Go! Any advice on burning sage for cleansing? |

Any advice on burning sage for cleansing?

2021.03.07 08:49 emmastudent Any advice on burning sage for cleansing?

Hi there! I am a very spiritual person but new to wicca. My ex boyfriend used to burn sage in his apartment and said it was a great way to "cleanse the energy of his place." For almost a year now, I have considered doing it but would like some input.
First off, there may be a ghost in my house. There have been numerous paranormal instances. I haven't been afraid of it, however, I do wonder if it could be effecting my energy. Since moving back home, I have had really bad anxiety/depression. Also, almost every night I have intense, vivid nightmares. I have gotten used to it, but it is still hard to deal with. All of these things could just be a "me" problem, but I thought I should cleanse my room just to see.
However, I do not know if burning sage could make matters worse, so I would love some input. Lastly, I bought sage about 8 months ago and left it in my car all this time. Can I still use that or should I purchase a brand new one?
Thanks guys!
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2021.03.07 08:49 niko568koli Can you still get these?? And where ?

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2021.03.07 08:49 Cablab123 Red Tide Map

Does this mean trouble ahead?
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2021.03.07 08:49 Western_Sky_5629 i came out to my grandma this morning! she was very accepting and even bought me a gay flag

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2021.03.07 08:49 stevedrivesnow When you see me in your mirror

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2021.03.07 08:49 CursedMidna I'm really surprised these 'dual type shinies' from Steam Siege aren't more popular... I'm willing to bet these will get pretty popular once the set gets old enough!

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2021.03.07 08:49 eskeetit21 Folder inside ssd disappears

When I create a folder within an ssd it disappears really quickly but it still exists. If I search for the folder name it shows up inside the ssd? The weird thing is that I have some folder that don’t disappear and are organized in the folder section
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2021.03.07 08:49 lukepokemon_god ffs big brain fart

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2021.03.07 08:49 Tourtoise_ Well fck. Can anyone solve this problem? Pls

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2021.03.07 08:48 Seedling79 Silver balls from space

I vaguely remember a kids film I watched some time in the 80s. It was about these silver balls, a bit like giant ball bearings, that came to Earth from space. The only scene I can remember is one of the balls eating it’s way through a loaf of bread and leaving a perfect spaceball-sized hole in the middle of it. Any ideas on what this was?
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2021.03.07 08:48 Technical-Librarian5 Majima's Revelation

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2021.03.07 08:48 iwillnotforgetmyus Please help please give advice?

I’m a college student a freshman too. In my 2nd semester...I did good last semester. I texted this to a friend so that’s why I say bro or dude sometimes
I’ve been like really not in...idk “school mode” like AT ALL this semester. Not to have an ego but I consider myself a somewhat good student...but I’m just so out of it this semester. The first few weeks were so bad cause over winter break I LITERALLY did nothing but lay in bed all day under my blanket...and it was really hard to try and do anything else once school started. And umm...I had a chem and bio exam back in week 4...and I failed both of those unfortunately due to...I guess those bad habits. And my parents went ballistic and put so much fucking pressure on me... they said if I failed this semester then I couldn’t go to college anymore (they meant they wouldn’t pay anymore). And low key I need them to pay cause my program is hella expensive and if they could pay for it that’d be better for me obviously. And I don’t think it’s cause of what they said, but literally just the thought of doing school work gives me heart palpitations. I don’t even know why. I was stressed about school last semester...but this is just to a WHOLE another effing level. And I just don’t know wtf is wrong w me bro because obviously I want to succeed...but at the same time, even after what my parents said, I just have no motivation to do any schoolwork. I’ll literally block like any non school related site on my laptop, and turn my phone off...and u know what I do? I literally sit and stare at my laptop screen. I try to start working and doing shit but I just can’t bring myself to actually do ANYTHING. I’ve been half assing assignments...and straight up not doing some. And also forgetting that some exist (which never happens to me I always know what’s going on in school). I make a list of like hw and assignments of course, but like normally there’d also be a lot of small things running thru my head (about school). Like... I guess small things that I have to do that aren’t worth writing down cause there’s too many of them. I’m sure u have those to but anyway...this list of these things just like isn’t occurring in my head anymore and that’s never happened before. If it was occurring I would never forget about assignments or whatever. I’ve just COMPLETELY lost it bro like...I’m trying to remember how tf I was so busy last semester...cause of the problem rn is that I don’t know what to do. Something was different about last semester...like I knew...actually I can’t even explain this shit. What was different was...yeah I can’t even. I can’t even. Well I just don’t know what I did last semester...I don’t know how I filled my time. I filled it with school, but I mean specifically like idk what tf I did. It’s like I’m back in like...I don’t even know 7th grade or something and u go home and there’s nothing to do. But obviously I have stuff to do, but I just...I’m missing something idk how else to explain this shit. And dude, u kno my birthday’s on the 20th so on Feb 20th I said to myself “okay I’m gonna grind my ass off in school for the next month and then my birthday will be my reward”...yeah that DIDNT happen. And idk I’m...nope I was gonna say something but I’m not gonna say it.
Oh and I have chem and bio exams on Tuesday and Thursday
Idk I just can’t
It’s like...(this isn’t the problem but it’s just a bit of what’s happening) like I’m scared of failure right. But for some stupid reason this semester...my brain would rather not study because when I DO study...all I can think of is “what if I fail the test”. This stressed me out last semester obviously but it wasn’t to this extent. It wasn’t this fucking ridiculous I can never spell that word
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2021.03.07 08:48 Hour_Dependent5216 Any suggestions? I'm f2p and low on coins too

