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How to Cook Tilapia Fish Curry Bengali Style

2021.03.05 12:58 Ok-Departure1854 How to Cook Tilapia Fish Curry Bengali Style

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2021.03.05 12:58 Starch1100 (23/M) My Girlfriend (23/F) Has become agressive over the past week.

Hey all! Thank you for your time reading this, all advice is welcome!
for context, my girlfriend seems to struggle with her anger and fairly frequently gets worked up to the point where lashing out and name calling is common, in one instance she layed her hands and pushed me out a doorway in my own house. alot of the time i believe her anger is unjustifiable. I'm no saint, i'm sure in her eyes i really get under her skin but i dont know what i'm doing wrong.
The situation i would like advice on is the most recent. a few days ago she get drunk and we ended up in an argument on the telephone which quickly evolved into her name calling me again and saying i'm the worst partner she's had. i can say with a significant amount of confidence that i do not shout and her nor do i insult her during arguments. I usually talk the calmer approach but that never really seems to work. i usually end up getting spoken over.
Since that night we haven't spoken much until she reached yesterday and ask for a call in 5 mins to which i agreed. When we started the call i was playing some playstation which i didnt think would've been a problem, i was still present and speaking with her. within less than 4 mins of being on the telephone she pointed out she was uncomfortable hearing me play games while on the phone. I then put the controller down and stopped without making any fuss. however it's a real time game so there was still background noise that i must've tuned out. About a minute later she said she can still hear noises to which i turned the volume off. So there i was, sit in silance with my whole attention on her and my phone. I didnt even comment on it, i just did it and continued to ask about her day. but she wouldnt back down and started shouting at me saying im being disrespectful and clearly dont give a shit about her or our relationship. to which i said i do and that i have turned everything off like she requested. this fell of deff ears and she contuined to shout and me at which point i hung up the telephone. we didnt speak again that night.
Fast forward to this morning she continued to be really aggressive and rude towards me on the telephone. i called her ask what upset her to which she said she cant believe i didnt apologies for last night. i explained to her that i dont believe i did anything wrong to apologies for. her response was again in shouting and interrupting my sentence. after about 10 minutes i said that i think she's acting irrationally to which she replied with calling me a toxic piece of shit. She then hung up the phone.
After an hour passed i called her up and said i dont understand her position and asked her to explain it to me. this is when she confirmed that her problem was with the noise and that she expected an apology. i brought up that as soon as it was mentioned i turned it off but she said that's not good enough because she as my partner has come to me hurt and deserves an apology. I try to tell her that i dont think that's appropriate to demand in this context to which is met with more shouting and name calling.
I hung up the telephone after asking her to calm down only to be met with her laughing and shouting at me. she then messages me on instagram pretty much saying that i failed her and then she blocked on everything.
Perhaps i'm being stubborn but i dont think it's appropriate for me to apologies for this nor does it warnet such an intense reaction. The contastant shouting, interrupting and name calling is really started to wear me down and i can feel my selfconfidance slipping away.
Thank you for your time.
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2021.03.05 12:58 angrynakedant BBC News: Covid: Ghost-hunters stopped in Mumbles due to rule break

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2021.03.05 12:58 JelleVino We are getting closer to UFC 259, share your thoughts!

Jan Błachowicz versus Israel Adesanya
View Poll
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2021.03.05 12:58 timbondy Miband 5 - Battery Levels and Charging Info in Last 48 Days

Here are my Dates/ What Happened / Battery levels before charge / How Long it Took to fully charge.
I hope this data helps others. Probably not but there you go.
16 Jan 2021: 1st Time Wearing 16 Jan 2021: Full Charge and set-up today. 26 Jan 2021: @ 57% /// Recharged in less than 1 hour. Eleven (11) Days Later:. 06 Feb 2021: @ 59% /// 100% Recharged in 45 minutes 12 Days Later: 18 Feb 2021: @ 55% /// 100% Recharged in 1:10 minutes 15 Days Later 05 March 2021: @ 42% /// 100% Recharged in 55 minutes
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2021.03.05 12:58 No_Garage_7685 World omlypic juper (a coincidence)

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2021.03.05 12:58 gaverino05 "gear sucks, Hawkeye bad, slow content"

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2021.03.05 12:58 marfa101 I love too much your ASS!!! on xtime.tv

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2021.03.05 12:58 Unrealist99 Going to lose 6 hours of progress because of one mistake.

I forgot to talk to junpei on 11/14. I overwrote my latest save to 11/15. Now my closest save to this 11/2. Which means I gotta do redo the entire shit from 11/2 yet again!
All this just to make junpei happy. Is it worth it? I know not. But it hurts to lose some good personas I had on the latest save.
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2021.03.05 12:58 VampireCircus Socially distant morning meeting

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2021.03.05 12:58 HalfAMeerkat They have to be purposefully trying to dissuade us from buying this. I refuse to accept any other explanation

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2021.03.05 12:58 thepopeofkeke Formidable

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2021.03.05 12:58 highoncatpiss420 WE NEED TO CHOOSE WHO TAKES THE PENS IN WL

After playing 120ms and going to pens, its absolutely unfair that we cant decide who takes the pens. I normally put in pace-y players in midfield that cant shoot at the end of the game, and the game decided they should take the pens before my wingers. Absolutely sucky
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2021.03.05 12:58 PaulClark5827 Appropriate Preposition মনে রাখার টেকনিক | University Admission Test Pre...

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2021.03.05 12:58 name-funny Any information on broadcast ?

Anyone have any clue about the broadcast of India's friendly match in UAE?
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2021.03.05 12:58 Street-Inevitable-50 Struggling

Im really struggling again today. I miss her so much and Im having a really hard time accepting that this is my life now and she is no longer in it.
I just wish my brain would give me a break and let me stop thinking about her just for one day.
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2021.03.05 12:58 That-levels-guy Lemon Amnesia 21.7% The Flowery

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2021.03.05 12:58 pretty_boy_demon Any1 want 2 throw a party but like 1 of those parties were everyone wears suits and listens to smooth jazz and plays mind games with each other

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2021.03.05 12:58 anon4468933 Dev3011 & mcb2011

Hi has anyone done dev3011 or mcb2011 and can offer their thoughts on the workload/labs & whether it is easy to do well it. Doing them as an elective this year & just wondering that to expect or if I should change units. Thanks in advance!
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2021.03.05 12:58 ImDesperate4Friends Last panels from me for now (sauce in comments)

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2021.03.05 12:58 griIIedcheeseking Guess which production supercar this frame “weld” is on!

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2021.03.05 12:58 Security_G_Aka_Dave DING DING DING! Bell of Apple car

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2021.03.05 12:58 Sista66 Hydrolysis of cellulose in a wet sponge using sulfuric acid

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2021.03.05 12:58 Ttilayh Meaning of number eight + Julian

I’ve noticed how julian’s episode is always the eight episode of the series. It’s like this this season and was the same last season. I think there might be some kind of reason why the number eight is so important and somewhat linked to the character, so I searched for the meaning eight has in the Bible. After a quick search on google I’ve found this: “The number eight in the Bible signifies Resurrection and Regeneration. It is the number of a new beginning. Eight is 7 plus 1 and since it comes just after seven, which itself signifies an end to something, so eight is also associated with the beginning of a new era or that of a new order.”
It HAS to be linked to Julian in some way. Especially after this episode. What do you think?
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2021.03.05 12:58 daemon86 Old German farmers protest flag that was spotted in 2021 protests again

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