2021.03.02 17:43 careysmallcartpress FREE COMIC BOOK! COMIX OF CONSPIRACY #1. – CAREY SMALLCART PRESS

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2021.03.02 17:43 Han_sua insecurity

nuked my comments, do you feel its a feeling of insecurity or what is it that made you do it?
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2021.03.02 17:43 mfelat DJI FPV görücüye çıktı: İşte önemli özelliklerle yeni drone!

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2021.03.02 17:43 Chops888 My Boring 'One Year on YNAB' Chart

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2021.03.02 17:43 jakerepp15 Formatting

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2021.03.02 17:43 LucyIsOk *signature look of superiority*

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2021.03.02 17:43 shook_shaggy1 Made this myself

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2021.03.02 17:43 Ward10493 My new book - "War Songs and Poems of the Southern Confederacy"

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2021.03.02 17:43 pizza_no_pinapples 25[M4F] LDR/EU work in progress for the best out there pt2 electric boogaloo

Putting this post up again but with more details about me and because I accidentally chose to ignore someone on accident. So if you're seeing this, send the message again please 😅 You can see my old post about other details about me.
I love dogs! Ask me about how many I have and what kind they are! I play video games on my down time when I get my done with my daily activities, I love listening to music of all kinds but at the moment it's mostly rock, alternative, metal and pop.
So far I only have my associates and planning to go higher when the job calls me and offers to pay for my tuition 😭 I have an interesting (crazy and hectic) family at times so some voice calls might be awkward when you hear them in the background 😅.
As for TV, I love to watch King of the Hill, Futurama, The Boys, Doom Patrol, Married with children, the old and new Saved By The Bell, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Archer, Harley Quinn series, and others that I can't think of at the moment.
As for movies I'm more inclined for comedies, Disney, horror, action adventure and thriller. I can't stress enough that I don't like anime, sorry everybody, I just find it too fan servicey and cringe a lot of the times.
I'm introvert as every other person, I react really positively with encouragement and love. I don't mind if we rarely share interests, but please don't push anything that I don't like(anime) and be cool about it 🙂
If there's any more you want to know, ask away!
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2021.03.02 17:43 Komikino Lists are now on the search map!

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2021.03.02 17:43 mfelat Son dakika… Moskova’yı hedef alıyor! Rus uzman: En tehlikelisi Türkiye

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2021.03.02 17:43 MAXSTEEL17 Ride Out with Lukas

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2021.03.02 17:43 Mojo-man The final curse always just being 'bleed HP' seems like a waste... there could be so many cool 'unfair' final curses...

The final curse as this ultimate 'punishment' could be so cool, Especially because by design it doesn't need to be fair! Imagine that mixture of exitement & terror when you wait for what horrible unfairness awaits you insteadof just keep going with some HP loss.
Random ideas off teh top of my head:

I'm sure there are dozens and dozens more that a real game designer could think of. 😎
It just seems very bland and kind of a waste of very cool potential to always just ahve it be 'lose HP slowly'.
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2021.03.02 17:43 tirithen LitElement 3.0 & lit-html 2.0, what's new and exciting?

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2021.03.02 17:43 TheRandomDude9 Rough Timeline

Hi everyone, I'm new to this and to Reddit itself so pardon me if the info I'm asking for is already available. What is the usual rough timeline with regards to applying for Med school in Canada?
I'm aware that MCAT should be written by end of August latest and that all references should submit their info by October end. What other steps are involved in general? How long does the interview process take? When's the absolute time that one should be able to hear back from med schools that you have applied?
Thanks again all!
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2021.03.02 17:43 Morning-glory28 And then I want a shot...

I'm at work right now, but have the ability to peruse Reddit when it's quiet. I'm going through posts on SD, thinking about my meeting later today, responding with stuff that hopefully will inspire, sipping my tea... And BAM! POW! (Batman comic sounds inserted here) I suddenly want a shot of vodka. I suddenly want to feel warm. I suddenly want to feel the whiskey burn my throat so I can light a cigarette right after. Like What THE Actual FUCK!?!? It really came on hard. Is being here triggering? Is it good for me to spend time perusing over other people's struggles and victories? deep breath IWNDWYT IWNDWYT IWNDWYT
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2021.03.02 17:43 Life_Public I learned something

when people force push and you get YEETED THIRTY FEET, it's not hacking, all you have to do is rapidly press force push so it adds up, and you will YEET them!
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2021.03.02 17:43 mfelat 115 adet konut satışa çıkarıldı

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2021.03.02 17:43 The_gap_in_the_door GET WHAT YOU FUCKING DESERVE

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2021.03.02 17:43 Spidroxide New DOS bug on online multiplayer?

