Go! long time lurker, gonna start for real now. |

long time lurker, gonna start for real now.

2021.03.05 12:41 Lovis_R long time lurker, gonna start for real now.

i have been a part of this subreddit for about 2 years on and off, im currently somewhat failing at university, and decided to actually start nofap for real and gain some discipline to actually write all the exams im supposed to write this Semester.
wish me luck!
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2021.03.05 12:41 tanmnm Looks like a federal pay raise is in the works.

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2021.03.05 12:41 FifaIsStress 500k to improve this? (Already started Nedved sbc)

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2021.03.05 12:41 honolulu_oahu_mod Renowned Hawaii chef Peter Merriman will be the driving force of the new signature beachfront restaurant at the transformed Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort.

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2021.03.05 12:41 comatryst Legitimizing TEFL certificate from other country?

Hello all! I have seen few posts around here from people who acquired a TEFL certificate online, but when it was time to get it legitimized, they found out they had to do it in the country the company is based in. I am currently in Ireland and the company I'm doing it with is UK-based so if this is the case it's not that devastating, but I just wanted to see whether it is true?
Also a bit confused on the legitimizing process - I had assumed we would be granted and sent (as I have understood either by mail or by email) a certificate at the end which is valid immediately; what do we have to actually do to get it legitimized?
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2021.03.05 12:41 Emir_Skywalker there is no garbage

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2021.03.05 12:41 toby_plumb_1 landorus 6426 3569 8556 inviting 10

landorus 6426 3569 8556 inviting 10
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2021.03.05 12:41 PotatoRandomNumber meirl

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2021.03.05 12:41 DaPharSydeToo SCAM ALERT - DO NOT DEAL WITH /u/EaTake-MyMoney

This user has been banned - EaTake-MyMoney. Do not deal with them.
Please be aware that banned users like this one can still PM whomever they want, but they can no longer post to this subreddit. If a user PMs you to make a deal, ALWAYS ask them to post a comment reply to your ad - this will ensure their account has not been banned already!
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2021.03.05 12:41 zuleyha84 37% off >> $452.39 >> Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum Cleaner Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.03.05 12:41 colee8910 Narcissist Ex

Sorry guys- it’s a SUPER long one. About a year ago, I met someone and fell in love super quickly (you know how it goes). Things went bad quickly because he was still hurting over an ex and wasn’t ready to commit, but he also wouldn’t let me move on- not that I wanted to anyway. Fast forward a few months; things had deteriorated and we basically only talked to fight. He was trying to get me to seek out help for my problems, but refused to admit he had his own. He was seeing other people and lying to my face about it- even when I flat out asked. He refused to see me by the end, but always told me he wanted to come running on my bad days. Obviously a lie, but I wanted to believe him at the time. He used to say things like “I’m a [insert last name], and we know how to get what we went,” or “I love you, but I don’t want to advertise you,” etc. He would always say backhanded things that could be taken two ways and always say it was either a joke or that I took it the wrong way. His favorite thing to do used to be to down play my feelings and say I was over reacting to everything because of my BPD. I had one especially bad day- a day that he was actually having a bad day too (which was making things worse for me, because I fed on his emotions). I remember the car ride home and sitting at my house, begging him to tell me what was wrong and him telling me to leave him alone about it, and when I started crying, he accused me of trying to make his bad day all about me. When I tried to explain, he told me he didn’t care and he was allowed to have bad days too, then left. He refused to delete dating apps on his phone, or he would delete them in front of me and then later, I would find out he was back on them by the next day. I once confronted him about it and he told me he had made friends on there and he wanted to stay in touch with them. I had two friends die in short concession- the first time a friend died, he came over “to support me.” We ended up having sex and he left immediately afterwards. The second time, only a month or so later, he told me he wished he could help me, but was too busy partying with his friends about 20 minutes away. After that, I ended up starting Lamotrigine (prescribed by my psychiatrist) and started trying to get my life back in control- at the time, hoping it would save our relationship. It didn’t. He ended up taking a girl on a date to a restaurant close to my house, after telling me he was staying in that night and didn’t want to see me. I found out because my brother saw them at the restaurant and, out of fear my brother would say something, he texted me to admit he was “out with a friend who needed a ride home,” and they had stopped to eat on the way. He also regularly went on lunch dates with random girls, but never asked me to go on my lunches with him. I reasoned it as ‘no one goes on LUNCH dates with a romantic interest.’ I finally had the strength to move on and stop contacting him. About two weeks after that (when I was finally starting to get better), he texted me out of the blue and told me I should get STD tested (probably because he was having raw sex with half the population of our town). When I got mad about it, he turned it around on me and said “[he] didn’t even have to tell me about it in the first place.” That was the end- because he blocked me for “overreacting.” Fast forward 7 months. He is all the way across the country for work. New Years’ Day, he messaged me “Happy New Year,” and we start to reconnect. At the time, I was casually seeing someone (for about 6 months) and was aware of how bad things were between [toxic ex] and I. I responded with short, concise texts and no personal information, but he continued to message me. He would rope me into conversation with alarming things, like “hey, can I call you, I need to ask you a serious question,” and when he called, he’d just ask where he should have dinner. Or, he’d say things like “I really did it now,” and send me pictures of drones or random things he bought. In January, I ended my casual relationship, and started really seeing someone else, in February. [toxic ex] obviously found out. After finding out about my relationship, he would always find a way to backhandedly compliment me- he’d say things like, “typical, you put in all the effort to help someone get better, and when they do, someone else reaps the benefits.” Or do uncomfortable things like invite me and my boyfriend on vacation with him. I didn’t bother deleting him because I have a weird obligatory need to allow him glimpses into my life- because he helped me seek help and turn my life around. I definitely did all I could to hold him at arms’ length, though and made a point to never be the one to initiate conversation. My boyfriend once saw his name pop up as a message notification and asked “why is [ex’s name] texting you?” I told him the truth, which is that my ex just randomly texts me stupid shit. I opened the message in front of him and all it said was “I’m hungry. Feed me.” My boyfriend asked if I reply to him when he messages me, and I told him sometimes I do, but never to keep conversation going and asked him (sincerely) if he’d like to go through our messages. He said “no, I trust you,” and then continued on our night. It was the first time any of my boyfriends had ever just taken me at my word and it made me want- even more- to do right by him. I turned over the idea of blocking my ex, or messaging him to let him know why I couldn’t allow him to keep contacting me, but never ended up making any decision about it. Recently, I deleted my social media that he was contacting me on and I didn’t hear from him for about a week. Yesterday, he texted me and asked why I had deleted that app and told me (I’m summarizing) I should get it back. After an extremely brief conversation, I stopped replying (which is how all of our conversations end). So, if anyone was bored enough to read all of this, what is your input on everything? What should I do moving forward? Was I wrong in the past about my feelings? Any input about any part of this is welcome. Thanks I’m advance.
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2021.03.05 12:41 raimiallpowerful What are the worst defences for Iron Boy you've heard? or reasons the others are trash.

