Go! Bernies viral meme gloves was made by a school teacher in Vermont. Good stuff, Bernie, good stuff. |

Bernies viral meme gloves was made by a school teacher in Vermont. Good stuff, Bernie, good stuff.

2021.01.23 05:08 killatevo Bernies viral meme gloves was made by a school teacher in Vermont. Good stuff, Bernie, good stuff.

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2021.01.23 05:08 nambanume Help. Înțelege cineva ce vrea să spună autorul? Am găsit colecția aceasta de inepții mizere de incompetența crasă și nu știu ce sa fac cu ea.

Iubesc detest scrumu'n ghiuveta Iar simt cum curAțenia e infectă De alb vei vrea mereu să vi Tu, mai tot timpul vei muncii.
Si ai sa freci tot, în zadar Sperand ca totul va fi iar și iar
Cu frenezie și cu meticulozitate Vei devora iluziile deșarte
Si doar atunci când sub pământul negru te vei murdari Cu ochii de copil iar te vei auzi, vei înțelege acum, dar prea departe
Cum tu! ai galopat intreg sau doar pe jumătate Și-ai lustruit naiv, întregul drum spre moarte
Acum sigur de va fi, cu frenezie, veci și-n pururi tu te vei muncii Căci alb, curat, și-n chinuri
Ți-a fost scris să fii
Scrisă de Păunescu, bat mort , pe water closet, în miez de noapte ,fumând o țigare next to a Muter Fliking Bright White Sink care nu mă mai slăbește din priviri de vreo câțiva ani buni încoace.
Pls! bros and hos, explain me whaț to do! I feel lost at sea really. I'm an old colored, ghey, autist. Plus half part hungarian while the other part is from the the sar-aki tribe. I'm only telling you this so that you please won't throw stones at me. I had that back home and i must warn you :
Downvote sticks or insult tones, i dare to think, won't break my bones.

Ha, tocmai am realizat/patent@umofos. ceva "Downvote sticks" e doar un altfel de a spune "bagă bețe-n roate"
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2021.01.23 05:08 LetRBudge The happiest day of my life.

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2021.01.23 05:08 stuntantic [Request] [PC] Xbox Gamepass for PC

[Request] [PC] Xbox Gamepass for PC
Several days ago, I found out that there was a promotional event for a 3-month Xbox Gamepass subscription if I purchase Discord Nitro. I thought that this would be the best time to get the subscription as It was cheaper than getting it without the subscription. But, I lost the promo code as the expiring date said February when the actual claiming expiration date was in January. The code was gone and Discord support did not even answer a single thing in my ticket.
Why Xbox Gamepass? I want to get an Xbox Gamepass for PC subscription is because there are a variety of games that I could play with a monthly subscription. There a many decent games that I want to play.
If anyone has a spare code lying around or have no interest in the code and got to get rid of it, I will gladly take it.
I don't like asking for stuff and I think even this is begging but I got to take a shot at least. The reason I can't get it is cause I am not rich enough to comfortably buy games all the time, even cheap games. I am a budget gamer and I try to buy things as cheap as possible. Discord Nitro's promotion was one of them but Discord's awful description certainly did not help.
If I get it, I would play games such as Man of Medan, The Medium, Control, Dead by Daylight, etc.
[Attempt #1]
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2021.01.23 05:08 FrostyShelter3139 [LF] Molly [FT] NMTs, Bells, DIYs, or let me know wishlist items

Hii I am on the hunt for Molly, I have an open space all ready for her. Just let me know what you are looking for :)
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2021.01.23 05:08 -en- @Reuters: Pat Gelsinger, the incoming CEO of Intel, said that most of the company’s products will be made in Intel factories but he sketched a dual-track future in which it will lean more heavily on outside factories https://t.co/ap1QVd9L1l https://t.co/fjqylIfNFN

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2021.01.23 05:08 Bruhfgyhhhhhhhhhh Please, I’m genuinely worried

