Go! go get some bitches and stop looking at this sub |

go get some bitches and stop looking at this sub

2021.01.16 06:41 G00G13_K1D go get some bitches and stop looking at this sub

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2021.01.16 06:41 enriquemangon Sniping

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2021.01.16 06:41 tripoddraw Calendar not showing events after next week?

I know that it only shows events from the current month, but it’s not showing any events after next Thursday the 21st. I’ve toggled between list and upcoming events views in settings and I synced events.
Also, in upcoming events view, there is no way to see the month view. There is no arrow on the upper left of the day page in that view. In the list view, the arrow in the upper left does exists and takes you to a calendar showing current month.
It‘s too bad, as I’m enjoying my new watch otherwise.
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2021.01.16 06:41 Villenthessis Soda's dad on Crumpet's feminine voice

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2021.01.16 06:41 CrustyLips__ this has become true for me

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2021.01.16 06:41 Green_Egg_1904 I don’t know where to start — so out of shape!

Hello, all! I am a 23 year old female and I have truly never worked out. I didn’t play sports in high school and hardly did a workout at home or at the gym. It has been years since I’ve completed any formal work out so I have zero muscles..I’ve maintained a slim figure (5’3” and 118 lbs), but I want to transform my body. My goal is to build muscle, tone body, flatten stomach, and to feel healthy. I don’t feel physically feel good, more like a sack of potatoes. I am beyond ready to start this journey, but I need guidance on where to even begin. I mean I seriously cannot do a pull up or run a mile! Also, I plan to do hiking out west on a road trip this summer so I am looking for exercises that will help me with that too!
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2021.01.16 06:41 DebbieMathSpaghetti If anyone is needing to spice up their backgrounds on their devices, Here's a photo dump of a ton of Minecraft screenshots.

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2021.01.16 06:41 Bartjensoj du0 -- Shadows Feat. TRENTON [Pop /Electronic] (2021)

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2021.01.16 06:41 alexxbee Finally after 8 raids! from South Korea!

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2021.01.16 06:41 Bushi004 I was replaced by my bff and I want to find a new friend but I homeschool and barely leave the house so I can't find a new one

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2021.01.16 06:41 JusticeForZhongLi Zhong Li buffs

After the release of Ganyu. Nah. Fuck this. Zhong Li deserves more buffs than what he’s getting.
Everyone, I highly suggest to send in feedback voicing this!
I wrote them, again, ANOTHER NOVEL, in the in-game feedback.
This is absolutely stupid. Ganyu does everything Zhong Li can but better. The only thing she doesn’t have is a weak ass shield...
So fuck this. Join our China bros in this fight! Write feedback demanding more buffs!!
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2021.01.16 06:41 danieliskate27 Another question about getting assigned on call options

I am pretty new to this and am still trying to understand what happens when getting assigned. I have a few call options open and plan on buying 100 shares just in case I get assigned. If I were to sell 4 calls and get assigned, do I only get assigned on 1 call? Or would you get assigned for all 4 of them?
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2021.01.16 06:41 PurplishLoganberry Talking rabbit

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2021.01.16 06:41 AntiTankieAction Lock 'em up!

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2021.01.16 06:41 AverageResponsible72 Thoughts on the CSSE program as someone working at a ~top 10 tech firm

