Go! What's the best way to quit your job? |

What's the best way to quit your job?

2021.01.16 07:17 Hello_Sweetie25 What's the best way to quit your job?

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2021.01.16 07:17 Jeuaiwin Adoptees of Reddit, do you know why you were put up for adoption? If so, why were you?

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2021.01.16 07:17 planeteniumtheory Imposter in among us.

Guys i have not been imposter for a long time now ,i got so frstrated that i uninstalled the game and re-installed it .Everytime I get imposter ,before i even do anything they call a meeting and vote me off or if i am playing with 2 imp[which i don't anymore] the other imp tells that he is the imp and so am.Is there anyway that might get me imp? I tried the swapping colour technique and it doesn't work.
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2021.01.16 07:17 Tha1AsainKid When your discord friends all leave the voice chat when you join

It is their bedtime and they had to go to bed
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2021.01.16 07:17 WPB311 User InternationalBreak9 has been stalking my profile commenting and he bragged about getting certain Reddit’s cancelled. So prob just ban him ASAP.

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2021.01.16 07:17 Bcperks22 Idk dood

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2021.01.16 07:16 TheRealPopingRow Headhunter

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2021.01.16 07:16 Jurixn I Used HACKS While 1v1'ing Strangers From Omegle! #ParallelRC

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2021.01.16 07:16 pretzel4567 I love residents

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2021.01.16 07:16 nadiajane26 Looking for weight loss advice after recent PCOS diagnosis.

Hi there,
I recently was diagnosed with lean PCOS (I'm 128 Pounds) and although this may sound silly, I'm looking for some weight loss advice. Over the past few months, I noticed I had gained around 10 pounds and didn't understand why because I hadn't changed anything in my diet or exercise and I was still working fulltime.
I am a professional dancer so I am looking to get back down to my original weight and am wondering if anyone has any knowledge or advice about metformin or something similar? I've been eating in a 500 calorie deficit for about 6 months with no weight loss at all which has been really degrading but now having this diagnosis, I think PCOS has played a part in my struggle to get back down to my original weight.
I am originally from AUS but am currently working and living in Japan for dance so I'm unsure if metformin is even an option here but I will ask my doctor at my next appointment. Thank you kindly! :)
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2021.01.16 07:16 DFeiserr Amber from Brawl stars.

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2021.01.16 07:16 nikomaw5 Just a low quality meme

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2021.01.16 07:16 Mazzness Help my battlefront won’t start

I just got free battle front from epic games today and it finished installing, when I press on it, it just pops up a tab saying “details” and no start or anything, I try starting it on epic games or on my desktop it won’t pop up either, I don’t know what to do can anybody help? Their is no play button on origins at all
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2021.01.16 07:16 goldenflagirl Stuck between wanting to get sober, wanting just a little buzz, and wanting to feel the blissful numbness of alcohol.

I (18f) am a new alcoholic, but I know it’s a problem that has progressed. I hate being sober and struggle with addiction, turning to whatever is available at the moment to not be sober. It all started in March at the beginning of the pandemic when students were sent home to finish the school year online. I’d smoked weed before, but only just then became a regular smoker. It progressed from only at night to everyday multiple times a day. Eventually my parents caught me and weed was no longer an option due to them drug testing me.
After my weed outlet was taken away, I turned to adderall (got caught), then vaping (got caught but extremely unsatisfactory anyway), and now here I am acknowledging that I have become an alcoholic. I’m just really scared because I know how bad it can get and I’m scared because I know I just cannot resist the addictions even when I know that I’m going to get in trouble, because at the moment it’s worth it. I can count the days on both hands that I’ve been sober since March. I play a sport and have practice three times a week and at first I drank as soon as I was done, then in the morning to get through school, then would get drunker and couldn’t even stay awake so I skipped class and pretended to do it by playing educational youtube videos so that when my parents opened my door to check on me I would be “on track” for the day. It gives me so much joy that I otherwise cannot find. I now have been needing to be drunk to get through the day and to be happy.
Not trying to brag whatsoever, but I feel like it’s worth mentioning that I have the potential to be very successful in my future if I put in the work. When I was 7 years old I tested off the charts IQ-wise and I currently have a full ride to a prestigious university. I’ve never had any problems academically but this year my grades dropped from straight A’s that I’ve always maintained with no problem. I put the blame towards the pandemic and being home alone all day, but I know I need to hold myself accountable. A solid amount of people on both sides of my family have issues with either alcohol or drugs. I don’t want to throw my future away but I just fucking hate being sober and need help.
At first I didn’t even get hangovers but now I wake up everyday feeling sick like I have a fever. I fake going to the gym in the morning before school, what I used to do every single day, and sit in the car and sleep because I know I’d 100% throw up and would not be able to exercise. I lied to my parents every day and swore that I was quitting, but it was the only thing I ever wanted to do. It’s hard to admit to being an alcoholic while all of my friends post tons of videos of partying and drinking, so I tell myself I’m normal, but it’s not normal to drink every single day and night alone and have it be the only thing on my mind.
This morning was awful. I told myself last night would be my “last night” (what I say every night) and woke up still drunk which the breathalyzer my parents had to purchase made very very clear. I always find a way to get through every obstacle my parents throw at me to stop me from drinking, and this morning was the worst shame I’ve felt about it. I was crying hysterically, still drunk, swearing that I was done. I truly want to get sober this time. I feel so bad for lying so many times. I’m so embarrassed and so ashamed. Tomorrow is day 1.
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2021.01.16 07:16 yablewit23 I have no idea what I’m taking

