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2021.03.07 09:19 ThyBichh Nexus

Can someone send me nexus 2?
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2021.03.07 09:19 Si_Vis_Pacem- When was Sauron at his most powerful?

This is probably a stupid question, but I was wondering because I've heard he weakened himmself when he made the Ring. So when actually was he at his greatest personal power? I'm ignoring his military strength, just talking about his own power.
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2021.03.07 09:19 danon7 Please help, i cannot connect to a server ever since last Monday! only solutions i have found so far are quite useless and these, as well as other failed attempts to connect are below.

Eversince the ending of the EVO event i could not log into a server in ark, the only ways i have found to actually get in are either using a steam invitation/join game option (unreliable and also only tested on unofficial) or through a VPN (expensive, shouldnt need it anyway).
I have tried to verify steam files- no use.
i have tried to delete any mods (they were unsubscribed) - no use.
I have tried ipconfig /flushdns - no use.
I have tried disabling all network adapters except for the one used - no use.
I have tried using google's DNS- no use.
I reinstalled the game and restarted my computer- no use.
i updated NVIDIA Drivers - no use.
I've checked for windows updates - no use.
I tried disabling the firewall - no use.
There seem to be no apparent ISP issues.
I am trying to connect on the right version, however there seems to be no change.
For the VPN to work i have to stay connected, not only activate it while logging in.
I am connected straight to my modem by cable.
Please help, i have been trying to find a solution for over 24h total and its driving me crazy, i bought this game only 9 days ago..
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2021.03.07 09:19 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:19:37 2021

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2021.03.07 09:19 bigboykevy Swap 8m osrs to rs3

:D ty
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2021.03.07 09:19 stevoooe You know it’s true

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2021.03.07 09:19 babareto1 Mafia II - Definitive Edition - The Betrayal Of Jimmy (Hard) #5 Acts Of God

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2021.03.07 09:19 Ramez_Rizk Hey guys can someone explain this to me please. the correct answer is C.

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2021.03.07 09:19 paisleyxbox Rule

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2021.03.07 09:19 TheUnEven Kraken Deposit on hold for 9 days now

My first deposit to kraken (€400) has been on hold for 9 days now even though it's supposed to be on hold for 72 hours. Anyone else having problem with deposits being on hold for too long? My account is verified and I've tried reaching out to support but they haven't replied for 3 days now.
Best regards!
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2021.03.07 09:19 Cambodia-Images Meshroom on a Mac?

Anyone got this 'homebrew' thingy to work (link \/)? I have an old macbook pro - mid 2012 with nvidia card capable of cuda. I'm struggling. Failing that, would a bootcamp partition be an option on this device? Cheers.
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2021.03.07 09:19 dsouzarodney1990 Need a website? How about SEO? Digital Marketing? Get in touch with us and we will help you take your brand to the next level

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2021.03.07 09:19 unhappy_Mozza What a waste of money!

Lost connection and found the App would not find my wifi. Subsequently I've got rid of the product. Do not buy it. Buy a candle it's a better use of your money.
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2021.03.07 09:19 yeetabee my teacher just rickrolled me

i want to die
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2021.03.07 09:19 Rigice777 CIA SAD in the back of an Mi-8 helicopter in Afghanistan with $3 million dollars of cash stuffed into cardboard boxes

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2021.03.07 09:19 FragmentadaX What kind of books do you like to read?

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2021.03.07 09:19 Liampiam13 330ci Sport

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2021.03.07 09:19 average-geek IAF LCA Tejas (Naval Variant) [1158x1280]

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2021.03.07 09:19 s7ormyimpressionant Ho 14 anni

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2021.03.07 09:19 MateusFell terra tigela

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2021.03.07 09:19 InspirobotBot Sun Mar 7 10:19:35 2021

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2021.03.07 09:19 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dominus] [Titanium White Exalter] [Titanium White Jolt Bangle III] [Titanium White Slash Beam III] [Titanium White Emerald]

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2021.03.07 09:19 kbaker1993 tornadus 5741 0825 9799 & 5377 3808 1712

5741 0825 9799 & 5377 3808 1712
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2021.03.07 09:19 wertwert456 iOS App: on event receipt not firing (methods.x().send call)

I am creating a decentralised application, and am porting it to be more mobile friendly using the Metamask Browser App. For some reason the on 'receipt' event does not fire on the browser app.
Is this a known issue or does it work differently on the app? Am I not sure as to why it would work different or does not work as I assume both the extension and the app both inject web3js.

Any help would be great, thanks
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2021.03.07 09:19 wilsonckao any open sourced github repo for aml kyc onboarding solutions

need some helping with developing a solution with the following features:

  1. Video verification
  2. Prototypes and wireframes
  3. Video authentication implementation
  4. Platform integration
  5. ID back check capabilities
  6. ID authentication checking capabilities
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