Go! I just got a new bikini x) |

I just got a new bikini x)

2021.03.02 19:02 pizzaalien14 I just got a new bikini x)

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2021.03.02 19:02 NewsElfForEnterprise Donald Trump Jr Worried Left Wants to Cancel Dr Seuss: 'I Literally Know 'Cat in the Hat' by Heart!' (Video)

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2021.03.02 19:02 reddit_feed_bot Country Library: Country Library Best Country Songs For Relaxing - Relaxing Country Music - Best Old Country Songs Of All Time

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2021.03.02 19:02 HTFGamesStudio Dope Fan Made - Skull and Bones Cinematic Trailer

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2021.03.02 19:02 Jaded_Company_7507 is there a way to go completely fullscreen on the desktop app?

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2021.03.02 19:02 DaVandal Man On The Moon II:Legend 2 LP $29.99

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2021.03.02 19:02 Wutbot1 Wutbot on "Greeting": [r/totallynotrobots] GREETINGS FELLOW HUMANS

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2021.03.02 19:02 Polish-guy-9967 Logic question to all APES <3

Apes... answer yourself, why they ban on WSB sub for even saying single word "AMC"...
Ive seen several posts regarding that people are getting ban for even mentioning about AMC.
In my opinion, they took control over wsb right now, and they are fucking afraid of whats happening with AMC XD.

Still need more arguments?
I'm not financial advisor, just retarded monkey <3
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2021.03.02 19:02 Super_McTrooper he got da drip

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2021.03.02 19:02 DeepiMom Received Bluebird debit card without applying

I received a debit card from Bluebird, with account number and routing number. But, I have never applied for it. I tried calling them but only the computer talks and does not transfer to a human. What should I do?
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2021.03.02 19:02 Pierrot351 150$ / 15-Team / Roto 6X6 / 2nd Year Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe / Draft Sat Mar 27 20:00 ET

2nd year league looking for good people to join long term.
The draft will be held on Saturday March 27 at 20:00 EDT.
We are using a 6X6 roto format:
R / RBI / HR / SB / OPS / BA
W / QS / K / SV / ERA / WHIP
Here are the rest of the settings. Please read them carefully before joining:
1st 950$
2nd 550$
3rd 350$
4th 250$
5th 150$
You can join the league directly by using the following link on Leaguesafe to pay the entry fee:
If you have questions, or need the ESPN invite following payment, email me at pgingras2016@gmail.com
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2021.03.02 19:02 williambotter Podcast faz balanço do impacto de um ano de pandemia na educação

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2021.03.02 19:02 BanDungeon44 This ho is trippin.

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2021.03.02 19:02 Admirable_Virus818 World Issues

Is world issues a hard course? Is the content average or difficult?
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2021.03.02 19:02 markuszbrenntt Ask jestro anything:ps spread the word about this ask blog

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2021.03.02 19:02 naterico Not sure how I feel about Hotaru completely yet... but yeah all bets off

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2021.03.02 19:02 AnimatorOther8778 School lunch eats (Im in college btw)

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2021.03.02 19:02 moscovitehay When was homosexuality legalized?

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2021.03.02 19:02 Milfschnitte1980 Read it very important for GME!

What Is a Triple Top?
The triple top is a type of chart pattern used in technical analysis to predict the reversal in the movement of an asset's price. Consisting of three peaks, a triple top signals that the asset may no longer be rallying, and that lower prices may be on the way.
Triple tops may occur on all time frames, but in order for the pattern to be considered a triple top, it must occur after an uptrend. The opposite of a triple is a triple bottom, which indicates the asset's price is no longer falling and could head higher.
A triple top is formed by three peaks moving into the same area, with pullbacks in between.
A triple top is considered complete, indicating a further price slide, once the price moves below pattern support.
A trader exits longs or enters shorts when the triple top completes.
If trading the pattern, a stop loss can be placed above resistance (peaks).
The estimated downside target for the pattern is the height of the pattern subtracted from the breakout point.
How a Triple Top Works
The triple top pattern occurs when the price of an asset creates three peaks at nearly the same price level. The area of the peaks is resistance. The pullbacks between the peaks are called the swing lows. After the third peak, if the price falls below the swing lows, the pattern is considered complete and traders watch for a further move to the downside.
The three consecutive peaks make the triple top visually similar to the head and shoulders pattern; however, in this case, the middle peak is nearly equal to the other peaks rather than being higher. The pattern is also similar to the double top pattern, when the price touches the resistance area twice, creating a pair of high points before falling.

