Go! Kelly Osbourne puts on statuesque display in little black dress and returns to set for new pilot |

Kelly Osbourne puts on statuesque display in little black dress and returns to set for new pilot

2021.01.16 07:39 templederr Kelly Osbourne puts on statuesque display in little black dress and returns to set for new pilot

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2021.01.16 07:39 TheLoneStoic In regards to Miguel and Kreese during season 3 (Spoilers for season 3)

Hello all, It has been awhile since I have posted here and I hope all of you had a happy new year. One thing I truly loved about season 3 was the scene in the park. As we know, Johnny had started his own Dojo, and we know that once Miguel told Hawk about it, he told Kreese which caused him to bring his students with him to the park, this than causes a standoff and during this Kreese seems to go on a tirade about how his students would never show mercy and end up in a coma. This than causes something interesting to happen. Miguel, with an angry look upon his face, steps to the front and begins to walk towards Kreese with an angry look upon his face.
Now, this question may sound stupid, but I gotta ask.....do yall think Miguel was about to fight Kreese or at least attempt to fight him?
I ask because while yes, Miguel would be stomped by Kreese if they ever came to blows, even when he was injured and recovering, he still had the balls to stand up to Kreese until Johnny had stopped him. Keep in mind, Hawk did not approach until he saw Miguel near Kreese.
but I would love to hear from you all in regards to this because to me, I think Miguel has balls for even making a move like that.
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2021.01.16 07:39 the-banditYT62 Next time I'll leave it

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2021.01.16 07:39 foxystoat69 Shoegaze problems

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2021.01.16 07:39 templederr Clare Crawley reunites with her Alzheimer's stricken mother Lilia after months apart due to COVID-19

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2021.01.16 07:39 sarahstefany @asarahstefanyofc

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2021.01.16 07:39 UglyBreath Is there a better explanation as to what bitrate is other than "better quality video but bigger files?

Or is that as much as I really need to know
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2021.01.16 07:39 EnterpriseNews_Elf CES 2021: Mercedes-Benz unveils the MBUX Hyperscreen

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2021.01.16 07:39 gavin707 Valorant Grind With Yoru

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2021.01.16 07:39 koasta1 PHASMOPHOBIA but I have no idea what I’m doing

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2021.01.16 07:39 templederr Jesy Nelson sends temperatures soaring as she poses topless for racy selfie

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2021.01.16 07:39 MrScaddy The fate of Planetary Security Forces?

