2021.03.03 21:40 Corgi_Alive ONE WORD.. TWO SYLLABLES: NIO 🚀

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2021.03.03 21:40 Cammygoat48 Made a skin a couple days ago :)

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2021.03.03 21:40 ramilgadirov Travis Bickle illustration by me

Travis Bickle illustration by me submitted by ramilgadirov to DigitalArt [link] [comments]

2021.03.03 21:40 thepasystem WWE CHAMPIONS SURVIVOR - ROUND 49 - Choose the 4th Greatest WWE Champion

With over 40% of the votes, THE ROCK has been eliminated as the 5th Greatest WWE Champion of all time.
And with that we are down to an unsurprising final 4:
Bruno Sammartino - The longest reigning champion and the biggest star of the pre-WrestleMania era.
Hulk Hogan - The face of wrestling in the 80's and made wrestling a global phenomenon.
Stone Cold Steve Austin - The top guy in WWE in wrestling's hottest period in the 90's.
John Cena - The 13-time WWE Champion that was the face of the company for over a decade.
For those that are new, criteria is based on the impact they has as champion as opposed to overall career.
Current Standings
52: Jinder Mahal
51: Vince McMahon
50: Alberto Del Rio
49: Stan Stasiak
48: Sycho Sid
47: Ivan Koloff
46: Rey Mysterio
45: Sgt. Slaughter
44: The Miz
43: Andre the Giant
42: Bray Wyatt
41: Kane
40: The Iron Sheik
39: Big Show
38: Rob Van Dam
37: Buddy Rogers
36: Jeff Hardy
35: Diesel
34: Sheamus
33: JBL
32: Pedro Morales
31: Batista
30: Yokozuna
29: Superstar Billy Graham
28: Dean Ambrose
27: Kofi Kingston
26: Chris Jericho
25: Roman Reigns
24: The Ultimate Warrior
23: Drew McIntyre
22: Mankind
21: Bob Backlund
20: Ric Flair
19: Seth Rollins
18: Eddie Guerrero
17: Edge
16: AJ Styles
15: The Undertaker
14: Randy Orton
13: Daniel Bryan
12: Kurt Angle
11: Shawn Michaels
10: Triple H
09: CM Punk
08: Macho Man Randy Savage
07: Brock Lesnar
06: Bret Hart
05: The Rock
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2021.03.03 21:40 savannakochell So........ What do we do?

I get that a lot of us are still going to wear masks, and certain businesses are going to continue to do their best to enforce mask rules, but realistically not enough people are going to be taking precautions. What do we do? Is there anything we can do to prevent contracting covid? Do I literally have to drop everything and move just to be safe????
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2021.03.03 21:40 writrauna Help with some aggressive behaviors?

My dog is a medium sized mix breed dog. He is 2 years old, almost 60pounds. He normally is happy playful dog, but he becomes aggressive at the vets office mostly. He has never let us clip his nails, but the vet can't even do it neither without sedating him. Now it seems just having an exam will cause him to become aggressive too. Today he actually got aggressive a little at home while I was trying to give him medication. Idk if it's a response to fear? Is there anything we should be doing to help this not happen? He has vaccines coming up due and I'm terrified he won't let the vet give them to him.
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2021.03.03 21:40 zazabizarre Started doing embroidery during lockdown and have begun drawing my own designs on the fabric. I still need a lot of improvement but just happy to find a hobby I love. Swipe for progress shots!

Started doing embroidery during lockdown and have begun drawing my own designs on the fabric. I still need a lot of improvement but just happy to find a hobby I love. Swipe for progress shots! submitted by zazabizarre to Embroidery [link] [comments]

2021.03.03 21:40 Markotron3000 NEWCASTLE CITY CENTRE | POST LOCKDOWN | UK

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2021.03.03 21:40 Ford_Martin Recent studies find Conservatives treat others more equally than Liberals

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2021.03.03 21:40 boyceorboice NG Baileys Head office and building site occupied over deskilling (UK electricians)

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2021.03.03 21:40 Tommytuf Kish, mischievous and alluring, only Ballas can deal with her personality.

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2021.03.03 21:40 Dreyden_Wicker Furry_irl

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2021.03.03 21:40 gkkcmn Asker annesini görmek için sabırsızlandığını söyler

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2021.03.03 21:40 Luzak30 I wrote a Game for BEng Thesis w/ Godot! :)

