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2021.03.03 20:24 doverman17 Gourmet

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2021.03.03 20:24 getback339 Introductory Meteorology Textbook

I’m looking for a textbook that covers some general areas in climate and weather science. Going through some of the most suggested ones ie atmospheric science by Wallace and Hobbs, I find them pretty hard going.
I would quite like a relatively shorter book that covers these areas, possibly not quite in such detail, and that allows me to research the areas I found most interesting further online.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers:)
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2021.03.03 20:24 rabbitduckrabbit Meet Ivy! She’s 10 weeks old.

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2021.03.03 20:24 gigglemash1337 Antidepressants have stopped working

Hi all. I've had anxiety for most of my life, which has been a real burden on me. I went to therapy a few years ago through the NHS but I was treated horribly, so my doctor moved me onto beta blockers, and I've been on them for just over four years now.
My mental health has declined so much over the past few years, and the pandemic has only made things worse for me. Although I've never been properly diagnosed with depression my mother's side of the family all have it. I would find it hard to get up in the mornings, found no motivation for anything, and nothing made me happy, to name a few of my symptoms.
I made a doctors appointment in November last year, and they decided to put me on antidepressants. I am currently taking 20mg of citalopram a day. After a month or so of taking them, I was feeling so much better. I was on the mend and I was really proud of myself.
But this past two weeks have been hell for me. I've been taking all my medication as normal but im feeling very low. I'm agitated easily, not sleeping, and have no motivation again. All of this has come out of nowhere, there have been things happening in my personal life but nothing that should be making me feel this low.
Can antidepressants stop working after a while? Why would they be working for a fee months, and then suddenly stop? What should I do? Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry if this is long and rambly, I just really need help
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2021.03.03 20:24 rhndsmnstr 4:00min pace

How long does it take to get my pace from 5min/km to 4min?or how long would it take to get to 3min pace,i would wanna get to 15min/5k by the end of the year.You guys think thats realistic?
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2021.03.03 20:24 bighairyalpaca It do be like that

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2021.03.03 20:24 Oso_Gigante Evocation Uses

Hi all! So I've been DMing for about six years, and about a year-and-a-half ago, I started on a big worldbuilding project, to create my own in-depth setting. It's actually going really well, and I've proud of what I've got as of now. But there's a little thing I need some help with. So what I've got for general politics on the continent that I mostly use, Eofeon, is that of maybe three large powers, plus a few smaller ones. And forgive me if I tangent a bit, I want to give full context and I also like talking about my setting a lot. The three powers are Alrune, Kothnya, and Tellura.
Alrune is a theocratic state where the leaders worship the god Alrunias, and lead for him. Arcane magic is highly illegal, and there is a sort of secret, inquisitorial military police force known as the Sunbolt that takes care of those dissidents. There are very few non-humans other than halflings that live in Alrune, largely because of systemic issues in the government and a general distrust of those who look too different from humans, but there is a growing movement for equality and the overthrow of the current government. Kothnya lost a war with Alrune about a hundred years ago, mostly due to Alrune's surprise attacks as well as their divine assistance. Kothnya is painted by Alrune as a violent and cruel people, when in fact they are just tough as they must work hard to survive in the Kinyagor alps they call home. They are led by their military, in which all adults technically serve, but the military hierarchy is more loose and meritocratic. They are also known for their large and prolific monster hunting guilds.
Tellura is the last one, and the subject of this post.
Tellura started out as a small city near the southeast coast, on the other side of the southern mountains of the dale that Alrune sits in. It was simply a haven for those practitioners of magic that would be persecuted in Alrune. Over time, it grew into the largest city on the continent, stretching from the coast almost to the mountains (almost 400 square miles). It is ruled by a the High Council for Arcane Governance of Tellura, a committee of nine Archmages, each being the elected leaders and representatives of their sub-council, each sub-council corresponding to a school of magic. Additionally on the council is the Grand Artisan, the leader of the city's artificer unions, and the Imbued Liaison, a representative of the city's sorcerers and advocate for their rights. Each of these groups is in charge of an aspect of the city. And that's where I need some help.
I have come up with some general ideas for how the guilds operate. I was thinking mainly that necromancy maintains a laboring workforce, illusion provides entertainment in the form of magically-enhanced plays and sports, transmutation handles food, water, and other resource production, abjuration is in charge of keeping the defenses of the city up, conjuration provides more specialized labor for things like heating and cooling, sewage, and construction, as well as using air and fire elementals for powering the airships and other vehicles in the city. Divination provides espionage and policing, and enchantment handles the courts and justice process. Beyond that, artificers are often employed as inventors for guilds or as general shopkeepers, and most businesses make use of their employee's magical talents for protection, ease of work, and customer service (i.e., some really weird shops have yugoloth counter workers). I was really happy, and pretty sure I had a functional city. But then I remembered something. What about evocation?
This is a problem I have with wizards and evocation in general, and it really kinda bugs me. There are few practical uses for evocation outside of combat. I've already figured out more efficient ways to power furnaces and engines with elementals as opposed to a firebolt being cast every six seconds. Protection is just fine with abjuration wizards maintaining that the best defense is not, in fact, a swift and decisive offense. And even if there was need for a standing army, there are conjuration and necromancy wizards who can create far more disposable soldiers that can go in and take out troops before getting slaughtered. Same for policing, there would be far too much collateral damage for an evocation wizard to be much use in stopping crime. And even if they did successfully stop a criminal with minimal damages, the criminal would likely die in the process. Sure resurrection is a possibility, but it's expensive, and is honestly kind of a stupid strategy when there are enchantment and abjuration wizards who can stop criminals quite painlessly, conjuration and necromancy wizards to create more physical police forces, artificers to create automated officers, and divination specialists to stop the crimes before they happen! There just isn't much of a need for evocation specialists as far as I can see aside from spectacle that can be provided for less risk by an illusion wizard. In short, I need uses for evocation wizards within a magical society. If anyone more creative than me can think of something I totally overlooked, please let me know. It would be much appreciated.
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2021.03.03 20:24 thatvickiegirluknow Buying all chicken heels and both hightops

