Go! Bitcoin Bearish Correction Pauses: Focus Remains on Dollar and Yields |

Bitcoin Bearish Correction Pauses: Focus Remains on Dollar and Yields

2021.03.05 13:22 CoinjoyAssistant Bitcoin Bearish Correction Pauses: Focus Remains on Dollar and Yields

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2021.03.05 13:22 randomlumberjak One of my best friends (Tom Remon) just released an album with legendary Jim Mullen, im not one for jazz so much but i love it!!

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2021.03.05 13:22 vilyari Questions - Is it worth to start over?

I've been playing for over a year since April 2018 and then stopped around May 2019, haven't been playing since. Achieved quite a lot in that time (around level ~90, 50% wardrobe and V7), but I can't log into my account, it's like it has unbound itself from my Facebook. When I try to login now it shows a completely new level 1 account without anything, but with my name and it shows the "hut" for returning players with stamina, gold, etc. If I log in as a guest after reinstalling the game the same happens. Support can't do anything about it.
So my question is - is it worth to start over, completely from scratch? I have never read the story so I'd definitely try to do that this time. I'm kinda excited to start new, but at the same time some remnants of my old account are still there and I don't know how to get rid of it. I want a different name and completely new account.
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2021.03.05 13:22 OvenThrower I sliced his throat, after several months of being ordered around by him, I had gotten freedom, with his lifeless corpse hitting the ground, I turned to leave.

But I was immediately approached by scientists, who began screaming at me about something to do with 'this was a simulation'and 'restart'.
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2021.03.05 13:22 goodnewsfpwlbn Life is Pain

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2021.03.05 13:22 Nottheface1337 Samsq x Forum Stomper cross freebie. D32. Inquiry on improvement.

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2021.03.05 13:22 Charles_Stickmin Anything you'd like to ask someone who got vaccinated for covid 19? What is it?

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2021.03.05 13:22 HelicopterJesus [Serious] Ex-conspiracy theorists, what made you change your mind?

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2021.03.05 13:22 HeroicJakobis LET'S GOOOO

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2021.03.05 13:22 Solacefire eli5: Why are ultrasound devices restricted to medical personnel only? Can they be misused?

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2021.03.05 13:22 DeliciousSun1606 Landorus raid 3680 4566 6785

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2021.03.05 13:22 -relentless_ one of my first memes

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2021.03.05 13:22 Charming-Impression9 Mysterious error with the keyboard.

hi guys, i need a support. Two days ago, water fell on my keyboard. The keyboard stopped working, so I did the basic procedure: I removed the water, cleaned the keyboard and put it to dry. I went to my grandma's and tested the keyboard. It was working normally (I was very happy;)) I went back to my house and when I went to turn on my keyboard, nothing happened, it doesn't turn on, the PC doesn't recognize it and doesn't show any error, nothing works, the windows sound when the USB goes in also didn't appear. I tried everything I could think of, but it didn't work. I tested it on another computer, and it worked normally. I tested another keyboard on my computer and it worked normally. I'm desperate, can someone help me? (My keyboard is REDRAGON VARUNA)
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2021.03.05 13:22 edjw7585 Is it normal to sit and listen to the entire menu screen sing every time you play?

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2021.03.05 13:22 cnote76us2 [WTS] 20 Fragrance decants/Samples mostly niche. Xerjoff, Kemi, PdM, Nasomatto and more

All or none $40
Includes various amounts (as seen in photo) includes:
Palazzo Mobile Casanova 2161 2 ml Xerjoff Uden 2 ml Xerjoff Uden Overdose 2 ml Xerjoff Alexandria II 2 ml Kemi Tempest 2 ml Kemi Kemi 2 ml Imaginary Authors Bulls Blood 2 ml Hendley Untitled 2 ml Parfums de Marly Kalan 2 ml Parfums de Marly Layton Exclusivo 2 ml Baruti Nooud 2 ml Nasomatto Baraonda 1 ml Initio Blessed Baraka 1 ml Profumum Roma Amber Aurea 1 ml Caron L'eau 2 ml Caron Home 2 ml Caron Sport 2 ml Micallef Royal Vintage 2 ml Micallef Elixir 2 ml Micallef Aoud 2 ml
Price does not include shipping. To be finalized upon sale.
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2021.03.05 13:22 anybody_seen What're names of your fave weed strains?

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2021.03.05 13:22 someguythinghuman Another poll for which of 2 champions will win! This time the champs both are poorly rated but could he dangerous in a 1v1

Champion number 1, Grohak the Bloodied. A1 hits 2 times at random and can place decrease speed, his a2 is an aoe that boost his tm by20% for each enemy under decrease speed. Finally an a3 that attacks an enemy and steals their turn meter.
Next is his contender: King Garog, a1 has a stun chance, a2 is a 4 hitter that decreases his a3 duration on criticals, and his a3 is an aoe that ignores 20% defense and 5% more for each buff out.
Taking this information into consideration,
Who will win?
View Poll
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2021.03.05 13:22 SaintNick91V2 That new outfit really hits different

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2021.03.05 13:22 cutesnuggler M O J O - Reflection

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2021.03.05 13:22 8Overlord8 [XB1] H: Friendship W: 99 Great Champion Souls

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2021.03.05 13:22 HarryP767 Best feeling ever

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2021.03.05 13:22 FifaJenk Just made this team! what do you guys think, and are there any recommended upgrades you would suggest that i should be able to take advanage from

Processing img dcrrq2wjn7l61...
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2021.03.05 13:22 dumdy Is there a time limit for cancelling an order, where payment isn't received?

The customer's check is lost the mail so I told him to resend. It's been almost a year now, is there a time limit for cancelling, or can I keep waiting as long as I want?
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2021.03.05 13:22 BernardoGhioldi What did you say?!

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2021.03.05 13:22 Adolfo525 Happy Padoru Clown Santa Honkler Pepe and Reindeer

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