Go! [FS][CAN-ON] Supermicro 847 server - 36 Bay |

[FS][CAN-ON] Supermicro 847 server - 36 Bay

2021.03.03 20:55 stephenjgillon [FS][CAN-ON] Supermicro 847 server - 36 Bay

Looking to sell a Supermicro 847 server, bought it as is from the States early covid didn't get it till October. This was going to be a spare but no longer need it.
I'm not sure exactly on the model. Chassis motherboard back panel non replaceable.

Looking to get what I invested in it back
$700 O.B.O. + plus shipping (best if you provide label will provide package detail)
I still have original shipping box which is ultra heavy duty packaged
I would suggest converting this to a direct attached storage to run current hardware.

It did not originally come with CPU, RAM or raid card but I have them and will include
CPU's: 2 x xeon L5530. 1x xeon L5520
RAM 4x 4GB ddr3 1333mhz ECC
Raid card: LSI SAS9211-8i flashed to IT mode
Price can be reduced by $100 if you don't want raid card otherwise cpu and ram is a freebie I had.
Heatsink fan had broke wire I fixed. Just be aware this thing is loud
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2021.03.03 20:55 Poopanal420 Why

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2021.03.03 20:55 DSFII Gorilla Tag Irl

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2021.03.03 20:55 Atthegate2 What is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) And How It Works

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2021.03.03 20:55 failed_evolution Is anyone else sick of hearing that we can’t afford COVID relief from the exact same people who passed a $1,900,000,000,000 tax cut for corporations and the super-rich?

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2021.03.03 20:55 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Dominus GT] [Orange Flamerate] [Pink Hanasha JRL]

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2021.03.03 20:55 nitropro390 Top Tier Pilot Vehicles???

So since yall made a top tier aircraft pilot list is there one fro gound vehicles???
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2021.03.03 20:55 Shafy97 Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds- (I Wanna Live In A Dream In My) Record Machine

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2021.03.03 20:55 Gaboik Imperative Markup

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2021.03.03 20:55 Playful_Art_5364 What do you guys/gals use to keep track of projects?

For college I used notion for everything. It just made sense. Now at work we have the office sweet but one note and Microsoft project kinda just suck tbh. It might be because I’m used to another type of system but it’s not that intuitive.
What softwares do you all use?
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2021.03.03 20:55 TheNeverShow A Review of the new Tom & Jerry movie

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2021.03.03 20:55 marte_tagliabue [HELP] unc0ver 6.0.2 on iOS 14.3RC A13 (SE2) shows ECID as 0x0. Jailbreak runs correctly but I'm not able to save blobs through systeminfo.

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2021.03.03 20:55 SKOBM WHO IS THIS

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2021.03.03 20:55 CarlosGaleanaB PURAS PROMESAS: La 'modernización' del transporte público en Puebla sigue estancada

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2021.03.03 20:55 Goomba_nig Dreams

As the title says, I’ve been having dreams of my ex that I broke up with about 4 months ago. I’m sure this is normal but they seem to be occurring more. What really sucks about this is that I still haven’t moved on, and not only do I think about it everyday but also when I sleep, I can’t catch a break and it’s really upsetting.
I think what’s messing with me most is the abruptness of how it ended and how I actually did it. I broke up with her, because it seemed like I could no longer make her happy and she always expected something more. I could never tell if that was just me not giving enough, or if she truly was needy.
Does anyone know how to make the dreams stop? I’m sure there’s no one answer, but I might need to get rid of or hide things that remind me of her(pictures, trinkets, etc) even though it feels like the reminders are everywhere.
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2021.03.03 20:55 flying_cofin Does Silver Ermac's Specials also get additional 40% damage when a Teammate is defeated?

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2021.03.03 20:55 enjoying-beauty Lilly Lueesse

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2021.03.03 20:55 WaveOfTranslation Police uncover ‘possible plot’ by militia to breach Capitol

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2021.03.03 20:55 soldieromar12 H: bloodied 3 star lmg W: flux

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2021.03.03 20:55 new2lostwaxburnout Read investment is bad because of the silica dust, is it safe in my house bag closed.

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2021.03.03 20:55 demonskull420 Haha fortnut bad

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2021.03.03 20:55 fearful_penguin_2 Day 26 thoughts:

