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how often should i actually nut

2021.03.02 18:50 alt6537755 how often should i actually nut

i’m currently on day 4 and the chances of me getting today 30 is slim so should i nut every 7 or 14 days ?
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2021.03.02 18:50 katelennoble Why did you get married?

No, really. I am genuinely interested in WHY you got married? Not the "Oh, because I just loved this person." answers. The real reason behind it.
Was it because society told you that's what you do when you love someone?
Was it because you wanted to be financially secure?
Was it because you were lonely?
Was it because you had a genuine, deep and unlike any other connection you've had before?
Why did you get married?
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2021.03.02 18:50 Jadonbarnett3005 Funny Greeting cards

We’re in the city is there a card store that sells adult greeting cards
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2021.03.02 18:50 nevesxisedocrats At what point do you just let someone go?

So not that it matters but I grew up without I would say a consistent father figure in my life, unfortunately like many young men do. I’m also sure I’m not alone either when I say I had a step dad who thought a roof over head was more important than genuine bonding. So now that that’s out of the way, I saw everything from infidelity, to borderline neglect.
I turn 22 this month and I’ve been self aware that for a long time I projected my anger towards my dad to the people around me. Keep in mind all the bs with my parents started around my freshman year I’m high school maybe even earlier. To give you a bit of insight as to why I was angry, my dad cheated on my mom with my aunt, and it tore my brother, mom, and myself from the rest of the extended family.
See now I’m responsible for my own actions and for a while I used get by on the fact, that it was because I didn’t know any better. What I’m talking about is lying, deceiving, and even cheating. Something I feel regret for every fucking day of my life. And as dramatic as that sounds, seeing how bad and cheating hurt my mom, my brother and me I swore I would never be the same.
But how? How can a young man learn to love, to treat a woman, and to cherish her when all he’s been shown is lies. So like I said earlier I’m responsible for my actions at the end of the day, and when I was younger I was naive and stupid, fuck I’m not that old now. One can make the argument that I should have known better, and I did. To tell you the truth when it comes down to why I cheated, after a few years of thinking it through about every damn day the best I can come up with is that I was projecting a bunch of my pain on to someone else, everything from my parents divorce, my moms cancer, and my insecurities. The feeling of or need for attention.
A lesson I’ve learned too many times is to watch what I say. With everything said I move to my maintenance point, without giving too much detail, I wronged this girl and quite frankly I don’t deserve her. That’s what this post is about, because I have an uneasy feeling in my stomach that after everything the biggest reason we aren’t together is because for a long time I failed to show her any promise, any ambition in life.
How lucky could I have been to have had a girl so patient, loving, and caring to me years after I had done her so wrong. And I lost her because I was a fucking bum. It’s been about 6 months, maybe 9 maybe even longer, since we’ve been together. I keep thinking to myself you were a bum last year, now this year things are looking up, hell things have been going great and the fact I’m in a position to step up in my life just goes to show how much more control of my life I actually have.
So here I am wondering if a girl who left me because she saw no promise not because she didn’t love me, could ever love me again. I spoke to her two days ago, she told me if all I had to say when I reached out to her was apologies, and thank yous then that I should save my breath. Now I’m stuck between leaving her alone like I have been, and reaching out to her and seeing if we could start somewhere, and show her how much dedication I have in starting over. Something she said way too many times to me, “you’re all talk”.
I will leave you with this, as time fades away in my head, she’s the one. I feel this now and I’ll feel this way forever, at what point is it too late? At what point does someone stop loving someone who’s all talk?
Thank you for reading if you got this far. Too bad life is not a novela. I needed to vent, this thing has me really messed up. I really love this girl :/
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2021.03.02 18:50 StudentResearcher3 [Academic] Sense of Agency in People with Subclinical Checking Tendencies (18-35 years old)

Hi, I would really appreciate it if anyone aged 18-35 years old participated in my dissertation project. I am investigating whether Sense of Agency is altered in people with subclinical checking tendencies which are one symptom of OCD. The study is in two parts: Part 1 involves completing a 10-15 minute questionnaire and Part 2 involves completing an online intentional binding task. You will be entered into an Amazon Prize Draw where you could win up to £30 for participating. Here is the link for Part 1:
Once you have completed Part 1 you will either be contacted to participate in Part 2 or not depending on whether you meet our inclusion criteria. If you have any questions regarding the study, please comment below. Thank you :)
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2021.03.02 18:50 Duckduckgo13 Potato Girl

Processing img 2bqxrk54vnk61...
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2021.03.02 18:50 -Tigro- Tweaking screen transitions in Animation Controller not to fire every time

I'm making a simple screen transition system for my 2D mobile game which consists of two states firing the right clips (one for the starting half of the transition animation, one for the ending one) and a condition between the end and start one which is set to true when user wants to change the level (so that the Start animation would fire in the previous animation and the End in the new one).
This is cool and all but poses two problems - firstly, the game starts with the End phase animation which looks a bit weird. Secondly, since the Restart button in the main game just reloads the level, it causes the End transition to fire every time too which looks weird and out of place.
How would I go about tweaking the Animator so that the End phase only runs when I actually change the level as opposed to when starting the game or reloading the current scene?
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2021.03.02 18:50 bohibhj It's extra gay to kiss boys with their shirt off

