Go! Seeking help for my money tree |

Seeking help for my money tree

2021.01.23 04:06 princessgummybunz Seeking help for my money tree

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2021.01.23 04:06 HeavyNaturePhoto Dukes Creek Falls in Helen, GA

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2021.01.23 04:06 SydTheSquid1050 What past memory do you still think about and cringe?

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2021.01.23 04:06 Heliosvector The matrix is intolerant??

I just turned on AMC, and the matrix is playing. Right before the movie started, there was disclaimer with something along the lines of “this movie represents some minorities and individuals that do not align with our current views and may be seen as intolerant in our time. Viewer discretion is advised”
wtf. What was intolerant about the matrix?
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2021.01.23 04:06 ohsweetdeezus Sonoma, California! The candy-cane bark is very smooth

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2021.01.23 04:06 proteinicecream lc on this gnr please. thank you

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2021.01.23 04:06 ImABucketAsWell Restoring a piece of Boscha every day until either the hiatus ends or I have nothing else to add Day 21: Bun thing is back

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2021.01.23 04:06 Okayyyy___ Skincare suggestions??

So I have been using Cetaphil Gentle Foaming Skin Cleanser and the Cetaphil Daily Oil-Free Moisturizer for Combination Skin for about a month, but recently when I use it it has caused my skin to become blotchy and burn. Naturally, I stopped using it since this reaction started so now I am in need of a cleanser and moisturizer that wont irritate my skin. I have never had issues as far as skin sensitivity, so this is kind of new to me. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have combo skin, if that helps. I have no other real qualms about my skin, except for the occasional dry patch or acne flair up.
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2021.01.23 04:06 Longjumping_Energy_3 I need some clarity

Around the start of the farmer protests, a number of new people joined Librandu. I would assume that they're Sikhs
They fit in pretty well in the sub and all that. Now a bunch of posts have come about how one of them is a "kattar Sikh" I suppose one could say.
I need to know what they're talking about, and you see I need to know from someone unbiased so that I don't grt cherrypicked information.
Also what's the deal with Sikhism? All I know about it is what I read in some comics and also the fact that they let everyone eat in their hall, I have done so myself.
Do they treat blasphemy like everyone else? And later do they whatabout like everyone else?
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2021.01.23 04:06 moneyshouters BitBay Delists Monero Among Growing Privacy Concerns | dashnews

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2021.01.23 04:06 Schutz01 Timothy Zahn shall be the Lead Writer for Thrawn’s first appearance in the Mandoverse

Just hanging around with the idea that Zahn must write Thrawn’s first appearance, it would be huge, just imagine a character from the hand of his creator, such an awesome thing!
Who’s with me?
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2021.01.23 04:06 peet6 Beasties Sabotage 1994 this was as much part of the scene as anything else at the time

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2021.01.23 04:06 jeopardy_urbaniak Let’s talk R.Kelly

Obviously R.Kelly is guilty of doing incredibly awful things and he has been for all intents and purposes cancelled by most people because of it. Other very famous musicians like Elvis (was known to sleep with underage girls), James brown (abused his wife and was accused of rape), Steven Tyler ( was in a relationship with a 16 year old) have also done awful things that haven’t seemed to taint their reputation to the general public. Are the moral standards a musician is held to based on the quality of their music?
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2021.01.23 04:06 KalPark Question about motherboards ( x570 tuf)

hey guys. just got a tuf x570 board and it has been a while since I built my last pc. Im a little stumped by the 6 pin connector thats all the way top left of the imgur link that I posted. I dont have any cables that are 6 pin and I remember these only had 4 pins before. Am I missing something?
anyone that could explain why some boards have 4 pins and 6, would be awesome.

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2021.01.23 04:06 Minecraft_Stoner This sub doesn't let you post images from your gallery?

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2021.01.23 04:06 van-theman Four is the new archetype

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2021.01.23 04:06 chiniiiz Big lashes don’t suit my eyes well but when in doubt! Miss Ardell Wispies will always have my back 😂

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2021.01.23 04:06 0fftother4ces My boyfriend basically cheated on me

I’m not asking for advice because I know what the right thing to do is but fuck. My long term boyfriend who I am deeply in love with and who I thought was deeply in love with me downloaded an anonymous chat app to sext random women. I’m just so fucking hurt I just can’t believe that it’s real and it feels so fake that I am in denial and am finding it impossible to break up with him. This man was literally obsessed with me from the moment we met and we were eachothers first relationship. He didn’t talk to any women on the app and deleted it within 8 hours but that doesn’t make it any better because he still intended to sext ransoms when he first downloaded it. I saw the app on his phone when we were in the car but it’s not a popular app and I just figured it was a game or something because before this I was convinced the odds of him cheating on me was absolutely 0. Later on when I got home I researched the app and my heart was crushed. I called him the next morning and confronted the issue and he basically just sobbed begging me to talk to him in person so he could explain. I told him to stop contacting me because I need my space and we will talk on my own time. About a week later, we talked at his house and he told me that it jusg out of curiosity and that he’s so sorry and he showed me emails that proved he deleted the account after 8 hours and was just apologizing over and over again and I believed him in the moment and I didn’t forgive him but I basically gave him another chance and I am an idiot. I cannot stop thinking about how he downloaded this stupid fucking app to talk to other women but I love him so much that it’s so fucking hard. I’m still in such disbelief it feels fake that this is happening it feels like I’m dreaming. This is the lowest point of my life and I feel like I need him in order to not kill myself. Before this I was depressed enough and had to be put under suicide watch per my therapist(TMI sorry). My head knows that what he did is unforgivable and I am an absolute idiot for believing anything he says but my heart is overpowering this and it feels like I would much rather be miserable with him than miserable without him. I can’t tell anyone about this because I am just humiliated and I don’t want it to become a reality that this actually happened to me. I love him so much and I’m just replaying the day at his house where I forgave him over and over again in my head thinking about how I’m so dumb because his excuses were terrible but I just believed it. He said he downloaded it out of impulse and it was stupid and he regrets it and he realized quickly it’s not what he wanted. And I just bought it after about 2 hours of telling him I can’t forgive me. I feel so fucking dumb and I have no idea what to do.
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2021.01.23 04:06 Frescothedog Colour shift

Hey all,
I was curious if anyone has tried multiple colour shift on the same model, maybe even attempted to do checkers with them?
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2021.01.23 04:06 skele-enby420 Absolute stunner

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2021.01.23 04:06 NormalRedditorISwear Am

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2021.01.23 04:06 Horrorfan5 What’s worse?

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2021.01.23 04:06 Atomic_Gui LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO

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2021.01.23 04:06 WideMeme_O_Happy Feel the Bern

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2021.01.23 04:06 haymac1000

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