Disclaimer: this is mostly aimed at people who want to land at FAANG, Big N, etc and don’t have any experience in the field. Some of this may still apply if your goal is just to work anywhere, but this is about my experience ending up somewhere competitive.
Background: Did two years of comp sci at another university before switching due to price and flexibility. Worked as a jr Dev for 1.5 years as I finished UWB's CSS program. Graduated the program and ended up at the job I am now.
I see a lot of posts asking about the program, the “is it right for me”, “would you recommend” and the like. Here’s my two cents:
First the Good:
I currently work at a FANG-adjacent company (think UbeLyft level) and I wouldn’t be here without UWB. Before I graduated I was applying everywhere and getting instantly rejected. As soon as I added that “Yes, I have a degree” marker onto my LinkedIn I got recruiters from FAANG, big companies, small companies and the like.
What I mean to say is, having the degree pushed my resume over that last hurdle. UWB program was flexible and manageable and affordable.
If you can view your experience at UWB just as this, getting a check mark on your resume, then you have the best perspective on what the degree is.
The Bad:
I see too many people asking “Will I learn to code?” in reference to the program. I guess it’s not a crazy question, but the answer is kind of crazy: No, you likely won’t.
You will not be able to use CSSE alone to learn computer science. Can you learn to code if you combine CSSE with some other resources, freecodecamp, Udemy, etc? Probably.
But coding isn’t all some folks want, some people want to actually understand the science behind computer science. The fundamentals behind the logic and math that it’s all built on. CSSE is not built for this, the degree in its current form is much more akin to software development/ software generalist.
I spent two years at a traditional school studying CS before switching to UWB's CSS program. In those two years I think I took something like 7 coding classes, about half of which were on par or harder than UWB's CSS programs “senior” level courses, but provided MUCH more depth.
UWB's CSS program is lacking depth for true comp sci in every way. The program needs to drop all the project management filler and bring in more math and more coding if it wants to prepare the students the same way a standard school would.
My last school had one project management/ SDLC course and it felt more relevant than the 3 classes UWB's CSS program requires as it also had a coding project component to it. As someone genuinely interested in computer science, I often consider going back to school to study it elsewhere just to get the depth that I lack.
The last big point worth bringing up is the nonexistent career help at UWB. This is partially by design, as the school is geared towards people already working, but it is a fatal flaw for people looking for a career change.
I work with colleagues who went to traditional schools and left college with amazing resumes. Internships at Google, school projects that built apps and websites you’ve heard of, school hackathons, and special topics computer science clubs. UWB, again by design, offers very little of this and it’s a detriment to the students.
When I graduated and got calls from big companies, I was completely unaware of the coding interview process. I had no idea the amount of study and rigor that went into INTERVIEWS, not the job, just getting the damn job!
Imagine my surprise when my colleagues, even ones who did online degree programs at state schools, all had either a class or multiple seminars and workshops focused on coding interviews and preparation as part of their program.
Genuinely, if anything, I wish UWB's CSS program would drop a filler class and add a course where the final was answering two random Leetcodes in under an hour. It would do more for landing jobs for its student than CSS 350, CSS 360, and CSS 370 combined.
I don’t mean for this to sound like endlessly shitting on the CSSE program, but I want people to know that gaps exist and that you need to remember what this degree is:
This degree is a check mark on your resume.
This degree will not give you all the tools, experience, and practice you will need to land at a top company. Can the degree help you get a foot in the door? Absolutely. But you will almost certainly need an insane amount of supplemental work, projects, and learning elsewhere.
CSSE got me a call back to my application at my current company. Leetcode, Udemy, YouTube, Cracking the Coding Interview, and my personal work experience did the the rest.
Again, my goal isn’t to minimize what you’re doing - what I did - here. This program is not without its difficulty and completing it will take dedication and discipline. I just don’t want people to go into it/ leave it unprepared for the reality of how competitive the job market can be.
My best advice if you’re in the program currently/ looking to start and don’t have prior experience? Do it. Finish the degree, get the checkmark. But while you do it, study leetcode, study cracking the coding interview, try to get a job, build small side projects. Supplement while you’re still in school so you don’t end up like me, thinking the road is nearly done then spending months on even more rigorous interview studying and portfolio building.
You can do this, and CSSE's program can help you get there, but understand the gaps exist and PLAN on how you will fill them.
Thanks for coming to my tedTalk.
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2021.01.16 06:41 WheresMyBeef3 My pain is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

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2021.01.16 06:41 johnernie_15 My dear friend Dr. "Chavo," may angels lead you in..

