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Angels Fall First by Denis Kornev

2021.03.05 14:11 Lol33ta Angels Fall First by Denis Kornev

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2021.03.05 14:11 abeeranade Promoted to DSP. Thanks for the blessings.

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2021.03.05 14:11 Agreeable_Western_50 Buying property as an international student

Hi long time lurker here. I am an international student (20M) and have saved a good enough for a 5-10% down payment. I wanted to rent out the other rooms to friends/colleagues/tenants. Looking to buy a single family home. Using the rental income as 1) paying off mortgage, 2) saving for the future. What the legal requirements I would need to look into to make this happen if at all? And secondly decide to use this for two years and then sell the property and put the after-tax property gains into a down payment for another property purely for rental purposes! I am open to any and all constructive solutions to my problems along with any advice from people who walked a similar path as me. I work part time and study full time please keep your comments short and concise. Thanks.
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2021.03.05 14:11 nearly_headless_nic Born to be United ❤ Congratulations from the United family to yours, @D_DeGea ! 🎊 #MUFC

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2021.03.05 14:11 error5903 Movement Speed

Karyst Prime gives a 10% movement speed boost. But I need to know if it give 10% of total speed or just 10% of sprint speed.
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2021.03.05 14:11 Lilithhellion 1yr 😁

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2021.03.05 14:11 theRealCrazy Front end Friday!

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2021.03.05 14:11 Jorge_2001 Is Moonstone her best Mythic item still? (On Mid Lane)

I never got into it, i always preferred one shotting with Ludens or Liandrys instead of opting for a healing build. I'm in low elo right now, Gold 1. Thinking i might switch to it. I also enjoy playing Sera adc, is it still viable?
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2021.03.05 14:11 KevamachroN Which Wags

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2021.03.05 14:11 Pentium04extreme Yikes

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2021.03.05 14:11 AnitaAnneJob The show was amazing but what a troll fest

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2021.03.05 14:11 BettyKronic First try making a chocolate flower to top my boss's going away cake. Definitely fun to make!

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2021.03.05 14:11 phoenixStalfos Which of you degenerates is this? $29,999

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2021.03.05 14:11 hibOGhoust Hola me presento

Hola, me presento. Siento que minuto que pasa sube 1 minuto más y no entiendo porque los perros tienen 4 patas, porque el agua moja y el fuego quema. Al parecer a los homosexuales les gusta su mismo sexo y a los heterosexuales no. Las feministas son machistas y los machistas son feministas. Los humanos caminamos con las piernas mientras y las humanas también, xntxncxs lxs hxmxnxs cxmxnxmxs cxn lxs dxs pxxrxs. Sigo sin entender porque los retrasados no son inteligentes ni porque los pobres sin casa no se compran una casa. La gente paralitica no puede caminar porque no se pueden mover, pero los sordos si pueden ver, los ciegos no pueden ver, pero si pueden escuchar entonces los sordomudos si pueden ver, pero los mudos no pueden hablar. Los heterosexuales me caen mal y es por eso que soy hombre y me gustan las mujeres. Ahora necesito saber como se escribe el # ya que llevo 2 años intentando escribirlo y todavía no me sale. Nunca supe dibujar una estrella, pero puedo agarrar un lápiz con la mano, pagar con dinero, comer con la boca y dormir con los ojos cerrados.
Llevo jugando Minecraft 8 años y dentro de poco voy a festejar mi cumpleaños cuando cumpla 7. La sangre es roja y el aire . Si vas a disparar a un muerto piensa 2 veces antes de lastimarlo porque lo puedes matar. Por último quería contarte más sobre mí:
-Tengo alzhéimer y no sé qué significa.
-Soy capaz de escribir con mi mano derecha.
-Soy adoptado.
-Me gusta comer r e v o q u e d e p a r e d e s.
-Tengo alzhéimer y no sé qué significa.
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2021.03.05 14:11 DrKVanNostrand Question about sell walls

Many of us have set limits of 100k or 99,999. etc. What happens when the price is hit and millions of sales are triggered at once? Will it shut everything down and people miss their sale?
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2021.03.05 14:11 LilMoWithTheGimpyLeg [Drywall breaking down] What the heck is going on in this corner?

This corner seems to be falling apart.
Both walls are "outside" walls with red brick on the other side, but none of the other corners in the room are showing the same damage. Over the course of the last five years, it's been getting slowly worse, but this winter seems to have caused it to go overboard, resulting in what you see here. There is an en-suite bathroom on the other side of the room, but the door is shut, and its window is open whenever the shower is used, as well as having the extractor fan running.
After asking friends, and googling around, it's definitely caused by dampness. But how do I know if it's coming from the outside, or the inside? What with the Pandemic and Lockdown, I'd rather try and fix this myself, but something tells me I'm going to need a pro.
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2021.03.05 14:11 jackmarcin 772 subs I honestly just want an audience. Nothing feels greater than engagement!

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2021.03.05 14:11 sammasamasamasam Are they still doing orbit rings?

If so please ask them if yeojins doing the di da dum di or its all of them or yeojin and gowon mixed. i cant take it anymore i need to know
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2021.03.05 14:11 Beneficial_Account74 Landorous raid on me be online

6757 5836 7672
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2021.03.05 14:11 BigBoobsJapan Konno Shiori 紺野栞

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2021.03.05 14:11 canfbar ‘Neanderthal’ Governors Outscore Biden On The COVID Science

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2021.03.05 14:11 pro_dream_catcher Hair stylists/barbers of reddit, what is the worst mistake you’ve ever made when doing someone hair?

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2021.03.05 14:11 Ranger_Danger_5 Just found out my wife can start attending OB appointments with me!

The medical group that all of our clinics fall under loosened their restrictions! I'm so excited! She's been having a hard time feeling involved in the pregnancy because she hasn't been able to come to appointments including not being there for the IUI. This is going to mean the world to her--I can't wait til she gets a break from work to see the many messages I sent her in all caps!
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2021.03.05 14:11 Dasnake24 Bargain Bin FAs for the Bears to Target

Will Parks - Safety
Knows and is comfortable in the 2 high system that Desai will run.
Jeremiah Attaochu - OLB
Another FA from Denver that knows the system and is familiar with responsibilities. Also had 5 sacks and a FF last season.
Mingo - OLB
Played really well in limited snaps last season and is versatile enough to work in Desai’s D.
Love him as a STer and made some good plays as a dime safety.
Brent Urban - DL
Can’t replace that air guitar and a wife that crushes brews
Germain Ifedi - OL
Filled in admirably for Massie. At the very least excellent depth.
Alex Smith - QB
Nagy loves him. He knows the offense. He’s a great locker room guy.
Corey Clement - RB
Experience in Reid offense. Good depth behind Monty and Cohen.
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2021.03.05 14:11 LordBeneter1018 Restylized The Shadow Duo I call them, "Void Bear" and "Glitch-bit"

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