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Zordons Zombie Army

2021.01.23 04:39 SKYW1Z4RD19 Zordons Zombie Army

Hey fellow rangers! New alliance here recruiting members! Donations and participations in alliance events! No damage minimums required but no inactivity please or unfortunately will have to kick. League IX and above but can change if zordon can see zombie material ;).
No discord but might create one later if things get serious but for now lets have fun! Join zordons zombie army and fight for zordon! As a zombie! Thank you for your interest.
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2021.01.23 04:39 hamptonhobbs321 Truly love this back design 🔥🔥

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2021.01.23 04:39 Comfortable-Fix9411 Kyogre raid

1425 4922 8127
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2021.01.23 04:39 pmdfan71 I Don’t Get When People Say That Something Is So Good That It’ll “Ruin” Similar Things For Me.

I’ve heard that so many times from both news articles and people online. Some new show comes out and people start saying that it’s so groundbreaking and perfect that it’ll ruin similar shows for me. Maybe I’m taking it too seriously, but I don’t see how that’s a selling point. Why would I want to watch or play something that’ll make me dislike the other things that I’ve spent so much time with? How is that a selling point? I’d rather like a bunch of things a little bit then one thing a lot.
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2021.01.23 04:39 julynice6 FPX Nuguri Jayce Top vs Lucian - KR Patch 11.2

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2021.01.23 04:39 littlewulfi I've never fit in with any group of people EVER, and I've barely made any friends and I never have long term friends

I feel like I'll never find a group of friends that I can fit in with, or a group of people. I've tried but it never works and honestly it hurts a bit to think about.
So what do I do with myself now? I'll always be a loner, so how do I find happiness if I'll always be alone? I have depression and honestly, this makes me want to die. My therapist tries to help me but it's only made things a little better
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2021.01.23 04:39 ClassyNell I "rescued" a Ferrero Rocher box from the bin and turned it into a floss organiser.

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2021.01.23 04:39 ChamarMoore Chris Hemsworth smashes Marvel toys

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2021.01.23 04:39 JZem994 Is this WAI?

What's with the loud breathing when you open and close your visor? I'm wearing a helmet+ visor, no issue, I accidentally open the visor, close it, and then my breath is so loud that I can't hear shit and a lucky loser walks up to me and shoots me cause I can't hear sound... Honestly I'm certain that this is a bug but you never know. I'm not injured, out if breath, out of stamina, energy, hydration. I'm 100% fine and my dude is breathing like he's about to die...
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2021.01.23 04:39 DEVILNUB Sub4sub

https://youtube.com/c/Devilnub Please sub to my channel Very close to 500 sub
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2021.01.23 04:39 joutakujolover Me every time I go on this sub

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2021.01.23 04:39 Adam-best Hard Type UV DIY Crystal Clear Glue EASY TO USE - Different from AB epoxy resin that needs to mix and takes long curing time, our UV resin are ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or sunlight. Comes with a spout that could easily squeeze and inject the resin. PREMIUM

Hard Type UV DIY Crystal Clear Glue EASY TO USE - Different from AB epoxy resin that needs to mix and takes long curing time, our UV resin are ready to use and can instantly cure hard in minutes with UV light or sunlight. Comes with a spout that could easily squeeze and inject the resin. PREMIUM submitted by Adam-best to BestDealsOfTheDay_ [link] [comments]

2021.01.23 04:39 buttchuggs PsBattle: This chin injury

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2021.01.23 04:39 jbor1235 What made you more motivated to go to the gym?

I have such a problem with really wanting to get in shape but never wanting to get up and go. I’ll go a couple days then won’t go again for a week. So on so forth. I hate this about myself. What did you guys do to really motivate yourself? Any tricks?
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2021.01.23 04:39 GoldenTrinity Day 19 no Vyvanse – THE WAR IS OVER!

