Go! Repost from r/shingekinokyojin but happy bday to our teen prodigy’s voice actor!!! |

Repost from r/shingekinokyojin but happy bday to our teen prodigy’s voice actor!!!

2021.01.23 04:29 ulquiorra__shiffar Repost from r/shingekinokyojin but happy bday to our teen prodigy’s voice actor!!!

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2021.01.23 04:29 DRKdragon969 Doggo dances with owner at her weading

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2021.01.23 04:29 SemiBroken This brought me so much joy.

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2021.01.23 04:29 Omnix_2 Follow for follow! Need some people who love overwatch and similar games!

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2021.01.23 04:29 sachdeva_navya576 Arre suno bhendi, ek baat btao

If people don't repost any memes on this subreddit and every meme is an original idea, then all memes should go for the OC (original content) tag and rest of the tags (the funny has arrived, MEME, certified cringe etc.) will have no meaning
So what is the use of other flairs if there is no repost I m only a couple of months old on reddit and am confused in this ¯_ಠ
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2021.01.23 04:29 HelpfulDuckie5 New Goodnites sample just added height and some width, not absorbency!

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2021.01.23 04:29 Puneri_Gunner001 Boruto Theory ( Read my comment )

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2021.01.23 04:29 trymeouteh Android wallet on F-Droid

Will the upcoming Android wallet use 100% open source code and be released and maintained on F-Droid?
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2021.01.23 04:29 CripySatyr16 Thanks I hate white people, white peopling.

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2021.01.23 04:29 HangryHangryHipHoe While exploring a temple on a now dead planet, a group of explorers run across what appears to be a young girl in suspended animation.

Mission log 20.93.99
Captain Jane Stone of the Galactic Federation. Leader of exploration team designated name Xenia
Designated name Planet Ampore. Location: section 128, sector G, quadrant Gamma, Mordechai galaxy
Mission objective: after all contact and communication were cut off from the planet an exploratory mission was deployed to find out what had happened and if possible solve the problem
Captain Stone finishing her log stared out in awe from her cockpit window. The once green Planet Ampore had suddenly turned brown and black as if went spoiled and rotten.
"What do you think happened, Captain?", asked James Murdock the vice captain and astrobiologist.
"That's what we're here to find out, James", answered a voice from behind. It was Victor Brown, the ship mechanic and weapons specialist.
"Okay, smart ass", James retorted chuckling.
Sofia Mann, the team medic joined the conversation with her soft laugh.
"Alright everybody, buckle up. Entering orbit, prepare for entry and landing", ordered the captain followed by sounds of seatbelts buckling.
A rather turbulent entry through the planet's atmosphere was followed by a soft easy landing. Captain Stone and her small team stepped out onto the planet's surface, gears prepared, blasters set, ready for anything that might face them.
"Euy...this planet is dead. Like literally...", Victor claimed.
He was right on the nose. The whole greenery of the planet was driy, woods rotting. Carcasses of the local fauna were lying around, on the ground, on the water...all dead and decomposing.
"Captain...look!", Sofia yelped.
All 4 of them gasped in shock and horror. Lying around them on the ground, what at first they thought were dried vegetations were in fact dried human body. Brown and black, crumpled and reduced to husk. The bodies easily disintegrated to dust by a mere touch.
Captain Stone covered her face holding back vomit and tears, "James...search for signs of life, planetary scale"
"Aye captain", James activated his bio-radar device on his wrist.
"Captain...a couple signs of life are detected. About 100 kilometers south on the outskirt of the capital", answered James.
Hurriedly they boarded back their vessel and flew it to their destination. Greeting them on site was an old decrepit building, covered in dead vines and trees.
"I have a baaaad feeling about this", said Victor quoting an old movie.
What they saw inside needless to say confused them. A giant machine with blinking lights and moving cables. At the very center of it, a huge glass container. Within was an unconscious little girl, suspended inside some green liquid.
"What the...", muttered James.
Sofia slowly approached the machine's console, trying to comprehend what it was.
"Don't touch her!", a male voice shout out from behind.
All 4 members instantly turned around, weapons at ready.
"Who are you? Identify yourself!", shouted Captain Stone.
Walking slowly out from the shadows was a disheveled old man, gray hair and beard grew wildly on his head, tattered lab coat covering his frail skinny body.
"Don't touch her...don't touch my baby...", he murmured clearly out of his mind.
Unable to get anything from him Captain Stone turned to James, "James, access the planet's database. Identify this man"
James quickly went to work, "Professor Dalton Keyes, a renowned scientific mind in this planet's scientific community. After his suggestion of an absurd idea, was banned and ostricized from the community"
"Ostricized! Ostricized! How dare they do that! But now they all see what my machine is capable of!", the mad scientist snapped.
"Professor Keyes, explain now! What are you talking about? What happened to this planet and its inhabitants? What did you do?", Captain Stone demanded gun still pointed at the mad man.
"My machine of life worked! They said I was crazy for creating something to transfer one's life to another. I couldn't play god they said! Well guess what! I AM GOD!", he yelled.
Perturbed by the mad man's claim the captain asked again, "Who is that little girl inside?"
"My daughter...my darling daughter", he muttered back to his insane way.
"Cassandra Keyes, the professor's daughter. Hospital record shows she suffered a rare incurable deadly disease", James informed.
"No...", Sofia muttered seemingly just understood something. The others turned to her.
"To safe his daughter he...he used this machine to take the life of every living beings in this planet and...transfer them to his daughter", Sofia said in horror.
The mad scientist started chuckling and laughing uncontrollably.
"You're sick, man!", Victor shouted.
"You commited a planetary wide genocide to safe 1 life?!", Captain Stone chastized the absurd act.
"10 billion people and 10 times that of other living beings for my daughter's life! Everything for her! Everything!", the mad man snapped again.
"I've heard enough! Victor, shut this machine down!", in disgust Captain Stone ordered.
"NO! NO! DON'T TOUCH HER!", the insane old man screamed and carelessly charged at the team. In response he was easily gunned down by the trained explorers, bullets ablazing echoed throughout the building.
"Victor, do it", the captain ordered.
"Captain, do you think it's safe to do so? That girl is innocent and we don't know what would happen if we remove her from the machine", Sofia asked.
The captain remained stern although unsure herself. But she had her duty. The machine was responsible for the genocide of a planet. One way or another, whether it was them or the Federation the machine had to be shut down.
After a little bit of tinkering by Victor, the glass container lowered down and opened. Spilling out all the liquid and the girl's body. Ready in front of it the captain caught the little girl's body.
"No way. She's showing some vital signs!", Sofia yelped scanning the girl. Slowly the little girl opened her eyes to the team's astonishment.
"Hey Cassandra, hey! You're safe now. You're safe", assured Captain Stone softly.
The smile displayed on Cassandra's face quickly turned into a contorted face of horror. With an inhuman scream her body quickly progressed in age. Bones and skin quickly expanding, followed by full deterioration of her body, similar to those dry husks lying around the whole planet. Her scream quickly died down when her body turned to dust.
The team was shellshocked. Stunned silence in horror of what they just saw before them. The usually stern captain, still with the dusty remain of the once little girl screamed a horrifying sound, clearly traumatized.
"Don't play god", they said. It was clear enough that they were right.
10 billion lives and 10 times that given to a little girl. Uncountable years of lifespan clearly was way too much for one meek being.
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2021.01.23 04:29 FaithInStrangers94 Fastest ways to get over the disappointment of not being able to have someone you like?

