Go! 3 reasons you shouldn't wait to refinance your mortgage |

3 reasons you shouldn't wait to refinance your mortgage

2021.03.02 17:59 NewsElfForEnterprise 3 reasons you shouldn't wait to refinance your mortgage

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2021.03.02 17:59 addiecl Where do they sell overbust mesh corsets?

Hey y’all, so I don’t need to buy just yet as I am seasoning my MCC30s corset still and wear my TT novice to work right now but I was wondering if anyone knew of where I can buy a mesh overbust corset? My measurements:
Bust: 46in
Underbust: 38in
Waist: 39-40in (fluctuates lol)
High Hip: 43in
Low Hip: 44in
Underbust to Waist: 4in
Waist to Hip: 5in
I remember seeing some but I can’t recall if it was on a site that is on the blacklist from the tightlacing community but anyway, if anyone knows of a reputable company that sells an overbust mesh style I would be happy to get directed there. ☺️
Also yes I know to still wear liners but I want something when it gets hot out to be more breathable so I am not as sweaty under my liner. 🤣
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2021.03.02 17:59 ComputerGenius Add All Exchange/USD to Watchlist

Is it possible to add all coins from an exchange to a watchlist by exchange pairs, such as all Binance ??/BTC or ??/USD?
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2021.03.02 17:59 FoxBeach Delusional Dak

I didn’t catch the name of the reporter, but she said she has inside sources with the Cowboys.
She said Dak and his team are NOT going to budge on their demands. They feel the deal should have been done two years ago. And then last year. So now it’s all about “respect” and they are not going to move off their demand.
Which is what? Their deal is that Dallas pays Dak “just under” what Mahomes makes.
Dak fans. Let that sink in when you are bashing Jones and Dallas.
Mahomes has led KC to two straight Super Bowls. Dak has one playoff win.
Mahomes is on a completely different level as a player than Dak.
Jones is actually being extremely smart by not forming over 40-plus million to a player who should be in the 27-30 range.
And if he wants Mahomes money? That’s 25% of the cap.
You don’t pay a #2 starter the same amount you pay a guy who is a top three finisher in the Cy Young race every year.
I would love to hear Dak fans defend this contract demand. To be the second highest paid QB in the game. To take up almost 25% of the salary cap.
How is Jones at fault here?
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2021.03.02 17:59 bigdaddythanos24 Shot this cow and now it looks like this

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2021.03.02 17:59 imafighter123 limit x tends to infinity x - x^2log(1+ 1/x) = ?

I evaluated it as x - x*{log(1+ 1/x)/ (1/x)} = x - x = 0
The answer is given as 1/2. What am I doing wrong?
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2021.03.02 17:59 dClauzel Villeurbanne : Le carrosse de Vincent est avancé !

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2021.03.02 17:59 MemerThoughts Your body can replicate the feeling of falling from high altitudes in a nightmare even if you've never fallen like that before

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2021.03.02 17:59 leftfootofjustice Trailer Park Boys Reference?

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2021.03.02 17:59 throwawayyyyy13243 20 [M4F] EU lookin for a fellow gamer

Hello! Im from northern eu and as the title says im into videogames. I love multiplayer and singleplayer games and i really love indie games like hollow knight and im planning on making my own game at some point. My other interests are drawing (digitally mainly), traveling, generally being outdoors, tvseries n all the other nerdy stuff and music. Physically im around 6,1 or 6,2, not muscular rly, so fairly skinny, blonde midlenght hair. It would be awesome if you have the same interests so we have something to talk about and i do have a discord if its better to chat thru there. Anyways msg me if youre 18-24, female, live on earth, ok thx for reading!
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2021.03.02 17:59 chaos-planet Tyde gives us a promo "keep your eyes open", and then bastilledan posts a photo of him and kyle with the caption "what he said." I have multiple theories 👀👀

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2021.03.02 17:59 BananaSouleDude Ranking the figures I have in hand

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2021.03.02 17:59 blackheartkiss ASMR Relaxing and Sensual. Massaging my tits with lotion.

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2021.03.02 17:59 treetopflyin Does anyone else get lonely and sometimes depressed working a solo business that operates from home? I do at times. What has worked for you to counteract this occurring?

All in all, things are good, just gets a bit lonely at times, affects work motivation etc.
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2021.03.02 17:59 Darkened_Shadow A place to share something I’m proud of

Kinda dumb but I’ve just superglued a small plant pot back together and I’m happy with the result & wanted to share it.
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2021.03.02 17:59 Ansayamina Size matters.

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2021.03.02 17:59 mathemahtician I can't tell if using a small sized disc is working for me.

I was using a medium sized Lumma disc and recently got a small sized one to try to reduce autodumping. I've been using the small disc for a couple of days, and I can't tell if it's working because when I take the disc out to clean it, I see blood but not inside of the disc. Could the disc be blocking blood from coming out but not actually collecting it? So that when I take it out, the blood falls out?
I'm just confused because when I used the medium disc before, I saw blood in the disc too. But then I guess some blood also just came out as I took it out. Maybe my flow is so light it's not collecting? I did start taking birth control medication to try skipping the placebos and eliminate bleeding altogether. I just forked up this first month or it didn't work.
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2021.03.02 17:59 Vespuche Is GO Shaq an Upgrade Over GO Hakeem?

Curious what you guys think when comparing these players.
I am not really feeling Hakeem right now. Just wont go hard to the hoop like I want him. Always putting up week layups.
Will Shaq fix my problems?
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2021.03.02 17:59 jakinews how to improve laptop performance windows 10

Go opaque. Windows 10's new Start menu is sexy and see-through, but that transparency will cost you some (slight) resources. ...
No special effects. ...
Disable Startup programs. ...
Find (and fix) the problem. ... best laptops for graphics designers
Reduce the Boot Menu Time-out. ...
No tipping. ...
Run Disk Cleanup. ...
Eradicate bloatware.
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2021.03.02 17:59 MarkNotZuckerberg When it starts to dip

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2021.03.02 17:58 DankMemeGamerYT Just unsubbed from r/announcements

Idk why I never even subbed to it
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2021.03.02 17:58 gautsvo [GTM]

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2021.03.02 17:58 cyanobyte Democrats urge Biden to send recurring stimulus checks after $1.9T relief bill

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2021.03.02 17:58 AdNational7013 Just in case you missed 😭🤣🔥

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2021.03.02 17:58 TowerRock 25 Years of RENT: Measured in Love - Streaming live tonight through March 6

On March 2, 2021, join us for our biggest fundraising event of the year, 25 YEARS OF RENT: MEASURED IN LOVE. This virtual celebration of RENT and its impact on the collective cultural consciousness will feature a selection of iconic songs by some of today’s most beloved recording and theatre artists, exclusive content uncovering how RENT came to life, and reflections on the driving force of Jonathan’s legacy in the American theatre.
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