I was feeling much more inspired to write this before, but I am at work and suddenly something came up where I was needed to make a repair. I am 40 and have drank heavily everyday since 21. I sometimes wonder why I decided to put myself through this awful experiment. It’s because I am weird and am not a normal person. When I was younger I used to watch programs on the television that oftentimes featured an addict who had lost everything to drug use, which in my childhood had such a stigma attached to it that no one would go near these substances of their own volition. But in my fucked mind I wondered “if a substance caused this person to sacrifice everything, I must know what it is like to be on the other side of it”. And literally went out and got myself an opioid addiction. As a young adult I bestowed this upon myself, I know it sounds like I was a schoolboy but I was in my 20s at the time. Got off that 5 or more years later, curiosity sated, liver in somewhat less of a condition than when I started my little journey. My alcohol problem started earlier and for different reasons. I’m not going to sit here and blame my parents, or anyone else. They did the best they could, trying to be the best mom and dad there ever was to me, their first experiment in raising a child, after 2 miscarriages which devastated my mother. They always tried to protect child-me from the world, and of course when I was of age I fled out into the world, full of zero confidence and even less practical experience. I was shit at getting laid and hadn’t a clue how to go about unlocking that achievement, so I found beer. I would go out to the bars by myself (even if that is it’s own tired and sad trope) in my early 20s when I should have been out with my friends. Got thrown out of bars and pissed many people off who in reality you could say this person writing this has technically never met before, because by then the machinations in my body which drive the ship on autopilot would have engaged without effort and I by that time would have long since stopped being me. I didn’t learn then, and not years later, even after meeting my beautiful wife who has given me the best 18 years of life that anyone has ever had. Drinking was a routine at this point. It was mechanical and started at a time and place predetermined by me that on a work day would result in the maximum alcohol intake possible in a two or 3 hour timeframe before sleep was administered artificially by use of zQuil and marijuana in combination with alcohol’s effects. The effects over time were carefully calculated and measured to ensure I awoke in what I determined beforehand to be a suitable and functional state in order to perform my job without ever raising curiosity that I was a drunk. I was very skilled at this. I would use breath mints, mouthwash, my job enabled me to choose my locations so early in the morning I could avoid being in close proximity to other people. I would use cologne, but not shitty cologne it would be good stuff, as shitty cologne would be an obvious masking tactic. My hands were starting to get minor shakes, but over the years I had perfected a method to disguise this as well, by stopping the use of my muscles below my elbow to the maximum extent possible so as to minimise and visible shakes. To my knowledge no one was able to catch on. I had higher than normal levels of discipline and my career was very important to me. After all, I was smarter and much more careful than those drunks you see on television /////s. The weekends were basically two hangovers, the big one on Saturday morning and a slightly lesser one on Sunday. Saturday all day I was unable to operate a motor vehicle, and I would always laugh it off. I’m not sure now how you can laugh that off. Maybe because covid made everything feel more hopeless, like the whole world was slowly getting fistfucked and nothing really mattered anymore, cheers pour me another one LoLoLzzz. My wife would stay up and drink with me, she would never get as wrecked and blackout fucked up like me, and of course in my deluded mind I always think “yeah girls are more ladylike, yeah, they don’t get drunk like us guys” cause they’re smaller etc....it’s not that I have a problem it’s that she just happens to drink LESS. So on my 40th birthday we were hanging out having a good time no problems, drinking some beer and everything was great. Was in a good mood having a great time. That’s the last thing I remember before I ceased to exist and some unknown entity whom I’ve never known existed took the controls to my physical body and proceeded to do God knows what. My wife still thankfully hasn’t told me. I wasn’t there. I know it was bad. I know nothing else, just that familiar terroshame combo you get the next day when your wife asks why you are no longer angry with her and you never were.
26 days ago I ended that life. I ended it cold turkey, along with cigarette smoking by proxy. I only smoked those when I drank. In my new life my office looks different, it has a different desk with which I’m hardly familiar, I drive a different truck, a really nice loaded expensive truck that I could never own. I probably look different, feel smaller, it’s weird. I sound different when I speak. This is my new life. My wife is still here, and my house, my dog, my job. I pulled the trigger on what was my old existence before I hit rock bottom. I would REALLY like to think that anyhow. This new existence comes with someone else’s sleep pattern, it’s unknown to me and feels like cloths that don’t fit. I will get used to it I tell myself. It’s not easy rewinding time and going into the past before you died from a drunk driving incident, suicide or cirrhosis, being killed by police, etc, but I’ve managed to do that. The first week was fine no DT’s no withdrawals. Felt good. Second week the never ending headache started. It’s still there now, unaffected by medication (both anti inflammatory and pain relievers). I get hungry at lame-o-clock (like 5 or 6 pm) when the normal people eat and I use to drink and laugh at them and then eat at 9pm after many beers and sleep horribly until the workday started. I think to myself that there are icing people out there who live this way and have no issues with it. Yes there is boredom, it’s minor, I used to be able to watch paint dry if I could drink beer whilst doing so. It’s not that boring. I have my sweet wife, whom all of my effort is for, for our marriage and our life together. Whenever I have doubts I think about the things I have wrote about. I won the game. At day 26 lol. No I haven’t won yet, but I tried using my head. There is a drug called Antibuse (disulfarim). It’s chantix for drunks. It causes your body to metabolise alcohol into a toxin which makes you violently ill if you drink. The effects of the last dose (this part is genius) last two weeks, so you can’t just have a bad day and stop taking it and start drinking. I will continue taking these everyday. I want my headache to go away someday. I don’t particularly enjoy having basic energy some days and feel like no energy other days. I’d like that to stop as well. But bear in mind, these affects on my physical body are nothing compared to the hell that is opioid withdrawal. That’s like being frozen to death by liquid nitrogen and AT THE SAME TIME being incinerated with a flamethrower for 24 hours a day everyday for 3 months, and the following (and preceding) 3 months you hardly have the energy to crawl or even to fucking breathe. I use these ragged memories of mine for strength during this next fight against my other addiction in which I am currently engaged.
I’m not sure how finish this, I have to leave work and go home and finish the 26th day and make it to the 27th. I’m just going to end it here. It feels good to write this down, and maybe some of this will help someone else who feels the same.
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2021.03.03 20:55 Tony_Zambonii Maybe...

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2021.03.03 20:55 liwaters Potential solution for small business owners who work with chinese suppliers?

Hey guys, I'm a small business owner and myself experienced some pain points working with chinese suppliers. But I still think there’s big chance you can find great products and price made in China with great service. I’m thinking to offer services to solve some of the problems when dropshipping from China. Let me know if this sounds interesting?
Products - Source products that fit into your product category and currently sells only in Chinese domestic market / or has few sellers on Amazon/ AliExpress. Especially customized stuff.
Branding - Help you print out your label sticker and pack your stuff with your label on it. No MOQ required.Design the packaging if needed.
Shipping - centralized shipping with a quicker trackable shipping option, i.e. if your customer orders different stuff, I can help pack them together and ship it all out at once to your customer.
Price negotiation, photo shooting, product sample etc.
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2021.03.03 20:55 amishtwit Half in the Bag: Willy's Wonderland and The Banana Splits Movie

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