What is your strategy for getting past this common but disappointing situation as fast as possible?
I have really specific physical and personality standards so when I meet a girl who fits them I start to fantasise a bit - then when she reveals that she has a boyfriend or she ghosts me or it doesn’t work out, it feels like I’ve been kicked in the guts and my fantasy comes crashing down onto me.
For me it’s not as simple as just waking over to the next girl, I know some guys can but I’m more selective.
So yeah any mindset tips would be great
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2021.01.23 04:29 Past_Bodybuilder4441 Cod mobile really has to hire a new designer team..

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2021.01.23 04:29 BlueJ5 My right eye has a brown spot in it! Is this heterochromia? Also, are my eyes blue or green?

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2021.01.23 04:29 Andbrewskis Looking for go friends.

0399 2369 0548
Just started playing fresh since I lost my login haha
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2021.01.23 04:29 Hot-Butterscotch1298 malachite

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2021.01.23 04:29 jagged966 Never collected much basketball, but I’m glad I held on to these

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2021.01.23 04:29 SpiderGraphics Yes With We Love Do

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2021.01.23 04:29 TotableJester69 Command Blocks

Can someone explain command blocks in the simplest terms first then more extensive??? I just got the update and very confused.
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2021.01.23 04:29 Henryphillips29 Rank your top zoan devil fruits (I know #1 is confusing as well)

If you agree with mine just say so, but if you don’t agree and have others post in the comments. Even if you have one devil fruit different than mine in your list I’ll let it slide

  1. Uo Uo no mi/fish fish fruithttps://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Uo_Uo_no_Mi
  2. Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu/human human fruit, model: Buddhahttps://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Hito_Hito_no_Mi,_Model:_Daibutsu
  3. Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix/bird bird fruit model Phoenixhttps://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Tori_Tori_no_Mi,_Model:_Phoenix
  4. Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi/Snake-Snake Fruit, Model: Yamata-no-Orochihttps://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Hebi_Hebi_no_Mi,_Model:_Yamata_no_Orochi
  5. Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard/Cat-Cat Fruit, Model: Leopardhttps://onepiece.fandom.com/wiki/Neko_Neko_no_Mi,_Model:_Leopard
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2021.01.23 04:29 NeedingAdviceRandom Wife and I have literally zero love life

I (35M) and my wife (34F) have been married for 6 years. At first things were great then went down hill fast.
After the first year our love life went from being intimate all the time to a couple times a month. Now, for the past 2 years we haven't had sex or even kissed. Yeah, it's that bad. I try to show affection, hug her, kiss her, but she shows zero affection to me. If I hug her she won't even hug me back she just doesn't really even move.
I know relationships just are not about sex but I have no affection at all in my life. I feel like I am living with a roommate at this point. I tried talking to her about this and she just brushes it off or talks about how she is not an affectionate person in general, even though she used to be.
At this point I really don't feel like being married anymore but we have built a life together. I honestly just want a fucking hug sometimes but she won't do that even.
Does anyone have advice here? I have tried and tried but nothing is changing. Should I consult a divorce attorney?
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2021.01.23 04:29 Legionoo7 Cultural war is here. I am convinced Netflix and Amazon are busy pushing a narrative about India. All there tv shows, movies made in Bollywood are bunch of horse shit anti Hindu and narrative bs about caste bs and Muslim victim bs. I am convinced these guys are hell bent on creating internal issues

The white tiger
Sacred games
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2021.01.23 04:29 subSlimed Remotely play on pc from android

I wanna try playing modded minecraft java from my pc on my phone and both. How do i do this?
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2021.01.23 04:29 JD-Snaps Yarn King

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2021.01.23 04:29 vanderpumpaholic Scheana Shay Shares Terrifying DM From a Hater About Her Baby Girl

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