Hello all. Today I was playing on the .io server and there was, as per usual, a griefer. However, they were able to halt the entire server on and off for hours, and even chat messages took minutes to go through (highest ping record was 560000. not even joking). This had been happening the previous day but the guy was incessant and server was practically unplayable. Im wondering what people know and if there are any links to dev conversations about this.
According to players in game, this is not exactly a DOS attack. From what ive heard this is a bug with the player joining system, whereby players connect repeatedly many times per second and overload the server with information. However ive also observed messages in the chat which seem to be part of the lag, since they are little more than visual-heavy character spam. I have done a small amount of digging and couldn't find anything discussing this bug, but players ingame have been saying that the mod that allows players to abuse this bug is open source, and the bug itself unsolvable due to how deeply it is buried into the code. This is extremely worrying for me: as a player with over 600 hours in the game, most of that in multiplayer, if this is just going to become a part of the game that we have to deal with; then i honestly think i might just find another game to play because campaign holds little interest for me after playing for so long. From my perspective, this is a gamebreaking glitch that, if abused regularly by griefers and the like, will severely damage multiplayer and in turn, the game as a whole. If anyone knows any more about this bug then please let me know, but honestly if you play multiplayer atm then you might want to find something to do while griefers lag out the entire server, because they can and have done so for up to 20 minutes and I doubt there's any real limit to the length of time they can do this for. Because if they are right and this is unfixable then i fear hour-long lag on a server is going to be a common occurrence.
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2021.03.02 17:43 wildflowers_369 26F what do you want to talk about?

Preferably no high school students please.
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2021.03.02 17:43 murzfurlz Hearing conflicting reports about Robotabs. Please tell me about your experiences with them and how they compare to hbr and poli!

Howdy, so i just learned about the tabs yesterday and they sound too good to be true ngl lol. So i've been doing some research on em but have been reading conflicting reports. Although it seems some consistent themes are, they feel more "psychedelic" than other types of dxm, it lasts longer for some people, takes longer to hit, (maybe causes less nausea? but still seems to cause vomiting) although some people have reported them feeling pretty bad all around and not at all like what they are used to with dxm.
The thing that made me wanna pick these up the most was the, short ingredient list and the fact it's not full of all the shit you get in syrups and coughgels. I figured , hey, i might not shit my brains out and puke off these! Now it's sounding like i might still puke, but what about the dex shits? Are there dex shits with these? If not, sign me the fuck up. I can handle puking a few times nbd, but i'd love to not have to experience the dex shits ever again lmao
Please just tell me whatever you'd like about these robotabs, people who have tried them already. I can't imagine they will make my stomach and GI system feel worse than syrups. But i also get pretty good euphoria from dxm and some people claimed this version of dxm didn't give them euphoria.. hmm..
I'm all ears for whatever you wanna say about these guys.
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2021.03.02 17:43 s0cketr0cket Guys how did I do Fair, lose, win? I’m the one offering

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2021.03.02 17:43 JulioReese Two things will never be same after watching POI

  1. Phone Call.
LoL. After i completed the show, every phone call i heard makes me curious. Haha. Probably u also felt that. Specially the phone booths. Though now the number of phone booths are decreasing, specially most use mobile now. But when i travel and see a booth, it makes me laugh cause it reminds me the show.
  1. This one is probably not that much regular thing. Whenever i step into the words relevant, irrelevant, they remind me the show. Recently i graduated college, so in my last exam there were some mcq about data sets. So among them, i had to choose the relevant and irrelevant ones. While doing that, it was reminding me the show and finch voice was like circling in my head. Lmao. 😂😂
Tell some of ur funny reminiscence memories of the show. Thank you
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2021.03.02 17:43 sriganeshkitchen मटर पनीर बनाने की ऐसी टिप्स और ट्रिक्स जो आपने पहले कभी न सुनी होगी, न द...

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