Triple tops are traded in essentially the same way as head and shoulders patterns.
Say a stock's price peaks at $119, pulls back to $110, rallies to $119.25, pulls back to $111, rallies to $118, then drops below $111, that is a triple top and signals the stock is likely heading lower. It would look like this:

Image by Sabrina Jiang © Investopedia 2021
Significance of the Triple Top
Technically, a triple top pattern shows is that the price is unable to penetrate the area of the peaks. Translated into real-life events, it means that, after multiple attempts, the asset is unable to find many buyers in that price range. As the price falls, it puts pressure on all those traders who bought during the pattern to start selling. If the price can't rise above resistance there is limited profit potential in holding onto it. As the price falls below the swing lows of the pattern, selling may escalate as former buyers exit losing long positions and new traders jump into short positions. This is the psychology of the pattern, and what helps fuel the selloff after the pattern completes.
No pattern works all the time. Sometimes a triple top will form and complete, leading traders to believe the asset will continue to fall. But then, the price may then recover and move above the resistance area. For protection, a trader could place a stop loss on short positions above the latest peak, or above a recent swing high within the pattern. This move limits the risk of the trade if the price doesn't drop and instead rallies.
Trading Triple Top Patterns
Some traders will enter into a short position, or exit long positions, once the price of the asset falls below pattern support. The support level of the pattern is the most recent swing low following the second peak, or alternatively, a trader could connect the swing lows between the peaks with a trendline. When the price falls below the trendline the pattern is considered complete and a further decline in price is expected.
To add confirmation to the pattern, traders will watch for heavy volume as the price falls through support. Volume should pick up showing a strong interest in selling. If the volume doesn't increase, the pattern is more prone to failure (price rallying or not falling as expected).
The pattern provides a downside target equal to the height of the pattern subtracted from the breakout point. This target is an estimate. Sometimes the price will drop much lower than the target, other times it won't reach the target.
Other technical indicators and chart patterns may also be used in conjunction with the triple top. For example, a trader may watch for a bearish MACD crossover following the third peak, or for the RSI to drop out of overbought territory to help confirm the price drop.
Real World Example of a Triple Top
The following chart shows an example of a triple top in Bruker Corp. (BRKR). The price reaches near $36.50 on three consecutive attempts. The price pulls back between each attempt, creating the triple top pattern. The stock quickly broke below trendline support at $34 and continued to decline on escalating volume.

Image by Sabrina Jiang © Investopedia 2021
Traders could enter short or exit longs when the price drops below support at $34. A stop loss could initially be placed just above the major resistance area.
The estimated target for the decline is the height of the pattern, about $3.25, subtracted from the $34 breakout point. Therefore, the target is $30.75. The target was reached before the price started bouncing, although that won't always happen.
Special Considerations for a Triple Top
As with double tops and bottoms, the risk/reward ratio is a drawback of these triple patterns. Since both the stop loss and target are based on the height of the pattern, they are roughly equal. Patterns in which the potential profit is greater than the risk are preferred by most professional traders. By placing the stop loss within the pattern, instead of above it (triple top) or below it (triple bottom) improves the reward relative to the risk. The risk is based on only a portion of the pattern height, while the target is based on the full pattern height.
Depending on which entry points is used—the trendline or the recent pullback low—it is possible to have two profit targets since the height of the pattern can be added to either of these breakout points. Traders can choose which target breakout level they prefer in order to extract more profit from the trade.
Related Terms
Ascending Triangle Definition and Tactics
An ascending triangle is a chart pattern used in technical analysis created by a horizontal and rising trendline. The pattern is considered a continuation pattern, with the breakout from the pattern typically occurring in the direction of the overall trend.
Trend Trading Definition
Trend trading is a style of trading that attempts to capture gains when the price of an asset is moving in a sustained direction called a trend.
A breakout is the movement of the price of an asset through an identified level of support or resistance. Breakouts are used by some traders to signal a buying or selling opportunity.
Neckline Definition
A neckline is a level of support or resistance found on a head and shoulders pattern that is used by traders to determine strategic areas to place orders.
Rectangle Definition and Trading Tactics
A rectangle is a pattern that occurs on price charts. It shows the price is moving between defined support and resistance levels.
Swing High Definition and Tactics
Swing high is a technical analysis term that refers to price or indicator peak. Swing highs are analyzed to show trend direction and strength.
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2021.03.02 19:02 YoshiNiten Help Walnut enjoyers

Hey ! Do you all know if you can remove/hide the "power up" particle around your character ? I have Deathmatch on her so It's there 24/7, I can't admire Walnut's beauty
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2021.03.02 19:02 Coinquora_ FD7 Ventures has launched a $250 million micro-fund to invest in projects including Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano Foundation (ADA). Read here for more.

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2021.03.02 19:02 blaf1 What’s up

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2021.03.02 19:02 coopjh Sign the Petition

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2021.03.02 19:02 notglennn My (M25) girlfriend (F24) panics and spiral out of control for the smallest problems

I love my girlfriend very much and its very difficult for me to see her in this state. She was raised as daddy's princess and was shielded from worldly problem pretty much her whole life. Everything was taken care by her dad. Now that she is out on her own she has breakdown for the smallest of the problem she faces. Example, her bank charged her some amount for overdraft. She say this charge and it went all downhill from there. She started questioning every single decision she has made and kept spiralling and crying like she lost someone dear to her. However it was an error and I kept telling her that its clearly a mistake and call up the bank next day (this happened in the evening) and ask about it. And guess what they saw it was a mistake and refunded the whole amount. It was not even a huge amount to begin with. There are other breakdown which happened for more simple things but this happened most recently so,,,. We are in a long distance relationship and I can't do much from where I am. I feel she should go see a therapist but that's just my feeling. She lived in this protective bubble which unfortunately burst when she just started living alone with no one she knows around. Help
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