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Level 6 Railgun?

2021.01.16 07:26 The-FallX Level 6 Railgun?

After rewatching the Daihasai Festival arc, I was wondering, what could Misaka do if she became a level 6?
For example, what would her abilities be and what type of applications would the posses? Gunha had stated when she reached 5.3 that her powers were beyond human comprehension. It makes me question what type of power would Misaka have. At the very simplest form, her powers would be electromagnetic manipulation, transformations, and (obviously) creating a destructive railgun. So, imagine these abilities but as a level 6!
Maybe she would have the power to manipulate the Earth’s electromagnetic field? Or disrupt one’s bio electricity?
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2021.01.16 07:26 cxbraq Trade

[PC] [H] TW Octane [W] 18k credits
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2021.01.16 07:26 Marrio60 Canny Valley Storm King

So I made it to the canny valley storm king finally. And I found out that using the xenon bow for the crystal weakpoints is very effective. But I can't get past the horns part. I even use warcry with the melee's,but that did nothing. Are there any good melee weapons?
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2021.01.16 07:26 J_233333333333 Chiraq

How these chicago niggas doing drills n shit dont be getting caught up with the police like in nyc or some other city. When niggas go on a drill i dont think they plan it they just go slide randomly so how these niggas get away? Is it cuz there no cameras in chicago or they got those face masks?
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2021.01.16 07:26 undercoverYogii_ii Experiencing Everything as 'Myself'...#SadhguruQuotes

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2021.01.16 07:26 EmperorSalad_ Posted about my WIP Tree lord a bit ago. It is now 100% complete

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2021.01.16 07:26 DirshPlatform Gift Card Airdrop #133071

Reclaim gift card at: https://dirsh.com/airdrop?p=-MR8rnPl6ak8Dr0liaGe4a82cdc646 This message will self-destruct in 10 minutes.
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2021.01.16 07:26 imvaibhaav Meme dekho vai

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2021.01.16 07:26 Joe_Black03 Where the hood where the hood where the hood at?!

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2021.01.16 07:25 Mylovebujo Right Now filling up my "50 THINGS TO TRY IN 2021" Spread.

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2021.01.16 07:25 Packers9879 fuck trump

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2021.01.16 07:25 TackyTacoTuesday Waiting for the War Hammer Titan fight scenes!

Processing img hkok6x6e1nb61...
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2021.01.16 07:25 DesiredHappiness Rewatched Prometheus

So I watched Prometheus a few years ago, honestly before I was really into the franchise and before I knew it had any connections to the other movies. That was probably why I enjoyed it so much. I didn't have any expectations going in. However I decided to rewatch it tonight with my friend and I have to say I still think it is a very good movie and I think it would benefit as a separate series tbh. Switch up a few things here and there and you really don't have many connections to the original Alien film.
Prometheus having its own standalone series in a different universe might have made for a much more interesting and enticing experience, and the ending of the movie did disappoint me knowing Ridley Scott was okay with just throwing away Shaw's storyline of finding out why the aliens made humans for the bs that was Covenant (was not fond of that one).
I don't think I'd prefer to consider this movie canon. For me, I consider Alien > Alien: Isolation > Aliens as the events that actually occurred in my own personal little Alien universe. It keeps the mystery of the aliens safe while still building on the universe and story. However I think Prometheus has the backbone to stand on its own. Just my thoughts.
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2021.01.16 07:25 Puzzled_Lifeguard_ What will you do if you get to know that you only have 5 days left to live 🤔 ?

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2021.01.16 07:25 j_bradley11 Confused

1) How do they know it was someone that works in Law Enforcement (it’d be super easy to give vague information about all this especially if you have followed the series and there’s proof the American flag key was on camera)
2) Why didn’t they ask him what department he/she works for, and for some actual proof that this person is an officer in some way. Because when a stranger online says trust me but gives nothing it seems like you shouldn’t trust them.
3) We all get it you saw a red suv today
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2021.01.16 07:25 Assignment-Super Repost

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2021.01.16 07:25 daedluas Revel kit dangling battery

Does anyone know if the revel kit battery pack basically dangles, hanging on to the trucks? I'm interested in the kit but that one thing worries me, I want to assemble it with a board with a kick tail to cruse of side walks and that dinky mount might snap in doing so.
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2021.01.16 07:25 DefenestratorA2 Do blueprints give less weapon xp?

When leveling weapons I've felt recently that I gain weapon xp faster using the base gun rather than blueprints. So I'm wondering if it was just the result of a bad game or do blueprints lessen weapon xp?
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2021.01.16 07:25 ChazGower Meisa Kuroki (黒木メイサ)

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2021.01.16 07:25 Original_Sedawk COVID-19 exposure on flights is more common than you think. The US doesn't share details, but Canada does

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2021.01.16 07:25 G08lu3 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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2021.01.16 07:25 HEB_AQW Some Albedo screenshots

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2021.01.16 07:25 shfdy3 [F4A][KIK]💞 GIVE ME ⬆️ and i will send you frist 🎉💋and make you very hard👅i am down add me KIK: Afsara43

[F4A][KIK]💞 GIVE ME ⬆️ and i will send you frist 🎉💋and make you very hard👅i am down add me KIK: Afsara43
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2021.01.16 07:25 cacaladuche Found some wallpapers of the trio @minami14r

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2021.01.16 07:25 getzacademy terms of coronavirus

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