2021.01.26 05:39 Radalyto I HAVE A QUESTION!

¿Why do want to learn spanish? :0
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2021.01.26 05:39 Malovix Unable To Delete Business Manager Accounts

Hi all,
I have two Facebook Business Manager accounts that I were using to try out some Ecommerce advertising and now that I am done with them I want to delete them. However, when I go to Business Settings > Business Info > Permanently Delete Business, I get a message that says "_______ Can't be deleted" and that it is "ineligible" for deletion. I get this for both accounts and I have gone through all of the the possible issues such as; payment balances, removed apps, etc. and it still is not deleting.
Does anyone know how to solve this or have a way to contact Facebook to get this solved as it seems impossible to contact them.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
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2021.01.26 05:39 grettaaa Taking it to the next level

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2021.01.26 05:39 scarletowo Day 1 on powers method

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2021.01.26 05:39 c00ldud3 Problems logging in following the latest Windows Update (crosspost + repost)

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2021.01.26 05:39 JimmyDuce I finished Mysterious GirlfriendX a week ago

Then this week I started Another, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Another_(novel), I'm not certain I'd call it the same, however I would consider there some similarities, strange girl, guy who can't ignore her, and then ah things happen.
This is less romantic and how you say closer to horror, so don't expect the same thing, but give it a chance.
Also there's a smart parrot that says what the audience may be thinking.
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2021.01.26 05:39 Nighthawk00111 M 4 F in the 816 area looking to hookup but don’t ask for 💴. Message to set up a time to meet. Open to all ages, races

M 4 F in the 816 area looking to hookup but don’t ask for 💴. Message to set up a time to meet. Open to all ages, races submitted by Nighthawk00111 to HookUpKC [link] [comments]

2021.01.26 05:39 swagmaster9thousand picking up a pc tomorrow

i’ve never been on campus so idk lol just wanted to know where the pick up site is? i know it’s at the pollak library- just wanted to know if i had to park somewhere specific & if it’s easy to spot or if i’d have to do some searching to prepare myself bc i get lost easy lol, thanks in advance :)
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2021.01.26 05:39 chriipping How does one make friends on the internet?

This year has been a bit rough. To make a long story short, I used to be pretty active before the pandemic, I would go to Jiu Jitsu class, I had a part-time job, I've done a few solo trips to other countries, I did and still do exercise and meditate frequently. But ever since the pandemic hit I've been kind of lonely. I got laid off from my job and haven't been able to enjoy any of the extracurriculars that I used too. I've drifted away from some of my friends for complicated reasons and, while I'm in my first year of university, I still haven't had any opportunities to make friends due to the pandemic. I am interested in making friends online, people who might have similar interests as me and are in the similar situation of being "between friends".
Does anyone know the correct avenue to take for finding friends online?
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2021.01.26 05:39 ThisPirate4885 California reveals data used to lift stay-at-home order

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2021.01.26 05:39 Various-Dig569 To Moderators

Just a few points for consideration, but I believe the state of the subreddit should be changed entirely. All negative talk, including some of my previous posts should be deleted. Instead, keep this as a research-based sub only for potential treatments. If someone is suicidal, they should seek help. I’ve been doing a lot of research today, and due to my experience with other conditions such as dpdr, subreddits and forums can fuel negativity and a bleak outlook that is not necessarily true. While there is no cure for PSSD, I believe it is a treatable condition. We should work together to raise awareness on the condition instead. Thank you
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2021.01.26 05:39 Miserabless This is just disturbing...

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2021.01.26 05:39 techinoz International expansion?

Have there been any more rumours or word on international expansion of Apple Card? There was a rumour mid-late last year about Apple being in talks with Australian banks, but nothing since then. Hopefully 2021 is the year!
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2021.01.26 05:39 PopOLeRoy2020 He sees a bird,LeRoy being vigilant nothing can escape his Keen eyes.

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2021.01.26 05:39 xF1REF1GHTERx Tungsten?