Tldr; stop speeding, it’s very bad – Warning: this is a long read.
It’s possible folks. But YOU have to want it. Choose speed sobriety for yourself. But why. We all know stimulants feel amazing. I went on a vacation before the second outbreak of COVID-19 and was fucked up on Vyvanse and guess what? It was the best vacation of my life even though I was traveling alone and ran into numerous problems; so much dopamine in my system. But there IS NO FREE LUNCH. There really isn’t.
I’m turning 23 next August. I’m a male from Iceland who works in the artistic field. Growing up, I used to read about all my favorite idols being on cocaine, specifically my favorite musician David Bowie. Also, Stephen King, the writer, who serial published books like a machine. Both were coke heads. Being an author myself, I always had this thought at the back of my head: There are CNS stims out there that can make me a super-performer in my field. I have always been so productivity oriented, yet I’ve had focus problems and arguably ADHD for the longest time, so it was an apparent godsend to discover Vyvanse. But truly, it was a satansend. I would discover that later.
It’s been only 14 months since I first got my script so my stop in the world of hard-core drug addiction was brief but very serious. Last year I made two attempts to quit, in August and October respectively, but to no avail. It lasted exactly three weeks both times. The reason I gave up was because I wasn’t ready to quit for myself. I still loved the drug and thought the love was reciprocated. What a misconception! But now I’m approaching the three-week mark once more. What’s different now? Honestly, the only difference is that I sincerely hate speed now. I don’t want to have anything to do with it again. Ever. Do I still want it? Yes, of course. But what my addiction has taught me is that this is all fake. Being high all the time is a fabricated reality. The consequences are so serious and detrimental. So are the side effects of the drug proper. Or poison I should say. Here are just a few:

  1. I became a narcissistic semi-psychopath. I was always a good person. No, I didn’t go around beating people up. I was not violent. I never even partied either. Remember, my party was the productivity; the David Bowie and Stephen King artistic super-performance zone. That’s what I loved. But I stopped caring about people. I had my “soulmate” pharmaceutical speed – so what need did I have for other people. It goes without saying that this severely undermined my relationships.
  2. I lost all sense of judgement. One of the side effects of Vyvanse (or any other hard stimulant) is sudden death due to taking on dangerous activities. I became a traffic maniac. 160 km/h (100 mph) was the new norm. It is a miracle that I didn’t kill any innocent person during my addiction. It’s also a miracle I didn’t die myself. And surely it is almost unbelievable that I got away from fines and collisions. I still don’t understand it. The only reason I can thank of is that I was protected by God. There was even this one instance in Germany in August (during my vacation) when I almost caused an unintentional highway massacre and just barely regained control of the car. I was driving on an Autobahn with no speed limit and reached 245 km/h (152 mph) when suddenly a car and a truck entered the highway and I slipped between them. Vyvanse made my insane…
  3. No sleep. News flash: sleep is really important for one’s health! If you keep a person awake for too long, they die just from lack of sleep. I was staying up way to long. Usually 40 hours at a time and then I slept 15 hours and repeated the cycle.
  4. Anxiety. I also became a benzo addict. I never had anxiety before and took my first benzo last summer. It was a purely speed-induced addiction. Unfortunately, I’m still dependent on benzos to this day because the withdrawals are so damn long. But I’m down to 1 mg of Clonazepam a day.
  5. Eye problems. At one point, I thought I would go blind. I stopped being able to use my eyes. This is a combination of a known side effect of Vyvanse and sleep deprivation.
  6. Depression. This is a serious one. Both speed and benzos in high doses cause very bad sporadic depression.
  7. Zero control of my focus. This was the most annoying side effect by far. Yes, I got laser focused and I loved that. But I just COULD NOT CONTROL my focus. I would pop the pills planning to work on my most recent book for instance and then I would find myself sitting on the toilet for five hours straight writing some bullshit on Reddit with the shit hardened on my ass. I also remember one instance, when I thought it was an excellent idea to empty 10 70 mg Vyvanse capsules and put the powder in a transparent waterproof glass vial in case I would ever need to go on see. And I don’t even sail! What the fuck!? And you can’t even snort Vyvanse. I knew that very well. Still, I spend at least two of the best hours of my high doing this insanity. Plus, the box itself is watertight as is comes from the factory. I know this because when I tried quitting Vyvanse for the second time in October 2020, I poured hot water into the box and shook it frantically and let the plastic capsules and the evil powder therein completely dissolve. Then I flushed it. But only afterwards I realize how bad that is for the environment. But well, maybe I would have died had I not done that.
I still miss the feeling of being high. But I do not miss these side effects. I feel free now. I’m not nearly as productive. For the first days of my abstinence, I slept 16 hours a night, woke up and still had to take a nap after having been awake for three hours. Essentially one gets to experience CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) when they stop speeding.
But there is hope my friends… I urge you to bid your “soulmate” adieu. I know it’s hard. But please consider all the positives. Now is the perfect time to go to rehab or to do it discreetly at home by yourself like I’m doing. Everybody is at home anyway because of this pandemic thing.
A few tips to help you quit. Drink lots of energy drinks. Red Bull is my favorite. I drink around 1,5 L (50,7 fl.oz.) just to get through the day. I choose the sugar free version because sugar is also an evil drug I don’t want to be addicted to. I know the following might be controversial but I don’t recommend sobriety from all drugs unless you are a poly addict. If speed was your only problem (and something like benzos or booze to go with it or whatever) there is no reason not to take advantage of other drugs to make with withdrawal process easier. Like microdosing acid or shrooms for instance.
Personally, I’ve been using Tramadol to ease my first speedless weeks. My Dad gave them to me because he has a script and doesn’t take that much anymore. Obviously, you have to know yourself. The last thing one wants to do is to replace an addiction with another addiction, let alone an even more serious one like an opioid addiction. But if used as training wheels, I believe various drugs may be beneficial. I’m currently on 100 mg of Tramadol. Therefore, I have the focus to write this post. But I can tell you this much: If I was on Vyvanse right now, I could not write a post like this because I COULD NOT be concise on speed. It just couldn’t. I remember I wrote a 3000-word private message to a random person on Reddit on my last speed binge about something I could have easily said ten sentences about. That was when I was sitting for five hours on the toilet in the middle of the night – with the intention being to work on my novel. Can you imagine how insane this is?
If you are a male, you might also consider testosterone. I’ve had low T for many years although I’m only 23 and am on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) now for 11 months. I no longer feel depressed and my success in the gym is way better. Vyvanse was horrible for the gym because it simultaneously robbed me of all motivation to do physical work and suppressed my appetite. Things are better now.
For the sake of absolute honesty, I don’t get my testosterone from a doctor. It’s all high-quality underground stuff I have access to through a friend of mine who imports it to my country. This enables me to blast (go on a steroid cycle) whenever I want. So yes, I’m on steroids but it’s still better than speed and it helps tremendously in the withdrawals. Arnold is still alive. So is Ronnie Coleman. It goes without saying that they have abused the fuck out of AAS and much harsher compounds than test. But had they been speed addicts, I’m pretty sure they would be long gone…
This is all for now. I hope I’ve helped someone by sharing my addiction in depth. Stop speeding but do it for yourself. Speed is not your soulmate. And the pharmaceutical industry DOES NOT have your best interest in mind. It’s all about money for them. Doctors are unintentionally poisoning people with these ADHD drugs while the government schedules psychedelics as Class I controlled substances and hardly puts men on testosterone even though they’re 40 years old and clearly have low T. We don’t have to be victims of the system. We can set ourselves free. WE CAN STOP SPEEDING!
Blessed be everybody,
Golden Trinity
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2021.01.23 04:39 Substantial-Yam-7017 Look all Im saying is, Ive never seen young Tom and Jonah Falcon in the same room together

