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How did you hear about digibyte?

2021.04.18 12:27 SMX-100 How did you hear about digibyte?

I’m curious... would help us to market if we know how you guys finding your way here. For me personally I did a google search, saw the name, did some research and ended up investing! Have loved it since!
If you wanna drop a comment with more details I’d love to hear from you!
Please upvote to gain attention and hopefully get more community engagement!
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2021.04.18 12:27 TweetArchiveBot Unathi Kwaza RT from catherine raats: @rinmor @Unathi_Kwaza oh my word what next?

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2021.04.18 12:27 JayRoss23 Philip K Dick II

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2021.04.18 12:27 Floatingtinman Food prices rising

Anyone else noticed the price of food has risen in recent years. Aside from rising rents and crazy house prices, everything seems to be getting more expensive.
I moved back to Ireland from London lastyear after being there for a two years, so maybe my thinking is skewed, but food feels so much more expensive than when i was still a student 5 years ago and you definitely get more bang for your buck in London.
Me and my boyfriend have been tallying up our expenses over last few weeks and i feel like i spend a lot on food.
Can i add, i dont drink, i dont smoke and cant afford takeaways or luxery items so my foodshop is very basic. We always buy the cheapest food, only shop in Lidl or Aldi and avoid corner shops, dunnes etc. Ive also realised that 2euro shops arent actually great value anymore.
Has anyone any tips on keeping down costs? Should i be shopping elsewhere, what time is best to go for reduced to clear sections?
Thanks everyone 😊
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2021.04.18 12:27 iiiSinner [TOMT][YOUTUBE VIDEO] [EARLY/MID 2010s]

Looking for a YTPMV, (YouTube Poop Music Video, video where sources taken from content/media are used as samples to match the pitch and rhythm) an Intensive Care Unit YTPMV with Ghost Adventures as the source. I believe the title was “Intensive Ghost Unit” or somewhere along the lines of such title and one of the sources is a sample of beeping from an EMF reader or some sort of ghost detector that either Zak, Nick or Aaron were holding.
I do remember coming across this YTPMV somewhere around 2012 or 2011, but i do not remember the user who had uploaded it.
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2021.04.18 12:27 Gandalfonk On god guy

Which video has the guy saying on god constantly
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2021.04.18 12:27 AImondJoy Neighbor is Beginning to Make Snide Remarks when I Walk by after Complaint

I (23F) moved to a small apartment complex last August to continue college (only four people). A new woman (30+?) moved in ~2 months after I moved in. She told me about not having any heat and I let her borrow my heater, from that day she begin to ask me a plethora of things - can I wash her clothes, let her borrow money. She eventually would open my door without even asking. I did eventually put up boundaries but still gave her a good portion of my time. I say this to say - we built some sort of companionship although I looked past some moral qualities I didn’t agree with.
She hasn’t paid rent since she moved in and complains to me about all the issues with the apartment and that they can’t kick her out because of the moratorium. She told me her issue is gambling, which would make sense. Since that has now ended she has moved in two men into her to help pay the rent. The first issue with this is that our parking lot only fits ~5 cars. I don’t have a car, but there are two other neighbors who now park on the street because her faux tenets take up the spots. The second issue is one of the men who lives in the living room which is adjacent to my bedroom and they are loud. I wake up at 1am and stay up until 4am. I texted her about this but it wasn’t resolved. One of the men has also come to my home after 11pm to ask for my Wifi, which made me uncomfortable.
In addition, I have my own trash cans that I keep close to my apartment. There are cans for each apartment and she has been using my cans. I wouldn’t have an issue with this, but she doesn’t close her bags and I opened my can a few days ago to bugs EVERYWHERE! I have never has this issue. I asked her if she would stop using my cans or close that bags and she gets really upset with me. She states “the land lady says it’s everyone’s” “you’re making a big deal out of nothing..” etc. She has so many people over, the amount of unbagged trash and beer cans are ridiculous. So I did tell the landlords and they responded by sending out a group letter stating many things that were prohibited.
The next day she come to my apartment, rings my door multiple times and then knocks. She has all the stuff I let her borrow with her and asked me if I told the landlord. I didn’t know which part she was referring to but I said “yes”. She got upset and tried to tell me she doesn’t “snitch on me” although I don’t do anything to bother my neighbors and said I don’t need to worry about her anymore. I just said thank you and closed my door.
Now when I leave my apartment or come in contact with her she’ll speak under her breathe or laugh. It’s getting out of hand. I don’t respond, but I’m not sure what else to do. This is my first place alone so I’m just a bit taken aback.
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2021.04.18 12:27 No_Solid7966 Weak ebony dagger ??

I recently found ebony dagger in some fort, and i found that ebony dagger is weaker than my dwarven dagger. Im playing Requim 4.1 - 3Tweaks Version.
Stats are : Ebony Dagger 119 DAM 5 WGT Dwarven Dagger 131 DAM 7 WGT
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2021.04.18 12:27 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-victor-hugo-43

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2021.04.18 12:27 nottherealjw Bella’s first boat trip

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2021.04.18 12:27 nreddit84 Andouillette “AAAAA”

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2021.04.18 12:27 MoneyDog1404 Nan

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2021.04.18 12:26 cromagnone Civilisation has finally collapsed

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2021.04.18 12:26 BigJ2280 How to Add Your Calendars to SharpTools Dashboards Fast (2021)

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2021.04.18 12:26 definiteGallinule neuropathy / pins needles?

I was wondering if anybody else gets pins and needles or numbness in their body after taking dxm? my toes, fingers, lips, eyebrows, and shoulders get numb whenever i dose. I've had similar experiences with alcohol where my face and extremities go numb. I looked into it before and it seemed to be a vitamin deficiency with some B vitamin.. could this be a similar fate?
please let me know
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2021.04.18 12:26 RonPalancik Ya think they knew?

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2021.04.18 12:26 sharklepower Lileye of the Valleye

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2021.04.18 12:26 Srpouhi i’d hate to be in that pool when this sign became relevant

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2021.04.18 12:26 Snapteryx Part 1 of my blind Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke: The journey begins

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2021.04.18 12:26 E1M11993 What should a person, that is secretly a lizzard man, do, if people got suspicious of him?

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2021.04.18 12:26 Top-Independence-561 Rate my minecraft world fellow redditors

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2021.04.18 12:26 Noice_Smort_28 Getting a tablet to video call my grandparents

Hi guys! I'm in the UK and trying to set up a video call system with my grandparents in Mauritius, as we probably won't be visiting this year again.
I'll send the tablet to my dad and ask him to set up a data plan so my grandparents don't need to install WiFi at home. I was wondering what the best way would be to go about this?
My options so far: 1. Buy a tablet online on international tech websites, set the shipping to Mauritius. (best option so far imo?) 2. Buy a tablet in the UK, post it to Mauritius. (I get to set up the tablet. not sure how 'douane' would work, if the parcel gets damaged etc) 3. Buy a tablet online on Mauritius websites, get it delivered in Mauritius. (there are limited options and they're quite expensive!)
What option do you guys recommend? Is there an option I'm missing?
Thank you!
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2021.04.18 12:26 blessingmanila Fate / Grand School Order - Daily lives of School Staff

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2021.04.18 12:26 NoOnionsPlz1 She knows how to nurse this cock

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2021.04.18 12:26 ZiXeiYun I need help looking for a website that sells parts

Okay, so I am refurbishing my laptop and need a new part for it. I know it's not a pc, but I figured this was the best place to post. As the title states I need help finding parts for my toshiba laptop. It's a pile of junk, but it's my pile of junk that I have had for years. And I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me to help bring it back to life.
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