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Al Quran 33:3

2021.04.18 12:11 owais114 Al Quran 33:3

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2021.04.18 12:11 Oneeyeco Our "2000" Hoodie and "CLASSIC" Car decal that are on there way, Let me know what you guys think!

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2021.04.18 12:11 seanieh966 Early days with Rampart. Maybe more ahead after my main Lifeline is nerfed next season.

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2021.04.18 12:11 txtx101 My boyfriend was trans and never told me.

I took my boyfriend to meet my family one day and it was all going really well they were all getting on great. My sister really liked him and said he was funny and my brother knew him before and they get on great. It was when we were eating dinner that my grandma recognised him she didn't say anything though. After he left I went back to my mum's for a while and after everyone had left she asked me to stay a little bit longer because she wanted to talk to me. I sat down and she said there was something about my boyfriend that I needed to know but she didn't know whether he had told me or not. I was really scared because I thought it was going to be something really bad like he went to prison for domestic abuse or something but it wasn't. She told me that before I met him he wanted to be a girl and was going to London for hormone treatment. His mum put it all over social media about his transition after he told her not to. When my mum told me it was a big relief that it was nothing bad. After he stared getting hormone treatment he soon changed his mind and said that he doesn't want to be a girl anymore which I'm glad about because if he didn't I wouldn't be his girlfriend as I'm straight. My mum said she didn't want me to see him any differently because of his past and I don't I don't really care that he was trans before I even met him. I will always love him no matter his past unless I found out he was a pedophile or something like that. The thing that hurt me a little and the reason I'm making this post is why didn't he tell me because we were best friends before we started dating and he knows everything about me and my past. I don't know whether it's something he's trying to forget. I think he was doing it for the wrong reasons. He has a sister and he tole me himself he feels like his sister is the favorite child so maybe that's the reason he wanted to be a girl to maybe his parents might like him more. Now he is very different to how he was before I would've never have thought in my life that he would be trans because he is the most masculine boy I have ever met. He is 6'4, constantly at the gym and always fighting, after finding out about his past I feel like he's very masculine to prove he is a man. I don't care that he was trans I genuinely don't but I'm just a little upset that he didn't tell me. I don't know what to think really.
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2021.04.18 12:11 speed-and-power_200 ich🍆💦iel

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2021.04.18 12:11 to1M any decent internet connection in lebanon?

i have ogero and it SUCKS! 😞 so i really need an other internet connection.... (at least 5mbps) if someone can help...
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2021.04.18 12:11 oehxfudmf has any "life hacks that could save your life" saved your life ? if so how?

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2021.04.18 12:11 OzzyAlwaysburns Prime Suspect in Kristin Smart case arrested after new witness and evidence

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2021.04.18 12:11 YourOwnBiggestFan Perfect day starterpack

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2021.04.18 12:11 StrongerVersionOfMe Am I the only buyer at .35? Hope you doge people accept me, I’m going to sleep now.

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2021.04.18 12:11 officialedward Best pitch I’ve played on

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2021.04.18 12:11 ItsLordClorox Why yes, I am homophobic

H - homophobic O - omophobic M - mophobic O - ophobic P - phobic O - obic B - bic I - ic C - castrate the gays
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2021.04.18 12:11 ffexyo And that's a fact

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2021.04.18 12:11 AbhiEncoded made during class excuse me for the bad cropping and stuff but i was on discord and this was hilarious

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2021.04.18 12:11 VanGloboii Mycroft with Docker installation: run on startup and web UI

Hi. I installed Mycroft using Docker on Ubuntu (Zorin 16b beta, actually, but it's still Ubuntu after all...) since snap doesn't work and installing it from git causes the usual problem that it will remove that jack package. It works, but I have two problems:
- I'd like to run it on startup. I put the following command among the ones on startup, but it doesn't run, I have to remove the instance from terminal and restart it:
docker run -d \ -v config_dir_on_host:/root/.mycroft \ -v skills_dir_on_host:/opt/mycroft/skills \ --device /dev/snd \ -e PULSE_SERVER=unix:${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse/native \ -v ${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse/native:${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/pulse/native \ -v ~/.config/pulse/cookie:/root/.config/pulse/cookie \ -p 8181:8181 \ --name mycroft mycroftai/docker-mycroft

- There is a project that installs a web UI through Docker to interact with Mycroft (https://github.com/TheLastProject/mycroft-WebUI) but I'm not sure about what is the authentication dialog's username and password: is it the Mycroft account or something else?
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2021.04.18 12:11 RPisOP At one of my lowest self love points in my life. Really need some motivation