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2021.01.16 07:16 kobony Original Geometric Painting by Istvan Jarmeczky | Abstract Art on Canvas | CONCRETE COLOR 15

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2021.01.16 07:16 pleesugmie Should Outsiders get Sci-Fi weapons? (Pathfinder Conversion)

When converting Pathfinder Outsiders to Starfinder, should they receive Sci-Fi versions of any equipment they are described as using? Also, should their spell-like abilities be nerfed to account for the overall decrease in the magic level compared to Pathfinder? The Core Rulebook has guidelines for converting monsters, but doesn't err one way or the other. If there's a Piazo official example of an outsider that answers either of these questions, please let me know.
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2021.01.16 07:16 brycecommerford This is a large moose

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2021.01.16 07:16 skullbot2424 C&H: Comic for 2021.01.16

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2021.01.16 07:16 yikes-on-a-platter Text to speech???

So on the text to speech feature so many people have characters saying things. Is this a Different app or am I sadly missing out on something?
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2021.01.16 07:16 funghosty [Question]: Will take any advice / things that motivated you to change for the better?

I am a 21M. I have a problem of not dealing with things or accomplish what I want to. I have an addiction to video games. Whenever I feel stressed, challenged, or just bored I always turn to video games to distract me. I’ll play one of my favorite RPG’s but then feel drained and worthless after. It doesn’t happen every day but it happens pretty often. I think it’s keeping me from growing, but I want to accomplish more in my life but just can’t seem to ever have the time or motivation to.
My goals I have yet to achieve:
• Get fit - I want to gain 20 lbs of muscle. I also just want to be healthier in general and workout everyday. • Find a career. I’ve been in and out of jobs and have just been working wherever pays the most. My last job was for a construction company. I like a variety of things but just can’t decide. • Be more interesting - I have things I like like hiking or photography, but I don’t feel I’m all that interesting and just have a lot of self doubt.
Thank you for reading. I appreciate all the help ahead of time. Thank you
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2021.01.16 07:16 Greubles Extreme noob question and I apologise in advance. I just don’t have the background to work it out myself without spending months on it.

What is the simplest way for me to get about a month’s worth of all reddit comments for a time period of my choosing (the available files seem to end in December 2019)? What software (preferably free and to both run the query and handle that size of data) do I need? What Programming language should I use, etc, etc.
For reference, I’m familiar with VB/VBA (though only in a self contained manner i.e. not linking to external data sources); I was ok with C++(introductory stuff) about 20 years ago and was pretty good with assembly for some motorola chip that was common to study at the time. So I’ve got the ability to learn, I just haven’t done much in that area since about 15 years ago (except VBA). Oh and my half assed attempts at learning SQL have only got me to the point of being able to query data from one table with simple “where” statements (joins, etc are beyond me).
So... with that in mind, can anyone help me?
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2021.01.16 07:16 Dyyrin Watch me as I end this mans career. Had to keep the beginning bit cause I laughed so hard.

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2021.01.16 07:16 Lost_Distribution546 Sanitation worker Manish Kumar becomes first Indian person to receive COVID vaccine jab as the nation starts world's largest vaccine drive

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2021.01.16 07:16 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - High altitudes send soldiers off course in China-India border region: experts | South China Morning Post

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