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2021.01.23 04:39 Koichi_Echos part 2 :OOO

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2021.01.23 04:39 CelebrityDeathPool16 - ACTOR GREGORY SIERRA DIES AT 83 -

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2021.01.23 04:39 DaddyDavinky What is something you have learnt personally that has helped a lot in your life while watching peaky blinders? Any specific character? If so who!!

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2021.01.23 04:39 PIsdonthurtm I got this today, what would be the best thing to line it with? Also does anyone have any clue as to the age of it?

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2021.01.23 04:39 Ishtvlive Watch me squirt on my Onlyfans.com/ishues

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2021.01.23 04:39 Hardik_Morey Day 23 Need Help!!

Yesterday for the first time after 23 days i had sexual thoughts , I don’t what to relapse what all things should I take care of?
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2021.01.23 04:39 dentsanpens I work extremely hard, but haven’t been able to catch a good break in my career yet. Do I have any indicators for success? Or am I just going to be struggling to get by?

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2021.01.23 04:39 yoshiroxx So get me off, then get off me

I’ve HAD ENOUGH of you.
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2021.01.23 04:39 ms-nuance [Timid] Bunnelby, F, 8


* Ditto Requested: [Timid] with 4-5 ivs


* Pokémon Deposited: Bunnelby
* Nickname: Bunnelby
* Pokeball:Pokeball
* Gender: Female
* Level:38


* Home/IGN: OatsFeeler
* GTS Message:
* Game Version: [Shield]
* Game Language: English
* Trainer Description:
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