I'm at a point where I hate how I look the most in my whole life , even though I've looked much worse before. I am inconsistent and I feel really lazy and sometimes I just think "what's the point". I look down at my belly or at myself in the mirror and just wish I looked different. I just really need some motivation and tips to help me get going.
I used to be really fat before (82 kgs). I'm 5'11 and 20 and now I'm currently 72 kgs.
I had a very unhealthy lifestyle where I used to eat whatever and drink sodas all the time and stuff. I started my fitness journey probably 4 years ago. I researched a lot into fitness and started working out aswell. I cut out most of the junk and that itself helped me reduce alot of weight. 2 years later I lost a decent amount of fat and weight and gained alot of knowledge about diets and fitness. However since then I've been stuck in a perpetual loop of , diet, workout , binge , fall off , take a long break and repeat. I'm stuck at a point where my weight isn't too much but my body fat % is still very high (around 27%). Most of it is at my love handles and my stomach and it looks horrible. My gym in my apartment recently closed due to a spike in cases so all I have is the ability to walk/run around and my resistance band.
I'd say I have a decent knowledge about how fat loss works and fitness and stuff but I fail to execute them successfully. I am currently on a 16:8 IF diet around 1500 cals and approx 40-40-20 for carbs protein and fats and also do Alternate Day fasting on Tuesday and Thursday along with giving myself a cheat meal on one of the weekends. I don't really workout anymore as the gym is closed and I just don't have any motivation to make myself do calisthenics or resistance band exercises or cardio around the apartment. I set an alarm and everytime the alarm comes I just go "what's the point" or just feel lazy. My lifestyle is very sedentary currently. I just sit in my room in front of my PC all day.
I Really need some motivation because I feel like I'm just stuck in this perpetual loop of trying and falling off. I wanna break this loop and push to that point where I finally see that belly fat melting off and start seeing definition in myself. I'm starting the diet from tommorow being a Monday and I just need help to stay consistent , especially with the workouts. And also what is a good workout routine I can do? At the gym I used to do one muscle group a day. So is 2-3 exercises along with 15 mins HIIT of running and walking good?
I know a part of my failure is setting myself unrealistic quick goals , so I'm tryna change that , but I'm setting myself a small goal of losing a few inches off my belly and looking more fit and reaching 68 kgs by my 21st birthday in August which is 4 months away. Possible?
Thank you to everyone in advance
TL:DR : Hate myself, stomach is a big ball of blubber, feel lazy don't feel like working out, keep doubting myself, need motivation to break out of my inconsistency and my loop of trying and giving up
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2021.04.18 12:11 tawquir A couple of recent 7009 case builds

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2021.04.18 12:11 Kunphen US, China agree to cooperate on climate crisis with urgency

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2021.04.18 12:11 N0obie_ Don't work in pc :(

Don't work in pc :( I don't get points in pc.
it's been over a day and it doesn't register anything

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2021.04.18 12:11 artistesatisfyaf PRE-SALE 500BNB SOLD OUT IN 5 MINUTES. FAIR SALE = 1 BNB MAX. Token with huge upside potential in the long run!!!!

This token sold out after 5 minutes in pre-sale. The hardcap was 500bnb and the max per wallet was 1bnb. For now this is a sleeping giant. A lot of products are going to be rolled out in the next 2 months. In the mean time they are going to do the main things like listings on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and Bitmart. Which means this token will go to the moon anyway.
I will give you the main reasons why you should get in.
🔸 Safe from a Rugpull 🔸 Marketing team is working on a system to push this coin at once. 🔸 Audited + KYC (https://solidity.finance/audits/Supersonic/). 🔸 They are working on a DEX (decentralized exchange) and launchpad 🔸 They already talked to 3 exchanges about future listing. (Bitmart, BKEX.com and probit Exchange) 🔸 pre-sale sold out in 5 minutes, with fair launch. 🔸 Also listing on CMC, Coingecko and blockfolio, is coming up
🔸 First day – ~2500 holders
These are the main reasons from the top of my head. Feel free to do your own research of course
Telegram: https://t.me/supersonicfi Website: https://www.supersonic.finance/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/supersonicfi Medium: https://supersonicfi.medium.com/
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2021.04.18 12:11 RealPace3 How much time do u guys take to get ready in the morning

I become fully functional in approx 3 minutes and 23 seconds
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2021.04.18 12:11 o_w_design Fiorentina Crest Concept

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2021.04.18 12:11 Greninja_xl Tips for these hard-to-master characters?

So, these days, I decided to find new characters to play as, also known as Jigglypiff and Mr. Game n Watch. And apparently, they're supposed to be really hard and I feel that too. So can anyone give my Jigglypuff and Game n Watch tips?
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2021.04.18 12:11 Careful_Flatworm3916 Може.

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2021.04.18 12:11 AndyToskovic So much has changed

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