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2021.01.23 03:41 MMA_Fanboy082384 Kendall Reusing

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2021.01.23 03:41 Netkru Played a little game of telepathy with someone I have a connection with...

I decided to play a fun game of “guess what I am thinking about” with a guy I am talking to and have a connection with. I would think of something (random) and he would try to guess what it is, and vice versa. No clues, nothing.
To say the least, I was a little freaked out towards the end. He guessed right some random things I was thinking multiple times and got super close other times. And I did too. I was thinking of a bonfire, he said “wood”. I was thinking of gold/gold rings, he said “gold” and said he was picturing the rings i wear. He was thinking of an island, and I immediately got an image in my head of my feet in the sand on a beach. Once I was thinking of a big painting in my room. He said “paint” and then told me he was thinking of the big painting I made that is in my room.
Freaky shit.
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2021.01.23 03:41 i_ball_daily_G Bought my 1st ever call last night just to see how the process works. Could have changed my life if I spent a little more...

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2021.01.23 03:41 anon_throwaway_9 Am I (20sM) being abused? What would you do? Sorry this is a long post/rant (TLDR at the bottom)

Am I (20sM) being abused? What would you do? Sorry this is a long post/rant (TLDR at the bottom)
I’m a male that lives with my girlfriend and we are both in our mid 20s. We have been together for a little over 2 years and have lived together for a little over 1 year. At the beginning of our relationship things were quite good for the first year. There were of course a few hiccups or arguments here and there just like in any relationship (romantic or not). But for the past year things have been simply getting worse (which covid obviously isn't helping). During our first year we were intimate a lot, we went out and did things and were generally very happy together. We used to drink tea every morning and have serious discussions, we would meet friends regularly, go on dates etc.
We have similar interests, we both have a very dark sense of humor and generally we have personalities that sort of “fit well” if that makes sense at all (I’m speaking about positive attributes). Well at least we did when we first started dating, now I feel like she’s quite different in some ways which will be expanded below. Prior to dating we were very good friends for about a year and a half. I know her parents and I get along with them, she knows my family and they like her. She is technically my first long-term relationship - I dated a couple of girls in high school and in university during my bachelor's degree for short periods of time (3 - 6 months). She’s been in two long-term relationships before.
Problems started arising about a lil over a year ago and have continually gotten worse. She seems to be always angry or upset at me. I’ll admit I can certainly do things (not on purpose) that can annoy people - no one is perfect of course which I have no issue admitting. But almost every few days she is angry or upset at me and commonly it seems very way out of proportion. Sometimes I’ll do something that is simply benign (at least in my mind) and then she will get upset and I’ll feel guilty. For example prior to Covid lockdown in my country after one of my lectures (I’m a grad student) I and a few of my classmates went out for a beer with a new guy in our program. It was simply a “class has ended and its 3pm who wants to get a beer and chat” sort of thing. The new guy and two female classmates wanted to have a beer as we were the only ones who didn’t have another class or obligations to attend to. So we went to one of my main pubs where we ran into a male friend of mine and my girlfriends. Us five (3 dudes, 2 girls) had a beer and just hung out for an hour after which we all parted ways to do our own stuff. Later that evening my girlfriend asked how was getting beer with classmates, I told her about it and who I went with (she knows/has met them except the new guy) and that we met our friend. She immediately got upset and started saying that “you went on a double date” and that “it's okay if you want to date other people” while getting even more upset. I spent the rest of my evening calming her down. She has also said to me multiple times this year (well more like multiple times a month) that “you just want to have sex or date other women”. I end up feeling guilty every time she says this for some reason. The irony of this of course is that I have absolutely (well at least not until recently somewhat) no interest in dating or wanting to have sex with another woman at all. The irony is that she basically never wants