I'll start and this is by a lot including marvel cast. "He has a youthful charm" well this year he turns 10 years older than the spider-man he portrays, Tobey was 9 years in first film playing a high schooler. Tom cries a lot, like a lot more than Tobster, and the actor of their teacher is only 4 years older so that complaint about tobey is not valid. What are the worst you've heard.
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2021.03.05 12:41 Anonymous59715971 Scary Hours 2

So I was thinking about this and there’s no place better to bring it up other than the GOAT community on reddit. Scary hours 1 dropped and scorpion banged. Scary hours 2 drops, are we gonna see something even better like is history going to be created with CLB?
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2021.03.05 12:41 S_alt_y Type me

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2021.03.05 12:41 sayIesss X would’ve killed that new Drake song.

Hey everybody, it’s been a long time that I haven’t been in here. But it feels good to know there’s a community that can always make me feel better !
I just wanted to tell you that this new Drake song, « Lemon pepper Freestyle » featuring Rick Ross gives me a lot of X vibes. I genuinely want to see X freestyle on this sweet beat, talking the truth, spitting facts and posing like a hustler. I know, I’m listening to Drake. I don’t know if anybody still hates him but his words and life are inspiring me a lot lately. So yeah, makes me nostalgic and wishing X was still alive for that feature featuring his ex nemesis (lol).
And even if I’m no more in here, I wanted to tell y’all to strive and struggle so you’ll finally leave a beautiful life !
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2021.03.05 12:41 EarlSteele6344 Tremors graboids hunter

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2021.03.05 12:41 Rubiestar Best Faerieland Agency Listings Part 1 (WIP)

