Go! Quit job with n boss, now she is badmouthing me to new employer. |

Quit job with n boss, now she is badmouthing me to new employer.

2021.01.26 04:33 anonnyqs Quit job with n boss, now she is badmouthing me to new employer.

I told my n boss I would be leaving, and thanked her for the opportunity. I payed to rent my space at her shop until February 1st, and I told her I would pick my things up before the 1st. She said that was fine.
Today my new boss texted me and sent screen shots of what my n boss said to her. N boss lied to her, told her I didn’t give her her keys back, and left my space a mess ( even though I’m technically still renting the space and told her I’d pick my things up before feb. 1st) she also said I was the most disrespectful and entitled person she’d ever met, and that I was fired from my last employer and to beware.
My new boss fact checked her and told her she checked with my previous employer and that they had great things to say about my character. My n boss said that there were others who had much different things to say about me, and to consider herself warned. She said I had several incidents while working with her as well ( which was a lie )
I basically left my n boss because she was controlling ( with matters unrelated to work ) and very vindictive, and I realized that the deeper I got into the work relationship, the more I’d either become like he hate myself for being her little bitch/ or get burnt by her.
I’m just upset that she really felt the need to contact my new employer but luckily my new employer has met her before and she happened to be really rude to my new employer.
Tomorrow I plan to go give my ex boss her keys back, and collect my things but I’m a little nervous. Any advice? I don’t even know what to expect as she is for real crazy.
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2021.01.26 04:33 Frickinghybridsqrats People who have been in poly relationships, how did it work out?

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2021.01.26 04:33 kimdou_CJ [H]Specialist Gloves Crimson Web mw 0.08fv [W] 58 arcs

CSM Spiderman in Game! b/o: 60 arcs, 58 acrs
Add me
trade link
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2021.01.26 04:33 kenxgraved The first song I picked up after all these years was Chop Suey. Simple yet sounds so good!

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2021.01.26 04:33 wicky- ISO: junk insights and treachery

Smallest and only currency I have is an Ist rune.
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2021.01.26 04:33 erythaean $CRSR Corsair DD(4th quarter earnings analysis)

Corsair Gaming ($CRSR)
Redefining gaming, eSports, and streaming
Company Overview
Corsair Gaming is an American computer hardware and peripherals company founded in 1994 and headquartered in California.
They acquired Elgato Gaming in 2018 to expand to the streaming gear market, Origin PC and SCUF gaming in 2019 to expand into the custom-built PC systems and console controllers markets, respectively, and during 2020 they acquired Gamer Sensei and EpocCam, and partnered with Pipeline to grow into the gaming and streaming coaching market.
Corsair went public on September 23, 2020, with its IPO priced at $17, valuing the company at about $1.3B.
Understanding the Business
Value Proposition
Corsair provides specialized, high-performance gear for gamers and streamers. Their products are designed to provide speed and reliability for competitive gaming, high quality content for streamers, and powerful PC components that allows gamers to run modern games smoothly.
Revenue Streams
Currently, Corsair groups its product offering into two segments: gamer and creator peripherals and gaming components and systems.
Gamer and Creator Peripherals:
which represents around 25% of net revenue, includes gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets, streaming gear, and high performance console controllers.
Gaming Components Systems:
which represents around 75% of net revenue includes computer cases, power supply units (PSU), high performance memory products (40% of net revenue), and custom-built gaming systems.
Acquisitions and Partnerships:
During 3Q 2020 Corsair acquired Gamer Sensei, a gaming coaching platform, EpocCam, an app that allows iPhones to serve as a webcam, and partnered with Pipeline, a course-based education platform for streamers.
Market Size
According to Jon Peddie Research, the global gaming and streaming gear markets is expected to reach $40B by the end of 2020. Before the pandemic JPR estimated the market to grow at a modest 1.05% CAGR until 2022. However, during 2020 the market has grown an estimated 10% year-over-year.
Additionally, DFC Intelligence research estimated that the video-game coaching market surpasses $1B.
Industry Fundamentals
Growth in the gaming and streaming gear industries are driven by strong and robust fundamentals.
Popularity of gaming is increasing:
According to Newzoo, there are an estimated 2.7B gamers worldwide, which are expected to spend $159B on games in 2020 and is expected to grow at an 8.3% CAGR to exceed $200B by 2023. PC and console gaming represents 51% of the total market, and mobile gaming 49%. Corsair has stated that currently there is no interest in expanding to the mobile gaming market.
Tech-driven improvements in game quality:
Advances in computer power have enabled gaming platforms to provide increasingly immersive experiences. This in turn, places increased demand on high-performance computing hardware.
Increasing gaming and streaming engagement:
Some interesting facts reported in the Limelight Networks’ State of Online Gaming 2019 research report include:

The eSports and streaming flywheel
The rise in popularity and viewership of eSports brings more investment from publishers, sponsors, advertisers, team owners, and leagues to the eSports industry. Increased investment brings more players and increased performance focus of gamers who advance from less engaged gaming to high-performance gameplay, which in turn brings more viewers.
Competitive Landscape & Risks
The gaming and streaming market is characterized by intense competition, constant price pressure and rapid change. Competition across Corsair’s product offering includes:
Gaming keyboards and mice - Logitech and Razer
Headsets and related audio products -Logitech, Razer, and HyperX
Streaming gear - Logitech and AVerMedia
Performance controllers - Microsoft and Logitech
PSUs, cooling solutions, and computer cases - Cooler Master, NZXT, EVGA, Seasonic, and Thermaltake
High performance memory - G.Skill, HyperX, and Micron
Pre-built and custom-built gaming PCs - Alienware (Dell), Omen (HP), Asus, Razer, iBuypower and Cyberpower
Competitive Strategy
The company follows a differentiation leadership strategy by prioritizing high-performance and professional quality and charging a price premium on their products in exchange for superior quality, high value added features, and superior brand recognition.
Market Share
According to NPD Group, by 2020 Corsair had #1 market share position in the US in its gaming components and systems products with 42% of the market share from 26% in 2015. Their gamer and creator peripheral products are not yet market leaders, however, the company increased its market share in that segment from 5% in 2013 to 18% by 2020 in the US.
Growth Strategy
Move into the Asia Pacific region:
The Asia Pacific Region represents a long-term growth opportunity. According to Newzoo, they represent 54% of the global gaming community.
Complimentary acquisitions:
Corsair has carried out this strategy aggressively since 2018 with the acquisitions of Elgato Gaming, Origin PC, SCUF and Gamer Sensei. They plan to continue evaluating and pursuing new acquisitions that may strengthen their competitive position.
New Markets:
Uses of streaming gear has spread into areas including, podcasting, video blogging, interactive fitness, remote learning, and work-from-home, which represent a promising avenue for continued expansion in this product segment.
Threat of New Entrants
Because of the continued convergence between the computing devices and consumer electronics markets, increased competition from well-established consumer electronics companies is expected in the gaming and streaming peripherals segment (e.g. use of Audio-technica microphones by streamers).
Threat of Substitution
A significant medium- to long-term risk for Corsair’s business model is the evolution of cloud computing and augmented/virtual reality entertainment.
Cloud computing refers to a computing environment in which software is run on third-party servers and accessed by end users over the internet, requiring minimal processing power from the end-user’s system. Through cloud computing, gamers will be able to access and play sophisticated games without the need of expensive high-performance PC systems and components.
According to Grand View Research, the global cloud gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 48% from 2020 to reach $7.2B by 2027.
Additionally, Corsair must be able to adapt its product offering to meet the needs of the evolving augmented/virtual reality industry.
There does not seem to be any relevant, structural moats, that may prohibit competitors from capturing Corsair’s market share across their product offering.
Other Relevant Risks
Due to the concentration of their production facilities in Taiwan and China, Corsair may be adversely by geopolitical tensions and trade disputes.
Financial Summary
Proforma Balance Sheet
Income Statement
For the 9 months ended September 2020 compared to the same period last year:
The 49% increase in net revenue is mostly attributed to a large number of consumers gaming and working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The company’s gross margin is influenced by its product mix for the period, gamer and creator peripherals have a higher gross margin (25-35%) than gaming components and systems (15-25%).
Proforma Cashflow Statement
Cash used in investing activities consists primarily on the acquisitions of Elgato in 2018, and SCUF and Origin PC in 2019.
Peer Comparison
Logitech International (LOGI) and Micron Technologies (MU)
Why am I posting this now?
I believe they are going to have very strong 4th quarter 2020 earning results. 2020 had record pc sales,and pc video games has reported record numbers of players. They are in my opinion the leading pc peripherals brand for gamers. They also have strong support from wallstreetbets.
Record pc sales:
Google trends:
My price target for this earnings: $55
disclaimer:I am not a financial advisor. Do not trade based on the information I have posted.
credit: u/italiansomali and u/erythaean
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2021.01.26 04:33 fatguywithagun Shooters World Blackout for .458 SOCOM?