to have sex or be physically intimate. Sometimes its simply “I’m tired”, “I don’t feel well (vaguely)”, “I just want to exist and not be bothered” or a sort of “fuck off” more rarely since I've more or less stopped initiating at this point since nothing works at all. She rarely if ever initiates let alone is interested when I do. Not even on my birthday (but we were on her birthday) or even on our anniversary were we intimate. She doesn’t have any sexual health issues to my knowledge. A few times she has even told me that “hey I know us not being intimate is hard and I’m sorry Ill try my best to be better” but then a few days later she will tell me “when you were at the pub last night I was feeling frisky/horny but I didn’t want to bother you”. She’s told me this when we didn’t have sex for 1-2 months (this dry spell duration has happened multiple times this year). If she simply texted me “hey Im horny come home” I would’ve chugged my beer and ordered an Uber within 3 minutes. The rare occasion she does want to be intimate is almost always right before her period and is basically her just saying “hurry up and be done”. No foreplay or intimacy at all. As stated earlier there has been multiple dry spells spanning 1-2.5 months of no intimacy. In our nightstand, we still have a pack of condoms in which there are around 9-10 left out of 18. The box was opened last Christmas/New Years' 2019.
In regards to being angry or upset a lot it basically can happen almost anywhere we are or who we are with. We go to a beer garden she will likely be upset at something or someone. We go to a pub she will likely be upset about something or someone. We go on vacation to a country (she wanted to go to specifically) and will be upset about something. We stay at home (when she wants to) and she will be upset about something. She reads a stupid tweet (by some random twittard who she doesn’t even know) and she will be adamantly angry at it for several days (while of course yelling at me about how it angers her as if I am that twittard - I don't even use twitter). One of her friends (who is a mother of three) forgets to meet up with us by accident, she will be angry at her. She will make an offensive joke at my best friend, he will make one back (he’s the epitome of idgaf) and she will be upset which I don't feel bad about (if you throw shit at someone expect it to be thrown back). A friend of ours will accidentally be a bit loud (he has some hearing problems) she will be angry at him. She will sometimes say rude things about friends of mine randomly (X person is vaguely weird etc.). I forget to turn on the dishwasher at a certain time and she will be angry. I accidentally came home slightly later because I made a mistake on the public transport schedule she will be angry. I will get too fucked up once or twice a year and she will be angry at me for a long time (despite me having to practically carry her home dozens of times). She will be angry that I forgot to buy her a certain dress she wanted for this Christmas despite buying her almost everything else she wanted which wasn’t cheap (and that she got me only a couple of things). A friend of ours (for several years) who can be an idiot sometimes innocently/accidentally says an offensive word (about her country/nationality) and she just blatantly yells at him as if he meant to offend/attack her instead of properly explaining why that word is offensive and why it shouldn’t be used. I could probably write a book listing all the things to be honest.
One of her main complaints is that I’m not “assertive” (lack of a better word) enough. I’ll admit I am a tad on the laissez-faire side of things but ultimately I’ve become less “assertive” due to her behavior and reactions. But of course she holds no blame at all whatsoever it is always somehow on me to be blamed. For example there have been times when she wanted X to be done. I’ll tell her that “I don’t really know how to do X and I don’t want to fuck it up could you help me if you know how to do”. Even if she knows how to do it herself she will be upset at even the suggestion that she explains it to me briefly. She will in these situations commonly chastise me with things like “you should just be able to do it”, “I don’t want to be responsible for it” or that “I’m not your parent” etc. Thus in this situation I will usually figure out how to do X as quickly as I can (she will become impatient and chastise me more) and then try to do X. But heres the catch if I fuck up or make a mistake at all she will immediately accuses me of “doing it on purpose” or something along those lines. When I explain “Im sorry it was an honest mistake which I didn’t mean to do” she will then go “but why did you do that?!?” and Ill apologize and explain what happened which gets me "why!? just why did you do that!?" and the like (as if accidents/mistakes never happen at all). Of course if I flat out refuse to do X or suggest hiring lets say a handyman who knows how to do X professionally she will get upset that “you can’t take care of us” and will proceed to act like we are totally doomed (when in reality we would be completely fine). We live in a 5 year old flat, our fridge is always stocked with food, the rent is always paid on time, we have good internet, we have clothes, we have never had utilities shut off etc. As a result I have lots of self-doubt on my abilities and hence whats the point of doing XYZ if Ill be damned either way basically.
