Go! Hockey and barn chores 🙊 |

Hockey and barn chores 🙊

2021.01.23 05:27 Teenytinyblondiexo Hockey and barn chores 🙊

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2021.01.23 05:27 SlothOwO Poor lightning mcmeth

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2021.01.23 05:27 RobertNeville81 Lol foam bulletproof vest from some garbage in the junk draw

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2021.01.23 05:27 _Deviant_Delta_ Found him all cozy in the morning!

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2021.01.23 05:27 coxart Portable television, me, oil, 2020

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2021.01.23 05:27 Emotional-Hunt8858 Should I walk at graduation or throw a get-to-together instead for these reasons?

All my classes will be done May 1st and that's graduation also. But I still have to pass internship in the summer. So, I won't finish/pass until August not May, but the university has us walk in May.
Honestly, I don't really wanna walk in May. 1) we have to sign in at 7am and stand around until 7pm 2) parking will be Hell 3) hot robes 4) $300 gap and gown fee I've heard 5) the only people who would come would be my sister and two friends of mine 6) what if I fail internship? 7) I'm not really close to anyone in my class and I don't go to the main campus 8) I'm not sitting that long on Zoom
I had the idea that instead of walking I would just hold a little get-to-together in August and invite my family and friends because they are more likely and able to come to the little family owned restaurant down the street than the crowded university miles away.
Is this a good idea? Should I walk or do the party? What do you call this type of party?
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2021.01.23 05:27 Paint-Altruistic Please consider the discount code: *SANDRA10* + rewards code : * JAZA4793 * for 12-15% off!

New customers get an extra 15% off their total order value. Returning customers get 12% off. If you also have a code and have used mine, do share so that I get a chance to return the favour. You can also use the link please -
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2021.01.23 05:27 skytrooper77 Investing Income

(M22) I just got another job today. Pays 30% more than my current job. I’m keeping my current (weekend) job as well. My new job is on call and if I was to get at least 24 hours a week for the rest of the year, I’ll save and invest an additional $3000 per month.
I currently have 28,200 right now. If Tesla reaches $1400 by the end of the year, which is 5% increase every month, I’ll have about 90k saved & invested by the end of the year.
I can’t stop thinking about money and becoming a millionaire. One day I’m going to look back at all these comments and relive the journey.
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2021.01.23 05:27 pa7rx Tax Exemption for Employer-Sponsored Student Loan Repayment

So my employer pays give me student loan repayment 5k every year up to 4 years. Last year was my 3rd payment I received in April 2020, but it was still taxed. I know that with the CARES act made these student loan repayments from employers non-taxable and was just extended until 2025. How would I be able to get back the money that was taxed in 2020?
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2021.01.23 05:27 C_Woodswalker “Even if this none of this is true, at least we’ve lived a good life, right?”

As I sit here enjoying drinks, looking at the fireplace, and listening to music, I can still see the “elderette” who said this to me during a brief discussion at the KH on a meeting night. At the time I thought “Yeah, I suppose you’re right - we live a pretty good life - no evil people here, lots of love, good decent people in a loving organization”.
And then I started to wake up. I realized how messed up the organization was, how corrupt it was. As I was working my way to being PIMO I was a little conflicted. I thought that what the elderette said had merit but it conflicted with what I was learning about this organization through my research.
Waking up made me question the motives behind anything everyone in the borg said. I had respected this elderette and her elder husband a great deal - I thought they were genuinely loving and caring people but it conflicted with what I was learning about the organization. I was PIMO for a while before they left our congregation to serve where the need was greater. I went POMO shortly after they left - im sure they would not be so nice to me now.
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2021.01.23 05:27 microwaveee Aren’t customers great?

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2021.01.23 05:27 One-Nefariousness-82 haha funny number

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2021.01.23 05:27 BobaTeaUvU trading r sloth for Cerberus

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2021.01.23 05:27 mdaskta Wear your mask or else

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2021.01.23 05:27 MST1011 Should I drop out of my SMP?

