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Everyone, I'm so happy

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2021.01.27 07:23 LeGooogs Everyone, I'm so happy

I found her. I found the perfect girl. And she's my girlfriend!! Gosh she makes me so happy. She's sweet and funny and adorable and loving and just I couldn't be happier. We've been together about half a year now and it has been the best half year of my life. I know I know "don't get ahead of yourself it's only half a year" but I mean she's just.....perfect. Not a single time in our relationship have I ever even hesitated about my feelings for her. That's never happened before. And I actually trust her. Like I'm not suspicious or scared or nervous about what she's doing (okay well nervous if she's dying or something but I'm just paranoid). We talk all the time and we're always available for each other. We communicate good, we're always having fun. We even play games together!!!! I know it's cheesy and cliche and a lot of guys say this, but I may just be the happiest man alive with this girl :). I love her and I'm so happy she's mine.
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2021.01.27 07:23 ShadowDancerBrony A Dirt(y) Problem - Oxygen Not Included: First Playthrough #40

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2021.01.27 07:23 puptar Resident Evil 8 is a different kind of horror

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2021.01.27 07:23 planetary-romance Is this normal?

So I had PANDAS a few years ago. If you don’t know it’s this autoimmune disease where your brain attacks itself for a hot second and you develop crippling OCD. (Other stuff too but that’s the big one) Any way, so I’m recovered but I always assumed I just had left over OCD, like some minor little bits which caused me intrusive thoughts. But recently I’ve been hearing about other peoples intrusive thoughts and they’re all just “do this”, “think about that”, etc. but like... mine are all just memories. They come up suddenly and then I tic in response and then move on feeling slightly more like shit. Does anyone else relate to this????
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2021.01.27 07:23 beer118 With some epic 8-bit styled artwork Cyber Shadow is out now

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2021.01.27 07:23 77venus can’t sleep.. who would stay up and fuck me? 😛

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2021.01.27 07:23 ImaginativeHobbyist My digital painting of the spiral bridge from my home town

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2021.01.27 07:23 ArryTheOrphanBoy Fiona the former stray. She had figured out if she went into peoples houses, they would feed her. Results: chonker

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2021.01.27 07:23 GroovingSea What's a fast way to get star jelly

I need for petal wand
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2021.01.27 07:23 vanessa678gg Cambio último set de Brenda Cobain

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2021.01.27 07:23 qwerty-poiu "Successful", but depressed.

For context I'm a 23 year old bisexual male.
So, by all accounts I have my act together. I have been excersizing regularly (running 3 miles a day+strength, 5 day's a week), eating better (though not consistently), sleeping better, keeping up with my school work (BS in Computer Science), working on side projects (Web Development/Computer Forensics), practicing hobbies (magic, piano, guitar, euke, etc), doing extra curricular activities (learning about Roman history, Julio-Claudian dynasty, historical figures), keeping away from drugs and alcohol, and Im doing great at work.
However, I am so freaking sad, but its strange because I am not sad when I have stuff to do. Its like my brain turns off the existential dred, bi-cycle angst, and overall depression when there is work to be done. Yet, once I get everything done on my daily schedule I am right back to my slump.
I used to think I just like keeping myself busy, but I hope that's not the case. I dont want to have to keep my mind active on work constantly to be content with life. Maybe I am avoiding something and thats why I keep myself distracted as much as I can. I have a crush on a guy, but it isnt so serious that I am losing my entire mind over it. Just some of it. Maybe its because I live with my brother (he is 8 years my senior) while I'm in school? He is OK, but he keeps bringing up stuff I did years ago. Like stealing his alcohol, which I haven't done in years. Hell, I havent done any drugs (besides caffeine) in over 6 months, and all I did then was have a single beer. I dont know, but I am not happy. Im in a relationship with a women right now and it is bland. Dont get me wrong she is amazing and I love her, but the attraction is evaporating slowly.
I will be graduating soon, so maybe I am worried about starting my own life. Getting a job, moving out on my own, and paying for my self entirely. Or it could be that quarantine has me isolated. I havent really hung out with many friends and when I do it is once every 3 weeks or so. I still see my brother daily, talk to other family, and see a lot of faces at work (not to mention class lectures). So I dont know if that is it.
I mean, if you were to look at me with birds eye view you might say I am a good law abiding citizen who takes good care of himself. However, if you look on the inside you could see there are some ugly black spots. I just dont know what is causing them. I was not happy with my life 2 years ago so I turned it around. I grew up, so to speak, and started doing better at life. In the beggining of this change I felt 100 times better, but now that I have been doing it for 2 years I am back to square one (albeit in better shape, more knowledgeable, etc.). Its confusing because I read that a good diet, excersize, and structured life style helps with depression. I dont know, Im rambling. I just hope these sentences actually make sense to anyone reading.
Anyway, is anyone else having similar issues? I feel like I am the laziest person even after devoting my entire day to different kinds of work, and its all because when I am done for the day my brain rips me apart. Root and stem. I swear its like its trying to test my resolve, or something. Any advice, ideas, experiences, or thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks guys.
TLDR: Bi man is sad, but is doing everything that he is supposed to be doing. Its like society lied and said "act like this and you will be rewarded with a little happiness". Not sure how to fix it. There has to be something bothering me internally, because everything seems to be going well externally.
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2021.01.27 07:23 WN-MidKnight Stigmata or Fragments?

