Go! State investigates Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department |

State investigates Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

2021.01.23 03:49 zsalzman12 State investigates Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

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2021.01.23 03:49 AGlorifiedEMT Not sure if I ever posted this one here

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2021.01.23 03:49 Complex_Height_3555 Any good ones in here?

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2021.01.23 03:49 Sallyboy2112 Why do women generally get a pass for bad behavior as compared to men?

Why is it that anything a man does it under a microscope but there seems to be this attitude today that women can do no wrong? If you are a man you have to be very careful about anything you do, particularly when it comes to interacting with women. Someone reading this is going to accuse me having no self awareness or being a predator myself for saying this but if you don't believe me then just do a Google search about how men in the workplace do NOT want to mentor or even interact with younger female employees for fear of them misreading something or just making a false accusation. That is a real thing going on in workplaces across the country.
If a woman pinches a guys butt or even grabs his crotch then she is just being "flirty" and if the guy tells her that he did not like it he would be told to "man up" and she would shame him with something like "stop acting like a pussy". Of course if a guy pinched that same girls butt there would be hell to pay. He would be thrown out of that bar(if they were in a bar) and possibly arrested for sexual assault. If that woman knew who he was he would be burned at the stake by the social medial lynch mob and probably end up losing his job as his employer would eventually catch wind.
It feels like there is a definite double standard as to what women can get away with in comparison to men. Aziz Ansari basically has a woman withdraw consent after the fact and shame him because he was not a mind reader. She knew exactly what she was doing as she had indicated she has had numerous one night stands as she indicated in her 3000 word memo which was nothing more than literary revenge porn. None of this really maters however in that he did not force her to do anything nor did he commit any crime and yet he is forced to defend himself. Now has to live with his name coming up in conversations and internet searches related to male celebrities who have sexually assaulted women. His accuser who goes by the pen name "Grace" got her 15 minutes of fame and of course was trumpeted as some kind of martyr hero by the feminists speakers at colleges across the country. Even worse is that this mocks the women who are true victims of sexual assault. This is the equivalent of someone with a bee sting cutting in front of people at the emergency room with broken bones, burns and bleeding wounds.
Now let's look at the bad behavior of women. Amy Schumer who is hyper critical of men basically admitted to what would be defined as sexually assaulting a man while in college. In a nutshell she was horny, he was too drunk to consent but she had to get hers so f*** it! Why is there no outcry about this, why is she not getting roasted by the social justice lynch mob? Cardi B was brash enough to actually brag about drugging and robbing men back during her stripping days but somehow she is hailed as "bold" and "courageous" and she puts out what may be the most vulgar song of all times and it gets hailed as the most empowering female statement ever...SMH. One last example of both bad and hypocritical female celebrity behavior is Italian Actress Asia Argento. She is front and center leading the #MeToo charge and it comes out she sexually assaulted an underage male and then tried to pay him hush money to keep him quiet.
So again I ask why is it that women seem to get a pass for doing things that would get a man into all kinds of trouble?
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2021.01.23 03:49 Hashimoto000 Do you even Minecraft bro!!!!!!

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2021.01.23 03:49 psidhumid Aim Cancelling Bug for PS4 Players

This was happening to me every time I use a bow character. It's an annoying loss of dps everytime I try to dodge attacks after an charged bow attack. I've seen a lot of PC players do the aim cancelling after charged shots with no problem but for PS4 Players this bug happens. I thought I was the only one until I saw this video. Is any other PS4 player experiencing the same thing? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9fpSJ_bL3I&ab_channel=IcyAirs
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2021.01.23 03:49 grillguy007 Anyone have experience with grease stains? Tried corn starch and dish soap methods but still left with this. Called shoe shops to no luck.

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2021.01.23 03:49 verticalquandry What makes Chia unique?

Why are you guys spending time/investing/farming Chia? What makes it special vs other proof of space/time? Why do you think this will be the one to make it big?
I'm farming this one because my friend told me to and I'm having a lot of fun managing it all to be honest. Bought a second computer to double my compute capability and having a blast.
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2021.01.23 03:49 Builtwild1966 Hard to find a matching color

I will be restoring a snap on case that was made in the late 20s to mid 30s and it was in a blueish grey color they had. After contacting snap on directly and asking around, nothing seems to come up with a paint code. I will probably be hard to get a paint match done because it is not going to flake off due to being baked most likely.
Does anyone know of a good industrial spray paint color that would be a close match or if possible knows the exact color.
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2021.01.23 03:49 Reknowned Wallpaper engine messing with pump etc.