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2021.03.07 08:48 coacheyes I looted a sniper rifle, but it's not in the Fallout wiki. Can they be crafted? Is there a plan?

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2021.03.07 08:48 ShinigamiKiba Where to buy a replacement analog stick for version 1000 Vita?

What was supposed to be a cheap and easy fix turned into quite the nightmare when I realized 1000 sticks aren't sold anywhere. Ali express doesn't have them it seems
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2021.03.07 08:48 Hour_Dependent5216 Any suggestions? I'm f2p and low on coins too

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2021.03.07 08:48 gdgdyed Why people make nintendo clickbaits?

There are so many clickbaits called, such as, can mario collect 999 giga bells or can mario collect 1010001110010101010110100 mushrooms. it is just a fake powerup, and it might make people angry.
if you think this post is mean, i'm sorry.
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2021.03.07 08:48 GreatLuigiLV [Serious] What did a friend take it too far?

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2021.03.07 08:48 throwaway_848473 [Chat] [Friendship] Asia/US 22F. Looking for a long-term friend in healthcare field.

I'm in the healthcare field so I'm looking for someone alike. I don't ghost so let's see if we will match and hopefully this will last long-term.
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2021.03.07 08:48 Federal-Ad-2209 What do people actually text about?

I 23F am so bad texting, but a lot better at keeping a convo in person. A lot of guys recently always want to text before going on a date to see if its even worth going out. What do people text about, I have a hard time figuring what to talk about after I've asked all the basic questions:
How was your week? What are your fav hobbies/food? What's your ideal day of a fun day? What kind of music do you listen to? What's your majojob?
Can yall post screen shots of yall's funniest/fave convos you've had?
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2021.03.07 08:48 yoymate So dumb

Wow this is super sad, I couldn’t loot anyone’s body for the whole game In diamond rank because this game is very good :) idk what respawn is doing but they need to fix it
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2021.03.07 08:48 tverofvulcan She broke her leg at the post office.

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2021.03.07 08:48 HzAdolf "Siz Anlamazsınız"

Bu amına koyduğumun kızları sürekli "Yok siz anlamazsınız bugün çok yorgunum", "Siz erkekler bizim acımızı bil(e)mezsiniz " falan diyorlar biz de "bugün çok yorgunuz siz anlamazsınız" demeye başlayalım ve asla neden olduğunu söylemeyelim bunu sadece sex için demiyorum bize ev işi mi kitlemek istediler bugün çok yorgunuz amk ama nedenini söyleyemeyiz erkeksel bir mevzu. eğer bu taktiği bütün erkekler olarak kullanırsak hizaya getirebiliriz bence.
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2021.03.07 08:48 BlockTheChef HI everyone

hey everyone who take the time to read this. so im 18 and recently started a new job which i love, but the problem is ever since i started ive felt more useless and less loved everyday, i recently found someone who makes me really happy to chat to and want to be around but apparently she doesn't see it the same way i do and that im just another person in her friends list. i rarely ever want to go out in public anymore for the risk I'll screw more things up in my life. i just don't know what to do any more. i need help
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2021.03.07 08:48 ArtBoy54 When the Genry is from Crewe!?!

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