Im 12, I’ve always had problems sleeping, I’ve taken one 3mg melatonin most days for a little less than a year And I thought that it was fine till I’ve read more into it. I’ve stopped taking it but I’m worried it has permanently affected my hormones?
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2021.01.23 05:08 ryuujinusa West coast US speeds AWFUL

Been trying to use them from Asia and the speeds are just absolute trash! Without a VPN my speed on average ranges from 20-60mb/s (depends on the time of day) and while connected I can’t even break 1 single mb/s. Like I’m seeing 250 kbs... And it’s not 1 or 2 of the servers, it’s ALL of them. But for example if I connect to the country I live in, it’s not too bad. I understand distance is a problem, but I mean, how am I supposed to stream with these awful speeds?
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2021.01.23 05:08 Chard-Outrageous I (19M) romantically like my good friend (19F), but I am turned-off by her looks. This makes me feel horrible, and I'm not sure what to do in this situation.

So this is a bit of an off my chest post, but I also need some advice.
I, (19M), have had a crush on my good friend (19F) for a while. We've known each other for about 5 years, and about 3 years ago she first expressed interest in me. At the time, I was not interested in her, so I turned her down. This didn't put a rut in our relationship, because we still remained good friends, and she gave an effort to move on.
I've always liked her, just not always in a romantic way. She has an amazing and attractive personality, and we're very close. We share similar interests, frequently spend time together, talk a lot, etc.
Here I am 2 years later, with a crush on her. Lately we've been spending more time together (making sure to be safe because of Covid), and a few weeks ago she confessed that she is interested in me again. She made it clear that she wants to be more than friends and asked if we can take our relationship to the next level, to which I did not turn her down. I told her I would get back to her, which makes me feel like I gave off the wrong impression.
Here's the thing. We both have mutual attraction, and I will admit, it feels like I'm falling for her. But, I am not attracted to her looks as much as I am to her personality, which is why I didn't instantly say yes.
This makes me feel bad, very bad. It feels morally wrong to consider not dating her because of her looks. If I had no eyes, and it would be 100% based on her personality, me saying yes would be a no brainer. I always tell myself that it isn't about looks, and that I would hate it if someone liked me just for my looks, yet here I am.
Don't get me wrong, I love her for who she is, her personality is infectious. I feel genuinely happy when we are spending time together, but her looks is what is keeping me from saying yes to her proposal of us dating.
Some advice or insight would be appreciated. I'm really not sure how to tackle both my inner thoughts and the situation ahead of me.
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2021.01.23 05:08 Substantial_Loan_249 Ruka in jeans

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2021.01.23 05:08 Ua_Cossack What do you guys think ?

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2021.01.23 05:08 Mars-e Hello! We started getting into this gem of a game and it turned into total chaos as we try our hardest to understand it! Any tips from some outward pros?

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2021.01.23 05:08 -en- @Reuters: U.S. Senate to vote on Treasury chief nominee Yellen on Monday https://t.co/cBVjUL5MXX https://t.co/o1gQx3rvhV

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2021.01.23 05:08 advik_143 Martin's Garrix Radio Episode 333 was blocked while in premier at 17:30 (GMT +5:30). I guess it'll be unblocked soon.. or not??

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2021.01.23 05:08 zerotechsupport Returning player question: Did they change the recipes involving ginseng and currant?

In my inventory I'm showing 20 American ginseng and 20 Alaskan ginseng that I got from the Outlaw Pass. When I go to craft tonics it's says I'm missing ingredients. Same thing for recipes requiring currant. I have 20 black and 20 golden as well.
Now, I can go to Madam Nazaire and buy "regular" ginseng in a stack of 30 and "regular" currant as well, and the recipes work, but I don't remember it like this. In my memory, both types of ginseng and both types of currant worked universally for recipes requiring them.
Did they change things with the recipes or am I just remembering it wrong? and if I am remembering it wrong, what are American/Alaskan ginseng and Black/Golden current used for?
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2021.01.23 05:08 TrenchcoatDave Simple question

I am looking to maybe begin playing wow after having quit just before Mists came out. I've lost the ability to get on my original account and want to know if I'd have to purchase all of the expansions or just the most recent at this point?
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2021.01.23 05:08 Jai4lyfe Does the 512 GB US model...wait to be more specific..AT&T get the 16GB RAM? or its just 12 for all snapdrag 512GB?

