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2021.01.16 06:03 emmalover92 April Love Geary

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2021.01.16 06:03 PyramidBreaker 🅱 🅰 🆂 🆂

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2021.01.16 06:03 ShulkExplainsTheJoke stink 🤮 y 🤮🤮🤮🤮 gross 🤮🤮

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2021.01.16 06:03 CallMeAmber91 Looking dark

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2021.01.16 06:03 sh_irey Trump isn't a Nazi/Fascist

I dont support him, but most Trump supporters and Trump himself isn't a nazi/fascist.
People these days tend to think anyone right of Bernie is a fascist. These days the word fascist are used so easily, that it loses the meaning of its name.
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2021.01.16 06:03 Deelala0516 Dreams of ex. Why??

Info: I'm 41f, 6 years very happily divorced from a 15 yr marriage. No kids so no contact since the divorce - not even a chance encounter at the grocery store.
I semi-frequently have dreams where I'm married to my ex again. Meaning, in the dream I have for some reason got back together with him.
In the dreams, in my head I'm screaming, "NO!! How did this happen?" "Why did I do this?" "How did I let this happen again? I was free!" And similar thoughts. I have a heavy feeling in my chest and its hard to breathe. Sometimes my ex MIL and SIL are there and I'm going with the flow like I did when I was married (but screaming in my head). Sometimes it's sexual and I'm doing what a wife is "supposed" to do (still screaming in my head).
All-in-all they are very disturbing and the feeling of relief I feel when I wake up and realize I was dreaming is undescribable. However, sometimes the feelings of dread and oppression from the dreams can last about half the day.
I definitely DO NOT want in any way, shape, or form to get back with my ex. Splitting up was one of the best things I ever did. I went from what I now realize were chronic stress headaches and eating a bottle of Excedrine Migraine a month, to almost never having headaches at all.
I don't understand why these very disturbing dreams still plague me 6 years later. Also, I've looked into the idea of therapy and it's just not in my budget.
I don't understand why this is still happening so long after the divorce and all contact with him has been cut off.
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2021.01.16 06:03 thenerdfucker What are your biggest earnings or losses in life?

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2021.01.16 06:03 LCP84 Does anyone know why 2k21 MyLeague starts in 2019?

I’m very confused. I get the game and start up a myleague and it takes me to September of 2019. Doesn’t make any sense. Players are still on old teams too (CP3 was on the Rockets). Did I do something wrong or does everyone have this problem?
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2021.01.16 06:03 TAR_GAMER Got the easter egg finished, I have no Idea how I didn't go down at the final fight

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2021.01.16 06:03 Routine_Floor_652 شباهت دماغ

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2021.01.16 06:03 funguyshy Artists of reddit how do you earn money online? Any advice or experience to share about it?

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2021.01.16 06:03 hopdaddy32 If you ddos: fuck you

Its a god damn video game, a fucking VIDEO GAME. There is no reason to completely ruin it for other people and bring an entire home's internet down. People are doing other things, things you obviously don't do, like work, schooling, facetiming, etc. Quit being such a shut in-smoothbrained-slack jaw- knuckledragger, and take a god damned shower. You're not cool or edgy or funny, its a VIDEO GAME.
And ubi, microsoft, if you're seeing this (somehow) fucking do something. Its destroying your game and platform (you know, your income).
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2021.01.16 06:03 Cassasass89 “What’s dis?”

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2021.01.16 06:03 KillerWhale1189 Clan boss speed calculator

I've been trying to use Deadwood Jedi's calculator but its not allowing me to put in some of my champs. I tried to put Sepulcher Sentinel as my lead but no option to plug her in. Am I doing something wrong or have I not read something and just missing something?
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2021.01.16 06:03 Trippppylittlehippie Missing Jack family vanished with a man in 1989. Minimally investigated case with new age regression photos.

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2021.01.16 06:03 AnnonymousAndy According to an informal Instagram poll, carrying two headlamps should be standard. I know there are a few here who disagree, but IG has spoken. Does R/adkfunpolice disagree?

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2021.01.16 06:03 biggary1972 Black Clover (1440x2960)

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2021.01.16 06:03 thepastybritishguy Worst U.S. President Ever? (Note some of these are in my 10 worst, some aren’t. The one I think is truly the worst is pretty obscure so I left him out in favor of a couple more well-knowns)

View Poll
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2021.01.16 06:03 seij99 UCF didn’t approve enough of my loan

Hey guys! Just as the title reads, I took out a private loan and got credit-approved for all of it, which I need all of it to afford to live in Orlando. I’m many months behind on rent too because the normal financial aid I get doesn’t nearly cover everything I need. And I didn’t even take transportation into account because I do not own a vehicle. Has anyone else had the issue of financial aid not approving enough of your private loan? It’s as if they didn’t take into account expenses other than tuition. Are they able to raise the amount they approved if they have already chosen an amount?
Any info helps! Thanks in advance (:
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2021.01.16 06:03 Imogene2011 we were simply robbed of this couple and i will never get over it

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2021.01.16 06:03 hellokkiten Dotty: 0 2021-01-16

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2021.01.16 06:03 Arcterion Cute Ollie, by @scramblldmachi

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2021.01.16 06:03 PHJ101 I Stand Vindicated

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2021.01.16 06:03 moneyshouters FATF Decides to Tighten Crypto Regulation (UPDATED)

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2021.01.16 06:03 jahleg8cy Who should I captain?

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