around that time, the Sylvastian Family still lived on, however…. To the family, being Pure is Power, which to more traditional Beastmen, power is worth of the individual since to the family, it was more so about upholding the most potential that the Beastmen can bring onto the world for as much as possible. Their process went smoothly, due to their more “cleansed” blood making them believe that it would all be fine for generations to come…..
Then again, that is rarely ever true…..
As they did come, more defects started to happen, more internal conflict within each other of whether they should stop the breeding process, started to begin to become worse and worse as more generations began to have even more defects and life-threatening or torturing diseases. One of the children, Alan, was a Pure Bred Beastmen who was often ignored by his father and was given more of an unusual love from his mother. Over the years of his childhood, as he was being endured by the constant conflict of this, he grew an irrational hatred towards Beastmen themselves because they had something that he did not, an actual life.
A family that was in a way, functional. The family as a whole became too wrapped around this personal conflict up to the point where they lost reason, and deluded to the point where any sort of decency is a shadow of its former self….
Alan then….
Realized to himself that in his own perspective, the only way to help his family as well as his bloodline from this never ending conflict, was to become a god himself.
And to become a god…. Is to destroy… what he hated.
From that day, everything that history with both Humans and Beastmen stood for, all that it was known to be…. Gone.
So the Nirvastil Incident happened, however it wasn’t part of the plan from the Pure Blooded but rather specifically Alan’s way of obtaining his God status.
However once that was done, and he had gotten when he tried to accomplish it, he was… relieved, although he did not save the family, he believed that at the very least that he destroyed the curse that went into his family.
However, except for one simple thing.
He can’t pass over his traits to his next of kin.
This drove him mad once more.
The conflicts started to happen, as the Pureblooded beastmen, hating the civilized life that they felt ruined their lives with endless torture and tragedy, committed tragedy after tragedy as revenge for their suffering, suffering of trying to follow the what they thought was the right thing to do, which is to hold their worth of Royal blood.
At time went on, and more and more of the family gone rouge to start their own lives instead of some crazed destiny of a cure, it only made Alan despise Beastmen even more, and begin doing things not a sane person would do.
However, nothing came close as to the one that manipulated Humanity from their lack of knowledge to it all…..
Known as the Strucked.
The Strucked was very similar to that of the Nirvasil Massacre, death, broken bonds, corpses piled of one another…..
But the difference is that of how it all started.
You see
All of the destruction, the segregation, the conflict….
All of it because of one simple thing……
The people who still knew about the Legend of the Symbi formed themselves a closed and private organization known as “The Symbiote”, people who await for the next generation of the Symbi to come while they make botch efforts to artificially cleanse the discord between the Humans and the Beastmen.
And in present day, Gamel was resurrected as an undead corpse, a mockery of it's freedom and cruel imitation of life, who are using him because he was rumored to have sacred genes that would show proof of an ancient power that would grown stronger the more years it lasted, using him as a Super Soldier to push their agenda, while Gamel himself would only cry for it's poor life, and the tramatic lost of the life that he once had with his beastmen friend.
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2021.01.17 22:06 ComradeJeb u/jonny_14 agrees with Hitler😫😖

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2021.01.17 22:06 honeyharbourdesigns Commercial invoice Canada to USA

I printed an expedited shipping label through Etsy and attached was a commercial invoice that I need to sign. It’s for a $9 pair of earrings and I’ve never seen one of these before. I don’t usually ship with plastic pockets on the envelope. I usually include an invoice with the price inside in case anything happens. Is this required for such a low value item? I’ve never had issues with US shipping before.
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2021.01.17 22:06 FresnoBob-9000 Crowbcat’s back for you fools that defended CDPR

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2021.01.17 22:06 beinggayispoggers welp, she doesn’t have feelings for me

fuck me
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2021.01.17 22:06 4ysekin i accidentally opened a chest instead of parrying :D

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2021.01.17 22:06 catotheblacker In Defense of Kat

I know Kat is a really controversial figure, but thinking to many of her lines on Thursday and her particular defensiveness of the victim (a sort of protection that was clearly intended to be very different than Olivia and Fin) I think she’s necessary character. The words that came out of her mouth are the same things I’ve heard my undergrad students and my Gen Z cousin make about sexual/bodily freedom and the exploitation of women; and even though I’m less than 10 years older than them, the generational divide is sharp (though at times they can be annoyingly self-righteous whereas we millennials are more so stubbornly angry than self-righteous haha).
I think the show recognizes that it has to integrate this Gen Z perspective now that the oldest members of the generation are adults, and so I’m glad Kat is on the show. Plus, for me, she’s awesome (I can’t box!)
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2021.01.17 22:06 Savinasauce Red Jalapenos vs Red Fresno Peppers

I've noticed that a lot of times grocery stores will try to pass Red Fresno Peppers as Jalapenos. Two days ago when I went to my local Safeway they had them mixed together and when I went to punch in the produce code I saw that "Red Jalapeno/Red Fresno" listed essentially lumping them as one and the same. Just curious if anyone has any feelings if one is better than the other. as a favor profile. From my observation red jalapenos are a lot harder to find and are generally not available year round whereas red jalapenos are always around. Also I have found that the fresnos are a little tougher than the jalapenos.
Anyone else have any feelings or input on this?
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2021.01.17 22:06 Railgun115 [H] $80 USD PayPal [W] $100 iTunes/GiftCard

Higher rep goes first. Willing to take smaller amounts adding up to $100 in iTunes. F&F only if you’re a confirmed trader+.
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2021.01.17 22:06 igloouk Kumite!!!!!

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2021.01.17 22:06 Groundbreaking-Gap64 [MW2] Question about cyber security

New to cod just wondering cuz i saw a bunch of stuff about people hacking your pc etc is it still happening how common is it and how can i defend my self?
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2021.01.17 22:06 derey094 Park rangers, what was the creepiest, weirdest, or deadliest thing you have found at your parks?

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2021.01.17 22:06 DesdemonaUndead What type of transphobe are you?

The month you were born in: Jan-Mar: “I’m not transphobic, but...” Apr-June: “Transgenders are fine, I guess, but...” Jul-Sep: “Those transgenders need to understand that...” Oct-Dec: “I’ll call it ‘she’ if it wants, but...”
The day you were born on: 1-5: “...they’re taking away our freedom!” 6-10: “...TIMs shouldn’t be in sports!” 11-15: “...they’re invading women’s spaces!” 16-20: “...’they’ is plural!” 21-25: “...it can never change its true gender!” 26-31: “...I don’t want it near my kids!”
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2021.01.17 22:06 ProinsiasM Along The Line Podcast. Now available on YouTube!

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2021.01.17 22:06 itsyaboieleven Glad to see they finally got him on a track

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