These are the best items you should be shopping for on Half-Price Day for the Faerieland Job Agency.
Some of these are sourced from halved prices on the day. Others from the estimated halved price info given on Neopets.
Needless to say, if it's on the list you can expect a 5000 np profit per batch. Or a little less.
Fresh Foods
Find 3 of: Bottle of Water 8,997 NP Cost: 1439/Profit: 4680 Find 3 of: Hot Cakes 8,568 NP 971 price Find 5 of: Gruel Pizza 8,000 NP Find 3 of: Radish 7,407 NP Find 4 of: Bitten Red Apple 6,244 NP + Strawberry and Raspberry Smoothie, just trust me ;)
• Find 4 of: Tropical Fruit Smoothie 6,180 NP Find 2 of: Chocolate Milk 5,838 NP Kinda expensive Find 3 of: Potato Wedges 5,850 NP Find 3 of: Leek 5,472 NP Find 2 of: Pear 4,768 NP •
Find 3 of: Cheese 6,921 NP Find 2 of: Cup of Tea 3,878 NP Find 4 of: Broccoli 9,084 NP Find 4 of: Apple Juice 8,020 NP •
Find 4 of: TeaLeef Sandwich 8,676 NP Find 5 of: Sugar Doughnut 7,000 NP Find 4 of: Hot Cheesy Baguette: 6,604 NP Price: 432 Find 3 of: Pink Sprinkle Doughnut 6,180 NP Find 2 of: Lemon Sprinkle Doughnut 4,502 NP • Find 2 of: Jam Pastry 4,564 NP Find 2 of: Pastrami Sandwich 3,900 NP Find 3 of: Sourdough Baguette 5,253 NP Find 5 of: Snowberry Biscuits: 6,295 NP + Cheese and Tomato sub, Honey and Wheat Baguette
Collectable Card
Find 4 of: Fuhnah The Fire Faerie 7,972 NP Cost: 628 Find 4 of: Uggaroo 7,800 NP Cost: 775 Find 4 of: Highland Chia 7,564 NP Cost: 477 Find 4 of: Florg the Devourer 6,764 NP
Find 4 of: Dreaming 7,080 NP
Tyrannian Foods Find 4 of: Archaesaurus Tail 8,204 NP Find 3 of: Trilo Bite 8,085 NP 4000 profit, 'less good' Find 3 of: Sack Plant 8,070 NP Cost: 1080 Profit: 5000
Find 4 of: Ransaurus Steak 7,772 NP Cost: 675, Profit: about 5000 Find 3 of: Bargasaurus Steak 5,940 NP Find 3 of: Farn Plant 5,400 NP 'less good'
Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
Find 4 of: Sherbet Chia Pop 8,000 NP Find 3 of: Blueberry Snow Puff 4,287 NP Find 6 of: Blueberry Chia Pop: 7,986 NP Find 3 of: Grape Snow Puff 5,892 NP Find 2 of: Snow Sandwich 4940
Find 3 of: Blue Orange Chia Pop 4,797 NP
Chocolate Factory
Find 2 of: White Chocolate Chia 5,448 NP Find 3 of: White Chocolate Tuskaninny 9,981 NP 577 Find 4 of: White Chocolate Lupe 9,316 NP
Find 4 of: White Chocolate Eyrie 7,088 NP 4593 Find 3 of: Milk Chocolate Usul 5,139 NP Find 2 of: White Chocolate Nimmo 4,890 NP 276
Health Foods Find 3 of: Organic Broccoli 7,158 NP Find 2 of: Organic Peach 8,256 NP 5382
Find 3 of: Black Eyed Peas: 8,718 NP Find 2 of: Organic Leek 6,378 NP
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2021.03.05 12:41 Maaxorus Building an assassin Druid

So, I want to basically make a shapeshifter who uses their powers to infiltrate and assassinate with terrifying efficiency. In game, this probably translates to a moveset that lets you sneak good, do massive burst damage and get outta dodge.
Only thing I'd really like on that build is at least 2 levels Druid so I can turn into a cranium rat or spider for maximum stealth. Maybe also Changeling for ultimate shapeshifting flavor and also not having the brain out while in cranium rat form.
Where do I go from here?
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2021.03.05 12:41 Peculiarschnapps Bad roomates

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2021.03.05 12:41 Morfalath uncanny resemblence. What a cameo

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2021.03.05 12:41 rhoasuperfan It seems Garcelle is on the outs with almost everybody this season ugh

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2021.03.05 12:41 SchildwachePotsdam Marozzo's Dual Swords ⚔️

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2021.03.05 12:41 RLCD-Bot [Titanium White Fennec] [Titanium White Z-Current] [Titanium White Ion] [Titanium White Poly-Lite]

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2021.03.05 12:41 robolink I made my own improved CRT filter that does what a CRT filter is supposed to do.

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2021.03.05 12:41 throwawaykres Tooth extraction on Wednesday, does this look normal?

Hello! I got my tooth extracted on Wednesday and I’m wondering if this looks okay? I woke up the day after with what seemed like hardly any blot clot left and it seems to be disappearing more and more. I am in a little bit of pain but it’s not any more sore than it was before getting pulled, it’s just a dull throb mostly. Most of the swelling has gone down too.
I’m so paranoid about getting dry socket and I feel like I have done everything right so far but I just feel like a lot of the blood clot has disappeared so fast. I don’t drink/smoke, haven’t used any straws and have only eaten soft foods.
Day 1 - I bled 2 more times after leaving the dentist and used gauze for 20 mins until the bleeding stopped both times.
Day 2 - Brushed my teeth and done a salt water rinse after the 24hrs. Then done another 3 salt water rinses that day.
Yesterday and today I have woken up with a blood taste in my mouth but nothing on my pillow. I’m worried that parts of the clot have fallen out in my sleep. I’m probably overreacting but I haven’t had a tooth out as an adult before so don’t know what to expect and am terrified of getting dry socket. Thanks!
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