Hi, I started playing this game about a week ago, and have so far pulled enough fragments to get Asuka to S rank, with 34/60 for SS rank. I have pulled her weapon, and 2/3 of the collab stigmata from the weapon supply so far. The one I am missing is the Asuka stigmata. There is plenty of time left on the event, but I am worried that I will not be able to get Asuka to SSS rank and get the last set piece for her. Should I prioritize getting the last stigmata, and go for SS rank Asuka, or should I get SSS rank Asuka first, then start pulling for the last stigmata?
Sorry for the wall of text...
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2021.01.27 07:23 reddit_feed_bot Andertoons: Andertoons by Mark Anderson for Wed, 27 Jan 2021

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2021.01.27 07:23 lasvegasphiladelphia 🔥11T Cranberry 300cts🔥MOQ:1T🔥100% OTG US at 16.50 all in🔥45.83% open to buyer side🔥A2A today in the morning🔥 BCL or MT199 only🔥WhatsApp:+1(702)275-7730🔥

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2021.01.27 07:23 Dangerous_Ratio4472 1/12

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2021.01.27 07:23 Papimarvin1 Todays streams went well 🤘🏾 Almost at 400 followers 😭

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2021.01.27 07:23 reddit_feed_bot Break of Day: Break of Day by Nate Fakes for Wed, 27 Jan 2021

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2021.01.27 07:23 Itzz_jonathancx What is the best lotion employees recommend for our dry musty hands?

Hands too dry from burning them in the sink for Ecosure.
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2021.01.27 07:23 Lutzs_canadian_gf SVGs to Pathways in order to use Union or Difference Command

Very new to inkscape! I have a question about importing SVG files and turning them into pathways in order to use the Union, Difference, Intersection (and so on). I have downloaded two separate SVG files (fish and coral - black silhouettes) and used 'Trace Bitmap' separately on both of them. Are they not pathways now? Videos that I watched seem to tell me I'm on the right track but I can't get the function to work. Does it matter if I am holding shift and selecting the shapes while in layers or objects? Just Cant figure out what I am doing wrong!
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2021.01.27 07:23 Vegetable-Item-8691 Did anyone contact the AP

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this question has been asked before (not sure how to search for old posts) so apologies in advance. D-day for me was 4 months ago. My cheater was having a months long affair with a co-worker. Apparently their affair started in April during lockdown but I met her in February. So she knew my cheater was a married man. When I found out they were having an affair I had the urge to message her and say all sorts of things. She had blocked me on Facebook (I didnt know i was blocked till after D-day and started looking for her - talk about guilt!!!) but saw her profile on LinkedIn and was so tempted to message, but I didn't want to use a professional platform in case it came back to bite me in the butt. In the end I chose not to message or confront her at all as lots of people's advice to me from another infidelity support group said don't bother as it won't change a thing anyway, and she'll just screw with my mind. My question is, did you confront or message the AP? How did they react, and what was the outcome?
Edit: I'm not planning on messaging the AP at all, just curious about those who did and what happened.
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2021.01.27 07:23 noobstylez I killed 14 tormented demons.

I killed 14 tormented demons, fewer tormented souls in the world must be a good thing.
from Recent events for: Marios https://ift.tt/3a5m0DG
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2021.01.27 07:23 celebes_america All aboard 21

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2021.01.27 07:23 Psychological-Elk161 PURPLE TEAM SUCKS

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2021.01.27 07:23 undeadmeats Just finished Mini Venti! The 4th Desktop Army style Genshin figure I've completed so far!

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