Go! Kakegurui Themed Bullet Journal Spread - March |

Kakegurui Themed Bullet Journal Spread - March

2021.03.07 09:24 levischlorinedump Kakegurui Themed Bullet Journal Spread - March

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2021.03.07 09:24 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Lime Octane: Nice Shot] [Titanium White Standard] [Cristiano]

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2021.03.07 09:24 Kitchen_Location4256 No News is Good News?

is this true?
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2021.03.07 09:24 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:24:38 2021

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2021.03.07 09:24 FC_653884708032 Friendcode exchange for pvp addicts

Are you also tired of the limit im great legue etc? I'm looking for people who are down to play some pvp sometimes and don't always reject like pussys lol
I am rank Ace player, trying to get better My friendcode is my name, see u :) (sorry for my bad english I'm german)
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2021.03.07 09:24 voicedm Illenium x San holo for me all the way, what’s your collab?

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2021.03.07 09:24 HongyiMC Sphere in Truly Vanilla RTX

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2021.03.07 09:24 Kyungsoo_Fanboy Why is no one talking about gem of focus???

The passive is so good. 9% damage increase, damage reduction and movement speed? It's like it was made for Chang'e solo😂 Paired with Breastplate and Myrddin, she's a juking tanky ballerina.
Curious as to other mages in solo who could use this. Zhong maybe?
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2021.03.07 09:24 mansour231 2nd treatment of permethrin coming up in 4 days and I’m afraid that scabies won’t end for me :/

Have had scabies for 2 weeks. I’ve been seeing more bumps on my body since first creame I used and I did it after a hot shower which I heard was wrong. But I’m sure I creamed my whole body but I’m really afraid that I missed some spots, and this might have made my scabies prolong for longer than it should. I have heard people have had scabies for 1 years plus, and I really don’t want itching at night to become a regular thing.. do you guys have some tips for how I can make sure I will end it on next treatment? I’m thinking of cleaning my room as good as possible and sleeping in another room on mattress for a few days to make sure my room is clean from scabies for good. Please give me your thoughts🙏🏼
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2021.03.07 09:24 Alphonaeisback Why do so many people have this mentality of Eren not winning=Bad

In the past one week I've seen so many people say stuff like they'll be very disappointed in the story if AnR doesn't happen.
Unpopular opinion maybe, but a simple Eren finishes the rumbling after killing his friends and going back to Historia seems to be the ideal, risk free, above average ending he can come up with.
Of course I'd be upset if we get a simple world peace ending, but otherwise, I really don't care about the rumbling and am simply looking forward to the story end. Fingers crossed.
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2021.03.07 09:24 killergamesytlp i need dragon combos,i m planning to kill all the toxicity

anyone has a dragon combo to kill toxic people?
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2021.03.07 09:24 mummabear1992 Always the life of the party!

I think I’m asking for some support here, maybe some ways to handle things? Suggestions on setting boundaries/limits?
My partner (ndx) is always the life of the party. Full on, never wants it to end. No matter what or who we are with. Now while this was one of the things that once attracted me, it now drives me nuts. I’m left to look after our two young children, be the one nagging to say “hey it’s past the girls bedtime, can we head off soon?”. And honestly I feel and know I am now the boring mum of the party.
I’d like to socialise too! Have a drink here and there! I have tried speaking to him before any celebrations if he could hold back on drinking so I can have a couple. And have constantly encouraged the girls to go hang with their dad while out. Little subtle nudges but also been very blatant. I am now at the point of not even going out together as a family.
Any suggestions on how to put somewhat of an end to this? Am I the only one struggling with this?
Writing this as he is currently out. Said he was going for a bbq this morning. That was 9 hours ago and I just called to check how his nights going and he is heavily intoxicated. Maybe this will just be my life. Sitting at home with the children while he is out having the time of his life like always. I tried setting a boundary and feel like it’s just seen as a green light for him to do whatever since he won’t have to worry about us.
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2021.03.07 09:24 Pastrami_Man69 Chermixz

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2021.03.07 09:24 moneyshouters Dash Podcast 109: Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor Community Q&A Dash Investment Foundation & More! | dashnews

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2021.03.07 09:24 bogart_barks How to revert from sd card as internal storage back to original?