She also complains that multiple times a day I say “I’m sorry”. I feel like I dont even consciously say it. Its just become automatic to the point where its almost like an instinctive reaction that she might be angry or upset at me. I feel like I’m constantly on eggshells or thin ice basically. I’ve been a nail-biter my whole life as long as I can remember. I had a semi-rough childhood in regards to family issues (parents vs siblings) and was pretty viciously bullied as a kid. Nail-biting was sort of the way to “deal with it” you could say. But in the past year she’s brought it up that its progressively getting worse and worse (which it is). She’s told me that I’ve been losing some hair (not in a mean way but in a “hey you might want to see a doctor for it” kind of way). I sometimes flinch which she also doesn’t like. Sometimes when she raises her voice even out of excitement or will move her arm in a certain way I’ll flinch. In which she will go “what the fuck I’m not hitting you or something” or “please stop acting like a victim” etc. She’s never hit me or been physically violent though.
My mental health has of course severely degraded. I rarely ever feel relaxed (especially since I can’t have beer in a pub with my mates) and honestly, I feel like I don’t really know how to even relax anymore. “Relaxing” at this point is just not getting her fired up and a “good day” is one in which I stare at my laptop mostly and just wait for the hours to go by. If she asks me to do something I just do it and go back to my laptop in order not to cause any issue or get in the way. My chronic insomnia which I’ve had since childhood has gotten way worse (on average falling asleep at 5-6am now rather than 2-3am before). I’ve had periods on and off where I’ve just cried in bed quietly all night while she is sleeping multiple times a week. I’ve had at least 3-4 “mental or nervous breakdowns” (lack of a better term) if I member correctly rwhere I just start getting all fidgety (rocking back and forth in a chair usually) and it feels like my brain is just “overloaded” to the point of not being able to process stuff. Its even been to the point where I’ve hit/slapped my head with my own hands as if I’m an autistic 8 year old not being able to handle their shit at all. I usually only remember the very beginning and the end of these “breakdowns” with most of what I say or do in between is hard to remember except for a few snippets. Cognitively I feel like I’ve become “duller” or “dumber” and that I’m not nearly as good at processing information anymore (I’m a hardcore political science nerd and plan to become a political scientist after I graduate). My grades aren’t good and have been declining (not that I’m an A+ student normally). I’m finding it difficult to learn new things and process information properly. I feel like I’m constantly doing something wrong or bad even though I logically know I’m not doing anything bad. I’m not suicidal in any form surprisingly though I do of course have the vague "I wish I was dead" feeling sometimes. Honestly at this point the two things really keeping some part of my sanity intact is having a pack of cigarettes a day and her pet dog who likes me a lot (I play with him, feed him breakfast, walk him etc.). He hangs out with me most of the day while my GF is at work. I won’t post a picture of him for privacy reasons but lets just say he’s a good, smart (one of the top 15 smartest breeds) and playful boy. I’ll miss him dearly if I ever leave my GF.
I don’t think I’m ever really going to make her happy. I don’t know what to do to improve things at all. I have been starting to look at apartment prices and figuring out what district/are in our city I would move to. I love her but I honestly feel terrible a lot of the time. I’m constantly worried about angering/upsetting her and that I’m consistently walking on eggshells. Hell, I’ve even gotten to the point where I just feel guilty a lot of the time (without doing anything) basically whenever I’m awake. I commonly feel like a terrible person simply for just existing and that I’m at fault for everything bad in our relationship. Due to the lack of intimacy I feel like an errand boy to just go and get things when she wants to just stay home (she does work/have a job though) and a roommate a lot of the time.

