Go! They always freeze |

They always freeze

2021.03.03 21:11 PastalCloudz They always freeze

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2021.03.03 21:11 WeirdContribution996 Aladdin - Claim 100 TNC plus 20 TNC per referral

Aladdin aims to cater to cryptocurrency users and traders all over the world. The overall exchange operations are led by the TNC IT Group. Aladdin Exchange ensures a reliable market price for crypto-asset buying and selling. Moreover, the exchange is expertly engineered with a security system of the highest standard to protect traders’ digital assets and secure transactions.
Aladdin is giving away 100 TNC tokens to pre-registered users. Create an account at Aladdin to receive 100 TNC. Also, get 20 TNC for each referral. These TNC rewards can be unlocked after the official launch of the exchange.
Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Aladdin Registration Page
  2. Submit your details and sign up
  3. Verify your email and log in
  4. If all was successful you will receive 100 TNC
  5. 20 TNC can also be received from each successful referral
Your TNC will be unlocked after completing the KYC verification when the exchange officially opens.
For more details on how to claim you can visit the link below:
More Information
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2021.03.03 21:11 Starman064 That’s a lotta balls

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2021.03.03 21:11 SaishuuKessen sajam method of getting laid with ultradavid

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2021.03.03 21:11 rent1506 Today’s carry!

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2021.03.03 21:11 dontfeedthefoxes My 📙 finally arrived 😊🥳. I can finally 🤗 my 🌿 and learn the 🈺 of my 🎎🇯🇵🥰. I won't actually learn anything though ⛔😤 hihi, I'm just 🤡 myself and you 😅😅. Upvote ☝️⬆️ this please 🙏🙏 do it now 😹💕

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2021.03.03 21:11 Standard-Contest2150 Is quarantine changing from Fort McCoy?

I’ve been getting mixed answers on this from this sub, apparently the quarantine is going to be moved to RTC? Does anyone know how true this is?
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2021.03.03 21:11 CorruptedSGS Helping People Out!

I am going Live in 5 min on Twitch and on stream I am going to help viewers get better I recently hit diamond and want to help the community
Stats https://tabstats.com/siege/playewxve/012c3f48-f7d9-4544-8b03-8d93725925ef
Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/corruptedsgs
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2021.03.03 21:11 OldTiredGamer86 Should I binge this game now or wait till more content/full release?

So without getting to much into my personal life I get the occasional window to play a LOT of video games in. I'm about to have 14 days to really binge a game or 2 and cut down on my backlog.
Thing is, if I binge this game I probably wont ever return to it. (like factorio) Nothing against the game, I just perpetually have a long backlog and realistically wont return to this game ever again after an enjoyable 80+ hr binge.
So, while the game is seemingly quite fun now, should I wait for the next binge window (though that may never come) or just pull the trigger and dive in?
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2021.03.03 21:11 SnowGN Does Lindon actually need (and did he ever need) his Hunger madra arm to absorb power from enemies?

All right, hear me out.
We joke about Lindon eating his enemies, but what if it wasn't a joke? Is the hunger madra component to the technique necessary at all? Can it be substituted for with the literal hunger of his stomach?
Is there any mechanical reason why Lindon couldn't literally eat his enemies, with a fork and knife, piece by piece on a dinner table, and cycle Heart of Twin Stars+use Dross/Little Blue to get the exact same benefits of the Consume technique? Just by a slower and less convenient method?
In other words: Is there any actual mechanical reason why Lindon couldn't and shouldn't be engaging in cannibalism of fellow sacred artists? I'm actually seriously asking here. Because if this is true, Lindon could have started using the Consume technique as soon as he got out of Ghostwater.
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2021.03.03 21:11 Accomplished_Lynx260 fly on radiacal red

i got fly and i’ve beaten lt surge but it still doesn’t let me fly, how do i fly?
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2021.03.03 21:11 Wish_Miserable Apple stock

Guys, have you seen the Short interest on Apple? It is 15% if I am correct. Wanna do something together on that one? They had an Incredible Quarter with sales exceding anything previously registred, but their Short interest just increased. Any thoughts? Wanna skyrocket Apple too? With a jucy Short squeeze.🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
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2021.03.03 21:11 User193218 [Recruiting] | looking for th5+ | part of a large family | doing b2b wars starting soon |

We really don’t care what th u are as long as you’ll be active. DM me for info
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2021.03.03 21:11 fethorLR Tomorrow let it drop for SSR?