Hey guys, I need some advice right now. I am currently enrolled in a special master's program that offers graduate-level classes. It's only a nine-month program and there is no linkage option. So, once I am finished with the program--that's pretty much it. I already finished my first semester during fall and I am not really doing well. I took three classes and I ended up with a B+ in two of the classes (biostat and histology) and a B in my third class (biochem). As such my current GPA in the program is 3.2 (11 credits total). For the upcoming spring semester, the program will offer Anatomy and Physiology (a total of 9 credits for the semester). Students who have done the program told me that this Anatomy and Physiology class is the hardest class in the entire program, so, I am not really feeling good about the program and thinking of dropping out.
I am also considering dropping out because I would have to pay 4k as well for the Spring semester out of pocket or private loans. That's a lot of money for me since I am currently unemployed.
The program is also offered by the same university I had as an undergrad, so even if I drop out/stay my grades will show up in the transcript.
I am just not sure if I should stick through or just drop out due to financial reasons. I am pretty good at anatomy/physiology but I am just unsure. I feel like if I drop out it will make my transcript look bad. But if I stay, I will most likely not do as well and end up with additional debt.
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2021.01.23 05:27 CITIZENKOKANE [OC] Random Batman Sketch

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2021.01.23 05:27 Cendre_Falke F-15J Ersea skin question

Where does it come from and why are so many portions of the camo Flagge incomplete? Infact when I look at the flaps and ailerons you can see the standard Japanese defense force paint underneath like it’s just a wrap.
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2021.01.23 05:27 LetsGoFlyers17 No Changes to Xbox Live Gold Pricing, Free-to-Play Games to be Unlocked [Update]

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2021.01.23 05:27 wilted_heart Suspicious salmon

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2021.01.23 05:27 Severus2122 Help-PS4-Aldrich-SL25

Need some help with the devourer of gods if anyone has a low lvl Anor Londo char
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2021.01.23 05:27 Igor1080 Worth upgrading 20’ Specialized Roubaix Expert handlebars to Aerofly II to integrate cables?

Have a 2020 roubaix expert and have been considering doing this upgrade for a bit. The purpose is to add some aero and get the added benefit of a clean look.
Anyone want to throw in their opinion if it’s worth the $300+?
That is to say, if I can even find the bars in the first place. Specialized website is sold out.
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2021.01.23 05:27 CgYea [US] (H) 1 Captain Toad Treasure Tracker + DLC code (W) $20 PayPal F&F

I've got a code that contains both the game and DLC.
$20 F&F Paypal
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2021.01.23 05:27 Curious-Ice-7560 Wanted a sad playlist that had songs that you really couldn't find on other sad playlists mostly because every songs had the same songs. Enjoy

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2021.01.23 05:27 lwnaaaa genetics

ok so im a firm believer in genetics not affecting speed, however when i made a comment on a video about genetics i get this reply NOTE, please read all my arguments before you make a reply for me to just site something I already said Reasons Osu is partly genetics based 1. Watch ASAPScience's video which shows how genes has a 90% impact on how you'll play in athletics. 2. Just because a top player was once as good as you, doesn't mean that you'll be as good as them some day 3. You can get fast at streaming, but it's very unlikely you'll become as fast and accurate as Aricin / Merami in 2 finger streaming Reasons why interviewing high rank players is stupid 1. It's likely that a top player streams fast and thus had good genes to get them there 2. There are many users tons of hours in the game and still can't stream fast. Telling them "just practice" is extremely flawed 3. It's likely that you too aspire to become like them one day and cope better by believing Osu is 0% genetics. I'd say Osu is 30% genetics, the average player will probably reach around rank 2k by putting tons of hours into the game, and playing tons of pp farm maps. What you can do 1. Use gimmicks like tapx 2. Switch to playing jump maps 3. Try to reach your limit by training relentlessly which is probably ~230 bpm

it makes me think, and i want someone elses opinion on this.
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2021.01.23 05:27 vote4kyle Smoked elk rump roast.

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