Paying 20-30k for chicken heels and
20k fir both high tops
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2021.03.03 20:24 yoshida18 Uh would you, please, move?

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2021.03.03 20:24 margarinized_people No one joins public games?

Is there a reason why no one ever joins my public game? I can play for hours and never get matched up but I can join other people's games easily.
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2021.03.03 20:24 Maritimerintraining A look back: Scrapped Snapchat ad

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2021.03.03 20:24 AlexanderSaak Who is riding Clemson +2

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2021.03.03 20:24 NastyNinja Ready to rep the Set on play days!

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2021.03.03 20:24 Mexicore93 My friend and I dropped our first song for our new Hyperpop project. Would love some feedback!

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2021.03.03 20:24 fiftysevendegrees Is there a way to batch export groups of layers, organized by folders from a file, instead of the individual layers?

I was able to do this with photoshop with a script. Wondering if there's something similar for CSP.
To illustrate, let's say you have a painting with a number of objects. There's a folder for each object: car, tree, house. Each folder contains the line art and colors on separate layers for that object.
Is there a way to automate the exporting of each folder as separate .pngs or .jpgs? Some of my images have 20 folders so it'd be nice to be able to export each folder without having to close and hide the others. Thanks!
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2021.03.03 20:24 Krimzz69 ⭐Courtney Tailor's Full Tape+JOI +Dildo Video +OnlyFans Nudes-Msg Me⭐

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2021.03.03 20:24 eatinisawesome Is this a real one ? I'm quite new in this

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2021.03.03 20:24 Flying_Eagle_25 How do I do this?

So my (22M) partner (20F) is pansexual, we are in a monogamous relationship and have clear boundaries about only with eachother sexually and romantically.
Her sexuality is obviously still a huge part of who she is and I'm looking for ways to validate, recognize, and celebrate this part of who she is within the boundaries of a monogamous relationship.
Would love some advice on the best way to go about this and any ideas! Thanks,
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2021.03.03 20:24 Geleeke .....

