Go! First build ever! I'm really happy |

First build ever! I'm really happy

2021.03.02 18:39 camilax182 First build ever! I'm really happy

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2021.03.02 18:39 CrashBandiCliff EPIC HAVE BOUGHT FALL GUYS!

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2021.03.02 18:39 TheoneandonlyKronst Are torrents unsafe?

Hello everyone, i’m kinda new to pirating, and i’ve read in a couple places that torrents are unsafe, i mainly use steamunlocked (yes i know about the fake one) and wanted to know if i can use torrents bc my internet is really slow
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2021.03.02 18:39 Legitimate-Ad-6043 Command Help

Hey Reddit,
I was wondering if it was possible to keep all your levels when you die using command blocks without turning on keepinventory on?
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2021.03.02 18:39 Doctor_3825 What happened to the dedicated updates thread.

The sub used to have a dedicated thread for posting about updates as to help reduce spam. Is there some reason we don't have that anymore?
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2021.03.02 18:39 JuOlNa urg.m protest yo cydchba order to bsn shopping fabrucate f gorbaxhoff.othrr thdmes

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2021.03.02 18:39 casecaxas "Your gender is what's between your legs"

ok then my pronouns are skin/balls
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2021.03.02 18:39 Gucci_Excellence [PS4]H: TS50C90 Auto Grenade Launcher and Caps/Junk W: TS2590 Auto Grenade Launcher

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2021.03.02 18:39 joe28eiid Considering acura mdx, what other options do I have?

So our lease is ending and we want to buy a SUV either used or new for about 30k.
One time our car needed work and the dealership gave us a 2020 Acura mdx for a week and we really liked it. The steering/handling felt really nice and it was a very comfortable car especially since it handled bumps well.
We mainly just want just want something with a comfortable ride, reliable, lowish repair costs, can get 200k miles, good looking, good in the snow, decent gas mileage for around 30k.
I drive like 40 miles a day for work and also go on road trips if that helps.
Also like how the Cadillac xt4 looks, but id imagine it wouldn't be reliable?
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2021.03.02 18:39 jadavis1989 Yes RH is shit, not much but what I could afford

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2021.03.02 18:39 Willow6603 First time posting here. Hope y’all are having a good day ❤️

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2021.03.02 18:39 redribbongaming2 I've hsut started watching Godzilla (1954)

So I started watching the original Japanese Godzilla subtitled and I love it probably one of my favourite movies. I like it's dark serious tone and I think the black and white works for the genre. (It actually the first godzilla movie I watched and understood cuase my copy of godziall against mechagodzilla has no subtitles and bo dub and the plot for godzilla vs king ghidora is confusing ) so you've gained a new g fan
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2021.03.02 18:39 Internal_Anywhere238 PHOTO: Superman Lookin Hopeful

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2021.03.02 18:39 Diligent-Cat-767 memories hurt

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2021.03.02 18:39 OutOfWine What line almost ruined a whole movie?

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2021.03.02 18:39 shannleestann Landorus 8481 2771 3849

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2021.03.02 18:39 Bot-alex UK failed to inform EU countries about almost 200 killers and rapists

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2021.03.02 18:39 trekhleb Gyro-web: React hook for accessing the device orientation

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2021.03.02 18:39 PhilosopherNeku300 Top 5 Online Alternatives to Tinder and Bumble! (That actually work /Maximize your Lead source)

