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Fractured (XT2 + 35mm f2)

2021.03.02 18:32 Patrickoloan Fractured (XT2 + 35mm f2)

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2021.03.02 18:32 Omblae Why All 6N Teams Should Be Grateful...

The Six Nations is one of the few competitions in the world where you're guaranteed to have a good game against your neighbours.
It's a privilege to have teams of the quality of Ireland, Wales, France and Scotland (give them 5 years maybe Italy too) literally next door to you, so fans can (in normal times) come together and cheer on their team.
Every year it's never 100% clear who's going to win the thing, who's going to beat who and what drama is going to happen.
We get a full two weeks worth of memes from just one match.
It's a privilege to have the Six Nations and lose to your neighbours so they can gleefully laugh at you in the pub when you pop over, then you buy each other a round and end up vomiting in some strangers toilet in a house you've never been to whilst stinking of cheap lager and half a munchie-box (completely hypothetically) before asking politely for a dark place to crawl into to effectively die for the night.
Being beaten, winning, moaning at the ref's decisions, calling BiggaFarrell/Russell/Jellybean Sexwankel/Dupont a wankegloatepompous arse/mythical creature/alien are all a massive privilege.
We're bloody lucky to have it. We're lucky that so many people tune in to watch the thing and take it so seriously, because it reminds us of just how close all these teams are and just how interesting that makes the competition when the final games on Super Saturday can swing who wins it due to points difference.
I've never had the option to actually see a 6N game in person because I'm not a millionaire or owe Eddie Jones my first born, but if I was able to I'd do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I have to pay rent, so I will have to settle for my sofa.
I for one wouldn't want any of it to change (including the French refs because I love the spicy drama and have been fuelled by it on this slow work week).
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2021.03.02 18:32 Sweaty-Bed8838 حاول تتخيل لو حصل عكس الي حصل في لعبةlittle nightmares 2

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2021.03.02 18:32 Technical-Guava1956 Was applying L&S CS a bad decision?

Recently accepted with regents interview to L&S as CS as my top choice major. I'm kind of regretting not applying to EECS. I applied to L&S b/c I didn't think I'd like EE much as i want to focus on a career in AI, and also i figured I'd have a better shot at L&S. But now that I got in the 2% early program I feel like I would have probably got into EECS in the regular round
anyway my question is, is there a significant difference in the quality/prestige of a CS degree? I thought it was just the same cs classes, but instead of pairing cs with ee you could do something outside of stem (I wanted to do business). how do employers view a BA in CS instead of a BS? is there any drawbacks? and if so, is there any way I can apply to change colleges to EECS?
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2021.03.02 18:32 Black_Falcon4747 ........

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2021.03.02 18:32 EnglishTedHugh ME WITH MY WIFE

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2021.03.02 18:32 TheMollusk1 Can we get some antique nascar appreciation going on here

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2021.03.02 18:32 TitsTatsNKittyKats I hate this event... again

So it was a lie when they said it would be easier to do the event. It's still farming a bunch of random ass stages, collecting tons of materials and crafting too many damn things. I hate clicking buttons in menus. Let me just play the damn game. /end rant
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2021.03.02 18:32 P0rt3r76 I finally did it

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2021.03.02 18:32 america_but_circular When Tobi goes on an improv tangent it is actual fucking gold

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2021.03.02 18:32 owarmor Cobra Rear Grip Pad over 50% off

Huge Discount on Cobra Grip pads over 50% off :-)

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2021.03.02 18:32 aggressivebigmac Curse you Alvin the chipmunk

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2021.03.02 18:32 Environmental_Cold32 Address Verification

I'm an international and I've just received an email about address verification from Smith College. The message is:
"I am writing to ask for your help. We want to make sure that the mailing address we have for you is accurate and complete, including any postal code that your country recognizes.
Please log into your student portal and make any corrections or additions to your address.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
Best wishes,"
Does this mean something good or I'm just overthinking? I mean, I know an international student who applied and she did not receive this email. And why would they request my address when I'm already on the reject pile.
Is this just a common procedure or it could mean an acceptance letter in the near future?
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2021.03.02 18:32 StrawberrySharp Pelvic exam and ultrasound negative but still having pain

I went to the gynecologist for pelvic pain that gets worse around my period. It starts the week before and the week of with a lot of cramping. The pain feels like it’s more on my right side than left. He did a pelvic exam, nothing found then I had an ultrasound. The results- small paraovarian cyst in the left adnexa and a small intramural fibroid in the posterior left uterus. My gynecologist said nothing to worry about and that the ultrasound was negative. Yet I still have the pain and feel like I’m on my period all month long (without the bleeding except the week of period) I’m not really sure what this could be since nothing showed on the ultrasound or what to do next. I have been dealing with this for months now and feeling frustrated! Anyone have any ideas or have dealt with something like this before? I have MS, could this be something MS related? Any input is appreciated! T.I.A
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2021.03.02 18:32 Quiet_Ecstatic Diagrama de flujo de la doctrina de la tierra

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2021.03.02 18:32 W3NDIG0 Like zoinks

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2021.03.02 18:32 JonSnow037 How is the techno scene in Barcelona?

Thanks in advance!
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2021.03.02 18:32 OreoPredator Some Sasquatch Fan art!

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2021.03.02 18:32 Uranophan Plucking an ice leaf

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2021.03.02 18:32 nylonteese LEFT OR RIGHT?

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2021.03.02 18:32 BlueLuciifer Latina Veronica

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2021.03.02 18:32 Great_Guy96 Populating a world in 1.16

I have a world map that has a really nice landscape, and it would be cool to use for survival, but there wouldn't be any structures. I was just wondering if there was a way to populate the world with structures post initial generation in 1.16.
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2021.03.02 18:32 Thismyrealnameisit That's reassuring

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2021.03.02 18:32 Tonycivic [USA-WI] [W]Reasonably priced graphics card. 2070 or 2080ti

Hello! Im looking to build a PC at literally the worst possible time do so. So if you've upgraded to a current gen, super awesome graphics card, why not offload your old GTX 2070 or 2080 graphics card for less than scalpers pricing. I don't know if it matters, but I have an Intel i9-9900k CPU so I'd need something that's compatible with that. Let's start at $400, but I am a bit flexible. [W] Prefer local cash to 53103 but not opposed to shipping.
timestamp: http://imgur.com/a/RMmeLbz
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2021.03.02 18:32 ispamz23 Who need this text me, it cost

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