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Insight into beastmaster revised versions.

2021.03.03 21:12 easyant13 Insight into beastmaster revised versions.

Have a player playing his first character and is trying to decide on his subclass he loves the idea of Besstmaster , but hates the action academy. We don't have access to the tashas version and the UA revised ranger is nice but also not compatible with DND beyond. Would just allowing them to command the companion with their bonus action, and leave everything from the PHB intact, break or OP that class?
The gm binder v1.2 is really cool but seems way overpowered, allowing you to pick the features of the companion. And getting core features from other classes. Any thoughts on this build? v1.2
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2021.03.03 21:12 RatardoMoneyBags Robinhood Transfer(retard)

I’m ready to make the switch and looking for advice. I have a webull account already and would prefer to transfer there if it’s the quickest. Just curious about the best approach to this for the quickest & safest transfer?
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2021.03.03 21:12 neonbeanie17 I was robbed of my weed and bong if anyone could donate it would mean a lot:)

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2021.03.03 21:12 GodwinOJ 2V2 CHAOS - ROCKET LEAGUE #118

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2021.03.03 21:12 Rebel_Plays I would really love to see a Purple Broly Zenkai! What are your thoughts???

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2021.03.03 21:12 jibbytwoshoes ISO fishin buds on ps4

Hello everyone! I’m 16 years old, from California and I love trout fishing. Just recently downloaded the game but I’m lvl 15-16 ish and I plan on grindin so leave those gt’s in the comments or pm me! Hope to see some of y’all on the water.
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2021.03.03 21:12 Juggernaut-False Sitting here crying because I’m so addicted to weed and I feel it’s holding me back. 27 years old

I’m really trying to improve. I mean it. I exercise I’m trying to change my diet. Improve my confidence etc. but my biggest problem is that I love weed.
It makes me lazy and unmotivated and I always put off my self improvement goals. But it just feels so good.
I’m sitting here crying because I know it’s holding me back and taking my money but I don’t know how to stop. I feel like once I stop I’ll be able to really kick my self improvement into overdrive
PS I am a 27 year old guy that wants his own place but I’m nowhere near that point. We makes me lazy and put all things such as getting a second job etc. things that can really get my self improvement plan going
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2021.03.03 21:12 zb2000x RTX shader help

I really love the official Nvidia Rtx shaders on windows 10 minecraft but there's some issues I can't solve

  1. I want to be able to use them on Java if that is possible
  2. Most of the shaders consists of very high resolution textures, which is great, except it's only a few blocks and they keep the rest of the vanilla textures so it just looks weird. I have tried removing the high resolution textures that look out of place but that doesn't work
As far as I'm aware these are the only shaders easily available that use actually ray tracing and have multiple blocks that glow different colors and have a mirror block, if there are any other please let me know
and if there is a way to get these packs onto Java that would be great to
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2021.03.03 21:12 shilpagupta74 Total Newbie question - Daily trading?

New to investing and crypto. I am thinking of buying a small amount of Bitcoin. Firstly, can I buy a fraction of bitcoin through brokerage accounts like Schwab, Citi or RH? Also, since I would be experimenting is it possible to sell the fractional crypto the next day or on a daily basis? Or every time we buy we would need to get a secure key/ code?
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2021.03.03 21:12 yrdsl Merlyn, spreading absolute truth

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2021.03.03 21:12 Lingenfelter KISS "Unmasked" Live in Sydney (1980)

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2021.03.03 21:12 BOB_BestOfBugs How do I use my Host-GPU in VirtualBox

I have a nvidia 1080 gpu which i want my virtual mashine to also use.
I tried googleing it, but none of the answers helped me. For example, my nvidia control panel doesnt have a "Preferred graphics processor" setting.
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2021.03.03 21:12 load87 [PC] [H] Tactician Purple Apex [W] 16k or Offers

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2021.03.03 21:12 CalebJames14 Bumper Respray

Best place to get a respray of my MK5 GTI Rear Bumper?
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2021.03.03 21:12 bowlcutarmy Reddit, how can you tell if you truly and honestly love someone?

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2021.03.03 21:12 DanTMWTMP I’m no baker, and you guys are all insanely talented, sheesh. I think my cousin is also talented to be among you amazing artists. She makes cupcakes that look like flower pots.

I’m no baker, and you guys are all insanely talented, sheesh. I think my cousin is also talented to be among you amazing artists. She makes cupcakes that look like flower pots. submitted by DanTMWTMP to Baking [link] [comments]

2021.03.03 21:12 Turducken5208 What a surprise!