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2021.03.02 18:50 Mamad_Xarmy # من - مظلومم✌💔

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2021.03.02 18:50 Ok-Roof291 Free Graze Box + free shipping

Free box of snacks worth £4.49 with the link below (no postage or extra costs). Click Here! Make sure to cancel when your box arrives! Tasty snacks are included and you can customise what you want to receive!
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2021.03.02 18:50 TastefulMaple using an r/AskReddit comeback in real life

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2021.03.02 18:50 unknown_lamer Governor Cooper Reinstates Work Seeking Requirement for Unemployment Claimants

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2021.03.02 18:50 TRUZZOTATTICO Domanda

Preferite l’OAV o l’anime della terza stagione? Io personalmente preferisco l’OVA perché contiene solo gli scontri belli della terza,lo scontro con vanilla ice e con Dio li ho trovati più belli e il doppiaggio italiano secondo me ci sta un botto
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2021.03.02 18:50 Starfishpatty 130 ft down 😱

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2021.03.02 18:50 telui Minted recently @ rarible

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2021.03.02 18:50 pippenchester Guys i need help, I'm trying to design some unus annus shoes and wanted to add quotes with the time stamp of that episode, and i really wanna know, what was the time stamp of SKRITTLE?? And what are some of your favorite quotes?? (Will post pics of shoes later)

Guys i need help, I'm trying to design some unus annus shoes and wanted to add quotes with the time stamp of that episode, and i really wanna know, what was the time stamp of SKRITTLE?? And what are some of your favorite quotes?? (Will post pics of shoes later) submitted by pippenchester to UnusAnnusArchival [link] [comments]

2021.03.02 18:50 irespectwhaman Volume decreasing

Hoge volume decreasing. Whats up people?
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2021.03.02 18:50 shiny_huntin hooty looking sus

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2021.03.02 18:50 FitCharlotte Do I qualify for this page...? 😘

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2021.03.02 18:50 pedal_deals_bot DOD Supra Distortion FX55-B - $35 ($25 + $10 S/H) 77%

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2021.03.02 18:50 dragon_24 GRACIAS

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2021.03.02 18:50 maroonlabs7 App to Create Notes on Whatsapp itself

Hello everyone,
I am an Indian. And most of the India business is done on Whatsapp today. So I thought why not create a Note making app, through which you can make a Note on Whatsapp itself. You will then be able to write khata (accounting) by creating separate notes for every chat or if you are hiring/closing sales, then also you wont need another CRM to manage that. It is privacy first and no Notes data is uploaded to the server.
I would love to have your feedback on it.
App - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.maroonlabs.notes
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2021.03.02 18:50 melepinn [Request][US] JD Glow, Fyrinnae, d/c'ed HW Red Apple Collection, and a smattering of perfumes

Looking for a smorgasbord of items. :) If possible, I'd like to buy multiple items per person. I'm focusing on my eyeshadow-search (marked with asterisks below), but I'm including some other makeup/perfumes that have been on my list. I've ordered brands by priority, highest to lowest. I didn't order individual items by priority.
For the shadows, especially JD Glow, I am more than happy to take something well-loved, even mildly panned - just dipping my toe into the water for some things. Also for the shadows, if you don't have exactly what I'm looking for below, I'm happy to take a peek at similar shades/finishes within that brand.
Thanks for looking!
JD Glow: \*
- Unexpected
- Secrets OR Bora Bora
- Water Mark
- Oh Honey
- Moscato OR Georgia
- Pressed
- Mixing Medium
Fyrinnae: \*
- Fireside Interlude
- Digital Faerie
- Little Ghost Nebula
Crow and Pebble: \*
- Broken Down Truck
Hello Waffle: \*
- anything from the Red Apple Collection
Deconstructing Eden:
- God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen
- Persephone
Latherati/Parchment Studios:
- Woodland Birthday
Lotus Noir Perfume:
- Jadis (sample only)
- used magnetic palettes
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2021.03.02 18:50 heydoughnuts Bear Paws 🐾

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2021.03.02 18:50 Wishbone_Individual Looking for second ferret!!!

Hi there!! I’m new here and I already have a carpet shark named Tesla that i have had for a while now. When my husband and I got her she was the last one in a pet store. We’re looking for a buddy for her to keep her company while we’re at work but don’t know where to start😅 We live in California close to Nevada but no where there is selling them at the moment due to the “ferret shortage” that covid brought upon us. I’ve heard there are ‘secret’ rescues in CA as well as some less known shelters in Nevada but can’t find them anywhere. If anyone has ANY advice or knows anywhere we can get a second baby to bring into our loving home please let me know!!<3
Ps. Also before people may or may not come for me..yes, I have a vet that is okay with seeing them that is close to us incase anything happens. We make sure our girl is happy and healthy and has a great life. Despite living in a state with dumb pet laws lol!
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