Go! [XB1] H: je laser. W: powered sent assassins heavy leather set |

[XB1] H: je laser. W: powered sent assassins heavy leather set

2021.01.16 06:47 76Gamer-Guy [XB1] H: je laser. W: powered sent assassins heavy leather set

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2021.01.16 06:47 imafraidkno Cryengine FATAL error failed to find files

I get this error every time I play mid game The games crashes and steam downloads files for 10 minutes before I can start the game again and then it will inevitably happen again I've deleted my user files and verified the integrity of the files and it still happens
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2021.01.16 06:47 Ze_Rocky D R O P M Y B R O D D A

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2021.01.16 06:47 Delta-Charlie-001 My Minecraft a380

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2021.01.16 06:47 vaultsepticeye21 I make like watching a bit Ryan but he has one flaw

No this is kind of an unpopular opinion so take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt.
Whenever Ryan plays a horror game it's always Ryan acting like he's so surprised all of a sudden some preacher comes out of nowhere and then Ryan screams us at an IT glitches the static and then Ryan goes what is going on guys this is Ryan here now it's just his normal intro but he does that for every single horror game intro it got to the point where I find it annoying I mean does he have to do that static glitch effect.
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2021.01.16 06:47 SeleniumEpoc June 6th 2018 stabbing? Anyone remember this

We were eating at a restaurant at like 4pm when a guy in just his underwear covered in blood walked down the street carrying a butchers knife. The cops showed up and tazed him. Does anyone else remember this or know what the story was?
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2021.01.16 06:47 tcweh ROCD but about my best friend (not romantic) - is distancing myself the best method?

Basically my OCD is more about my best friend. I’ve sorta had this before about other friends but not to this level. Basically he is like a brother to me and I can relate to him about a lot of things, including hardships and mental health. I even saved his life once when he was having a drug overdose which was very traumatic.
Basically whenever he flakes on me, I take it more personally than it other friends do it. I also overthink where he could be, or if he’s with other friends I get jealous and wonder why he’s not with me. I feel mad at little things he does and thinks he treats my friendship for granted because I have done a lot of good things for him and helped put him on a good path. These thoughts have been repetitive for a very long time now. I googled and realised I probably have ROCD. The thing is, I know he has done amazing things for me, and when I have spoken to him about stuff he has always been understanding and has never brushed me off. He will also still message me out of the blue and is one of the few friends to do that. So I know the issue is mainly with me.
I’m hurt that these thoughts consume me, especially since I have a beautiful girlfriend who I adore and other great friends, so I would like to rid myself of them. I plan on just not really speaking to him (as in message him first) and not initiate catch-ups with him for a few months minimum - if not more. In the meantime, I will just focus on other positive things in my life. Is this a good method? Any advice from others that have been in this situation?
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2021.01.16 06:47 bestofworsti Pretty blue peepers with a side of nip for your Friday night. [OC]

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2021.01.16 06:47 Ok-Commercial8116 in-game maps files

hello guys , i wanted to ask , how i can transfer the maps files ? since it gets deleted after updating for every new season , i already have the previous season game files on my pc where all maps are downloaded , how can i transfer them to my phone so i don't have to download them again ?
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2021.01.16 06:47 dedly_poison It probably won’t

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2021.01.16 06:47 frogman_fraudman REAW - (2006, 300 views)

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2021.01.16 06:47 STLBooze3 Berube on Nichushkin hit on Bortuzzo: "It should be a (hearing). It's a hit from behind to the head."

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2021.01.16 06:47 Akash3642 I don't know when?

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2021.01.16 06:47 Ill-Blacksmith-9545 I hope Biden will go down as one of the greatest presidents!

I have high, high, HIGH, hopes for the Biden administration. There was a post questioning whether Biden will be a great president. He does have potential. I obviously can't predict but I will say this. If Biden does a great Covid response, fixes the economy and unites the country back it was before, I will put him in the top 5! COVID is very concerning to me and my mental state. Watching the unemployment and death rate go up is very scary. Hopefully, Biden will pass FDR in the rankings by historians. FDR is already in the teens on my list but the more I learn about him, he keeps going down!
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2021.01.16 06:47 FakeSmiles97 Music Polls

Hey guys I'm sorry if this isn't allowed. But I really miss seeing music polls everywhere. And I wanted to reignite that. So I created this facebook group with the sole purpose of polls and tournaments. Our first tournament was decided in a poll and irs going to be Best Debut Album. Come join us for chill music discussion
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2021.01.16 06:47 Deadmau5DH I made this based on my opinion- and this template only had official album tracks. Songs from the At Play series, Vexillogy, Mau5ville series, Polar soundtracks, non album singles like aural psynapse , monophobia hr 8938 ceiphei were not included.

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2021.01.16 06:47 BlackRockBroadcast Want spoiler free thoughts on whether to watch wandavision or not!? Our podcast have got your juices covered!!! CHECK IT OUT

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2021.01.16 06:47 Marc-Aureli [FO] Goldfish by @illufinch on Twitter

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2021.01.16 06:47 Aang808 [Price Check]2 star VE Hm

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2021.01.16 06:47 freedompolis Target Datalink system of Jeanne D'Arc of the Dassault-Mikoyan Mod

Question: Does anyone know the bonuses provided by the Target Datalink of the Jeanne D'Arc (JDA) of the DME mod?
Also is the JDA a good ship overall (It's 50 DP, and I can perhaps get 2 or more smaller carrier, or maybe an astral). What am I missing about it?
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2021.01.16 06:47 MinuteSink Torchiere/floor lamps (or other indirect lighting) that work with HomeAssistant?

I like the indirect lighting offered by torchiere lamps (vs. overhead lighting), and would love to have one compatible with HomeAssistant, especially the dimming function so that I can have something like Homekits Adaptive Lighting functionality (lighting automatically turns brighter or dimmer with circadian rhythm). So far, I can only found LED floor lamps that work with smart plugs (can be turned on and off basically). Anyone have any recommendations for what I'm trying to do? Or are there other options that will accomplish the indirect, bright lighting effect I'm aiming for that is not a Torchiere/floor lamp?
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2021.01.16 06:47 JasonYaBoi WCGW drifting on a frozen lake

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2021.01.16 06:47 bsafencer I want too build a new pc

I want to build a new PC, and hope to scavenge parts from my old one.
I currently have:
gtx 970
256 gb ssd
1tb hard drive (5200 rpm)
750w modular bronze rated psu
asus z87 pro motherboard
i5 47 something k
cooler master cpu cooler
8gb or ram i forget what make and model and speed
What should I keep for the next one? I have a budget of about $1000 for new parts.
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2021.01.16 06:47 ExploreMath Free AMC 10/12 Seminar and Handout

Hello. I'm one of the owners of Explore Math. We're hosting a free seminar that I would love for you guys to know about. It's a two-day event that will occur on January 16 and 17 in 2021. IF you guys aren't able to attend, then it's fine because we will post the recording. It will be streamed live on youtube. Click on this link to attend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1h_V6XAkqE. We're also making a 30-page handout which we will add to the description on the 17th of January!
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2021.01.16 06:47 goobiyadi Mood killer

Mood killer My Sim was invited to dinner by her boyfriend. He was talking about... certain things... and the waiter was standing there repeatedly farting...
Is there no way to get rid of a Sim in situations like this? Normally I'd use MCCC to force an unwanted Sim to leave the lot, but I don't want the person tending the table to leave the restaurant. I just want him to stop farting right by the table! There's no "goodbye" option.
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