Go! [THANK YOU] #337 - 345 stacks on stacks of postcards |

[THANK YOU] #337 - 345 stacks on stacks of postcards

2021.01.16 05:59 scribex2 [THANK YOU] #337 - 345 stacks on stacks of postcards

Happy New Year y'all! I hope 2021 is starting to turn the corner for everyone :)
#337 - thank you u/slina27 for the Dalmatian Pelican postcard! I had no idea Dalmatian Pelicans existed and the artwork was great! i love the vintage postcards you used - they give the post card such great character.
#338 - thank you u/lostpostwoman ( I hope your username does not come from having your mail frequently lost!) for the Southam postcard! The pictures are so charming and I hope I can visit very soon!
#339 - thank you u/blondecontradition for the Oregon forest postcard! I think that it so interesting 40 million trees are planted every year; I wonder how many trees California plants each year!
#340 - thank you u/iisaustin for the Seattle Area Parks postcard! I think that it is awesome you are supporting local artists and your exchange is in the mail!
#341 - thank you u/copperdehila for the Luray Caverns postcards! I have always wanted to visit the Luray Caverns and this is just a sign from the universe I have to go there the next time I'm in the area!
#342 - thank you u/xoxounityoxox for the Stagecoach stop postcard! I think that is such an awesome inheritance from your aunt and I hope you are thoroughly enjoying it!
#343 - thank you u/colorlessmurakmi for "The Seeds of Time" postcard! I can't wait to read this book (thank you for the recommendation) and the sheep sticker is so adorable!
#344 - thank you u/libertyprogrammer for the Trivia Day postcard! I love love the trivia facts and how you hid the answers so I could work on the puzzles a bit! I also do not get very much snow here, so that really helped with my longing for a white Christmas!
#345 - thank you u/babyraspberry for the drinks postcard! I agree the drinks do look delicious! Will have to see if I can replicate once Dry January is over (or maybe craft a mocktail version)
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2021.01.16 05:59 kiwiluke TIL Russia tried to pay for New Zealand butter with a nuclear submarine

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2021.01.16 05:59 Nigerian_Prince14 F2P player here. Was going for the 10 obsidian chest pack but ran into this while out playing. Should I buy and save up for the pack another time?

F2P player here. Was going for the 10 obsidian chest pack but ran into this while out playing. Should I buy and save up for the pack another time? submitted by Nigerian_Prince14 to Archero [link] [comments]

2021.01.16 05:59 Xx_EpicVideoGamer_xX Stupid child

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2021.01.16 05:59 G1ArcanE How to get started?

I am brand new to the game and know next to nothing about the controls/gameplay etc. I have gone through the tutorials, but am still feeling somewhat overwhelmed. What is the best way to get started learning about the game, and find a unit to play with?
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2021.01.16 05:59 MrLowkey13 What type of person would acid have grown up to be in his original world?

Very curious as to how he would’ve ended up.
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2021.01.16 05:59 SnickersMC Slave I, Boba Fett, and The Mandolorian

So I recently was rewatching the Clone Wars Episode arc in which young Boba attempts to kill Mace Windu. In the three episodes, Boba uses Slave I and his fathers helmet, both of which are destroyed by the end of the arc. However, in The Mandolorian, along with the original trilogy, Boba is seen with both his fathers armor and Slave I. Thoughts on this? Is there a comic or book that explains this?
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2021.01.16 05:59 wh_8 [Q] Finally I'm a root user. What's next?

Ever since I start digging in the smartphone hole back in 2015 I always wanted to be a root user, but that dream faded away when I brick my lg tribute 2. But know, almost 6 years later I flashed my Galaxy S7 & Xperia Z5 to lineageOS and rooted then with magisk and I really don't know where to get started into this root world, as every user I want to customize my android phone (having in my status bar the 'CPU usage' & 'RAM usage').
Creating gestures like the ones that Motorola has (shave the device to turn on flashlight, turn around your device to open camera, 3 fingers on the to take a screenshot), those gestures are great. And maybe something more.
And there isn't (I haven't round) like a universal guide, or a list of applications (like the archlinux wiki list of applications).
Are there any resources available for me???
I'm a privacy orientated person, so keep that in mind (I'm not using any google services, just stock lineageOS)
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2021.01.16 05:59 DJ_E2W808 Tsunami v.2 or better?