I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I was just wondering something. Other then chests, fishing, and hunting. Are there any other ways to obtain the tungsten ingots? It seems like there is just an incredibly small amount of them in the game. So many weapons, and armor, and most with changing appearances. It would suck if there isn't enough for them all to go mythical.
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2021.01.26 05:39 WafflesChowder He prefers to masturbate than have sex with me.

We’re both 23 years old. Have a home, kids, animals, etc. the whole shebang. It was great at first and now? He lies about masturbating. Blatantly disregards everything I say and then tries to blame me for it.
Anytime we would have sex, it would be mainly just about his pleasure. 2-5 minutes and he’s good to go while I’m over here frustrated. I tried to talk to him and he just get belligerent. Demands I leave him alone so he can play his game. He went from 9 hrs of gameplay to 3-5 hrs and he absolutely BITCHES ABOUT IT!!
Here’s his day: work, come home, sit on couch with his phone, eats what I cook, puts the kids to bed and immediately gets on his game afterward. So anywhere from 7pm-12am. I’ve tried to spice it up and nothin. He isn’t interested in ANYTHING sexual towards me and he treats it like a chore anytime we do have sex.
Ex: I told him how I was feeling and he thought 1-2 mins of fingering me before he just shoved it in was going to make it all better. Then got pissed off and stormed off to his computer after I expressed that I wanted more than a 5 minute quickie.
He’s great in other aspects but sex is a big thing for me. He knows this but he just... doesn’t.... care anymore.
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2021.01.26 05:39 karanm1997 Pc build for light 1080p gaming

My build: Mobo: Gigabyte b450 wifi Ram : xpg 8gb x 2 Sdd: crucial 500 gb nvme m2 Processor: Ryzen 3400g Apu: vega 11 Power supply: crosair 450v Cabinet: any basic/ant
Gpu goes out of budget so going for gtx 1050ti or 1650 in future. My mobo supports upto ryzen 5000 and gtx 2060 i think.
Games i play: aoe defenitive edition 1-2-3, valorant , gta 5.
Should i get some gpu or not Or should i got i3-9th gen something cheaper with a cheap gpu?
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2021.01.26 05:39 nclrRhsv Plotting to kill really popular dictator

So he's been running the government for a while now, and rumors have been spreading that people want this guy to become emperor and forget about the Republic. Personally I feel uneasy about letting it happen. This guy's all good and fine, he's good for the economy but a little narcissistic, whatever, but what if his son just sucks? If we kill him now we might nip the problem in the bud.
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2021.01.26 05:39 OverkillAntics [Shadow of the Tomb Raider] #63 - I am finally through with this dumpster fire of a series. All the glitched trophies, broken climbing mechanics, and Deadly Obsession mode - all over.

[Shadow of the Tomb Raider] #63 - I am finally through with this dumpster fire of a series. All the glitched trophies, broken climbing mechanics, and Deadly Obsession mode - all over. submitted by OverkillAntics to Trophies [link] [comments]

2021.01.26 05:39 tristeconejito The last live show I went to (besides a couple of livestreams) was The Mirror tour in November 2019 at the Wonder Ballroom. Missing these guys and going to shows. 🤍

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2021.01.26 05:39 zperlo [H] Tzeentch lot, converted StD chaos marauders, [W] paypal, nurgle, [Loc] CA, USA

Verification and a few close-ups: https://imgur.com/a/4PmbLYi
I got myself a bunch of Tzeentch stuff and realized it's unlikely I'll end up getting around to painting it all. Would like money or potentially some AOS nurgle trades (or a bit of both), strongly prefer unassembled, but will entertain offers.
I would like to sell the Tzeentch as a lot, but may split if I can move enough of it.
Lot contents (all NoS or NiB unless specified):
1x Lord of Change
1x Gaunt Summoner
1x Tzaangor Shaman (assembled and cleaned well)
1x Magister on Disc of Tzeentch
10x Tzaangors
30x Kairic Acolytes (20 in battleforce, 10 on sprue separately)
9x Tzaangor Enlightened or Tzaangor Skyfires (3 in battleforce, 6 on sprue)
3x Screamers of Tzeentch
Asking $375 for the lot, retail is $538 for everything included. Will pay half the shipping cost if in north america, we can work something out if elsewhere.