Prior to the Clone Wars, PSFs were the closest thing the Galactic Republic had to a military next to their small and often under-funded Judicial Forces. While each security force was first-and-foremost loyal to the planetary government they served, all were bound by various regulations that reminded them that they also fought for the Republic. Some PSFs like the Royal Naboo Security Force had their own unique equipment, while most who did not have a means to produce or mass-import their own equipment were given blue uniforms (with blue Vietnam-style helmets and chest rigs) and A-280 blaster rifles. The class of warship most commonly found among PSF space detachments were the Dreadnought-class heavy cruiser and CR-90 corvette, tens of thousands of which registered to planetary governments across the galaxy; the BTL Y-wing bomber first started its journey as a pursuer ship used by PSFs, the iconic Jedi starfighters were initially used by PSF pilots before being modified to the monks' liking, in Legends the AIAT/i gunship was the standard infantry transport of Republic PSFs and so powerful that Mandalorian mercenaries valued them well into 40 ABY. They cooperated with the Jedi and Judicial Forces to combat piracy, terrorism, insurgencies, and civil wars, as well as provide humanitarian aid to populations subjected to disaster, and during the Clone Wars found themselves being the bulk of Republic forces - though eclipsed in the media by the tactically superior though much smaller Grand Army of the Republic - against the Separatists. Of course many of the worlds that seceded to the Confederacy of Indepedendent Systems had their own PSFs, which continued using the same equipment though simply removed their Republic Roundel armband and replaced it with another: one depicting the Separatist symbol. This is where knowledge of PSFs in either Legends or canon comes to a screeching halt. What happened to them during the the Imperial era and onwards in canon? We can(on) only speculate.
When the Galactic Republic transformed into the Galactic Empire, the Empire was not immediately the tyrannical autocracy that pretty much defines the faction, but rather pretty much the same old Republic (minus a few early atrocities which were covered up, and of course a lot of government-sanctioned dark side stuff going on all around now behind the public eye). It took years and years of legal act after legal act, cover-up after cover-up, manipulation after manipulation before the Republic Empire was really fully subject to Palpatine's will, and now legally so. Maybe, at first, the Empire's military was in a similar state to the Republic's during the Clone Wars; everything was the same, except the GAR was just now called the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and *started* to accept non-clone enlists. If we look closely at the timeline, the Imperial Army reaches its height in around the time of the Solo movie, which I'd imagine is also around the time that Palpatine finally finished the legal obstacle course to make his Empire *his*, which would be when he can finally do what is in my headcanon the galaxy's first foot step to suspicion that the Empire *mayyy* be bad: dismantling THOUSANDS of PSFs and absorbing all of their personnel into the Imperial Army and Imperial Navy, of course also a huge logistical nightmare but that's not Palp's problem). Some planets that were particularly loyal to the Empire were allowed to retain their PSFs, but were reduced to merely law enforcement roles while the Imperial Army assumed complete control of military defense (most PSFs were already just hyped up police), but it wouldn't matter since most of those Army troopers on your homeworld were all former members of your homeworld's security force, they just had a change of gear and administration, and there's also Imperial banners everywhere. Now there's TIE fighters everywhere. Dang. What's Mon Mothma's number? Who's that at the do-
Many PSFs of course wouldn't have liked the transition, so I'd imagine many of the early rebel cells (on top of Separatist elements that survived the Clone Wars, of course) would've been born out of PSF personnel who refused to fully abandon their local identity so that they're no longer a Commenorian, but an Imperial, or at least an Imperial Commenorian. I'd also imagine all the corporations partnered with the Imperial Military cashed right to the bank with all the reforms, considering TRILLIONS of personnel (troopers, pilots, staff, officers, recruits, etc.) just flooded in and now the Empire needed TRILLIONS of sets of equipment, plus new gear for the forces they already had. I believe that the majority of the Rebel Alliance wasn't an organization of rebels, but a legitimate military alliance between planetary governments against the Empire and the Rebel troopers were really regular planetary soldiers, which is why A-280, the hallmark weapon of the PSF, was also the hallmark weapon of the Rebel trooper, because the Rebel trooper *was* in a PSF as well as the Rebel Alliance. His uniform wasn't a uniform for his Rebel unit, but for his PSF, and that's why different Rebel units, even when they're of the same specialization, have wildly different uniforms but yet have the exact same blasters. If there was any lack of uniform distribution they'd also not have the same blaster, so this must've been an intentional design. Following the Galactic Civil War, demilitarization did not mean the New Republic removed it's military (not a theory, but a canonical fact), but rather decentralized it and returned the PSFs to the planets (I'd imagine more than half of these returned soldiers were previously Imperial troopers), while sectors that remained Imperial (either as legal adherents of the Galactic Concordance, and could thus peacefully interact with the NR as political entities, or as politically unrecognized insurgencies) maintained their own sector-level incarnations of the Imperial Military. But then, what happened when the First Order swept through the galaxy? These PSFs were part of the New Republic, the First Order could not simply dissolve and absorb them through legal processes as the Empire did as the PSFs were not subject to their laws, and there were quite literally thousands of PSFs, so besides the Resistance, wouldn't have at least a few planetary governments militarily responded to the First Order invading their neighbor (an act the NR could not legally prevent as it was a local incident, or at least could not punish if done)? Maybe the Resistance itself *was* the PSFs' war effort against the First Order, instead of getting their planetary government into another politics spaghetti by openly involving themselves in big conflicts, they sent their PSFs to fight the First Order through the Resistance, essentially disguised as just another Senator's private army (a very common concept even since the pre-Empire days - a Senator would usually also have their own private army, at least in Legends, on top of the many PSFs that defended the sector they represented). This is different from my theory for the early Rebels, as with the Rebels it was more of a NATO situation and for the Resistance it's more of a renegade private military company situation.
PSFs in general need more publicity. It's really disheartening that a lot of fans think the Clone Wars was 100% clones vs. droids, when in reality there were more non-clone Republic soldiers than clones and although for the Separatists the droids did indeed out-number the organics, the organics were the ones that really got the spicy missions. There's another user on this sub who likes to make breakdowns of tactical formations, maybe he could break down a typical PSF and joint ops if they see this! What do you guys think?
Just to get an idea, examples of PSFs include the Naboo Royal Security Force and Gungan Grand Army from The Phantom Menace, the New Mandalorian Guard from TCW, Kashyyyk's composite army of tribal Wookiee warriors, the Umbaran Militia, and so on. An example of what's a local, pro-government force but NOT a PSF would be the Canto Bight police, which are just a regular law enforcement agency, or the Jabba the Hutt's soldiers, who are mercenaries and slave-warriors and his domain, Tatooine, was not under the "Core Regime" (Republic/Empire/New Republic) ever.
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2021.01.16 07:39 tw_bot Future Tech Award Winners 2020 - PC Gamer

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2021.01.16 07:39 SkybotInc Island Mana

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2021.01.16 07:39 Malicious-Banana [PS4] [NA] [WTS] Gold crafting materials

I currently have 14 Rosin (Woodworking), 21 Kuta (Enchanting), 16 Dreugh Wax (Clothing), 9 Tempering Alloy (Blacksmithing), and 1 Perfect Roe (Provisioning). Trying to raise gold for the Guild Bank so we can get Traders on the regular. COD is definitely preferred, but I'm also willing to meet for trade in game.
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2021.01.16 07:39 barneyaffleck Pycto Sudoku!