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2021.03.03 21:12 MKDLeviathan When nicehash miner changes the mining plugin/algorithm, my power limits set in Afterburner Or Precision get ignored and card starts using full power - Nvidia RTX 2070 Super

Hello everyone. I'm using nicehash miner.
My gpu is an EVGA rtx 2070 super xc ultra. I'm using Windows 10, up to date.
OC software that i've tried are Precision X1 and MSI afterburner. Drivers and OC'ing sofware are up to date.
Like i've said in the title, sometimes when nicehash miner changes algorithm on the fly,(from octopus to daggerhashimoto for example, or vice-versa) my power target settings in Afterburner or Precision X1 get completely ignored, and i have to change values and apply again, even if the software shows the slider on the right %, so the GPU starts limiting itself again.
The cards gives the same hashrates with and without the power limit applied, so when the power target gets ignored i'm at loss because of the inneficiency.
Does anyone have any clue on how to fix this? I can't micromanage my rig all the time to force it to stay on the right power consumption level.
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2021.03.03 21:12 Jack_Miehoff Vaulted content discourages me from buying DLCs

After seeing all the curse of Osiris and warmind content removed I feel like buying any DLCs is a poor decision, seeing as bungo has a track record of removing content to force something new to buy on players
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2021.03.03 21:12 arztiw By Billy Chapata

you are a beautiful living thing. let the love you have for yourself evolve as well. how you watered yourself yesterday may not necessarily be the way you need to water yourself tomorrow. let the love you have for yourself be flexible enough to outstand any unexpected winds
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2021.03.03 21:12 justherefortheturnip What happened to Emmory?

Just saw his last video and was curious as to what actually happened? I was never a part of his discord but liked his YouTube videos and I’m curious as to what happened, I mean the guy sounded pretty stressed.
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2021.03.03 21:12 WeaponizedCivility $240 entry barrier? Never have I ever.

I apologize for being so crude in the title, but the $240 down payment for three axies just to start up a game we've never played before is such an onboarding issue I'm afraid it's stifling the game's growth.
I'm sitting here with a brand new account looking to get into Axie, because it looks like an interesting idea I'd like to support. However, the fact that I have to drop 7x the price of a triple A title has turned me off, and a rudimentary google search informed me it has turned a lot of other people off too.
I do not mean to rail on the game or the playerbase here, but clearly something has gone wrong in the game design, has it not?
Why is there not a lower tier of starter axies that may not be strong enough to earn players any real money, but might earn them their tiny investment back over some time and at least try the game for a few minutes before dropping the price of a last-gen smartphone on the game?
I'm sorry for the long rant, but this game seems so promising and I'm in love with the style of it - and I'm sure everyone who's playing it is having a great time. But if there's no influx of players it can't sustain itself indefinitely, so is it not in everyone's best interest to make it more accessible?
I'm not saying Axies should be added that are cheap but can still earn you a competitive rate, I understand that would devalue everyone else's investment. But at least just add some that could earn maybe 20% of the higher-end Axies but cost 20% of the price, so we could at least get a taste for it?
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2021.03.03 21:12 latenightesomeone Can i get used to feeling of long hair?

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2021.03.03 21:12 Thecommysar It's time for another badly edited pun. Here's Beastmandeo Gordiga

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2021.03.03 21:12 LodtheFraud Looking for Paradoxical Puzzles/Plotpoints!

Hi all,
I’m designing some new areas for my game that’s just hit level 5, and I’d love to create some interesting areas that revolve around a specific paradoxical puzzle or concept.
For example, “A forest that alters the life force of those dwelling inside to temporarily assume an undead form. To purify this magic, a non-undead creature must be sacrificed in the center of the glade.” How does the party get a non-undead creature to an area that’s causes everything inside to be undead?
As another example, “A desecrated cultist sanctum that summons an avatar of their deity every full moon. The sanctum wards off any divine power. To purify the sanctum, the avatar must be defeated with a holy spear.” How does the party kill a creature with a holy item while in a desecrated area?
The solutions to these puzzles can either rely on player ingenuity or cool world building points. For example, if I wanted to portray the first point as more of a puzzle, I may allow a clever use of spells such as Protection from Good and Evil to allow a party member to enter the forest without turning undead. As an alternate example for the second version, the Avatar’s weakness could be “Rughim’s Spear,” the weapon of a minor deity that straddled divinity and devilhood.
I’m just looking for inspiration right now, and am open to events or ideas that are as massive or as contained as you can think of. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!
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