Go! Walmart delivery - signature required? |

Walmart delivery - signature required?

2021.01.25 14:19 TheFishBowler Walmart delivery - signature required?

Was lucky enough to place an order with Walmart last week. Coming this week through FedEx. I was wondering if anyone knew if it required a signature for delivery? Living in an apartment it can be a hassle for those so might just set to a pickup spot if so. Thanks!
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2021.01.25 14:19 winkysocks21 "I did an oopsie"

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2021.01.25 14:19 JeffS4534 How Do I Turn Off Alerts?

On the National Radar Mosaic, how do you turn off the the “Alerts” displayed on the map?
They only add more clutter. Using the old Flash radar display, you could turn off the topographic map and cities and have great contrast between the background and the radar returns. Now with the new presentation, the contrast is poor enough as it s without adding alerts that are nearly the same color as the radar returns. It is even more difficult when the Alerts only cover certain areas of the map. The new web site may have a lot more helpful features, but the display is not one of them.
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2021.01.25 14:19 Cryptonite4778 Where do you think the price of Nano would be now without the bitgrail fiasco, and what supports your opinion?

As the title says, where is the natural price of Nano, and what effect do you think the hack had? Bonus points for how you think the hack will affect the price in the future.
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2021.01.25 14:19 hellolovelypetal How to be a Good Teamplayer in Rated Battlegrounds - Episode 3

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2021.01.25 14:19 anonymouss14 Joined new tribe and lost all dinos and structures.

Hey guys
My and my friends have an ark server and recently i left the tribe (as the only member ) to join my other friend’s tribe and now i’ve lost all my stuff. It says that the dinos belongs to my tribe but how do i join it, there is nobody in the tribe. Is there anything i can do?
Any help is appreciated.
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2021.01.25 14:19 cookingandcraft Sweet laddu with jackfruit.

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2021.01.25 14:19 Zahnrasierer ich🖨️iel

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2021.01.25 14:19 himmrmeeseeks Bernie goes to space

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2021.01.25 14:19 JoshRidley Billion-Dollar Palace in Navalny Investigation ‘Doesn’t Belong to Me,’ Putin Says - The Moscow Times

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2021.01.25 14:19 StarDelver The North American Horsegirl

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2021.01.25 14:19 Sakibully Rare Pic of Playrium Servers.

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2021.01.25 14:19 -Bokuto- I feel nothing. Nothing.

So, there's this guy that was a childhood friend of mine who I met when we were both kids, around four or five, and we bonded for life. I remember when I was a child, I was really anti-social, socially awkward and shy, and I usually just used to go down, ride my bike for a while and go back home. I used to see other girls my age with such good friends, who are always talking and laughing together, and I was so jealous. Turns out, there was another young boy who was around my age going through the same problems. I don't remember exactly how we met because it was years ago, but I remember from that day onwards be used to play together. We used to visit nearby parks, cycle together, and we developed this very close, best friend kind of relationship. It was heaven. It was really nice to spend time with him and all and I used to feel this warm glow inside me. He was one of the first friends I met. After a long time, it seemed that he found good male friends of his age, and that he didn't want to play with me anymore, and so did I. We gradually grew apart and started seeing each other lesser and lesser. As time passed, I overcame my shyness and made a couple of really close girlfriends too. It'd been at least seven years, but then he just passed by once, and well, we had a sort of reunion.
Back to the present now, it's been about two months since we started meeting again, and he's changed so much. We'll call him S, as I don't want to reveal his real name. Back in December, he seemed over the moon to see me, and we started talking a lot too. It was wonderful, like I was reliving my childhood all over again, we used to take rounds together and tell each other everything, we regained each other's trust. It wasn't long before I realized my feelings for him in early January, but something was going terribly wrong— one of my friends, who we'll refer to as G has also befriended S very recently, and he seems to like her more than me. As the days passed, he started walking past me and plain ignoring me. It was like I was invisible to him, and we gradually grew apart. I look over and always find him prying for G's attention. G, being a close female friend of mine, told me that she had a massive crush on someone other than S who is K, but still S talks to her more. The situation has deteriorated even further now. Why? Why does it hurt so much? It hurts so much I've almost become numb to the pain now. Is this what it feels like to be stabbed? I can always feel this empty void inside my chest. G is so lucky, she's good friends with S and is in a more-than-friends-but-less-than-lovers-stage with K. I hear her gush to me about how she feels about K, and at the same time be good friends with S. I'm so jealous. For the past couple of days I have proactively trying to make an effort to tell myself to move on; that if he doesn't return my affection and attention, why should I keep trying? If I could just tell him I like him, all of my worries would soon disappear; but each time I walk up, my doubting heart just interferes. I am stuck between that; and just moving on. I am now studying about the life of the great Gautama Buddha, who is the founder of Buddhism in history, and he stated the four noble truths, which I can relate to so much.

  1. Human life is full of suffering
  2. Suffering is caused by desires
  3. If we gave up all desires, there would be no suffering
  4. The eightfold path would help people get rid of their desires and lead them to nirvana, the highest state of happiness.
I can't bring myself to give him up, nor can I reach for him and become good friends again. I can't feel any other emotion: I can't think straight about anything except for the pain. It's like a thousand knives stabbing me all over my body. It hurts so bad. I can almost always feel tears running down my cheeks that I didn't know had started. It's all over.
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2021.01.25 14:19 satinmini Jorgie Porter

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2021.01.25 14:19 MichaelHawk88 Caps alt leaked? Good job, Fanatics

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2021.01.25 14:19 keyboardmic23 Need car immediately for job US: New England; Worth checking out? Honda Civic, Buick, Mazda3

Car just died out and I need a new one within 3 days; I have 5k to drop. Are these worth checking out? I don't know what's worth what nowadays and whats a good deal. But I need to get a car immediately for my job. I plan on asking to do a pre-purchase inspection with each vehicle.



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2021.01.25 14:19 PublicSuggestions50 Unfinished Nation: A Concise History of the American People Volume 2 (RRMCG)

anyone have this right now? I would really appreciate it, since I have 1 week to get this work done for attendance/ for online work
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2021.01.25 14:19 kobony Original Horse Painting by Evgeniya Kovako | Documentary Art on Canvas | Horses

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2021.01.25 14:19 GoCommitBruh Kida are getting groomed so they can do sex work, onlyfans, and porn, and twitter is cheering.

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2021.01.25 14:19 moneyshouters Trump’s New Budget Would Have Secret Service Investigate Crypto Crimes

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2021.01.25 14:19 Jamie130506 What were the features of the attempts to colonise Virginia in the 1580s by Queen Elizabeth?

Doing revision for exams rn, could use reddits help lol
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2021.01.25 14:19 blazee1001 hi 🌈

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2021.01.25 14:19 AutistInPink [Crosspost] I was so small and powerless- and now i’m just PISSED

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2021.01.25 14:19 Paper-Cup Haha cat go prrrr

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2021.01.25 14:19 MiroJovic GDP per capita animation for CLMV countries from 1970-2019

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