10 Pot o' Coins awards Do I have your attention now?
The majority of you asked for a brand new, completely unique challenge, never before seen on GoForGold.
Well, here it is.
Please read this post carefully and completely. I will not be explaining the challenge any further than what is contained in the instructions below.
There are 10 stages to this Challenge.
You must solve them all to win the prize.
Below is a link to a Pycto puzzle. Solving this Pycto will give you a clue to that 3x3 puzzle's position in the Master Pycto and a link to the next stage.
Solving each subsequent Pycto will give you a clue to that 3x3 puzzle's position in the Master Pycto and a link to the next stage.
After solving the stage 9 Pycto, you will receive a link to the Master Pycto. This is made up of all of the previous 9 Pyctos.
The Master Pycto can only be solved using the clues you obtained by solving the previous 9 Pyctos.
Upon solving the Master Pycto, you will be given a code to prove you have solved it.
Send the GoForGold team a Modmail with "barneyaffleck - Pycto Sudoku" as the subject line and include the secret code in your message.
If the code is confirmed as correct, you will win the prize.
The prize at the time of posting is 10 Pot o' Coins awards (8000 coins to the recipient).
After 72hrs, a major clue will be given.
After this clue is given, the prize will become 1 Pot o' Coins award (800 coins to the recipient).

Things to keep in mind:

Below are the links to the Pycto stages. Only Stage 1 will be linked until the challenge is complete, then all
Pyctos will be linked.

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9
Stage 10 - Master Pycto

Good luck!
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2021.01.16 07:39 templederr Hailey Bieber shows off her trim figure during Pilates class with pal Zoey Deutch in LA

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2021.01.16 07:39 gordianus1 How it started and how it Real started.

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2021.01.16 07:39 Taco_Deity Common Complaints I’ve Seen About Episodes One and Two

I wasn’t sure whether or not to put the spoiler tag on this post, so I did. You can tell me if it wasn’t needed.
I’ve seen a bunch of complaints about the show posted all over this sub. I’m going to rebut a bunch of them here. If you disagree, just leave a comment. Also I’m really tired cut me some slack.
1) Credit length when compared to episode length: The credits are at the end of the episode, and lack an end credit scene. You do not have to watch them. Complaining about the credit length is like complaining about a long line that you don’t actually have to wait in at all.
2) Lack of a story: This is a sort of film that Marvel have never made before. It’s not a fast paced action plot, so don’t expect it to be one. They spent some time setting up the story because they needed to. There will be more to come. This was only the beginning. They want to make sure we all understand what is happening.
3) Overdoing the 50s/60s sitcom tropes and laugh track: First off, anyone who watched any of the trailers knew what they were getting. The trailers showed a 50s/60s vibe, so don’t be made when the episodes are the same.
Expanding on that, the overdone tropes and laugh track are not the result of bad moviemaking, much the reverse. You are supposed to feel uncomfortable, like something is wrong. Something is wrong. You get more hints of this in episode two, that things are not right in Wanda’s happy place.
4) No action: This is more of an expansion on 2 and 3. Marvel have made a name for themselves with their punchy action films, but that is not the genre of this show, much like Mickey Mouse was Disney’s first huge success, but not their whole company. There may or may not be combat later on in the series. Again, if you watched the trailers you knew what you were getting.
That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed my midnight rant. Again, if you disagree with me just write a comment. Have a wonderful day.
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2021.01.16 07:39 Hot_Zookeepergame_36 Trump's final full week in office ends with the nation in disarray

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2021.01.16 07:39 iamvmai Vietnamese rice noodle

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2021.01.16 07:39 realjoemurphy Finally figured out how to take selfies in photo mode on my second playthrough and Johnny seems extremely disappointed by it.

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2021.01.16 07:39 ParallelePiper The difference between leaving one batch out to dry longer (and dehumidifier placement).

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2021.01.16 07:39 OkTomato4211 Inauguration information.

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2021.01.16 07:39 edtxag Can someone spot check my macros

I used several of the Keto Calculators and this is what I came up with, any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated
I am a 41yo male, 5'11, weighs 520lbs, and is sedentary AF.
The macros that I see are as follows
Calories - 2300
Protein - 82
Fat - 204
Carbs - 45

I think to get a kickstart I am going to try and do Ketochow for a few weeks, up to a month to just get into the loss mode then adjust and start with one real meal and 2 ketochow, and the following month going 2 real meals and 1 ketochow and maintaining that until I have dropped a serious amount (looking at the first 120 at least) then making adjustments after that first goal
ideas? thoughts? comments?
Really looking for the help from this community.
Thanks for looking and more if you commented.
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