If you like this post message me to join the private mastermind group.
Hey guys, I usually don't share this online, but I see it as a gift to you guys who have been supporting for a while and want me to write a post like this. I also see it as a way to shift the community in the right direction. My recommendation is NOT to jump into these apps and mass spam them. Then say, "The Crimson Pill," told me about it. What will happen is that you will get banned, bringing unwanted attention to my sub.
I write under the assumption that most of my readers are above average in intelligence and will act with caution. My theory is that if you put in the work in apps like these, you will get more bang for your buck. Meanwhile, if you put in the work in inferior apps like Tinder and Bumble, you will be wasting your time.
Many of the apps that I'll be talking about were NOT necessarily designed with the purpose of dating or hooking up. Hence you will have to act with extra caution. Simultaneously, since they were not designed with that purpose, it leads you to less competition and more opportunity.
My recommendation is to only get involved in this if you have a minimum of one year of experience in cold approach and online dating and you do not see results. The problem might not be your game but your Lead Source. Imagine if you spend one year only using Tinder, Bumble, and Daygame and not getting any results. Without realizing that you are actually on a "Wild Goose Chase."
This Lead Source transition was analogous to the one that took me from wasting my time doing Daygame to getting results doing Hostel Game. Tinder and Bumble, just like daygame, are very popular since they are accessible to the masses. They are also more socially acceptable for a dating coach/Guru to market his program at a wide-open space like a park or a popular dating app. From a business perspective, it makes sense, but from a results perspective, it doesn't. '
In contrast, imagine if that same Guru trying teaching his students Hostel Game would run into all sorts of problems. However, after many years of being involved in this community like myself, you will skip the park and go straight to the hostel.
Most of these apps and how I use them lean more towards the "warm approach" type.
A lot of gurus who say IG is not as good can't see past the cold approach. They are doing what I call the "Pure Lover Strategy" to attract the girls primarily based on your physicality/looks and Game. In contrast, if you approach IG using Social Circle, you will see how different your experience is. Instagram is a goldmine if you are doing Social Circle Game; hence many real estate agents, promoters, photographers, event planners, club managers are playing the long Game and are able to make essential connections. I've even had it where I messaged one girl, and she got her friends to message me later to hang out.
2-Onlyfans/Fancentro/Webcam-based and other similar apps
Many gurus bash Onlyfans, but they fail to see beyond the surface. The manosphere/religious folks want everything to be about emotional connections or long-term dating. In contrast, apps like this can be a Goldmine for a guy with a game looking for casual fun(which I assume is most of my audience). As long as you are open-minded and have a game, you will be successful.
You tell me your favorite guru is telling you to spend $500 on his program but discouraging from spending $10 bucks to sign up and $5 to make your message at the top. What a joke, and it shows where this community's loyalty lies in making money for the coach and not helping the students.
I've gotten girls from these types of apps to send me their Snapchat or IG and then continue the conversation over there and treat it like a regular set, the continue over text. It's all about your Game. It's strong lead source+strong game+"improvisational" tactics which lead to results.
3-Cultural Exchange apps
There are many apps where women are new in town and looking to meet new people. I won't explicitly name the apps. However, you get the idea. Women are much open-minded to making new friends or forming relationships when traveling than when they are in their hometown. You can be their tour guide or even their host, and your chances of hooking up increase exponentially. Many of you guys and the coaches will say, "How do I know the girl is not using me?" "How do I know I won't be friend-zoned." The decisive factor is your GAME. It's the combination of Strong Game+ Good Lead Source which will bring about the results. Hence, I am adamant about having your guys have your bachelor pad or having money to pay for an uber since it will increase your chances. If you were her tour guide, you could go to the zoo or multiple places, but you need some money for food/trips/activities.
4-Paid Apps
Out of all apps, these ones are the ones where you need the most caution. I would argue that unless you have a very high level of Game NOT to get involved. There have been many gurus/coaches who have been banned from apps like this. However, if you have strong game skills, and 150+-200+ a month to spare, then definitely worth giving it a shot. Since there are very few guys in apps like these, many girls message me first, "Hey, there handsome!"
5-Language Exchange apps
These apps are a hidden gem that I have discovered recently. I'm not naming any specific app. Since some of the apps explicitly ban it for non-education purposes. However, sometimes, if you manage to connect with someone, they can give you their contact info and move it to a different platform. Then you can continue on the conversation as if it was a regular set.
Conclusion: The main thing is to have Game. Once you have an intermediate level of Game, you can start improving your lead source. If you have many other inner game issues or issues with approaching, then I would recommend you to focus on that first and then after a year or so to delve a bit on this list.

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2021.03.02 18:39 JuOlNa 2 марта 2021 г.

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2021.03.02 18:39 Clay_YouTube CARTOON CAT, Lil Nugget, Sirean Head and SCP-096 The Shy Guy (Horror Ani...

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2021.03.02 18:39 emhilllee What architecture style is this? LA Area

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2021.03.02 18:39 SunSESG probably been posted already

sorry for shit formatting im not on mobile just a dumbass
Thank you for making me fall out of my chair laughing
That wasn’t funny at all you laugh at stuff that is so unoriginal it says something about your character
ok buddy
I mean I’m saying the truth and judging by your sense of humor your obviously female😂😂
I mean I’m saying that you have a terrible sense of personality that you mistakenly identified me as a female. I know many people like you who think they are superior, jumping to conclusions on people, determining their personalities, and turning out to be completely wrong. 😂😂
But I’m not wrong thought you identify as a female based on your atrocious sense of humor and my assumption is correct because statistics show that females have
You are wrong. People, female or not, can be very different. I would insist that you stop arguing and get your hands on a different mindset, cunt.
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2021.03.02 18:39 Bot-alex Grantham council won’t pay for Thatcher statue unveiling

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2021.03.02 18:39 ThatStarWarsKid Redditors who followed their childhood career/dream, how is your life going?

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