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2021.01.27 09:46 0__Parzival__0 Orayadamı göz diktiniz

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2021.01.27 09:46 Cum-shot Violin go brrrrr

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2021.01.27 09:46 ImpressiveListen9987 4451 0742 8573 entei

Be online
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2021.01.27 09:46 PaulClaimedByDeath Made my roomba into a maid

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2021.01.27 09:46 Volkanickk this might be the most horrific post and comments ive ever seen😭 delusional

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2021.01.27 09:46 moneyshouters Canada Regulator Probes Two Crypto Exchanges, Puts One in Receivership

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2021.01.27 09:46 Ok_Bench9593 Possibly buying 2010 accord v6 - opinions

It has 99k and they're asking 9700 for it.
V6, EXL with leather everything, heated seats etc etc
Good service history. No leaks under the hood. No sludge under the cap, a bit of condensation but I've seen that before.
Everything else seems to be in good condition and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on it. Anything in particular I should look out for? Is the asking price unreasonable?
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2021.01.27 09:46 GrFrim- An absolute unit of a horse

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2021.01.27 09:46 Luis0517 One Piece Episode 959 Discussion video. I talk about the latest episode of One Piece. Come hang out on the video and let’s talk about the newest episode! It’s always good to see the Roger pirates on screen. What you guys think of the episode? Seeing Zoro and Sanji was a highlight for me 😂

One Piece Episode 959 Discussion
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2021.01.27 09:46 Keplentf2 [Concept] LR Super Saiyan Bardock

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2021.01.27 09:46 HistAnsweredBot Was Cleopatra VII really hostile to the Jewish population in Alexandria, as said by Josephus in his "Against Apion"?

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2021.01.27 09:46 NewsElfForEnterprise NJ Teachers, Parents At Odds Over Return to In-Person Learning

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2021.01.27 09:46 _Aggelos Good morning 🖤

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2021.01.27 09:46 GetTankedOn If this post gets 128 upvotes, I will make another post with twice the amount of juggernauts.

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2021.01.27 09:46 Willing-Property5231 HELP. How to beat Red vertibird?

Any tips? Or console commands at this point... i tried kill didn’t work. After 2 hours of trying to kill it i just wanna move on.
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2021.01.27 09:46 creautor This influencer person I saw in a cut video? I’m obsessed with her body and muscles I remember she was a fitness influencer but I can’t remember her ig handle anymore. If anyone knows let me know! Also what would you type her as?

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2021.01.27 09:46 ArdaZocker05 I just got my first Black Award from an Attack on Titan Character lol

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2021.01.27 09:46 justjessei Okay, but why'd Marinette have to break in the boys' party in Party Crasher? Couldn't she just minded her own business to let them hang out for a bit? Worst part is she said, "For Adrien, " at the end like she was the good guy here.

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2021.01.27 09:46 1mpossible_C Toothache intensifies after doctor gives narcotics

This dog-asa old man gave me narcotics for toothache but it got 3 times fucking worse. I brushed the area just like massaging it with tooth brush, I applied ice, I took painkillers, I applied natural plants. It is still so fucking bad. I even massaged my cheek with a machine but it is so bad. I am barely keeping myself from putting a 9mm into this mother fuckers head. How can I love this pain.
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2021.01.27 09:46 LB1234567890 Anyone knows a where I can watch the Reboot's 4th season?

Preferebly a streaming service with a free trial so I can binge it in 2 days and pay nothing.
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2021.01.27 09:46 Jameson3737 To the moon 🚀

Gentlemen, while I may not have as much as a lot of these other people have posted in their $GME shares, I do have all of my money that I can possibly in, (couple $100). I can’t sleep because of the hope and excitement I’m experiencing for all of us retards, for everything that is holy... hold the line boys
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2021.01.27 09:46 Oxyfenbutazone You don’t lose or gain trophies in community map winners anymore

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2021.01.27 09:46 DRsniper1991 Rough draft I have a new concept for world building, used avatar as a base.

