Go! How fish get high? |

How fish get high?

2021.03.07 09:40 nytalastaro How fish get high?

Sea weed
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2021.03.07 09:40 FeanixFlame Question about older product

So, from what I can tell, most things tend to be at least somewhat affordable and available, but certain sets and such just hold a lot of value still, or seem impossible to find.
For example, I was looking at the g legend decks, and the aichi and kai decks seem pretty cheap and easy to find, but the ren deck is seemingly non-existent or absurdly expensive (the one sealed box I can find is like $350 on tcgplayer)
Now, even though I'm still relatively new to this series as a whole, I'm familiar with the "shadow paladin tax" that seems to exist, where anything with shadow paladin support tends to get super hyped and expensive. And while these decks are also pretty old on top, it seems odd that there would be THIS much of a disparity between prices and such. Unless the ren deck was also super short print compared to the other two on top of everything else.
So I guess the real question would be if it's even good enough to warrant such a price? Like, does it have a bunch of cards you can't get anywhere else? Are they actually good cards? Or is this just a weird anomaly?
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2021.03.07 09:40 Ilikequizzes Star Wars Trivia Quiz, Medium-Level

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2021.03.07 09:40 sadleftbehind Years of hatred little of life

Years of hating myself and theres only so much life it needs to stop but im alone trust issues many life and your mind doesint stop thinking well mine doesint and its a nightmare within nightmares but not in a nightmare just wanna wake up feel fresh feel good about myself doesint stop doesint leave the demon has got ahold of me but i must fight if i dont i will be hurting forever i must leave i must rest in peice my mind says but i wanna be happy i dont wanna hate myself i wanna give myself the love i need and deserve after how many years but now it feels so embedded in my head that im just hopeless i wanna give up but theres so much in this world to love my hobbys of gaming parkouring being energetic but it all died the happiness within it now i feel i need to love that habit i need to get back into the little things instead of wishin for love to save me when the love thats gonna save me is for myself but its been so far i cant even see it with zoom i cant see no happiness but i must find away loving the little things or im just going suffer my whole life hating me while being so lonely or being happy lonely cause trust issues many
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2021.03.07 09:40 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:40:14 2021

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2021.03.07 09:40 Frenkie_Urbex Silence after People

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2021.03.07 09:40 gubrumanna Just a picture of one bald man, 43390 attempts and 444 failures

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2021.03.07 09:40 z8Qx-z1Xs ブラジル感染再拡大で死者最多 大統領「泣き言やめろ」

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2021.03.07 09:40 mshal23 Ah yes my favorite curser

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2021.03.07 09:40 235435435433464363 E mai complicat

M-am imprietenit cu o fata care cam vrea s-o facem, mereu imi face aluzii sexuale, problema este ca vrea s-o facem, dar e virgina si vrea fara s-o facem si ar vrea sa o am de 17-19, treaba cu marimea nu conteaza, oricum sunt departe de numerele alea, dar vrea s-o facem fara si nu prea vreau, mai ales ca e virgina.
Voi ati facut-o fara prima oara, intreb atat fete cat si baieti?
Va multumesc!
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2021.03.07 09:40 i_am_ir0nman Внучата играют в прятки между кустов и деревьев. Дедуля, который прошел вьетнамскую войну:

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2021.03.07 09:40 DrVol_97 magic dagger would be great if it was autoswing

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2021.03.07 09:40 Akie_907 Yeah... I was too motivated

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2021.03.07 09:40 Extension-Drama-9852 Mf join us and talk bout rap

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2021.03.07 09:40 moneyshouters Chainlink, Cosmos, Dash Price Analysis: 1 October

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2021.03.07 09:40 potatoe_void1377 if gender is whats in your pants then why are yours he/him?

u got a guy between your legs cuz that seems pretty gay to me
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2021.03.07 09:40 Odin_Allfathir I am now prepaided!

