Go! My bonsai is bigger than yours. It also has a baby that I'm growing into a horizontal canopy for fun. → |

My bonsai is bigger than yours. It also has a baby that I'm growing into a horizontal canopy for fun. →

2021.03.07 08:36 red_hippos My bonsai is bigger than yours. It also has a baby that I'm growing into a horizontal canopy for fun. →

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2021.03.07 08:36 orhan4422 Let's Theorize about next week's release (not the pipes)

Let's Theorize about the mystery item of the next week. Is it a new race? Or is it the face customizer? Keep your hopes up and theorize away!
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2021.03.07 08:36 urlradar3 Wtf are there any social media groups of online friends where can have fun?

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2021.03.07 08:36 rCTAbot Rail: Loop-bound Brown Line Delays (Significant Delays)

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2021.03.07 08:36 Rakan-701 تتفق ولا ما ما تتفق

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2021.03.07 08:36 Kitty_With_Glasses Today’s the day!

I spent a bunch of money online and I also learned that my family is moving across the country over the summer, so that’s something. Anyone else March 7th? I’ve never met another
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2021.03.07 08:36 gcforreal02 [Prebuilt] IBuyPower Ryzen 9 3900X, RTX 3070, 32gb DDR4 3200, 240mm AIO, 500gb nvme - $1670 (CODE: DEFER)

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2021.03.07 08:36 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-robert-heinlein-23

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2021.03.07 08:36 Mello115935 Japanese Twitter helps anon

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2021.03.07 08:36 InFernoOne420 Poem for my BIG BEAUTIFUL WIFE LAYLA 💘

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2021.03.07 08:36 Sparksloth [ele shaman] so what legendary do we use in m+ next week?

Echoes or Windspeakers or Skybreakers? i have to admit i have a soft spot for windspeakers in tyrannical weeks, but general speaking: will skybreakers or echoes be better? (i hope skybreakers. echoes is so annoying to use tbh)
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2021.03.07 08:36 urlradar3 Christians, what would Jesus have to do for you to not like him anymore?

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2021.03.07 08:36 Benkeltos Hayat tecrübesi en pahalı eğitimdir

çünkü ağır bedeller öderiz
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2021.03.07 08:36 freedict WSJ Article that exposes some of the HFs tricks.

"To protect themselves, hedge funds have gravitated toward bets that spread out their risk, said managers and their clients. Some are following new internal rules to close out short positions before they lose too much money. Others are finding ways to take positions without having to disclose them to the market."
How is this legal??
"Short interest on U.S. exchange-traded funds has ticked up to 21.4% from 20.3% from mid January, according to the S3 data, a sign that some investors are switching out of single-name shorts into shorts on indexes* instead."
MSM knows..
"Another lesson from GameStop is to avoid disclosing certain holdings so as to not attract attention from opposite-minded investors. One strategy is to use so-called total return swaps, in which investors pay a bank a fee to earn returns on certain securities but don’t actually own those securities, eliminating the need for disclosure.
A hedge-fund manager with $2.5 billion in assets under management said he now uses total return swaps 80% of the time, up from 50% before GameStop. He avoids buying put options, which give investors the right to sell stock at a certain time and price and must be disclosed, and times his trades to minimize disclosure at quarter-end."
Return swaps..?
All in all an interesting article. MSM knows more than they're letting on and HFs are scared.. 💎🙌
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2021.03.07 08:36 urlradar3 What's something weird you thought was normal until you found out it wasn't?

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2021.03.07 08:36 Carlos_Silverman KCS about to go off

KuCoin is about to go off on this next run, now is a good time to get in while it’s still at a major discount. Lots of news to come with this coin, that tied with the next big move up will be huge.
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2021.03.07 08:36 cutiefatootie Regardless of my intentions, how do I let my sister know that my mom used her cheque and forged her signature?

My mom used my sister's cheque and forged her signature as a "collateral" (sorry not sure about the term. Basically my mom has loans and she used the cheque as "security"). My sister is a bank manager and she could lose her job because of this. How do I expose this without exposing myself? I know my sister well and she might get carried away with emotions and tell my mom that the info was from me.
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2021.03.07 08:36 lamborghini_dave79 Rogan is such a beta cuck

The guy stomps around like a giant when he’s on one such as “I’m not interviewing fighters if they get knocked out.” Way to stick to your guns Joe. Interviewing Sterling after, according to Joe, is “concussed.”
He’s so disconnected he can’t even do an interview anymore. “So did the fight play out like you thought it would?” (His post fight interview to Stylebender). Fortunately he got an honest response which was “obviously not because I lost.”
I like Cormier but when paired with Joe, they act like they are the the most fascinating people when they speak a sentence. I bet money on Jan and I thought he looked composed the entire fight. Nearly all Blogans comments were off base and heavily biased to Izzy’s favor until the takedowns and also Cormier clarifying he did think the fight was close. Joe even went as far as laughing about how Izzy is just flat out winning and out scoring Jan when the stats showed the opposite.
Joe is the epitome of working a 9-5 in a cubicle. He just gets paid a lot and had a lot of Yes Men surrounding him to reassure him that he’s funny, super smart, amazingly insightful and tall.
Joe rogan: hype man, fair weather Stan, epitome of a grifter, a walking wiki of basic bitch knowledge and loves to hear the sound of his voice while he stares at his HGH gut that blocks the view of his tiny cock as he pisses on his balls.
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2021.03.07 08:36 boscujin Cat Attacks Pilot, Forcing Plane To Make Emergency Landing

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2021.03.07 08:36 Farquaad_the_Lord Sounds about right

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2021.03.07 08:36 PapaJoe7 The Quiets - Saturday Nite at The Duckpond [Instrumental Surf]

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2021.03.07 08:36 CyanBluThePro16 How to get the playing status

one of my friends was playing but they had the playing status how do i get it?
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2021.03.07 08:36 ekrem2602 I asked for hours but got this instead... dont know what to think about this (be proud or sad?) haha

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2021.03.07 08:36 kids_cartoon Best Stories of 2020, kca

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2021.03.07 08:36 urlradar3 What’s the funniest shit you’ve ever seen?

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