I think theres a chance that its let to drop to 118 tomorrow to get on SSR so that the rest of Thursday and Friday can be free from being shorted down, of course they can still short on the uptick but its not as "strong". Of course I could be wrong but don't panic if we see a big red dip that just touches 10%.
I am getting ready to buy the dip! NEVER SELL ONLY ADD TO MY BANANA PILE!
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2021.03.03 21:11 CryptoTechRevolution How to use SPEDN App (flexa network) and other apps associated

I wanted to open this up because if we all want amp to succeed we all need to use flexa and their apps to be able to see our holdings turn into gains.
The main one I want to use and have is SPEDN app but I do not know how to physically use it to make a purchase. Please leave instructions to transfer wallets or whatever is necessary to make this happen.
Feel free to list other apps(and how to’s) that we can use to make this really grow into what it should and what we all want it to become.
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2021.03.03 21:11 sadgurl2 Oh Plucky...🤦🏻‍♀️

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2021.03.03 21:11 taytaycul End of Cycle Recap! UNC BOUND BABY🧊🛼✈️💎🧿💙🐬🦋 (sorry I just love Carolina Blue)

I’m done! It’s over! I deposited at my dream school :)) I applied so broadly because I started the application process with a 160! I am so grateful and blessed to be a Tar Heel. This has been my dream school since I was a little girl...
Stats: LSAT - 165 GPA - 3.6high KJD nURM Division one athlete Pac-12 state school undergrad T-3 softs OOS applicant for UNC Wrote a personal and intentional why UNC and a compelling diversity/adversity statement
Accepted: UNC ($$+) , Wake ($$$+) , Iowa ($$$$) , UIUC ($$$$) , UGA , Wash&Lee ($$$+) , Colorado-Boulder ($$) , Baylor ($$$$) , FSU ($$$) , Miami ($$$$) , SMU ($$) , Univ. of Washington (?) , Penn state Dickinson ($$$$) , Texas A&M ($$$$)
Waitlisted: ASU (wow) , GW
Rejected: UF (hold then reject) , UT , ND
Hold: Fordham
Really happy with my cycle. Super grateful for all of my acceptances and never thought I could come this far! So cool to be a part of this sub... definitely helped me through the process. 🧁🧁🧁 time for some ice cream
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2021.03.03 21:11 Hodinar Cómo aumentar rápidamente el tráfico del sitio web

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2021.03.03 21:11 dpart0 RTI M1 Carbine

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2021.03.03 21:11 SolarMisae Loaf and Imposter Loaf

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2021.03.03 21:11 wilson5266 I want my pilot's license but...

My dream for many years has been to get my pilot's license. I now am in a good financial situation where I can afford this. The problem is I have a felony drug conviction from 2008. It involved 2.54 g of cocaine and me literally just telling someone where to buy it. I served 5 calendar years in prison, and I was sentenced to 8.
After my release, I earned both a bachelor's and master's degree in engineering with highest honors. I now work for a very large defense contractor.
Will the FAA give me a license to fly? I would like at least a personal license, but I'm starting to think about moving into commercial.
Any thoughts, comments, or questions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.03.03 21:11 SnooTigers6465 El Municipio le adjudicó a Pasalto Materiales la construcción del Jardí­n de Infantes N°9

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2021.03.03 21:11 KlM-J0NG-UN My wife loves the salami by Picks, and it's impossible to get here in Iceland. Anyone up for a trade?

I'll send you some icelandic stuff, candy or whatever you want, if you can send me a Picks Salami.
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2021.03.03 21:11 TheRealGooby1 Best way of getting over someone?

I feel I’ve done everything, I’ve tried going out more, working out a lot more, spending time with family and speaking to other people but I can’t seem to get over her.
I mean I should be easy she wasn’t an ex she was someone I caught feelings for hard (don’t know why she didn’t tick any boxes for me) she randomly stopped talking to me and started talking to someone but then she said it was because she caught feelings for me after telling me this she ghosted me for a month even then I still reached out to talk to her which we did for a couple of weeks until she removed me on Snapchat, I wanted to know why so I asked through Instagram it took her a week just to open it, she was active because she posted a picture after me asking and posting tiktoks through the week but today it finally said seen but she didn’t respond.
Can’t seem to get her out my fucking head, I’ve been speaking to someone else, we met each other and she is really into me which I love but I still couldn’t stop thinking about her, the next after seeing this new girl I was still thinking about the old one from waking to going to bed
I feel like I’m losing my mind I want to reach out so badly but I feel like I’ll be harassing her, I had some really good memories with her even the best memories but I wish I could I erase all of it, it’s getting to a point where I fucking hate her because I think her all the time
Any tips would be much appreciated can’t continue on like this
(I’ve never been like this with anyone, this one has basically hypnotised me)
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2021.03.03 21:11 Christian230102 Got all Pros on BarOS... now I'm aiming for all Experts

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