Go! Saturn devouring his son, me, pen on paper, 2021 |

Saturn devouring his son, me, pen on paper, 2021

2021.03.02 18:09 ranibri Saturn devouring his son, me, pen on paper, 2021

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2021.03.02 18:09 WatTheHelen How many best friends do you have?

Today's question of the day...How many best friends do you really have. Don't mention them by name because if you forget someone you'll have to change your answer (minus one lol). Leave your response in comments.
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2021.03.02 18:09 Danlmj18 !chegg

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2021.03.02 18:09 iammshadows Whats ups guys. Got 30 min to hang...

Have been collecting NFT’s lately and though I feel 99% of our fan base won’t be aware of what they are, I feel if we made some with unreleased music and digital art they could become extremely valuable for the fans that collect and trade them. Thoughts?
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2021.03.02 18:09 mference123 In Georgia, Fulton County DA’s investigation into Trump heads to grand jury

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2021.03.02 18:09 sambsa China kinda cring

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2021.03.02 18:09 Najbox Musical particle effect - VR180 - 3D 4K

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2021.03.02 18:09 ur1eth [R] Soundtrack for the game "Everything" (2017)

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2021.03.02 18:09 StonesCutSoPrecise My mother, who usually works with acrylics, is trying her hand at watercolors! I think she's doing great!!

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2021.03.02 18:09 oggdo-boggdo Caustics Mug

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but I did some research and the chemical equation on Caustics mug is for Mustard Gas.
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2021.03.02 18:09 SamSan6852 My Indicator/Vinegar Syndrome Shelf

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2021.03.02 18:09 Environmental_Ebb760 I'm mine craft player

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2021.03.02 18:09 julianofcanada Your Brachiosaurus Is Not a Brachiosaurus - Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

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2021.03.02 18:09 Saif178 Swara Bhaskar, Radhika Apte and Malavika Mohanan

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2021.03.02 18:09 RLCD-Bot ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34] ['99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34: Home Stretch] [Blast Ray] [Hikari P5]

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2021.03.02 18:09 ponchorelo My girls big ass titties. Enjoy them.

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2021.03.02 18:09 PrinceL21 Shiny Kalos Trio

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2021.03.02 18:09 Zarathrusta_Speaks Off duty

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2021.03.02 18:09 littlefibula Tips on how to beta read, from a beta reader

*I wrote a lot of this as a reply to someone asking about beta reading, but I thought that it would be worthwhile to make my own post about it! Just a note, this is how I personally go about it, so not everyone's beta reading process is like this.*
I just started beta reading for original works a few months ago, and the same principles apply to beta-ing for fanfic! What I do is I have my own checklist of questions to consider while I read the work, and then afterward I use those questions as a jumping-off point to discuss anything I noticed.
This is the list that I personally use, that you can change depending on how you like to do things, or you could make the list shorter, or can alter to fit more for fanfic related stuff:

Also, if the writer gives you access to a google doc or a word doc where you can make comments, comment your reactions as you go! It's really satisfying as a writer to see that emotions landed with the reader, like sometimes I'll just leave comments in the doc saying like "OMG AAAAAAA MY HEART" or "oh snaaaaap" or "same" like just little things.
In addition to this, you can also pay attention to the spelling, grammar, and clarity of the sentences. My checklist is mostly for paying attention to the things outside of grammar and punctuation, but those are important things too!
(also, as a note for authors editing, I use http://www.hemingwayapp.com/ and it points out sentences that might be hard to understand because of the wording and I highly recommend it)
ANYWAY, the best way to answer the checklist questions/provide feedback is to make sure you address the things that the author does well! We all like to hear about what we did well and why, it feels good.
You then also identify what things could be improved, and try your best to explain why it needs to be improved. Instead of just saying "I feel like character A was too OOC" explain what about it makes the character OOC, is it because of certain lines of dialogue? By helping to identify what the problem is, you can also propose an idea of a way to fix it. You should make sure it's clear that it's a recommendation and not like you telling the author exactly how it needs to be rewritten, but giving suggestions helps a lot in the editing process!
The most important tip I have is to ask the author what they are most concerned about. What do they have questions about? Are they concerned about clarity? Are they worried about plot holes, or the characters? Knowing what areas they are concerned about both makes sure that they get the feedback they need, and it also makes your job easier by pointing an arrow to the important things to pay attention to while reading!
For anyone who has never beta read anything before and is nervous about figuring out how to do it before beta reading for an author, my advice is to just do it and learn as you go. You don't have to be a master at writing/grammar to beta read, you just have to be able to point stuff out that you see.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask! And fellow beta readers, feel free to add on your own tips and answer questions that people have too. I hope this helps any new beta readers out there ❤
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2021.03.02 18:09 redepenning1 Cleanup step discarding triggers

If I have more than 7 card in my hand during my clean up step and must discard down do 7, does that allow me to trigger things such as [[Drake Haven]] or [[Brallin, Skyshark Rider]]?
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2021.03.02 18:09 The_Vagician- A guy chastises his football-driven family and breaks up with his girlfriend, all to win the respect of a mean bald man

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2021.03.02 18:09 jaydeep080805 [question] can I downgrade to iOS 14.3 rc

I have iOS 14.3Rc blobs saved but I’m on iOS 14.4 and every time I try to future restore it says I need to set my generator first. Is there anyway I can do this without being jailbroken? Thanks in advanced
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2021.03.02 18:09 Mondo3000 Throwing out fragrances after purchase?

Just curious if any of you ever bought a fragrance (blind buy) and ending up physically throwing it out as it was not what you expected.
I unfortunately am guilty of this specifically when it came to blind buys during the start of my fragrance collection.
Which ones did you own with at eventually hit the trash can?
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2021.03.02 18:09 Latinsoullover I have a bf but fell for someone else. Help

I have a boyfriend who is the most caring person I have ever met. He s literally an amazing human with a good heart. When I first saw him I made it my goal to make him fall for me and we have been together for 3 years. The relation has now become dry and I am starting not to have that sexual attraction with him anymore. I am okay with hugging him but dont feel the passion anymore . I have started to have feelings for a friend of me who is completely the opposite has a bad boy type, makes me laugh, I am always excited when he is around. But I dont know what to do. Is passion that I am lacking or I have fallen out of love ? I feel such a bad person and it makes me cry. I have tried to block the friend out of my life but we live near and I have to see him often despite not meeting him anymore. Is it just a pjase?
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2021.03.02 18:09 jakinews 20 Years

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