Go! [ITG] CLX SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i7 10700 - 32GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 480GB SSD + 3TB HDD - Black |

[ITG] CLX SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i7 10700 - 32GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 480GB SSD + 3TB HDD - Black

2021.01.23 04:24 lordloxi [ITG] CLX SET Gaming Desktop - Intel Core i7 10700 - 32GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 480GB SSD + 3TB HDD - Black

Hey guys. Looking for opinions on this. Is this overpriced in relation to MSRP?
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2021.01.23 04:24 ethereum88 Someone bought $15 million in BAT (an Ethereum Token)

Suspected buyer is Grayscale.
The point is, even Ethereum's "children" are getting so much funds, Ethereum itself will be benefitting big time in the near future.
Sources: https://www.reddit.com/BATProject/comments/l30pwu/who_do_you_think_bought_15_million_in_bat_recently/
The corresponding jump in price can be seen on Coinbase:
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2021.01.23 04:24 pokemon-wooper I have no revives left because of my recent raids so help me with 5034 6482 5521

I used my Pokémon so much on the recent kyogre and groudon raids that I can’t even beat the go grunts
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2021.01.23 04:24 TheTraditionalPrice Are Ismailis in Texas actually distributing drugs, promoting illegal gambling, and calling in murders?

I'm based in Europe, but have family in the USA so I know illegal gambling is rampant amongst Texas Ismailis. I also know feds have busted Ismailis for drug + synthetic drug distribution in Texas before.
BUT are Ismailis actually calling in murders/getting murdered due to the politics of these businesses? Heard a guy who owned multiple illegal gambling venues in Houston was recently shot and killed. Also heard another Ismaili in Texas by the name of "Kar*m" involved in drug distribution has called in multiple murders..
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2021.01.23 04:24 ExtremeZebra5 I need to move for a new job, but I can't drive. Which city is best for pedestrians/cyclists?

I've lived in NYC my whole life so I've never driven before. In the next few weeks I'm going to need to move for a new job, and I was told that I get to pick which office I want to be at. I'm a bit apprehensive about choosing a place to live and realizing that I can't do anything or go anywhere until I learn to drive and get a license.
My choices are:
Sunnyvale, CA (in the bay area)
El Dorado Hills, CA (near Sacremento)
Rosemead, CA (Los Angeles County)
Irvine, CA
Hillsboro, OR (suburb outside Portland)
Atlanta, GA
Raleigh, NC
Charlotte, NC
Salt Lake City, Utah
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2021.01.23 04:24 moshedman85 You can pee without it burning

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2021.01.23 04:24 CaptGingerBush [US/IN][H]Absolute Carnage: Scream 1-3 Bagley Connecting Covers [W]Paypal

Absolute Carnage: Scream 1-3 Bagley Connecting Covers - $25 shipped
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2021.01.23 04:24 burn_brighter18 Not sure if this fits here, but I have to see if this means anything to anyone. Art by @eraniss on Tumblr

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2021.01.23 04:24 impostorbot Preposterous!

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2021.01.23 04:24 ryuu745 [Help][xbone][DSR] gravelord nito, at second bonfire please password 1234

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2021.01.23 04:24 I_am_EhEhRon [Discussion] Having a twitch giveaway right now!!

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2021.01.23 04:24 santosmarco XB7 worth to upgrade?

I have been using a XB6 almost 2 years (since April 2019) with absolutely zero issues, I have 1GB plan and Xfinity delivers 940 Mbs (ethernet) very consistent and my Wifi is around 500/600 Mbs using directly the Xfinity Router.
I just received the XB7 looking for WIFI 6 and maybe go over 1Gbs due to XB6 caps at 940Mbs.
Before moving to XB7 I did some research and I got completely scared with so many posts related to WIFI issues, speed downgrade and constant internet drops.
Simple question: Should I install the XB7? or just return XB7 to Xfinity! :(
Please help me! I have a very stable network (Xfinity XB6 + Airport Extreme 6th Gen + Netgear AX8 Wifi extender).
Thank you!
PS: If I try to install and things goes wrong, can I just put back the old router as roll back plan?
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2021.01.23 04:24 Ok-RemoveThis Hello guys, very need help