So I started using wallpaper engine about a week ago.
I love it I do but recently I noticed, it's messing with my pump, a corsair one. It makes the fans for some reason spin faster or the pump faster because any time it's on, the noise goes up. I have it paused for when I'm playing games etc, but the moment I turn it off, my computer goes quiet and nice.
Is there some reason this is happening?
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2021.01.23 03:49 Pretend_Himbo I’m not sure if you could call him a nice guy but still 219 days is crazy

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2021.01.23 03:49 how-i-miss-the-rain Almost a year later i still check my phone hoping for a notification from you.

It took months before i stopped expecting them. Every vibration in my pocket sent a chill up my spine thinking this was the one. I didnt think you existed before we started talking, the exact person i was always looking for. The perfect idea of a person... Our conversations that alwasy lead to us having the exact same life goals and ambitions. Before you i always had this image in my head of my perfect life and there wasnt really ever another person in it and now i cant imagine it without you, or at least not with anyone else. Somewhere along the way you couldnt believe it, it was too good to be true so you had to convince yourself that it wasn't. I'm not mad at you, i could never be mad at you. Trust me, i wanted to be, I tried to be. Im naturally an angry person but i couldnt do it. You never got to see that side of me because there was something about you that took that away. You made me want to be a better a person. I was a better person and the worst part is that even if i did get that message from you im not the person you fell in love with anymore. Im who i was before you came in. It was the best thing to happen at the wrong time.

Its unfortunate that you convinced yourself that i was a bad person to make yourself feel better and i understand. If it does make you feel better then im ok with it. You were in a very difficult position and felt like i was asking too much of you which in hindsight i guess i was. But please just know i never asked anything of you that i wouldnt have done in a heart beat. In fact i did do many of those things afterwards hoping that things would change. I just wish i was smart enough to explore those options when we were together. I just didnt think it was possible at the time.
There was that one song that i shared with you when we first started talking. It was a pretty heavy song from my favorite band and when i first heard it i didnt really listen to the lyrics i just really liked it. but later that song turned out to be so painful to listen to that the very first note would make me start crying and id have to change it. I can listen to it now but it along with many other songs immediately bring a rush of emotions and memories of us. "Could i even exist if im not yours and you're not mine? I'll wait forever if im waiting for you, if it takes forever ill wait here for you. If i could bottle this moment in the back of my mind, I could spend forever living in your light. You're mine forever, im glad i got to spend it with you, Ill wait forever if im waiting for you."
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2021.01.23 03:49 Joanie_Loves_Chocha Oh, she felt “the Bern”

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2021.01.23 03:49 warsis0 "Perhaps we are wishing for each other under the same star." Lately I've been trying to journal as much as possible because college rn is not consuming 100% of my time like last semester lol if you like it you should consider following me on Instagram :) it's @collage.basura I would appreciate it!

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2021.01.23 03:49 devilduckx Finally got the set

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2021.01.23 03:49 corndog666 Axe - “Save Our Love” (1980)

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2021.01.23 03:49 eliciaX Cup size reference

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2021.01.23 03:49 Lolmohitmvp If "OK BOOMER" provokes boomers, what provokes millennials and gen-z ?

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2021.01.23 03:49 red_reaper74 (road to affiliate) The Reaper is here

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2021.01.23 03:49 kittypat2 Living apart relationships

I'm very newly dating and recently read how this has become a more popular option. Basically you are in a committed relationship, everything but the marriage certificate and you're living separately. Do people look for this or are people our age looking for marriage? This possibly sounds pretty good to me for the future. What do you all think? 
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2021.01.23 03:49 baldcountryboy Mars Inc. has given you $1 million dollars to develop a new candy bar, what will you name it and what ingredients will be in it?

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2021.01.23 03:49 NeeBNob Just some stupid edit

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2021.01.23 03:49 meriohairyho [US-CA] [H] 70 63.5g Penguin switches [W] Paypal

I just got these in yesterday and realized i just dont want these guys they are unmolested
they also come with 6 x 78g springs for spacebars and such
looking for 49 shipped
just want to get around what i paid for them
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2021.01.23 03:49 Kicknwing0 Need help with paint colors for Living Room with tall walls.

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2021.01.23 03:49 rougewolf55555 Won an ipad from uni, need to turn off supervision

I recently won an ipad from my uni for completing one of their surveys. I am no longer studying at the University and the ipad showed up today. It is still managed my the University and is under supervision. Is there anyway for me to turn this off? I am not studying there any more and don't really want them monitoring what I'm looking at online.
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