My dear friend Salvador "Chavo," you're no longer with us, today we mourn your loss.
Your family and many others are saddened to see you go. I kept thinking about everything that I wanted to say to you but never did, well, because I really didn't think it would be necessary. Or at least thought I would have another chance. Most of it can be resumed in: Thank you.
Thank you for all the lives you've saved, for aiding me with knowledge to better my health. More than anything, thank you for all the silent thank yous that you've deserved. So many people in need that you helped without asking for ANYTHING in return. I'm positive you left here knowing you did make a difference in the many lives you touched with care and love.
I will miss you dearly, and am certain you're now in peace. I try to look at the bright sides, like all the shit you'd say about the current state of politics. Well? You no longer have to deal with it. No more disgusts. No more bullshit from other people. In general, no more pain.
Yes, your mom, your children, and loved ones, will miss you for their entire lives. I know for sure I will remember you, fondly.
I wish I would have met you better as a person (at my current age of 34), rather than being the doctor from my youth, and my parents' friend/acquaintance. Regardless, I've always considered you a very dear friend to me, and my family.
I'm still in awe of knowing you're no longer alive, and I just wish I could have sent you that message yesterday. At least I would have had the courage to reach out to say hi, at least.
I won't beat myself because I didn't. Maybe I wouldn't have received a response, Idk. Now I'll never know, anyhow.
Anyway, all day I've been thinking of you, and your dear family. I've had the joy of keeping many fond memories of them and you, from when I was merely a child. I still remember your voice, your charisma, your always happy smile. I will cherish them always as I recall them.
The song I've played over and over today in my head is: Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me.
When I had a medical need, I remember growing up, always having your advice. I did thank you, but I feel like the song says: I never did thank you for that, now I'll never have a chance.. May angels lead you in.. A song for a soul so big, God wouldn't let it live.. May angels lead you in!
I could keep going on, and on.. But now it's my turn to find solace on my own. Knowing you'll never read these words, but they do come from the heart. Hopefully we'll meet again, in The Great Gig in the Sky.
Thank you, "Chavito." J.
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2021.01.16 06:41 Villenthessis Soda's dad on Crumpet's feminine voice

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2021.01.16 06:41 kenyafromwithin Nairobi Expressway Construction Updates

Construction Updates of the Nairobi Expressway January 2021

Nairobi Expressway Construction Updates
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2021.01.16 06:41 NotAThrowAwayAcc0 Having trouble playing rhythm parts of songs

On songs like hallelujah Dalai Lama du hast by rammstein it has parts where it’s the same chord over and over in a rhythm I can’t play them because they seem hard I’ve tried and there is some I can do but not great if anyone has any tips on how to play
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2021.01.16 06:41 Adam-best 5 PCS Set Closet Organization Storage easily and quickly. Comes with a front on each organizer panel so that lifting to grab your item is quick and hassle-free. The hollowed out design allows for air to circulate. Your items will stay in place with its non-slip design and material. It has a ve

5 PCS Set Closet Organization Storage easily and quickly. Comes with a front on each organizer panel so that lifting to grab your item is quick and hassle-free. The hollowed out design allows for air to circulate. Your items will stay in place with its non-slip design and material. It has a ve submitted by Adam-best to BestDealsOfTheDay_ [link] [comments]

2021.01.16 06:41 Adam-best Effervescent Spray Cleaner Multifunctional Effervescent Spray Cleaner is a powerful integrated cleaning agent. It is not only suitable for clothing stains, but also has strong decontamination effect on kitchen range hood stains, toilet floor stains, wood polish etc., which can replace your ordin

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2021.01.16 06:41 FrostiGlaci So I might’ve overkilled the normal boss...

Let’s just say I murdered the normal boss with lvl 3-5 minigunners and commander chains +randoms helping with snipers, commander chain
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2021.01.16 06:41 bcpham Hello! I’m new to astrology. Can somebody give me a rundown on what this means? Thank you in advance!

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2021.01.16 06:41 ixaditya "OC"

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