Avatar spinoff - Setting is slightly ahead of our time think 50 years ahead
Age - 19 alittle younger then liphi 5'10
Build - pretty similar to jet but with a modern haircut, older looking, The most cut physique like noticeably fit. Generally with a more laid back miscevious expression
Core personality traits- Stubborn, deceptively perceptive and smart. His goals can at times be unclear even to his closest friends. Very secretive about his main goal. He can be very patient or hot-headed it depends on who's involved. Generally if Yota or shibukawa are involved or anyone that was involved with his family's murder, he tends to act irrationally and quite blood thirsty. Although for the most part he's calm and collected and tends to help as needed but will always take the opportunity to further his goals.
Liphi - Age - 19 5'5 Build- mix between asami and suki This is a more grown up version of the avatar so I wanted an actual relationship. It's just a wholesome relationship for the most part. They are very supportive of each other and when Yami is around her that's when he's the most happy. Liphi knows the most about his goals and her goal is to make sure Yami doesn't get killed.She wants to get back at her dad for leaving them by becoming a member of the white lotus by becoming one of their most influential members.
Yota - Age:17 Hight 6' Build - Makos build diffrent face might draw later Fighting skill- Normally Yami is stronger but he has a slight advantage in fully realized avatar state. Capable of blood and lava bending but not metal bending. He's old school learning from the greatest masters in each respective elements although this has caused him to lack the creativity that Yami has. He has the most overall skill in the series.
Main personality traits - honest and fun, heart of gold alittle prideful but he always tries his best to get the happiest outcome. If it weren't for such deceptive and manipulative villains he would be the perfect avatar.
brother of Yami and the true avatar, he's the younger brother by two years. He's not naive but he's alittle gullible and can be manipulated. His status as the avatar has kind of shielded him from looking at the problems of the minority. He's had his plate full with the duties of being the avatar that he has subconsciously put the well being of his family behind him.
Psychology of the character - Yami is going to be a very complex character his main goal is to ruin shibukawas legacy but he won't prioritize his friends over this. Mostly meaning his main core group. His actions at times can be morally questionable, at times his group will wonder how far his motives will go. There is no leader in the group, it's main goal is to gain noterioty each member has their reasons. But out of everyone yamis is the most evil reason. Yami is increasingly smart but he's stubborn at times in the beginning he is in no rush to complete his goals going along with his group and helping them out as most of the time it helps his cause and secondary goal to gain popularity. For him when he's in a dangerous situation the best possible outcome will be to preserve as many innocent lives as possible even if he has to kill government or criminal enemies. He has very selective interests generally being unconcerned about anything that doesn't involve his goals. Although he will go out of his way to help if his friends request it. Generally though he is seen wandering around as he is incredibly curious about everything but being silent with it. He's quite introverted but he's very friendly and open around the group. Although his demeanor shifts depending on the seriousness. Actively seeking out powerful people and loves to find new ways to bend. Each time he fights he learns something new and will implement it into his fighting style. He mixes airbenders elusiveness with firebenders aggression. And tends to use a mix of fire and earth bending for attacking and general damage. He uses water bending mainly as a disrupter and finisher. In terms of combat he when he's not in the avatar state there are very few fighters who could beat him in a one on one. Although he struggles a lot with groups as he can get too focused on a single person. He also has trouble with long ranged attacks. He's best around close to mid range. In the avatar state towards the end he would be considered the absolute best but there are still quite a few people in his league. He excels at being sneaky very much like zuko in the sense that he can infiltrate and sneak around almost anywhere. His confidence and quick thinking allow him to blend in and get away without a fight easily. But if he sees someone who he thinks is strong he will at times jeapordize plans to fight.
In the avatar state Yami is much more cold and calculating he's just as aggresive but the avatar state seems to bring out a much more brutal aspect out of him. Normally he fights trying to beat his opponents through skill and power alone but with the avatar state he uses his increased control in the elements to be creative in his methods pulling no punches. Generally the more out matched he is the clever he gets so he rarely loses a fight even if he's weaker than his opponent. Although he can be caught of guard occasionally and some times will eithe lose his cool or end up taking on more than he can handle.
Weird thing about this avatar is that he's a lone wolf and stubbornly so. Only really ever partnering with lipha and even then when things get dangerous he tends to leave his team behind to go deal with the most dangerous issue. But generally if they are having fun or the stakes arnt too high he will cooporate and he will slowly through out the series become more open to help.
His goal at first is to kill the man who ordered the hit on his parents. But his anger and rage for this man increases to the point where he decides that it would be better if he slowly stripped everything that this man has accomplished away from him. Which he thinks is possible by becoming a greater influence than his brother and stopping the nations from uniting. Yami doesn't care if unification is better or not, he also doesn't mind a few bad people getting in the way and at times his actions will be alittle morally questionable as he can go into a murderous rampage if the people he really cares for gets hurt. He is not suppose to be the hero of this story. While for the most part his actions lead to the greater good. He might at times do really fucked up stuff to put pressure on shibukawa like almost killing okuru. And attacking his organization, normally his plans have other motives but he will always go the extra mile to make sure that it becomes worse case scenario for Shibukawa. Or if too many innocence are in danger but in general he tries to enact his plan with as few casualties as possible.
Yami starts off as an earth bender he wasnt born an avatar but since he's yota's brother he has the genes for it and is therefore able to receive the elements from lion turtles that are hidden through the world. The spirit world has caused the worlds animals and plants to rapidly develope into more mystical creatures. With a bioeluminescant forest and under water caves filled with ses creatures as well as spirits inhabiting certain animals allowing them to become more sentient and powerful. Most spirits are peaceful but there are a few who are dangerous and don't like being in the normal world.
PS- I'm just looking for an opinion of the characters if this gets traction I have ideas for more characters, world building and motives as well as 2 villains.
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