I loved the tsunami v.2 but I got locked up and I've recently been placed in parole. Is there anything like the tsunami v.2 anymore? Is there anything better? Thanks for the feedback!
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2021.01.16 05:59 mare_bear200 Full extension

Hi, I’m 3 months post op and I’m still not at full extension with my knee. I tore my acl back in September and had surgery on October 1st but I’m still not at full extension which has me worried and scared
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2021.01.16 05:59 dhruvr57 cute

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2021.01.16 05:59 icantthinkofauserok Why does my mom hate me

My mom drinks constantly had admitted she hates me and everyone says its my fault she loves my sisters but just hates me the only person that supports me is one of my sisters (the other is only 5 so i dont blame her) i try to hide my feelings but i cant i have been in trouble from cops because at one point i attacked my mom and my step dad my step dad also blames me and silences everyone that mentions anything bad that he did including breaking into a house getting caught and hiding from the cops
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2021.01.16 05:59 OliverMarkusMalloy Insane MAGA Karen who participated in the attack on the Capitol demands that Trump pardon her and the entire lynch mob, because they attacked the Capitol because he told them to.

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2021.01.16 05:59 hippiedippybitch What is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me)

I have some thoughts about the Duggar kids and love. I know that I am a VERY emotional person, so I choke up frequently at the thought of my partner. Love, to me, is a lifestyle that I work to perfect every single day, as well as a conglomerate of beautiful and deep feelings. The Duggar kids and their spouses do not ever show this depth of emotion towards their partners (save Joe sobbing on the alter). I know that most of the Duggar’s are emotionally stunted or not naturally inclined to be emotional, but marriage and “love” are supposed to be such a large part of their lifestyles. It makes me intensely sad that these literal children do not get to behold the depth of true and fervent love. They are so wrapped up in the process of “love” and pushing down the feelings of lust that they have towards their partner before marriage. Some of the most joyous parts of love can be found in the intimate moments of early partnership.
Can any former fundies shed some light on what it was like to fall in love for the first time after leaving religion?
Does anyone have any thoughts on love and the way that these young couples seem to experience it?
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2021.01.16 05:59 PlatniumFork Short-term investment for 15k?

I have 15k in cash to invest, and want to keep fairly liquid in case I need to take it out for a Masters’ degree in September. Any tips on where to put it for the next seven months?
Already have 40k in diversified high-dividend stocks. I’m 23 and of medium risk tolerance, but leaning more conservative on this and given the climate.
Thanks all for your help!
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2021.01.16 05:59 fightmag New Glory 77: Rico vs Jamal start time announced

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2021.01.16 05:59 Mash_Mi Watson is Winning alright!

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2021.01.16 05:59 clouprod Anyone own the new American Professional ii Jazzmaster ?

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2021.01.16 05:59 Yesenioo Boho/hippie clothing

Does anyone know really good places to shop for boho clothing. Preferably for someone on a budget lol.
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2021.01.16 05:59 PsychoPowerJ PSA: Last day of Anniversary Event

Today is the last day of the event. So if you're still farming samplesupplies and/or doing the badge missions, get those done now. Also, use up your Sanity pots because the drops make everything except Annihilation more efficient.
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2021.01.16 05:59 AcrossTheUniverse Important job

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2021.01.16 05:59 cheesenhops The Mission "Wasteland"

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2021.01.16 05:59 judah_fanatic does anyone know the tabs for “Air Con Eden” - by jerkcurb , if someone can help that would be great, i just started playing bass :0

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