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2021.03.07 09:40 Ariesluk2 I’m wanting to get tests done - but not sure what tests to get ordered?

I feel that my hormones could be off - I can’t even begin to try to explain where I am with what stuff I’ve researched. There’s a lot of things I’m getting looked at right now.
But the reason I feel something may be off related my hormones, is cause I: Have an extremely high libido. (Yes, high). And I’m exhausted all the time.
I can’t seem to find ANYTHING related to having a HIGH LIBIDO. only low.
Even if the comment you have, is not blood-test related, please let me know if you have any ideas of what direction I can begin researching.
Thank you
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2021.03.07 09:40 lakiboy132 [TOMT] [MUSIC CLIP] [90's] [PERFECT TIMELOOP] Guy woke up in a metro, has a sandwitch, a key and a pill in his pocket, and has to run away from bad guys. Electronic(?)

This music clip is from 90's or maybe early 00's. The clip is cool, because it comes out that i'ts a timeloop.
So it starts like this.... A man woke up in a metro (or city train), doesn't know where he is, or how did he get there. In his pocket he finds a sandwitch, a key and a pill. But he can't remember anything. Turns out that there are 2-3 bad people (something like Mr. Smith from Matrix), chasing him, which he doesn't recognize. He is running away when suddenly, angry dog is in front of him. He gives him a sandwitch, so he can pass throught. Then he finds a car, and the key is exactly the one for the car. But bad guys are still behind him. When they finally catch him, he has no choice but to swallow the pill. And after that.... the exact same scene from the beginning of the video takes place, and he finds himself in that same metro, doesn't know how does he get there, and he finds a sandwitch, a key and a pill in his pocket... The End.
So, I hope, somebody will recognize it from my short description. If you have any additional questions, I hope I will be able to answer them.
Thank you for reading it up till the end.
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2021.03.07 09:40 redbox6969 Need some help plz

My gf (23f) of about two years, cries every time we’re drunk.
Pretty much, every time we drink, my girlfriend cries Bc she misses her dad who passed away from cancer about two years ago. Wherever she gets drunk she gets super upset and shuns me. I never got the chance to meet her dad, but he was the only parental figure in her life, and she always gets upset ( rightfully so) about how she misses him, how she wishes he could see how she’s doing in life and I feel like I get the blame for all of it.
She’s never mad at me about it, but she’ll let these emotions take over her and take it out on me at times.
I understand that my girlfriend went through an extremely tough situation and I’m always there to support and comfort her, but when I get blamed for nothing it makes it difficult, especially when it’s something that happens every time we’re drunk and I have no control over it.
I just want to Be able to handle it where she doesn’t cry every time we drink, or at least not make me the bad guy for something that I have no control over.
Idk why I’m writing this, just a rant I guess, but would love any suggestions on how to handle it in the future. Thanks
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2021.03.07 09:40 stancetherapper Genji aim sucks regardless of practicing a lot

Mostly referring to his RMB. I lose more 1v1's than I should due to bad aim/ not being able to hit people that are strafing.
Been grinding Tryhard FFAs and some workshop codes all week and progress is super slow. Also been tweaking my sens and nothing feels just right. Currently 1000 dpi and 12.75, which might sound high but I'm a wrist aimer and am actually worse with low sens.
Drop any tips or advice. Thanks :D
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2021.03.07 09:40 Shmoup GAME REVIEW: microsoft word

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2021.03.07 09:40 Tiktokcouplesyoutube TOP 5 success tips 2021

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2021.03.07 09:40 Ruzz0510 Gerard is underwhelming in my opinion

Dont get me wrong, Gerard isnt weak by any means but I feel like he is kind of underwhelming. Whenever the author wants to showcase someones strength he uses gerard lmao. I obv dont expect him to beat jake nor jimmy but jimmy took him down in one hit. Jake also destroyed him. He didnt have a big fight so far, only some weak thugs. He needs to have his moment asap. His biggest win was against scorpion for gods sake lmfao
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