I normally use SBR SOCOM powder, which is imported by Shooters World, but am running "low". As a result, I made an impulse purchase of some Shooters World Blackout powder along with some other powders that I was restocking on, as I haven't seen SBR available for quite some time. They have one load listed in their load data for a 300grain projectile, but I was planning to use it for heavy subsonics...has anyone tried this yet with success? I'm going to work up (or down) some loads with it regardless, but figured I would ask if anyone had a good starting point already figured out. Thanks!
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2021.01.26 04:33 dc-le New to Vegas/off roading?

Hi I just moved here and am trying to get into the off roading/Jeep scene as it seems like a good socially distanced/safe activity as the pandemic goes on, and a great way to meet people and see some cool nearby places while settling in.
I'm wondering how to find or meet some people who would be similarly interested -- I'm not a stereotypical macho conservative gun-toting guy, I just like driving around and seeing new places, is part of why I'm having some trouble finding a group. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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2021.01.26 04:33 GTSBot [GTS] Good Lord! Where did he get that?!

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2021.01.26 04:33 Bacon_Bitz27 damn bro, shits crazy. This photo turned me from a Boogaloo Boy into an Antifa Super Soldier.

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2021.01.26 04:33 bw08761 The take that we will always be our natal sex biologically...

Honestly this take is one of the major reasons why I hate so many more right leaning trans people and so many left leaning tucutes. I’m not calling a whole trans woman with boobs, a vagina, and estrogen flowing through her veins a biological male. I’m not calling a trans man with a full beard, a deep ass man voice, and testosterone flowing through his veins a biological female.
In terms of the right leaning trans people like Blaire White and such they say this as expected which is of course a take that gets my blood boiling, but I’ve noticed tucutes and mainly tucute cis “allies” say that this and take on this ideology too but explain in this way: “a trans woman is a woman because gender is separate from sex and she’s a woman if she says she is because that’s her gender even though she’s a bio male” like what is going on??? like it seems like everyone who’s not trans is subscribing to this idea.
i’m not saying that medical intervention makes us cis as it can never erase the reality of our pasts, but after hrt for an extended period of time i think saying trans people who medically transition are still their original sex biologically seems disingenuous. for example, even if a trans woman isnt 100% like a cis female biologically after medical transition, they are still more similar to women biologically than men so i would say they are biological women.
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2021.01.26 04:33 koobtooboob Crossposting this to every character main community. Please take some time to do this survey! The more results the better

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2021.01.26 04:33 BrokenInstallation Charging new Summit B15 A11M-057 with a Docking Station

So I recently bought the MSI Summit B15 A11M-057 and have been struggling find a dock that will actually charge it. I ended up purchasing the Dell WD19TB and it will keep the battery at whatever it currently is, but it won't charge it. Any ideas on how to fix this or a dock that would actually be compatible with the capability to charge my computer?
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2021.01.26 04:33 SaintHuncho02 Shinies

Looking for a shiny tyrantrum. I have a regular one level 100 all legit I trained it myself. Lmk if you’re interested
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2021.01.26 04:33 miniaturesnailheads $500 bonus feeling (even though it’s being taxed)

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2021.01.26 04:33 yungtemple If I worked at it how long would it take to improve my credit about 80-100 points?

