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2021.03.02 17:48 VeterinarianFirm8463 pvp

Mojang plz add an Arena next update to pvp
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2021.03.02 17:48 AmySharpton Forget Zoom. Microsoft wants you to chat with holograms.

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2021.03.02 17:48 AvivGames Sub 4 Sub - help me get 50 subs :D

Sub 4 Sub ! Just Like this post and Subscribe to me 😃 and you will get sub back !
not forget send like and what sub number you 😎
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2021.03.02 17:48 reddit_feed_bot OANN: Paralympic vet ousted from U.S. Soccer Council over speech against players kneeling during playing of national anthem

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2021.03.02 17:48 Loopdeloop19971 My girlfriend has lied to me too many times and I’d had enough

My girl (23) lied to me (24) for three weeks about a phone call to an ex and only told me the truth when I broke up with her.
TLDR: she’s lied to me about a phone call to an ex, she is denied it completely up until the end . I don’t see how she can’t know about it. TELL ME IM NOT
I decided to check her phone as she’s lied to me about texting certain exe’s before and I was feeling suspicious because of her behaviour over the previous couple days (different topic) and saw an outgoing call for two seconds to a guy called Lawrence, who she used to fuck a few years ago and who cheated on her and gave her chlamydia.
Now I know that she used to have this number blocked, so first thing I did was check her blocked contacts and ta da the number is no longer blocked. I’ve tested it and the number wouldn’t have unblocked itself after the phone call, so she must have gone into her blocked contacts and unblocked his number herself.
Later that evening (about half an hour later) we were in the car and I asked to see her phone, she gives it to me and I check for the call, and guess what, it’s magically disappeared. When I call her out on it she does nothing but deny that she knows anything about it, and calls me out for making it up. I actually took a photo of the call on my phone and showed it to her when she tried to deny it, and she says ‘I have no idea why that’s there I’m not admitting to something I didn’t do’.
I feel like I’m being blatantly lied to here and it hurts like fuck, do I just let this go? Or should I put my foot down and leave, because In my opinion there is no way she couldn’t have known anything about:
A. How the contact became unblocked B. The outgoing call C. How the call then disappeared after I saw it with my own eyes
She would not admit to anything and this dynamic went on for three weeks where we weren’t seeing each other but weren’t fully broken up. Eventually it got too much and I said enough is enough, get my shit together I’m coming to get it tomorrow and I’ll be gone, you’re a liar.
The next morning she rings me crying telling me she’s made a huge mistake and she lied to ‘protect’ our relationship.
She said this: “In spilt moment I recalled the time he lied to me saying he weren’t messing with his current girlfriend but he had the whole time and lead me on. I felt anger and wanted to confront why he had acc done that as I weren’t his gf and even tho he didn’t owe me anything. I was triggered in that moment as I saw her name. But then I remembered what’s the point I’ve moved on. It was literally just spit of second thing”
She said she feels stupid and embarrassed and regrets lying at all. Even though I gave her the chance to come clean about six times over the three weeks and she denied it all the way until the very end.
She has assured me she has learnt her lesson about lying and said it was not easy for her to carry on lying for that long but felt it had gone far enough that she couldn’t take it back and come clean because she felt stupid. My problem now is that I don’t know how I can ever let her in again properly given that I think I’ll find it hard to 100% trust her. But the connection we have is special and we both agree that we don’t think we’ll find a better emotional or sexual match anywhere else.
But she also has a son who isn’t mine who is three and after all this happening I feel I have to take a massive step back which ain’t fair on him. I feel it would be best to separate entirely and keep looking for someone who respects me how I want.
My head is completely finished and I do really love her still, I don’t believe that she would really hurt me like that but I don’t think the lying is going to stop.
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2021.03.02 17:48 ZigerianScammer Day 1: 3% brine with cilantro, hot pepper flakes, radish, sweet onion, carrots & cumin seed. Used half an onion as a weight on the top.

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2021.03.02 17:48 squirt-le69 Tis my first post

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2021.03.02 17:48 lookingforsomebags when will coti be available to buy?

currently unavailable
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2021.03.02 17:48 mrkx69 Rich zho😩😩😩😩🥵🥵🥵🥵

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2021.03.02 17:48 MichaelScarn001 Maybe any help in this group?

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2021.03.02 17:48 Shlob-On-My-Knob Stanislav Szukalski: Polish Art Through The Eyes of a Mad Genius

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2021.03.02 17:48 snake_pod How to separate a flare from something serious?

I'm so lost and burnt out. 2 months straight I had flare ups so bad, I couldn't walk, was vomitting, and honestly I've never experienced that intense of pain before. When I had the last flare (last week), I got really scared, thinking what if it's something else? I've NEVER had flare ups this bad before. So I finally talked myself into going into the E.R. And what do you know, it's nothing serious. (They checked for torsion and appendicitis). I felt so humiliated, like I wasted all the staff's time. But one thing I found out was that there's a new cyst growing on my left ovary (got a huge one removed 8 months ago). I'm going to see a FACOG specialist next year, because my current provider does not have any specialists for endo.
Now I'm at the point where I don't know if I'll be able to tell when something serious happens. I know having cysts puts you at risk for ovarian torsion, so how would I know if that happens? What even causes a torsion, like physical activity, or is it just random? Appreciate you sharing your stories with these experiences.
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2021.03.02 17:48 spherical_kangaru I will fail

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2021.03.02 17:48 DustyShadow Dusty's fuzzy paw hanging out of his winter ice chest house.