Small story background: I'm a student from Poland (currently doing Masters) that almost failed at college due to sudden family & financial problems, sprinkled with a little bit of depression & decent amount adhd. Luckily the therapy worked really well for me and I managed to get some of my stuff together and start rolling with that college good.
In span of just one year I realised that I moved from some deep dark place that I can only make some nasty dark stand-up jokes to a place where I'm able to create my own game, which was like the cool dream that I had as a kid. It's like: "Hey, didn't I like... - back in the days - wanted to be just right in this very position where I can create my own very game? Yeah, probably, well... thats cool." And so it began.
/end of small story
And so here is a video footage of this little bad boy. You know, it's having his decent amount of adventages... it's working, you can do something, you can play with friends, there's actually my own OST... I know I know I could1 make some animations and stuff, but it's still in his early age! :) He have some good foundations like good serveparties management, no random data hanging around in the background (that could be abused by dirty cheaters to their adventage... well I wanted to make a metaphore, but let's be civilised, lol).
https://streamable.com/f6smkb (wow, I compressed it too much, but anyways :D )
So the game is basically a cross-platform auto-battler (you buy minions, then you watch if you did good) that features medieval/fantasy world with huge focus on: - Determinism (no "bad luck", everything can be calculated - think about it like in chess) - Easy-to-Play & Hard-to-Master - Field Mechanics - Buffs & Synergies & Tactics - Readability - On-start Hero choosing (not developed yet, just placeholders) - Pre-game Camp Management (you can setup upgrades before game starts - think about it like having your own deck in a card game, these adventages are resource limited, so "no grind to win" and they are unlocked via playing - think about it maybe like in some roguelike but skills can be capped so you have to make some deck/skill building decisions)
Anyways, here's the paper (sadly - in Polish language, so probably 70 pages of randomly placed letters for most people, but few pictures are hanging around here and there! :) ) that covers some of my research and lot's of explanations - like the good & bad randomness in games, good UX foundations like that you need only 3 clicks at most to get from main menu to any desired button and etc.
(^ this little piece of fake sheets of virtual wood along with code of the game made me get my BEng Thesis grade: "very good" :3)
I wish I had more time to finish the game, but at this moment my times occupied totally by full time job & college, but I'm very determined to finish it and release it somehow for free! :D And I wish I could play with like anyone from here you guys, that would be a magic moment but I don't have any server and budget at this very moment for moment but I'm looking forward for that in the future :3
AND BIG BIG SHOUTOUT TO GODOT DISCORD. Lot's of good people that helped me out at the beginning with like anything I asked. Love you <3
sorry that this thing is so adhd-ish written, but cant hold my excitement! :)
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2021.03.03 21:40 Gabbb612 [PSN][H] LIST [W] Any OFFER

Blueprints Hny inverted white
Flamerate sky blue
Io purpel
Fennec Ombre black
Flim flam burnt sienna(very rare)
Flim flam white (very rare)
Grappler crimson
Lightspeed black
Nipper black
Octane vertebrate white
Fennec hardline forest green
Octane abtruse crimson
Crates? Golden egg "20
Bodies Breakout Type-S Cs 3
Dominus GT Pcc
Dominus GT Cs1
Octan ZSR Cs4
Takumi RX-T Cs1
Grey Venom
Decals: Octane ZSR - Funny Book Crimson
Endo MG-88
Takumi Distortion
Takumi Anubis
Takuni Vector
Dominus Snakeskin
Paint Finishes: Anodized
Toon Glossy
Wheels: Falco Orange
Spyder Safron
Veloce Orange
Septem Forest Green Turtle
Turbine Purple
Polyergic Inverted TW Aviator
Boosts: Dark matter Scorer
Hexaphase Purple
Neo Thermal Scorer
Painted Toppers: Bowler Blue
Chef's hat Black
Cromulon Crimson
Drink helmet Burnt sienna
Fez Cobalt
Fire helmet {Cobalt - Green - Purple}
Fruit hat {Crimson - Yellow}
Halo Pink
Hawaiian lei Burnst sienna
Ivy cap Lime
Jack in the box Forest Gren
Mariachi Hat Orange
Mms headphones Orange
Pirate's hat Saffron
Pork pie {Cobalt - Purple}
Surfboard Burnt sienna
Top Hat {Saffron - TW }
Trucker hat Pink
Unicorn Saffron
Visor Saffron
Witch's hat {Orange - Sky Blue}
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2021.03.03 21:40 iamjimothy Does anybody else use The Sims to build their dream homes? Cozy kitchen WIP.

Does anybody else use The Sims to build their dream homes? Cozy kitchen WIP. submitted by iamjimothy to thesims [link] [comments]

2021.03.03 21:40 Csgmk7gti Loving every minute of it 🤙🏼

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2021.03.03 21:40 kKrispyKreme woof_irl

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2021.03.03 21:40 M8ten7 3705 1020 6053 (Sending gifts today for field research and fast 3k xp)

3705 1020 6053
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2021.03.03 21:40 Miha_8 Post Scriptum - Schiessbecher gameplay / German Grenade Launcher

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2021.03.03 21:40 SnooRobots9103 It immediately shakes you awake!

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2021.03.03 21:40 HumbleAd8784 27 [F4M] Michigan USA, looking to meet with someone who's ready for something serious. USA/Canada

Hi I'm here to meet with someone who knows what it takes to be in a relationship, someone that I can share things with, someone who's always going to be there for me, someone with a good paying job, someone I can spend my life, my time with.
Hobbies are, long road trips, music, chat, hiking, meeting new people and I like to try new things. I'm also open to LDR
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2021.03.03 21:40 Empty_Donut_Hole Question: What is the best strat for playing with and against snipers?

I'm finding there is a difficult middle ground between always being in attack mode and constantly pushing versus those who like to sit back and snipe the entire time. Which is the better strat? Not only for playing against snipers, but playing with them? If one or two are sniping on a squad, and the other(s) is attacking, it often can go poorly. Yet, we've all been pestered by annoying snipers who deplete our health, shields, and ammo. Is there a middle ground strat? What is yours?
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2021.03.03 21:40 Plllllluto Me and my brother restored this Soviet Drum set

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2021.03.03 21:40 kobony Festnight Bettgestell Dunkelbraun Massivholz Kiefer 160 x 200 cm

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