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Fiberglass vs phenolic tip

Tip definition is - overturn, upset —usually used with over. How to use tip in a sentence. Synonyms of tip (Entry 2 of 5) 1 a small sum of money given for a service over and above what is due gave our waiter an extra large tip for such fantastic service Another word for tip. Find more ways to say tip, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 1. countable noun The tip of something long and narrow is the end of it. The sleeves covered his hands to the tips of his fingers. [ + of] She poked and shifted things with the tip of her walking stick. [ + of] TIP | A complete iShares TIPS Bond ETF exchange traded fund overview by MarketWatch. View the latest ETF prices and news for better ETF investing. Why TIP? 1. Exposure to U.S. TIPS, which are government bonds whose face value rises with inflation . 2. Access to the domestic TIPS market in a single fund . 3. Seek to protect against intermediate-term inflation 1. The end of a pointed or projecting object. 2. A piece or an attachment, such as a cap or ferrule, meant to be fitted to the end of something else: the barbed tip of a harpoon. tip verb (ONE SIDE HIGHER) C2 [ I or T ] to (cause to) move so that one side is higher than another side: The table tipped, and all our drinks fell on the floor. Tip definition, a slender or pointed end or extremity, especially of anything long or tapered: the tips of the fingers. See more. A 10-year Treasury inflation-protected security, or TIPs, (TIP) has earned 12.8% in 2020, its biggest yearly gain since 2011 when inflation insurance would have booked a gain of 16.9%, according to...

2021.01.23 04:10 warlockhandler Fiberglass vs phenolic tip

Hey Billiards fam,
What's your experience with Fibreglass tip vs Phenolic tip break cues??
Shot power ?? Control ?? Durability ?? Maintenance ??
All / Any help appreciated 🙏🙂
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2021.01.23 04:10 Thugnificent01 [USA-NY] [H] Alienware Aurora R6, Lenovo Chromebook Duet 128 GB [W] PayPal, Local cash

Alienware Aurora R6
In very good condition, specs are as follows:
16 GB Ram
GTX 1080 TI
Intel Optane
240 GB SSD
DVD- Writer
Wifi + Bluetooth
Windows 10 home
Want: $825, local only please, for this

Lenovo Duet
In brand new condition. I have used it less than 10 hours, i just don't have any use for it. BHought it back in November but it has been sitting there. Maybe used 3-4 times for small youtube sessions, other than that it's practically brand new. It's the 128 GB Ice blue version.
Want: $239 shipped or $233 local. (Queens, NY)
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2021.01.23 04:10 chaseguy099 [FNV] Good mods for TTW?

I'm looking for some overall good mods that work with TTW, things like NMCs doesn't work without a lot of work that doesn't seem to be worth it.
I'm looking for any texture mods or weather mods, or anything else that is recommended.
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2021.01.23 04:10 MrFluffPants1349 Just changed my grip module out for coyote brown on my P365XL. Lovin' the two tone

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2021.01.23 04:10 Stalwart_Vanguard "This tastes... Unlucky to me" is a very Juke and Aboot thing to say

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2021.01.23 04:10 observeromega87 [Homemade] Chicken Fajita mix!

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2021.01.23 04:10 barry-bulletkin Cannot purchase a realm due to vague “account settings”

So I tried to set up a realm earlier today on my switch, but as I said in the title it won’t let me. Every fix for this ive found is specifically for Xbox. I do not own an Xbox. I’ve tried calling support but they won’t connect me to a person and instead send me to their help forums or whatever it’s called which are of no use to me. Online support has been similarly fruitless. So I turn to reddit.
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2021.01.23 04:10 yeetclan_32 awwww this is so cute

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2021.01.23 04:10 fishstax1 Redditors, why are you about to rub one out?

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2021.01.23 04:10 akirasherwood 21F without a best friend

Title says it all I believe. I'm struggling to find good friends at all because my mind is often too different from the people around it. Either they don't know what to do with me or I'm not satisfied.
Summary about me:
I'm very much struggling with regular depression and a medium form of anxiety and I can get very clingy if I feel good with someone. If I'm not asleep I'll almost always be available for talks and often ask for talks, I'd like to stick to someone a bit yknow.
My main hobby is very much League of Legends, but no, I'm not a support main. I'd love to find a Duo Q partner, I miss having one. Most of my free time definitely goes into League and I don't intend to stop
I'm also into drawing, I like to create characters for existing or my own universes. Struggling with a big artblock atm though, sadly
Used to be a big anime fan, haven't watched anything recently though
Music-wise I listen to almost everything except for Asian pop, I am very much into anything rocky and most 80s
I also have very odd views on the world for most people and I'm a sucker for philosophical 3am talks about basically anything from music origins to the secret archives of the Vatican and the alien knowledge they might keep there
I gotta say, if you're someone with a certain belief on how this world works behind human understanding (yes I am pointing towards religion and anything like it), it is likely I'll not join you on your position since I already know what I believe in is a rather tiny fraction. As long as you don't judge I don't either.
Oh yeah also I often don't use emojis, though that doesn't mean I'm angry or something
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2021.01.23 04:10 Josephus08 BINGO 2020 Review: The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury (Short Stories)

