Go! Hey Reddit, meet Galbi 😴😴 |

Hey Reddit, meet Galbi 😴😴

2021.01.23 03:47 miss_mi_ Hey Reddit, meet Galbi 😴😴

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2021.01.23 03:47 MacyBelle Dear Dad,

You are having one of your lucid moments right now. You are aware of where you are, where I am. I think maybe your bouts of confusion are happening less often, but maybe that’s my optimism speaking. Last night you were confused, and I think mom was scared, but your moments of confusion just make me uncontrollably sad. Every time it happens, it’s like losing you all over again. This rollercoaster is too much to handle sometimes- I call mom like 4 times a day. I tell myself it’s because I want to check in on her, but that isn’t true. It’s because I need someone, something to hold on to. I know you’re trying desperately to keep your grip on reality, and I’m trying all I can to help you do that. I’ll explain things to you every day if you need me to. I’ll ease your anxiety when you think they’ve switched AM and PM and nothing makes sense. When you go on an on about how scared you are of COVID even though you had it a few weeks ago, and don’t remember. I’ll send you photos of me and the pets every day, showing you we are all here, we are all fine, we all love you. We might not have had the picture perfect father daughter relationship, but you’re my dad, and I will always love you. It’s weird feeling like you’re here but also gone. My therapist says I’m mourning. It’s so strange to mourn you while you still live. I haven’t given up hope that in time, you will come back for good. I’m not sure if it’s delusional, but I can’t, I won’t, give up on you. I never imagined losing you this way. You were the smartest person I’ve ever known. I know your brain can recover. If there’s anything I’ve learned in school, it’s that we don’t fully understand the wonders of living things and their ability to heal. Sometimes miracles happen. I hope you’re one of them.
Love you to the moon and back,
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2021.01.23 03:47 TheLazyWrita Forgotten Webnovel

I can’t stop thinking about this one isekai LitRPG webnovel. I forgot the name, so please tell me if this description rings a bell.
It starts with the MC in humanity’s final army. They fight against an alien race but lose and are wiped out. Humanity lost because it had a few Emperor ranks but no God rank fighters. The God rank alien easily massacres them, with the MC dying as a King rank.
He wakes up before he is selected, going back in time. He was a part of the Fourth Wave. The first wave took either ten or one hundred thousand people, with each subsequent wave taking ten times as many as the previous. He gets chosen, and he receives points to allocate for starting items, abilities, and stats. He is attacked as soon as he “spawns”, but he’s tough prey. The ambushers mistakenly believe him to be an Irregular, someone who spawns with an absurdly high amount of points, due to his past experience and knowledge.
That’s about all I really remember, please let me know if any of that sounds familiar.
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2021.01.23 03:47 kleber115 Worst attack on titan takes you've seen?

I just read a post talking about how attack on titan is a facist manga that spreads a dangerous message to readers and I kinda wanted to see what other dumb shit you guys also read about the series in general
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2021.01.23 03:47 Onion-Knight-Gregor "I am the bone of my Vajra"

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2021.01.23 03:47 PastorHoov [XBOX][H] spring fever dissolver, non crate magma, og tw decals [W] credits

Dissolver (spring fever)
Magma (non crate)
Striker tw octane zsr mechaceph (zephyr)
Tactician tw royal tyrant (triumph)
Tactician tw chantico (zephyr)
Striker tw buzz kill (nitro)
Tw buzz kill (nitro)
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2021.01.23 03:47 VickiPsytheMoore [self] Vicki Psythe Moore

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2021.01.23 03:47 Souted I'm having trouble with this match-up. Any idea on how to escape the Sanders Submission, or should wait for a balance patch?

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2021.01.23 03:47 Clxment_ Satisfying combos

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2021.01.23 03:47 N_70 IMAP For country music fans

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2021.01.23 03:47 Yaboicuhcuh Help

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2021.01.23 03:47 Pogchamp69420666 Sus trades (vanilla minecraft)

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2021.01.23 03:47 HumanTheTree I know the games were made Pre-COVID, but the fact that all these characters lived though it adds some interesting characterization to a lot of moments.

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2021.01.23 03:47 CyBuzz-CyBuzz I hope nobody buys this @ 30cpr...bit if you need it...it is on stock

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2021.01.23 03:47 fudge_u GameStop stock halts trading after Reddit drama

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2021.01.23 03:47 goddesstink ✨Come get a sniff✨DM’s are open 😉

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2021.01.23 03:47 Mylifeinwords23 I’m paying all the bills because I’ve been the only one with income.

So boyfriend and father of my children (1 on the way) has been laid off, and unfortunately unemployment has been a pain in the ass as well. He recently got hired at a T-Mobile (temporary) and so he hasn’t been paid yet. I’ve been taking care of a lot of the bills if not all. My stupid phone has been broken and I’ve put it aside because it’s not a priority and paying for the new furniture and house stuff we’ve needed. He had a pretty new iPhone already not the one he wanted but whatever. He decided today to go ahead and sign up for a new iPhone 12 Pro Max because he receives discounts.. we have different lines so we’re not on a family plan. For some reason I’m 100% ridiculously offended and idk why.. I just think it was somewhat insensitive knowing that my iPhone is fucked up but I’ve let it be because I know there’s other important things to take care of right now.. I don’t get it and I feel like I’m alone handling all the responsibilities. He’s always done his part with bills and what not but this just wasn’t the time. The phone isn’t even free it’s still financed so it’s another bill even if it’s “$20” a month as he says. Should I not be upset?
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2021.01.23 03:47 IAmAlsoTheSenate My 1978 Toyota Celica

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2021.01.23 03:47 Spleenimus Scroll of Revival Contest

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2021.01.23 03:47 KageyamaTurtle Where to read Manhwas?

I've seen people say Mangakakalot, Mangago, Mangadex, Mangasee, Mangafox etc.
Which is the best? I've used Mangadex to read the first 16 chapters of CBAW. However there's only 16 chapters translated into English. Which would you consider the best to read on, if not Mangadex?
I just wanna avoid making an account on Mangago, I used to have one but that one is long gone lmao. Nothing happened and I'm sure nothing will if I make a Mangago account, since alot of people, including my friends use it and don't have problems with it.
I've also seen people say Manga reader app or Mangageek, sometimes even tachiyomi. Are those apps safe and any good?????
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2021.01.23 03:47 wasgood_pedro [HUMOR] These archers gave up at this point

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2021.01.23 03:47 CheezMagic Which one of you can explain this?

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2021.01.23 03:47 ModsCanLickMyBallz She creepin

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2021.01.23 03:47 TheTruePatriot1780 Trump is a baby-killing Kierkegaardian

What the media won't tell you.
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2021.01.23 03:47 TheTruePatriot1780 Trump is a baby-killing Kierkegaardian

What the media won't tell you.
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