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2021.03.02 17:48 -DraconisImperium- Why entering the r/streetwearstartup forum contest might be a bad idea

What are your chances of winning in the first place? First of all, in a forum with 263,000 members, how many people do you think are going to actually enter the contest and what are your chances of really winning out of everyone who enters? Let's say that only 100 people enter. That means that at the very best you're going to have a 1 in 100 chance of winning, and that's if everything is completely fair and there is no cronyism or back room shenanigans involved with the judging, which I highly doubt given how they've proven to moderate their forum over time. Now 1 in 100 aren't the worst odds in the world, but the odds are going to be far, far worse if even a half of a half of one percent of the total forum members compete, which would be 657 people.
Consider the risk versus the reward. To be honest, getting 150 free pieces of custom apparel for your brand right out of the gate would be a major benefit in practically every way, but what are you really risking for the slightest chance at winning the whole contest? For anyone who has done the slightest bit of research on the fashion industry, the field is notoriously rife with theft of designs, the copying of intellectual property and even outright counterfeiting. If you are sharing the absolute best unprotected ideas you have for your brand that haven't even been produced yet, who is to say what eventually happens with those ideas when shown to a half a dozen people or more that you don't even know? If you lose, and the chances are going to be quite high that you will, now your unprotected ideas are out there to be shared and potentially utilized before you even get started.
What's in it for the judges and moderators? I saw that someone asked this question on the contest post over there, and the main "moderator" played it off and said "Nothing? haha". That's an outright load of bullshit if I've ever seen it, so don't fall for that nonsense. Why hold a contest for the "benefit" of a forum that they obviously don't even care about in the first place? Bear in mind that they didn't make any changes to their forum to help anyone else out for years until this forum started up and gave them competition. What they are doing with a contest like that is pure marketing for them and their forum: by holding a contest, the moderators and the powers that be over there are engaging in damage control for their low effort lack of real community marketing dump, and also making a pretty cynical but skillful PR move in order to improve their optics in how people view them.
Sure, there's going to be a lot of positivity thrown their way and a lot of misplaced appreciation until the contest is over, but when it is over there are going to be a lot of unhappy people that are going to realize how bad of a setup it all was, with only one winner walking away happy from the experience. Contests don't make up for a lack of true support, leadership or community.
Success is a byproduct of hard work. Take it from me and from learning this with experience, there are no shortcuts in this field and you really have to do the work to make your brand a success. Even if you get all of the free apparel that the contest offers, you will still have to do the marketing and all of the hard work involved in making a real brand or no one is going to care enough to support you. It's not just about the cool pieces or the hot graphics; the marketing aspect of the business is so tough that it's the number one thing that stops most new brands in their tracks, so getting some free pieces to start up is only one partial aspect of what you really need overall.
Also, starting up a brand and getting experience in figuring out how to get it running is a very necessary rite of passage, and it might not bode well for the future of a brand if someone is trying to get around the hard work by entering a contest. And how much are people going to be willing to pay for those pieces if they all know that you got them for free through a contest in the first place? So all in all, feel free to enter that contest if you want to of course, but at the very least consider all of the pros and potential cons of doing so.
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2021.03.02 17:48 amandatruly Made a floral Mudkip tray this weekend that I’m heckin proud of :)

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2021.03.02 17:48 Relapzee [US-MN] [H] Paypal, Local Cash [W] Hotswap Tofu 65

send me offers of your used tofu65 hotswap

CONUS preferred
area code 55311

what I'm looking for __

- tofu65 case (silver, black, and or grey)
- dz65 v2 hotswap pcb
- aluminum or brass plate

Comment before PM
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2021.03.02 17:48 redacted_pterodactyl New Song Out - Alone (feat. maniac)

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2021.03.02 17:48 10PointsOff "Brother, I'm stuck" DC edition

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2021.03.02 17:48 Shy_raspberry I wanted to share the beautiful message that we’ve just received from the CEO! It made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

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2021.03.02 17:48 corvoattano581 Summer Internship with Erasmus+ Internship Programme (Nobody accepts me into their company and I always get rejected)

Hey guys! I am a second-year mechanical engineering student in Turkey. I want to transform my classroom knowledge into real-world expertise. And my biggest dream is to do my internship abroad especially in Europe. But maybe you know, Euro correspond to 8 Turkish Lira. Normally, I can't afford all the costs. But I accepted from Erasmus+ this month, so all my costs will be covered. I prepared my CV and Cover Letter with extra effort. I sent applications to more than 100 companies and I also sent messages to HR departments via LinkedIn.
Btw, I have a quite good academic background, I improve myself on CAD, CAM programs, and coding such as Python, Java. But I always get rejected due to corona, non-availability,... I couldn't understand, I am literally free of charge employee. But nobody accepts me to their company even with a successful CV, good GPA... I am about to lose my hope. This is my only chance to work abroad. And I have to find a company until April... I am open to suggestions.
PS: My internship must be completed in the field of manufacturing. Any manufacturing company is suitable for me. Any company...
PS2: I am aware of my English level. It's not perfect but I can communicate easily.
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2021.03.02 17:48 Independent-Head-220 Real Madrid to fund Kylian Mbappe transfer by selling Raphael Varane

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2021.03.02 17:48 mariuszPOLEpudzian purgatory arc so far be like:

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2021.03.02 17:48 irush21 Keep getting: This service account does not have a valid FINAL FANTASY XIV license for this platform or your subscription has expired.

I keep getting this error message when trying to log in and i can't find a fix for it. A few notes:
- I have the Windows PC version, i just played 2 days ago with no problems
- I don't currently have a sub due to the free event going on
- I have uninstalled and reinstalled
- I don't have it downloaded on Steam
I tried fixing these issues but can't resolve the problem. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2021.03.02 17:48 lucyinthesky-prv hi! 🌸🌸🌸

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