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2021.03.03 20:24 Motor_Parsley6006 Another rejection after doing well

I just got rejected at a unicorn for a specific position (not a general SWE position) I interviewed for. I aced the technical questions in the 2 phone interviews, and there wasn't really any behavioral questions, and I come across as friendly and not a dick so I don't think there was any cultural issues, and I also got verbal approvals from the interviewers. I exhausted all the technical questions they asked during the interviews with time left remaining.
I was totally expecting to go to virtual onsite. The recruiter got back to me a few hours later by phone and said "We just got your feedback from the interviewer and I shared your profile with the hiring manager for that position, and unfortunately they've decided to pursue other candidates for that position." I asked for feedback and asked if the rejection was related to my interview performance or if it was related to my background (I don't have a traditional CS background, and have a PhD in some other engineering field, but I've been writing code for years). the recruiter said that he's "not allowed to give that out" and further mentioned "it could be other candidates had better interview performance." And then he was like "I shared your profile AND YOUR INTERVIEW PERFORMANCE with other teams, and I'm hoping another team will be interested in interviewing you onsite, so I'm not giving up on hope, but I think you should assume that you're rejected from the company for now and plan accordingly."
I really don't think I got rejected because of interview performance, and it sounds like the hiring manager didn't even see my resume until I went through the phone interviews, and after I (presumably) passed those, they shared my profile with the hiring manager, and the manager probably thought my background isn't a great fit for the position. If this is what happened, then it just seems backwards and a waste of time for me and the phone interviewers.
I've had a few other similar instances last October and September where I made it through 2 onsites at 2 hedge funds back in october for quant positions, and the interviewers verbally stated they're "happy" with my performance (or words to that effect), and then I get a rejection letter later.
At a 3rd place, Citadel Securities, I was literally told by the hiring manager that he'll "move me to the next round," and I got a rejection from HR a few hours later. None of these companies want to share any feedback when asked (one of the places in their rejection email stated "We'd be happy to share feedback if requested" and ghosted all my emails requesting for feedback).
This is really just frustrating and demoralizing, and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or what is going on.
I'm going onsite with Google next month, and if I fail that, it seems they'll at least share feedback because their process seems more formalized, but with these other smaller companies, the process has just been really strange. Other than Google and a couple other financial firms, I'm essentially out of companies (with good comp) to interview at. I've generally just had a difficult time getting interviews in the tech industry. Google and the aforementioned unicorn were the only 2 companies that offered interviews. Thought I had an interview with FB last summer, and then the recruiter ghosted me after telling me they'd send an email invite with the interview date and time.

Are my experiences common?
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2021.03.03 20:24 pokemonvsavengers Help shrimplet emergency!!!!!

So for 4 weeks my shrimps have been doing fine swimming there cute lil butts around. but now just as I ran out of test kits they are dying. (will get them in Monday) I noticed a hydra outbreak and was gonna go but planaria zero tomorrow. Anyone think its something different? So they first start swimming in weird directions. Then the play dead and start twitting on the ground like there having a heart attack. next they die. Any idea what it is? Topped off some water this weekend, fed blanched organic spinach, and added a food dish.
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2021.03.03 20:24 Paigemariee26 [FT] Erik in boxes [LF] NMT or maybe bells :)

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2021.03.03 20:24 purplepandalover Supervised Fieldwork Question

I feel very silly for waiting this long but I have another year left before finishing up my masters and need to start my Supervised field work. Are you paid for supervised field work? I work full time and support myself and they only way I think I would be able to do the hours would be 1 day a week, but that would take over 4 years :(
Is it possible do the supervised hours as a job?
Any advice is helpful! Thank you
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2021.03.03 20:24 VAPORBOI_ First thing I found in a derelict. It's worth so much to me but 5,000,000 credits is 5 mil credits. What do?

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2021.03.03 20:24 rohitsud04 [WTS] 1/10 Gold for sale - Libertad, American Eagles. Cash and Stable coins welcome

Quick and Dirty sale Proof!
1/10 Libertad proof 2018 (1500 mintage only) - $322.
1992 1/10 eagle - $217.
1998 1/10 eagle - $217.
$5/8 for shipping first class/ priority respectively.
Zelle Cashapp usdc usdt preferred.
Chat or pm both welcome.
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