Additionally, I have 20 chaos marauders converted from bloodreavers with full command and correct 25mm bases.
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2021.01.26 05:39 Knalxz Destiny 2 has not felt like an evolving game.

One thing that we've heard Bungie say alot is how they wanted D2 to feel like a game that consistently evolves. If anything, the DCV and sunsetting has now given the game built in regression. I've enver felt like this game has had meaningful change. The entire reason I hoped on the BL train is because it finally looked like something interesting was going to happen and just like that we got another villain of the weak and little to no character interaction. I'm just happy I didn't pay for the expansion.
Adding new enemies, playable zones or abilities isn't exactly new for Online video games. I know people are sick of the comparison but Warframe feels like a game that evolved. Nightwave, Plains, and even Uranus from back in the day all were sweeping advancing changes to the game and that's just to name a few. At best with Destiny 2 we can expect to fight a new enemy faction, at a new location with new abilities. To give you an example, that's the bare minimum people expect from Warframe. DE (The warframe devs) even made farming entertaining with the mining mechanic, animal hunts and fishing. While Bungie has us doing the same "Pick up X object" they made since D1.
It's shocking to see less content in the game then a year ago. Truly a mystery on why people are such diehard defenders of Bungie.
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2021.01.26 05:39 Zairy47 (one Punch man Spoiler) two OP character collecting weird artifact

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2021.01.26 05:39 DrunkSpartan15 Here's me procrastinating

Ten months ago, my son was born. With the typical fears and joys that come with a newborn, and a first no less, came the burning desire to write again. I wrote on RP forums back in high school (I'm 30). I fell in love with the act of writing. I would spend hours in front of the family computer going over my posts. This was probably the happiest time in my life in terms of writing.
It got to a point where a few of my friends in real life would bug me to post. They wanted to know what happened next. You could say it was them wanting to take their turn. Except they were bugging me to post when their character wasn't even in the event. I wore this as a badge of honor, people actually wanted to read what I was writing. As time went on I wrote less. Though I picked up Dungeons and Dragons, and each Dungeon Master I played with always enjoyed my characters. I'm not trying to flex or toot my own horn, but that's how it was. And it brought a smile to my face every time.
Since high school I've had a story in my head. Though it has changed and morphed throughout the years it has always been there. With the birth of my son an imaginary clock popped into my head. Ticking away. When I woke up the clock would ring, "Your story isn't written." "You've put this off long enough." "Don't let your characters die on your deathbed."
For the last ten months I have written and read as though it were my religion. Though I understand the Quarantine has been hard for most people, for me, it has been a blessing. I'm a bus driver for the local school district, and the state shut down the day after my son was born. It's given me a lot of time to "catch up" so to speak, without hurting me financially.
Which brings me to today, here and now. I've got 3 legal pads of writing, and I'd say 40 pages worth of my story on my Google Drive. I have an outline, but I could be more in depth with it. I've got characters, a world fleshed out enough to work with, and I have a plot. I'm wanting to write an epic high fantasy. I'll be the first to admit that when I started this out I bit off way more than I could chew.
I feel so lost. For all my content, hardly any of it is connected. I sat down tonight to write more of my fantasy, but I couldn't think what to do. It all seemed straight forward when I set myself on this journey. Worse is the anxiety I feel if I don't write. Part of me feels like I don't believe in the story, or myself maybe, anymore. Another part of me feels self-conscious and worried people will hate my world and my characters. It's not fun anymore. I want the fun back.
So I'm posting here to write, so at the very least I'm putting "Thoughts to paper". I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered this/these problems, and what did you do to overcome it?
TL;DR: My writing is disconnected and all the content I've made is random people and random scenes. I feel lost and don't know how to connect it all. I want to enjoy writing again, and I don't believe in my story anymore.
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2021.01.26 05:39 kobony Original Floral Painting by Maria Tinkoff | Abstract Expressionism Art on Canvas | Avatar's Dream

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