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2021.01.23 05:08 -en- @Reuters: Toshiba regains Tokyo exchange's top category amid calls for better governance https://t.co/CmKqBp6Rn7 https://t.co/7YMuOQS43i

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2021.01.23 05:08 jessyyy8 Look at that shine, smoooth baby! 😝

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2021.01.23 05:08 HangryHangryHipHoe [Part 1] In the year 76,260A.D. Humans have colonized the universe. Benjamin Gates the 36th had just landed on the Museum Planet housing all of Earth's Human history. His onboard AI "R1L3Y" ask him what are they doing here. Benjamin replies, "I'm going to steal the Declaration of Independence."

"There it is, Riley....beautiful isn't it?"
Orbiting outside his small space vessel, Ben marveled at the sight. Planet Archival, formerly known as Mars, housed a collection of artifacts from Earth's entire recorded history.
"Mr. Gates, I am artificial intelligence designated R1-L3Y", informed the onboard AI.
"Eh, I like Riley. Rolls off the tongue better. And how many times I have to tell you? Call me Ben, Riley. Mr. Gates was my father"
"Certainly Ben. Entering atmosphere..."
Heavy turbulence immediately shook the ship as the planet's harsh atmosphere hit it. The extremely high temperature was perfect as a defense mechanism to deter anyone crazy enough to infiltrate it. Although the designers never anticipated the bundle of crazy that was Benjamin Gates.
Parked just outside the main warehouse-- geared with protective suit, Ben entered the facility.
Voyagers I and II, Tesla space car to name a few-- incredible artifacts scattered around Ben as he walked down the dim hall. Despite that Ben was determined as his goal was only one object: The Declaration of Independence of The United People of Earth.
Finally laying his eyes on it, Ben stopped in his tracks. His breath was taken away, so mesmerized by the sight of the historical treasure. Smiling he stepped towards it, reaching his hand to grab the treasure.
"That's as far as you go, Mr. Gates. Hands above your head", ordered a female voice.
Ben was shocked but he kept his composure, slowly raising his hands.
"I thought I saw a ship tailing me since Jupiter, was that you?", he quipped.
"Agent Abigail Chase, Galactic Federation Enforcer, robbery division", the blonde woman introduced herself.
"Whoa robbery? I'm just here to study, ma'am. I'm a historian..."
"Benjamin Gates the 36th, former historian at New Earth's University of Cambridge turned treasure hunter. I know who you are, Mr. Gates"
"Please, call me Ben. Mr. Gates was my father", Ben turned slowly still raising his hands. "I can explain, if you'll listen"
"I'm here to arrest you, Mr. Gates", the agent trained her gun at him approaching slowly.
"Declaration of Independence of The United People of Earth, the agreement that ended Earth's first ever intergalactic war against the Vurzak species marking Earth's joining the Galactic Federation, bringing total peace to humanity for the first time since centuries", Ben lectured.
"I'm well aware of our planet's history, Mr. Gates. I read history books"
"Then you know the declaration behind me here was signed by 2 individuals, representatives of human race and Vurzak?"
"Enough with the history lesson, Mr. Gates. I'm taking you in"
"What they didn't tell you in your history books was there was a secret code embedded in the carbon polymer paper they made the declaration from. A secret code leading to an unimaginable treasure"
Abigail raised her eyebrows, staring at Ben scrutinizing.
"Okay I've had enough. You're clearly insane and need a lot of help. Hands behind your back!", she ordered moving behind Ben with a pair of handcuffs.
Acting quick Ben tackled Abigail. Falling backwards knocking the podium the Declaration rested on, the alarm activated, blaring so loudly followed by a barrage of automated energy rifles shooting everything around.
"Argh!", Abigail yelped painfully as a shot hit her on the side of her stomach.
Swiftly Ben grabbed the Declaration in one hand and Abigail on the other, dragging her away to the exit along with him.
"Riley! Start up the engine! We're jumping out!", Ben yelled to his AI on his earpiece.
"Are you crazy? Without any protective gear we'll be roasted immediately when stepping outside!", Abigail yelled as a rain of blaster shots kept hailing from the ceiling.
"Riley, open up the rear hatch and drive in reverse to the entrance!", Ben yelled facing Abigail. "Ready or not, jump!"
Shouting, both immediately jumped into the open ship. A momentary exposure of the heat singed their clothes before the hatch closed.
"Whooo!", Ben yelled in victory. "Riley, record that move! I'm calling it the Martian Maneuver!"
"Are you frickin' insane?", Abigail scolded Ben lying on the floor trying not to pass out from the pain.
"Is that how you talk to the guy who just saved your life?", Ben smirked.
"I'm still taking you in", she said breathing heavily.
Ben looked at her thinking before turning his attention to the Declaration of Independence in his hands. Kneeling before Abigail he spread the artifact open.
"Look at this. Beautiful isn't it? Now if the rumor was true, there should be a hidden code written on the bottom right corner. But it's only visible when smeared with strong corrosive acid...", informed Ben grabbing a vial from a compartment.
Hearing that Abigail's eyes widened, "You're going to seriously deface a historical artifact because of a nonsensical rumor?"
"Look, I'm a historian. I'm simply searching for the truth. I'm not defacing it, I'm uncovering it--", Ben said calming down as his adrenaline wore out. "Agent Chase, for generations my family had kept this secret to ourselves, unable to prove it. As a family of academics do you know how infuriating that was? Now after all that, I'm holding it in my hand the one treasure my family seek. So I'm begging you, Agent Chase-- let me see this to the end and I'll happily turn myself in"
With a kind look Ben offered his hand to Abigail, whom in turn staring at him in disbelief. Was it his genuine plea or something else which somehow convinced her to relent, she didn't know. She couldn't believe what she was about to do next...
"Fine. If you break your promise however, I'm bringing you in dead. And call me Abigail", she answered grabbing Ben's hand as he smiled.
Continue to part 2...
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2021.01.23 05:08 GODSAIYAN317 EA servers are trash why?