I bought a new sd card and I accidentally picked make sd card as internal storage and all my apps have been moved to it. I just want to move some of the files to sd card but not all. My phone is a redmi note 7
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2021.03.07 09:24 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:24:35 2021

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2021.03.07 09:24 ArkKoter pls patch

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2021.03.07 09:24 smallmyope69 Linking Kindle App and Kindle PC

Hello, I've just recently started using kindle. I have been downloading pdfs and adding them to my android kindle app. I have also downloaded kindle on my pc.
However, the two don't seem to be linked, despite using the same email and password. For example, the pdfs I have on my kindle app are not showing up on my kindle on the pc even after syncing.
How can I overcome this so that all the books show up and are the same on both devices?
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2021.03.07 09:24 AngryMustache9 Redditors of Reddit: What is a song that you like, but a has a part in it that you dislike that stops you from listening to it more often?

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2021.03.07 09:24 cinder_lihn I regret reading this..

because the chapters are so few! I should have waited for a few more months before binge reading it. I cant stop craving for more chapters. HELPPPPP
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2021.03.07 09:24 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:24:32 2021

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2021.03.07 09:24 kelimas87 Suffering from the "What if's"

Hey everyone. Quick backstory. 3 years ago my ex dumped me after 7 years together without any warning or explication. It was a messy messy breakup, luckily no kids, we were both in our late 20s/early 30s. That night, I was beside myself, I begged, I wanted him to explain why and he was very cold and couldn't really explain anything. I regret this, but I asked him if he ever cheated and he confessed he did, before we started living together, at about 1 year mark, and that it was nothing.. Anyway.. this night was very traumatic for me, he ended up falling asleep while my whole world fell apart and the next morning he left. The following months are blurred but lets just say that I had to change the locks, threw his sh*t away (he had 2 months to come pick ut up), blocked him everywhere and never spoke to him again since. He tried to come back of course. Unsuccessfully. My 'what ifs' comes from the fact that we met on our exchange years abroad and after that year I moved to his country so we can be together. I learned the local language and I had to basically rebuild a new life and new carreer.. I left my family behind.. He knew I was already cheated on before and that this is a zero tolerance thing for me but he still basically let me change my whole life by not telling me the truth and kept it for years until I was at my weakest, begging for him not to just throw away my years without discussion. And he tells me this, like it's nothing. It was like a final blow in Mortal Combat.. My life literaly flashed in front of my eyes.. What if he would have told me and I never moved? Where would my life be today? Would I have had kids already which is what I really want? Would I have spend more time with my grandma who passed away ? All sorts of what ifs.. It was my decision to move for him.. But would I do the same if I knew any of this? Probably not.. It's been a rough 3 years and I can now say that I am in an ok place after theraphy, complete no contact and rebuilding my life from skratch, without him or any of his friends in it because they all knew and nobody bothered to tell me. I am also moving back to my country soon which somehow feels like I failed but that is a whole other issue.. My question is, how do you deal with those feelings of what if..? How do you appreciate the time together even if you were already betrayed and just didn't know..? I feel like all my memories are stained. I basically deleted 7 years of my life and him to be able to cope.. And still it comes out and I can barely breathe.. I did theraphy for a few months but she was focusing on my childhood which was helpful but did not really change anything about this. Currently I have no money for another theraphist so I am being proactive until I do. I have a lot of trust issues and I don't want to "miss" even more of my life because of this. So any tips or books or video suggestions would be great.. Hugs
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2021.03.07 09:24 Ht_562 Best Feeling in Fut Champs

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2021.03.07 09:24 delitskinnedmexican Asking for help, I understand this ain't the right place exactly but if I didn't have a crop of meph going, I wouldn't have a point of comparison. Looking to the experienced in the community to help decode my issue. Details in comments.

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2021.03.07 09:24 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-andrea-camilleri-20

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