Hi Redditors,
I'm trying to catch up on some of my recently completed squares.
I read a portion of The Illustrated Man (over halfway, until my audiobook loan had to be returned on Overdrive).
I was very surprised at how "current" some of the verbiage and stories felt. Most were very easy to read and comprehend, with simple.vernacular and pacing. Having read only some of the "classic sci fi" I kind of expected the story to be less fun, more stuffy, etc.
Anyway, I enjoyed listening to the group of short stories. I especially was partial to the story about Black people living on Mars and the white astronauts arriving, begging for mercy and forgiveness (the other foot).
I did like the Savannah story (the veldt), as well as the time traveler couple running from "the company (the fox and the forest).
Some of the others, like Rocketman or Last night of the world, had some poignant thoughts, specifically the allure of the travel/work can be too much for some people or what do you do when you know the end is coming?
Others were fairly boring or just not my style/story type (kaleidoscope, highway, exiles, no particular night or morning).
Overall, I would recommend this group of short stories (6/10 of the parts I read).
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2021.01.23 04:10 mateoar Measuring power consumption for small devices

Hello guys,
I frequently find myself building and testing small battery powered devices, some of these devices operate in very low power mode. I've been trying to measure the power consumption of these devices to estimate battery life by measuring the current with a multimeter but I've found that alternative to be unprecise due to (I think) the multimeter averaging the measured current. What equipment or technique would you aproach to estimate battery life of devices when the currents are really small?
I know there must be really pricey equipment perfectly capable of accomplishing this task, but I'm looking for a not so expensive way of doing it if possible.
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2021.01.23 04:10 RLCD-Bot ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34] [Crimson Future Shock] [Crimson Stegosaur] [Crimson Standard] [Black Dieci]

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2021.01.23 04:10 Kaitrii vandirils newest video - When Viego COMPLETELY BREAKS League of Legends! Best Bug EVER?!

thanks for winning me my bet vandiril. i had a bet going on (which i even mentioned in some other thread) where i said i saw viegos state on the pbe and that they will never ever fix more than 25% of those bugs before he gets shipped live.
as vandiril said in the vid description... this entire video was recorded on live servers. and thus making me win my bet.
also to quote the top comment for the luls (and because its fitting)
Riot: "We still have over 100 unaccounted for bugs." Also Riot: "Let's release him to live with over 100 bonus features."
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2021.01.23 04:10 PrideOfElites These are confusing times

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2021.01.23 04:10 _Anonymous_Person_7 Bundle of stuff

This item can be given by the wandering trader or found some other way. It is just a bundle with random things in it that are useful but too powerful. It is a lucky thing. the bundle of stuff would be very cheap but you can only get it maybe once. Lucky bundles.
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2021.01.23 04:10 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-francesco-petrarca-0

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2021.01.23 04:10 _wookie2000 Cute Asuna Selfie

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2021.01.23 04:10 Different-Copy6220 Software Configuration Item/Baselines

Ok you guys. A month ago I asked about SCCM must-haves, and you guys delivered. Configuration baselines piqued my interest and man are they helpful. I am working on trying to get one to work but having issues.
What I am trying to do is have a config item/baseline check for certain software, and if it is installed, then run another script that configures it a certain way. If the check comes back that the software is not installed, then install it and configure it.
I was able to create 2 separate config items and then add them to the config baseline, and it seems to work, but it always comes back with compliance errors. It seems to be running both options and then timing out, even though it completes the task.
Any ideas?
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2021.01.23 04:10 LOLsike1319 Chose a H710i as a first build

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2021.01.23 04:10 gochewontinfoil Someone is using my photos. Help!

This morning some random account with a completely different username took five of my photos including thumbnail, then followed my whole friends list. At first they only had my photos then throughout the day they started adding random pervy pornstar model pics from other accounts.
I had reported and blocked the account before any of the gross pictures went up, so I didn't worry/think much about it until the texts from my friends started rolling in. I changed all of my passwords and checked the usage logs. I don't use social media that often and it was clear that no one has hacked anything. At least 50 people have reported this account as spam throughout the day, yet it hasn't been taken down yet. Is this a thing that happens? Is there anything else I can do?
Thanks folks!
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2021.01.23 04:10 jswhitfi My submission for the National Wild Turkey Federation 2021 Grand National Callmaking Competition: the pot, striker head, and stand are made from Maker's Mark barrel lid staves.

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2021.01.23 04:10 tittttttttttyyyyyyyl Can y’all follow this ig please

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2021.01.23 04:10 argosp ASUS Tuf F15 GPU hits 83°C

Hi, I recently bought an ASUS TUF F15 FX506LI. I usually don't play games on my laptops, but Battlefront II was free. After a few minutes of gaming GPU temp goes up to 83°C and the case gets very hot. Is this normal for this laptop or something is not working properly with the cooling system?
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2021.01.23 04:10 Derpface21 Ch. 265 (Golden Kamuy) - Keyhole

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