Billion dollar company with servers that are easily worse than Dungeon Defenders servers "very small game with a small budget". The servers were decent before but since this month started they've been absolutely terrible, cant play online franchise "starting where the NFL is even without playing with ppl" without crashing once at least every 30 minutes like why cant they either fix their servers or make it so the "Starting where the NFL currently is" offline? Like they purposefully make this game terrible I swear
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2021.01.23 05:08 -en- @Reuters: Blackhawks win behind rookie keeper's 1st career win https://t.co/0UWx5QOaFg https://t.co/eTyTOaxvtZ

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2021.01.23 05:08 helloboys123lel Requesting advice

Im looking for online banks or any banks that would open bank accounts for clients virtually without being present in person due to the pandemic and the difficulty of travel. Does anyone know a bank that suits my demands?
I am a foreigner, can only provide a passport and proof of residency.
Thank you for reading
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2021.01.23 05:08 DeathForever3 Curious to see what you think

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2021.01.23 05:08 haber-trend Sıcak! | PKK'nın 25 kez saldırdığı Silvan Barajı tamam! #TürkiyeCumhuriyetiTarımveOrmanBakanlığı #SilvanBarajıveHidroelektrikSantrali #Diyarbakır #BekirPakdemirli son saatin en çok aranan 2. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 26 gazetede yer alıyor.

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