1K medical bill dinged 100 points off. What can I do and how long will it take?
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2021.01.26 04:33 tumorsandthc 1985 Nike Promo Jordan - PSA 10 - thoughts?

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2021.01.26 04:33 nononsensevictoria Newbie Question/Discussion

I was diagnosed this year with HS. Currently, only in my groin/bottom edges of buttocks. I do not have it anywhere else. Am I destined to have it elsewhere? The only other spot would be armpits right?
Also, how do you know if you're stage 1, 2, 3? Etc.
My doc only said "yeah you definitely have HS" and prescribed hibiclens, benzyl peroxide wash, and a steroid ointment for when I have a flare up. All of those seem to be working well. I currently only have one mostly flat sore draining right now. It tends to heal, then reopen with a week or two. Has not fully gone away (yet). I noticed awhile ago when I cleaned the area daily with oxypads- my flare ups would calm down. I guess that's essentially what I'm still doing with the washes. I currently cover my sores with bandaids during the day (at work) to keep my pants from rubbing and making things worse...
Does anyone have any clothing recommendations? I have noticed sleeping nakey helps calm down irritation. I don't know what else to do to prevent this from getting worse. Do I need to absolutely see a dermatologist? Should I go ahead and get established with one? It was my primary care doc who diagnosed it.
Thanks in advance!!
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2021.01.26 04:33 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Chikara GXT] [Titanium White Rizer] [Shining Barrage I] [Agasaya: Inverted]

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2021.01.26 04:33 cd-dvd I don’t like to give gifts to villagers in the cranny because the nooklings might feel bad. This tim.. - 25,011 Votes on r/AnimalCrossing

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2021.01.26 04:33 Stress_Consistent How can I join a local anarchist organization or support the left through praxis/direct action?

So, I’m relatively new to leftism and anarchism, and I really want to support the cause and expand the movement. Can somebody give some examples of what I can do specifically to take action?
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2021.01.26 04:33 pncak3 [Trudell] Frank Vogel’s thoughts on LeBron’s game: (laughs) ... “Pretty awesome."


Frank Vogel’s thoughts on LeBron’s game: (laughs) ... “Pretty awesome."
Not much to say after LeBron's dominant performance tonight. Is he the frontrunner for MVP? He's been having a great year so far, and AD's lower production makes for an even stronger case.
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2021.01.26 04:33 No-Thought2690 https://discord.gg/2mEPn9dZ

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2021.01.26 04:33 jqcv My first puppy

Hi, i just brought my Golden Collie puppy home on sunday, the previous owner said she’s a grazer and will eat whenever she feels like. I am reading all these articles and I know she sleeps a lot but i’m so paranoid something is wrong with her because she’ll poop like once a day and not right away! i am worried she has distemper but at the same time she could be stressed from coming home with us. is it normal for puppies to have stinky breath? she doesn’t really like walks and well walk for 10 steps and then she sits. she also doesn’t have all her shots and we’re going on thursday to check her out but until then i am so nervous
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2021.01.26 04:33 TheNerdCuber I'm 15 and am very conflicted.

I used to be a Christian then I was an atheist for year and now I'm christian again. But I'm very ashamed to be christian because I know people probably think I'm going to be a homophobic anti science racist. I just can't help but feel ashamed. Should I feel ashamed for being christian? I just feel like people think I'm an idiot for being Christian and I'm kinda sensitive about what people think. Sorry for the dumb post.
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