That text is about being “XXV” and completing main adventure or maybe defeating super one shot kill dwarf god. Just im gonna ask some quests and tell you something. Immediately entering to question: How to defeat Dwarf King on stage 30-10? And the “something” I see much players on 28 - 29 M power got defeated them and completed the Main Quest 25 and their statistics is around; 1,250m ATK (some of them 1,350 400, thats with who got atk inc.) 12.500.000 - 11.500.000 DEF Around 1,500.- 1,250. HP. Their overall are 27-29M
And absurdly i see very much players that got 1,350 - 1,450 ATK 13 - 14 M DEF (i see one with 15,810.000 lmao) 1.500. HP THAT STILL XXIV... (Main Quest 24)
How guys? I got higher stats than some XXV (MainQ25) players.. Without buff My stats is ; 1,375 ATK 27.8Crit 13 M DEF 1,340 HP Overall 28M AND , if dwarf king touch me , i die. Even he touches 2 times with 5.0+ buffs. Did you understand guys? How the hell? I saw one with 11M Def .. How they should defeat Dwarf King (30-10) ? Even if theyre not super impossible pros? How ?
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2021.01.23 04:24 Castener [Writing Question] Could Fantasy Dwarves outpace the Tunneling Companies of the Royal Engineers?

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2021.01.23 04:24 XxxMireya Where can I watch deadly class

Hi I want to watch deadly class but for free do you guys know were I can watch it
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2021.01.23 04:24 BearCatcher23 17 year old boy having a moment

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2021.01.23 04:24 trillzar WHOS WITH ME

These masks don’t work they kill way more than this coronavirus aka a common cold like a long time ago the common cold killed a lot they made a vaccine that doesn’t work it just gave everyone else except for us autism and the common cold just got weaker over time it had nothing to do with the vaccine which is the same thing that’s gonna happen with this coronavirus vaccine like omg did you see how a couple people got the first one and went outside and STILL GOT CORONA it’s like what we have to build an immunity to it through out time that’s why they give you a second one and these masks just make you breathe in co2 LOOK AT HOW MANY PEOPLE WEARING MASKS KILLED millions it wasn’t this coronavirus it was the masks breathing in co2 and the government devices in them to keep you sheep controlled I mean I wore one once and I felt like I was ficking brainwashed dood
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2021.01.23 04:24 icheeser_ NSFW ~ 📸 🔥

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2021.01.23 04:24 krowtossie MEGA HOUNDOOM 8566 2990 3359

Adding first in
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2021.01.23 04:24 BadfingerD I accidentally paused too many times in Unlimited and it gave my opponent the ability to cancel the match and give me a loss? U srs???

What the **** just happened??? Can't it just not let me pause instead of straight up cancelling the game and giving me a loss when im up 13 in the 3rd quarter??!!!
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2021.01.23 04:24 BigsbyCollins Bernie hears the Buddha

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2021.01.23 04:24 Curtmister25 Has anyone tried infection where the humans have swords and the zombies have guns?

I’m sure it would be worse than regular infection, but as a game designer I just wonder how it would play out 🤷🏻‍♂️
Also I don’t think my friends would like me trying this on them 😅
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2021.01.23 04:24 Boiarchy Mic arm won’t fit on my desk any ideas

Hi all, it's my first post here (woo!) but I just ordered a mic stand (all links at bottom) but it’s way to small to fit my desk is there any way to change the clamp on the arm or something of that nature?any ideas helps.
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2021.01.23 04:24 Ashley2007 Spoiler! Graves

In season 8 Damon digs four graves at Tyler’s memorial service and in preparation for the gang to get there. He tells them he’s going to bury each of them. Why did he only do four graves? Matt, Caroline, Stefan, Bonnie and Alaric. He didn’t know Bonnie wouldn’t be there ...And why wasn’t Bonnie there?
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2021.01.23 04:24 ifyaknow Automatic Subtitle/Transcript generator

Hi all! I'm looking for a docker container (or other Linux based software) for automatically generating subtitles / transcripts of videos.
Preferred a nice and easy "drag to /watch" subtitles / transcript exported to "/output" or something similar.
If the process is more manual, that is fine too. Just perfer something deployable in docker.
Thank you! (also, no 'services' please, I'm aware of the paid off-site solutions, thank you!)
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