  1. Some of you may suggest that I go to my parents/family and stay with them. I live in a different country from them. While I can legally go to them/my home country, Id rather not because of Covid (I'm not interested in Covid arguments). My GFs parents contracted Covid 5 months ago and her father had to be put in an ICU at the hospital for a 1.5 months and even though he is out of the hospital for several months now he is still really f****d up health-wise. My parents are both in risk categories and I just simply do not want to take any risks at all whatsoever in regards to their health. I’ve told them vaguely that I’m depressed and stressed out but they have a lot on their plate and don’t really need any more shit keeping them awake at night.
  2. As for my friends here I have told one of my friends (the one I know the best/longest) half vaguely and half detailed about the things going on. He’s had similar issues with his GF as well but not as severe and mostly as a result of the Covid restrictions (being in a flat 24/7 isn’t easy) . The rest I haven’t told mainly cause I just don’t feel like talking it about (its not a good subject) and I see them only a couple times a month briefly (where I am we have very strict restrictions/curfews etc.).
Am I (M) being abused by my GF and what would you do? We are both in our mid 20s
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2021.01.23 03:41 Jstar00000 Does Elemental Retriever Work?

Anyone who’s unlocked this pet talent actually get spellements from wooden chests?
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2021.01.23 03:41 Tonythecritic [Music] After Midnight| Episode 69 - At the Zoo | Podcast with a music playlist about 1 topic| Episode with songs about being the Animal Kingdom | SFW

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2021.01.23 03:41 ThrowRA-484918739206 (22 M) Should I help her (23 F) during her pregnancy (I may be the father)

This one girl who I used to be FWB is 2 months pregnant and about 3 months ago we were high and hitting it raw. I will step up and help her if it’s my kid but I don’t know if it’s my kid at this point, so I don’t plan on helping her out. What should I do?
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2021.01.23 03:41 pihcotatorb Value of NIB 2005 re release of first edition 2001 dolls ?

Hi there. I bought a first edition Yasmin in box thinking it was 2001 first edition original and that’s what the listing said. I received it and now know it’s actually the re release from 2005, I was charged $160 (182 including shipping and taxes). Now I am wondering how much the re release NIB is worth? I’ve heard any where between $40 to $160 and I’m not sure. Thanks.
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2021.01.23 03:41 jeremycashen Install Kraken X53 in H510 Elite

Im building a PC for my dad and I’m trying to install the Kraken X53 into and H510. I’m trying to set it up with the stock fans still showcased on the outside so you can see the RBG like in this video (skip to about 7:35 to see finished build)
I can’t figure out how to mount both the fans and the radiator on the bracket in the configuration though, does anyone know how? Every install guide I’ve seen is RadiatoFans/Bracket rather than RadiatoBracket/Fans
Any help appreciated!
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2021.01.23 03:41 Jumpsink Restarting violin

Hi all!
Quick backstory: I started learning from a young age. However, I kinda stopped playing for 2-3 years after enlisting in the military. Now that I'm done with it, I really want to get back into the groove, but my intonation is all off and I can't really sight read that well anymore.
Do you guys have any tips on how I can start to improve my technique once again? I've seen some videos telling me to practice scales, and studies, but I'm not sure which studies to choose, and how long to practice them for. A few song recommendations (around ATCL level) would be good too :)
Thanks in advance for the help!
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2021.01.23 03:41 gombo34 anyone know what kind this is?

Processing img yflrigwj60d61...
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2021.01.23 03:41 Haramproducer 🍒 KANYE WEST ✘ PHARRELL ✘ 70S SAMPLE TYPE BEAT~ "GOOD LIFE"

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2021.01.23 03:41 sobresitodemaggi Eu pregunta antes de hacer el zzzzzzz. Que tan buenos son los piropos en Colombia? Yo les doy un 8/10

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2021.01.23 03:41 FarPlate5258 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Brass monkey and black top package

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2021.01.23 03:41 Mookie_Freeman Why does David no like Noah Hawley

I feel like he's vaguely explained why, and he doesn't seem to have reviewed any of his shows, I'm just curious. I think Fargo is great personally.
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2021.01.23 03:41 StaffCampStaff Triceratops skull by Ray Anthony at Evolution Ink. Fayetteville, NC

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2021.01.23 03:41 Firmteacher When/how did you first learn about Alienware? What models have you had?

I’m curious to know how you guys all first fell in love with the brand.
My first time seeing an Alienware was the chrome looking one from the movie ‘Stay alive’.
I have loved the designs mainly in part of the X51 and Alienware 14, 15, 17, 18 laptop designs.
My first one was a 15r4, sold it to buy a X51 R3, found a Alienware 14 on Craigslist for 200 with a shot battery and then a got a Alienware 17.
What are your favorite models? What got you into Alienware?
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2021.01.23 03:41 UtopiaCrusader Canadians told to stay in their home province and cancel all travel plans

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2021.01.23 03:41 Szog2332 What do you all think of my build?

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2021.01.23 03:41 actuallymulan Twitter permanently bans suspect Iran account after post threatens former President Donald Trump - USA TODAY

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