Go! I saw this format earlier and decided to put my own spin on it. Don't kill me |

I saw this format earlier and decided to put my own spin on it. Don't kill me

2021.03.07 08:32 Raul_Rink I saw this format earlier and decided to put my own spin on it. Don't kill me

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2021.03.07 08:32 spaloof Texture pack help needed!

So I'm trying to make some small changes to the trident texture in my own personal texture pack, and after struggling with it not working I've decided I might try my luck here.
Here how it's going:
I have the item (as in what you see while it's in your inventory) texture already good to go, but the changes I made to the entity (what you see when it's in your hand and when thrown i'm assuming) texture aren't taking effect. I am pretty sure I have it in the right folder (Personal Texture Pack folder > assets > minecraft > textures > entity > trident.png, with trident.png being my changed textures) but the texture just stays the same as the base of the pack, which is the one from Faithful.
I've tried restarting minecraft, taking my texture pack off then back on, replacing the file with in the entity folder with a new version of the texture, but no luck. Seeing as I don't have a whole lot of texture pack experience I figured I would ask people that might know better than me.
Here is the file that I'm trying to get the trident texture to be. Please let me know what I am doing incorrectly if anything, or if this is some bug and how to fix it if possible. Thanks!
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2021.03.07 08:32 JimRaw J'ai fait un tour au cimetière, vu qu'il n'y a rien d'autre d'ouvert

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2021.03.07 08:32 Merssedes My "most achivements" base

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2021.03.07 08:32 AbdullahHussain795 Memes

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2021.03.07 08:32 Legend821642 What's the best way to explain a movie plot badly ?

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2021.03.07 08:32 jarekri Przekop Mierzei Wiślanej to szansa dla zaniedbanego regionu

Przekop Mierzei Wiślanej to szansa dla Elbląga i okolic, tysiące miejsc pracy, już teraz pracuje tam około 50 firm, a także uniezależnienie od widzimisię Rosji- przepuścić polski statek, czy nie. Obecnie jest ukończone 25% inwestycji, a teraz trwa betonowanie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lhqbaGI06k
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2021.03.07 08:32 Piper_wins I mean even Stu is getting a skin

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2021.03.07 08:32 LarryOtter1988 The Oldest Sweet Shop In The World Is Still Open - And It's Right Here In Yorkshire

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2021.03.07 08:32 Natural-Patience-392 RE:Offer for Newer players or anyone who likes Raider power armour(for xbox one, reposting until I find someone dont wanna waste)

I have too many suits of power armour so I will be giving away my Raider power armour with core assembly upgrade on the Torso. As well as an excavator helmet, This suit does take level 35 to be able to wear, and must be on Xbox one of course. However I feel like it would be such a waste to just drop it. Comment to let me know if you are interested!!!
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2021.03.07 08:32 annthu56 This is cursed.

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2021.03.07 08:32 DragonLord0_0 Can you stop marking my art as spam? I just want to share it.

Ive been marked 3 times.
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2021.03.07 08:32 Eagle_Mark Stevie Lynn Jones

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2021.03.07 08:32 diskape [H/W] Wearing is Caring

Per title
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2021.03.07 08:32 LetThemHearOurHearts What if we all just died right now?

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2021.03.07 08:32 ThePowerLord This song should be in the final episode of SNK

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2021.03.07 08:32 Mello115935 Anon goes to the bar

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2021.03.07 08:32 outerzenith An app to summarize my music listening habits?

Like which artist I listen the most, which album, what song, how many I listen in a week/month/year, etc. and can make a summary based on that data.
Something offline and can work with any (or most) music player apps.
Want to try Last FM but 2.8 stars on the play store steered me away.
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2021.03.07 08:32 MadhatressOG Can you make oc requests here

I have an idea for an oc in mind but can not draw it yet can I make a request for someone to draw it here
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2021.03.07 08:32 monkey-13 Discation with a scamer on tik tok

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2021.03.07 08:32 e99y0lk Ghosting

I’ve noticed a really strong tendency in myself with ghosting people. Family and friends, coworkers and acquaintances, pretty much every type of relationship that is formed in my life. It starts off with slight annoyance. Finding the connection to be in-genuine, incompatible, uncomfortable, but gradually the need to cut that relation becomes stronger and unbearable. It feels as if I can’t be at peace and that I’m in danger (feeling exposed) unless I cut them off. I’m someone who loves solitude but at this point it almost feels like a connection phobia.
Maintaining friends to me feels so unnatural and a chore, relationships are beyond exhausting. Ghosting people feels like self care to me.
I wonder if anyone else experiences this too.
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2021.03.07 08:32 Worldsbaddestbitch The night I ran away

This happened back in 2015. I was 12 at the time and had a habit of running away. This was one of the nights that I ran away. It was dark and I had decided that I was just going to go to the football field of local high school. It wasn’t a far walk so I was still close to my home. As I was walking, I decided to look around me because it’s dark of course and I get spooked easily. I looked over to the bleachers and something caught my eye. It was a pair of eyes that I swear we’re just staring at me. It was dark so I couldn’t even tell what I was looking at. It wasn’t human, I knew that. It just kept staring at me as I kept walking. It freaked me a lot that I just decided I was going to walk back home despite running away. I still don’t know what was staring at me to this day, and I think I’m okay with not ever finding out.
(Consent given to post)
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2021.03.07 08:32 Nicastian Attack on arachnid

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2021.03.07 08:32 Elizabeta_Artist Kiki

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2021.03.07 08:32 gaiadago Just like nee-nee

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