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Male or female; would you rather...

2021.03.07 08:29 iamthicc69 Male or female; would you rather...

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2021.03.07 08:29 _paint suggestion "i"

I can't see the "i" suggestion buttons anyone knows why?
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2021.03.07 08:29 primeukbot Serveur NAS Synology DS-218J White

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2021.03.07 08:29 quiveringcalm Struggling to install windows on to 970 evo

I've been struggling for the last 8 hours to install windows 10 onto my new 970 evo. It almost certainly can't be the installation media as that was able to install to a hard drive. I can't repair it and the file is\Windows\system32\winload.efi Error code: 0xc000000e
I've tried redownloading the installation media and I keep getting the same error
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2021.03.07 08:29 SerialMasticator This is extremely pleasurable right now

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2021.03.07 08:29 boscujin Exploring The Kubernetes Operator Pattern

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2021.03.07 08:29 DisAThrowayBrodie What happens to the fat that is lost due to a fast metabolism?

I’ve always had a pretty fast metabolism. I’m a pretty fit guy and while I don’t have any six packs, My body shaped well and my stomach is flat and firm. 2 days ago, I did a little experiment where I ate an In-n-Out burger, and 5 slices of a Little Ceaser’s pizza. I had a big gut after that and my stomach was packed. My belly went past my chest and I took a video of my body. Fast forward to today and my stomach is back to where it was a few days ago. I’ve done nothing but eat(potatoes and meat is all I eat), sleep, shit, and play RDR2 these past few days. I haven’t left the house once. Where did the fat go? This always happens whenever I eat a lot, this is just the first time I’ve actually kept track of it.
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2021.03.07 08:29 needlelacemaster AŞIRI ÇOK KOLAY TUNUS İŞİ BEBEK YELEK ÖRGÜ MODELİ/ bebek battaniye örgü ...

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2021.03.07 08:29 feistyfrog23 👉Friends👈...

420 friendly Minecraft Gamer mom looks for other Gamer moms to vibe 💨and play with. 👉...👈 16+ Please No perverted Men I'm Seriously Taken 💍Add Me PSN: SoulHunterssX
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2021.03.07 08:29 asmajda Survey: Most Bitcoin Investors Know Zilch About the Currency

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2021.03.07 08:29 Troeaway671 34[M4F/T] Married male looking to receive discreet head/handjob

I would enjoy going further than those options, but that is all I'm really looking for. The wife has neglected giving either one in a good long while.
I am 6ft3, 185 lbs with average build, multiracial
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2021.03.07 08:29 devilsadvorat The least surprising transfer rumour ever?

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2021.03.07 08:29 MrPython1996 If y'know. Y'know

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2021.03.07 08:29 _JahwangWangsa Nostalgia

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2021.03.07 08:29 momotaneko 安心してください、履いてますよ。テレビのテロップが水泳選手の水着部分にかかり全裸に見えてしまう事案 : カラパイア

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2021.03.07 08:29 Drr_Radd Might be a little late...but Instagram vs reality

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2021.03.07 08:29 WorthRevolutionary55 When they say no pain no gain , but you have gained 150 kgs without any pain

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2021.03.07 08:29 atuirsahuaynrg turn me on dead man

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2021.03.07 08:29 iloveapeandeatthem You're a vegan, but your friend asks you to buy a chocolate for you. What will you do?

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2021.03.07 08:29 K-reine How do you feel about the idea of being in between types? Do you feel this way? Do you think it's possible ? And why?

I'd love to discuss about that. I, myself, feel in between SG and SC and I'm starting to wonder is this could be it or being another type or not identifying really between those two types? Also what factors do you think could lead to feeling this way?
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2021.03.07 08:29 duplotigers Not sure if I’m more gutted or pleased 😂

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2021.03.07 08:29 lorax_x Really dude?

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2021.03.07 08:29 es636mi1 Renato

Can someone please explain to me why there’s no talk of Renato Nunez getting any playing time? He’s played first a decent amount of his career and he has had a few appearances in the outfield. He would be solid power bench bat at minimum.
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2021.03.07 08:29 Realdogxl Washed Up League Season 4 Signups are now open! (Now Worldwide)

I know it's been a long wait but we are excited to announce signups for Season 4 of Washed Up league!
Washed Up League is a twice weekly recreation league for players residing in THE WHOLE WORLD! That's right, thanks to the amazing work from everyone at W3Champions.com and Flo host bots we are now open to anyone and everyone. Priority will still be given to those residing in North America, South America, South East Asia and Oceania as this is the community that Washed Up league was built on. We are reserving ~20% slots for EU and Asia as a trial run going worldwide this season.
Washed Up league is for anyone and everyone, you will be placed in groups with similarly skilled players and we have prizes for every division! Each season we have players ranging in skill from sub 1000 MMR to over 2300. To view our previous seasons and divisions please check our liquipedia here: https://liquipedia.net/warcraft/Washed_Up_League/Season_3 and navigate to the division of your choice.
Signups is very simple! Just follow these 2 steps: #1: Join the discord (this is mandatory as scheduling is done here): https://discord.gg/C3d2aXs #2: Signup on our Challonge: https://challonge.com/wulseason4
#1: Have at least 30 1v1 games played total in W3Champions (from any seasons) so we can accurately place you in a group with similarly skilled players. #2: Be available to schedule and play two best of 3 matches per week. #3: Have some flexibility to play during America's evenings and weekends as the bulk of the players are located here.
If you do not have 30 w3champions games or any questions at all please contact me on discord: RealdogXL#7643
Signups are ending in one week on March 13th and the season will start on March 15th. More info on the challonge page.
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2021.03.07 08:29 not_not_archie 3/30 Picked this up at a used book sale and realized it was a movie. A very interesting read and vividly descriptive.

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