Go! One of the older games. |

One of the older games.

2021.03.05 13:28 BlockBrown One of the older games.

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2021.03.05 13:28 robmadden1 What Walmart Was Like In the '80s | YouTube Shorts | #youtubeshorts​

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2021.03.05 13:28 pika-is-here Dream to be vibin’ doe (drawn by me)

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2021.03.05 13:28 Iggmeister Vape Juice/Liquid

Been ordering my Liquids online during the lockdowns, but I'm all out and my delivery isn't getting here till Tuesday.
With the Vape shops all closed, anyone know of a decent corner shop/garage on the South Side that sells decent vape liquids per chance?
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2021.03.05 13:28 IBlueones Tzuyu

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2021.03.05 13:28 mariya234 Stock_Picks Subreddit Statistics

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2021.03.05 13:28 brideofchaotica2 Hello!

I volunteer to help families of missing persons as an independent advocate. I don't offer readings, but sometimes families I work with will ask me if I know a psychic that can help them. Some cases I can see fairly clearly and I am able to help them with my own intuition, but there are cases where I cannot see much, if anything. I have one family who needs help (the young man has been missing for over 2 years) but I don't see this case clearly. If anyone specializes in missing persons cases or remote viewing, or know someone credible who does, please let me know. Thank you!
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2021.03.05 13:28 saiasox If a president runs for more than two terms, would that president still count as a two term president since technically he did complete his first two full terms ?

You wouldn't count a two term president as a one term one even though he completed his first full term
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2021.03.05 13:28 znoogin I'm happy today :)

I was out for a run today down one of my local roads. I was on my way back when I noticed this girl called Lyra from my old primary (elementary for y'all Americans) going for a walk. We never got along cos I was very annoying back then and she didn't seem to like me. Well I have to admit she's quite cute and when I looked up from the ground to see it was her I kinda did what guys do and make themselves look big (if I had seen it was her before I would be very nervous but I only had a second or 2 to react). Well I ran past her, gave her a nod as I do to everyone (basically saying hi/afternoon) and she gave me a cute smile back. Going to an all boys school with no interactions with girls my age this was a nice surprise from a beautiful girl I used to resent, and to be honest the first smile a girl has given me in a few years. Just wanted to share this uplifting story. Happy :) For those wondering I was a bit of a prick in primary school. TLDR: Girl from my old primary school gives me a cute smile when she's out on a walk, brightens my day.
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2021.03.05 13:28 karanari What does black ops have in addition to warzone/modern warfare?

Hello everyone! So I just played the week trial of the zombie event in Black Ops and it was actually super fun. I am wondering what you get when you buy black ops that is different from warzone/modern warfare. Is the open map from the zombie event something you can actually play regularly in black ops? (Zombies or no zombies, doesn't matter) Can you use those fun skills and upgrades in other areas of the game? Or is black ops just a newer version of modern warfare?
Thanks everyone 🥰
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2021.03.05 13:27 vloitaz Big Farm 51 getting to level 22

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2021.03.05 13:27 NickNunes26 Help with improving B/W Lifegain deck

Idk how frequent those posts come, but I'm working on a BW lifegain deck, but as of right now.... It sucks. I get demolished by basically any deck if I get a mediocre hand and stand no chance against control decks regardless of how good my hands are. Can anybody give me some tips on it? What I was going for with this deck is a combo of Righteous Valkyre with most of the other Clerics... There are some nice combos in it, but it's just too hard to pull any of them out. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

1 [[Temple of Silence]] (M21) 255
2 [[Murderous Rider]] (ELD) 97
2 [[Eradicator Valkyrie]] (KHM) 94
2 [[Skyclave Cleric]] (ZNR) 40
3 [[Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose]] (M21) 127
4 [[Righteous Valkyrie]] (KHM) 24
4 [[Speaker of the Heavens]] (M21) 38
3 [[Heartless Act]] (IKO) 91
3 [[Village Rites]] (M21) 126
1 [[Emeria's Call]] (ZNR) 12
3 [[Scoured Barrens]] (M21) 250
4 [[Firja's Retribution]] (KHM) 210
2 [[Kaya the Inexorable]] (KHM) 218
1 [[Brightclimb Pathway]] (ZNR) 259
1 [[Fabled Passage]] (M21) 246
2 Fabled Passage (ELD) 244
7 Plains (KLR) 288
7 Swamp (ZNR) 274
4 [[Cleric of Life's Bond]] (ZNR) 222
2 [[Light of Hope]] (IKO) 20
2 [[Valkyrie Harbinger]] (KHM) 374
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2021.03.05 13:27 Cate-aw Dual DPT/PhD programs

Anyone in a dual program that could mention some pros/cons? I am interested in research, but not sure I want to spend 6 more years in school. Also, how is tuition different? Are there any additional tuition breaks/grad assistantships/teaching opportunities since you’re also a PhD student?
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2021.03.05 13:27 stonks1220 I love the Delta S4, especially on Blizzard Mountain and with this livery

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2021.03.05 13:27 GGarbonzo "I am... Inevitable..." Well I am... delicious...

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2021.03.05 13:27 ultraplastic I'm confused. When you do the F U C K R A M O S thing, do I need to upvote or downvote the R A M O S part?

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2021.03.05 13:27 michaelMonk1221 If the whole world is just a show for celestial beings is it subbed or is it dubbed?

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2021.03.05 13:27 hard2resist Is it possible to get 300/300 in IAL accounting?

Just curious to know
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2021.03.05 13:27 btknozden Florida, Acrylic on canvas. What are your thoughts?

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2021.03.05 13:27 torontoarm Who and Where is Robert Elovsson?

Hey jazz heads. I accidentally came upon music from Robert Elovsson on Spotify and want more. He has one EP on iTunes and one on Spotify but has no web presence, label affiliation, or other info to track down where to find more of his music for purchase.
Does anyone know of this artist, where he is from (Sweden?), and where to find his music? Most independent artists at least have an info page on Facebook or Bandcamp etc. but this guy is a real mystery.
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2021.03.05 13:27 TheRudestBeaver What could you use some help with?

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2021.03.05 13:27 _YourWorstNightmare Where can I buy Sertraline?

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2021.03.05 13:27 Styelsy Monochrome beige looks are my favorite

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2021.03.05 13:27 Cpt_Catastro No damn no!

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2021.03.05 13:27 movements72 Rail me baby! 🍆

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